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  1. i voted on the guy that died in the cival war comics
  2. Actually, C&C3 was on SAGE/W3D engine, just like Renegade, Generals, RA3, and Twilight. It's just that RA3 and Twilight used a more heavily modified version called SAGE 2.0. Command and Conquer never got a new 3D engine until the now canceled Generals 2, which ran on Battlefield 4's Frostbite 3 engine. and is still a newer engine then when a grenadier was last seen which was tiberian sun where the disk thrower can still perform that same glitch, there was a reason no grenadier unit was done for red alert 2
  3. yes it does, its a bug that has been in C&C with every grenaider unit, hence why RA2 onwards there hasent been another unit till C&C3 where the new engine fixed it
  4. 1) playing red alert 1 like a boss way back in 98 2) played as Russia cus cheap units is boss 3) spam a crap ton of grenaiders cus grenaiders are broken as boss 4) attack the ground then attack on mini map where enemy builds are like a true micro boss 5) grinaides fly across map and 1 shot buildings like a boss 6) repeat process till win like a cheating boss with glitch abuse 7) mis clicked and killed entire grenadier army, not very boss like proceed to cry
  5. not many RTS games are good on a console, but one i loved greater as a kid was Herzog Zwei, pretty much the only game that mimics that gamestyle is Airmech which is currently in F2P open beta
  6. a personal unenjoyment of something does not make it a sucky game Clearly by me saying it's shit; I'm expressing my opinion about it, which could be entirely different to yours. I think the game is shit and you don't. hey now, no need to be all angry pangry with me, im not hating your opinion, im just saying just because you think this way dosent mean it is that way
  7. a personal unenjoyment of something does not make it a sucky game
  8. I wouldn't say it has started quite yet. DA:I was fucking fantastic, and I don't even like Dragon Age games. Also just going to point out that C&C games after EA took over got 80% more balanced than any of the previous titles. There were actual reasons to build something other than Mediums, Heavies, Grizzlies, Rhinos, Titans, and Ticks. Case and point C&C 3 was probably one of the best titles in C&C history in terms of actual balance and it only had what 8 months dev time because blizz announced SC2: Wings of Liberty. Kane's Waffles made it even better. They just couldn't compete with Blizz and sales showed it. EA suits are dicks but they know what is and isn't working. (but yeah story went a little eh) Sims 4 was shit and Sim City was getting even worse. My money is on Visceral being next. DS3 was bad and Hardline was even worse. Then if Battlefield and Battlefront doesn't step up the game Dice might be next. Balance is important but it doesn't make a game good... CNC3 sucked IMHO how did it suck
  9. personally i dont think we need to show who liked what, the number of how many ppl is good enough as is. my thinking is if ppl can see who likes what it can still cause trolling of such such as "oh you liked this horrile idea bla bla bla" type of thing
  10. soooooo much awesome stuff comeing!!!! im so pumped
  11. ah good ol UT2004 ill get my revenge on you triattack!
  12. limpet drones, oh man. all shall fear the mighty limpet drone!
  13. why is there no all of the above vote ;3
  14. well point has been made across on this, nothing really to talk aout without ppl going at each other's throats. locking i go
  15. Removing APB on the launcher will not help APB at all, it will hurt it even more. We here want to help APB hence why it was never removed on the launcher when the split happened
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