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    I don't think it's a write off, I think it's more down to us not approaching it properly and actually carrying out prototypes for it.
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    I think if the Spy Plane and Spy Satellite were to be implemented into the game, the easiest way to initially balance them might be to simply have them function identically; Say, every five minutes, the plane/satellite does one "flyover/orbit" and reveals all units (except underground units for obvious reasons) on some kind of minimap for one minute, and this cycle could continue automatically until the Tech Centre is destroyed. (I know the Spy Plane was tied to the Airfield, but for balance reasons I think these two abilities should be tied to equivalent buildings between factions).
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    I mean proper planes were said to be impossible for a long time too, AFAIR. Also dogs in RA, does jump on enemies when it attack, so maybe it dont ahve to technically be a melee weapon, but maybe you can do some shenanigans that turn the dog into a projectile while it attacks, and bag into a character after the attack or something like that, I dunno
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    I mean, the ants, -kind- of work. This isn't going to be perfect, its an engine that is twenty years old. We're just looking for more new things
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    Any discussion on balancing needs to include opportunity costs (for non-AI units). As effective as a specialized unit is, what alternative unit would a Soviet player give up playing to be a dog? Same as spies. Ineffective spies can really cost Allies an valuable extra tank or mech/medic. A good spy game-play video Also, can someone explain how spies work in Barracks/War Factory?
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    nah i don't like to buy a npc buddy for the match, i wanna be the dog myself and kill this filthy spies
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    I'm not sure what more the Spy can be made to do. He shuts off power in the Power Plant, establishes a team-wide relay in the Radar Dome, sabotages the ore dump in the Refinery, reveals enemy vehicle locations in the War Factory, does the same for Barracks(?), and disables repairs in the Construction Yard. The only idea that comes to mind is changing the Spy's effect on the Barracks/War Factory and jacking up the prices for the Soviets. A successful infiltration and the Soviets are forced to buy things at 25% markup for the next 30 seconds or instead wait it out and let the prices return to normal while they hunt down the Spy. Other than that, the Spy does a phenomenal job at creating opportunities for his team and causing confusion and stress for the enemy.
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    I like these ideas. I’d suggest compacting them however, into the tech centers doing one thing not multiple. So what I would do is simply make Tech Centers a Bonus Building. Losing them just causes you to lose the support powers, not technology. I cannot say a good way to balance the support powers, however. I like the flare idea, but rather than the flares themselves being able to be disarmed, I think they should be inert and instead you can shoot down the bomber/chinook itself like in the game. I would also say it may be better to have the support powers be purchasesble, rather than on a strict timer, assuming it’s possible for them to have a build limit. Stacking nukes is already a thing, imagine stacking paradrop call ins and having 20 aimbotting riflemen swarm the enemy base. I guess the issue I have more than anything else is that a map wide wall hack and a slow bomb drop are two very different things, and really cannot be comparable. And would the GPS show off underground Soviets? That would be a little silly. Lastly I think they could also feature as a critical building. Lose it you lose the match. To this end they should be in a very defensible location without any sneak paths and certainly with their own dedicated defense just for it. Rear of the base, walled in, only one way in. That sort of thing. Pillbox and turret to guard it for allies and coil for Soviets. Something that would require a dedicated push to kill rather than one crouchy boy.
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    I don't think becoming a dog is a good idea. It means you're useless for the entire rest of the game if you combine it with the previous idea. Back in the day though, it was proposed that purchased dogs could roam around the base as passive defense. Rather than this, perhaps purchasing a dog means that you become a dog handler. Basically your standard infantry unit (maybe a Starshina or Kapitan could also purchase them, but I see it as a bad idea to give Volkov or Shock Troopers this ability) gets a dog that follows you around, sniffing down spies and hidden infantry units. This also prevents issues with melee weapons that this engine has, since the AI would be handling that and not a human.
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    Thank you! Turns out I just didn't have Script 4.6 installed when I thought I did! Installing that fixed the problem Sorry for the trouble! Have good night
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