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    Yep, making these things again. Here's the first of several planned episodes. Fun fact: The C&C LEGO logo was designed by AZ-Stalker, and the voices were done by me and Killing_You!
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    I got, what, 27 kills and 1 death (from swapping I think) that round with just using the Medik? And that helicopter evac. from the Sub Pen roof was epic. RIP Steven, he didn't make it.
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    This answer couldn't have been more perfect. The reasons, the video, everything comes together.
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    Because we have a shooting range execution spot too and we don't have to feed the dead.
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    Not gonna lie I didn't expect the bit with the Dog xD
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    Let the Ore Wars begin...
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    There's the other part of the detriment, where, inevitably, on flare maps, at *least* two people will grab spies come ~4 minutes into the match, and spend the rest of the match doing nothing but spy flaring... which 9 times out of 10, or more, just gives the soviets free points and leaves the allies down players.
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    Hello there Silverlight.
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    Any screenshots that make you look good should be kept private.
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    se me olvide ayer feliz cumple @Silverlight
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    At first I figured it must have been a mine I walked back into, but nope. He died point-blank in front of me, and I exploded shortly after.
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    So, on RidgeWar I was Tanya and NoSpoons was a Rocket Soldier. We were near the War Factory AA gun looking for Soviets when I decided to throw my C4 on him, and declared that he was my suicide bomber and he ran off somewhere and I stayed looking out for Hinds. Well guess what? 30 seconds later that C4 kills AZ-Stalker. Apparently AZ-Stalker killed NoSpoons and then walked over his corpse, when my C4 exploded and I got the kill. @NoSpoons @AZ-Stalker
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