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Found 22 results

  1. if you have recorded games you can post it here
  2. Version 1.3.2


    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: (INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS) Installing is simple if you follow these instructions. There are 2 folders.. one marked ttfs and one marked data. You're going to take the sound files from the ttfs sounds folder and drop them into your IA ttfs folder. Navigation there is as follows. ThisPC > LocalDisk C: > Program Files (x86) > W3DHub > Games > ia release > IAFiles > InterimApex > ttfs > files You're going to take the sound files from the DATA SOUNDS folder and drop them into your IA DATA folder. Navigation there is as follows. ThisPC > LocalDisk C: > Program Files (x86) > W3DHub > Games > ia release >Data When Interim Apex is updated. You will have to redownload this and install it again. This is due to the update replacing all the files over again. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  3. Version 1.32


    An approved and custom HUD for Interim Apex. Quite a popular HUD in the renegade but becoming harder and harder to find. This HUD was originally not created by me. I took some of the Old APB HUD Metal Edges and implemented it around the corners of the layout. Features include - Better Radar Layout with less intrusive background - Darker GDI Gold and Nod Red Text to help display better on your screen. Also brighter Mutant Green displays on radar to see Viceroids better. - Custom Icons to help display Vehicles, Buildings, Infantry and Beacons better. - The numbering of your Armor is displayed more clearly - Metal Edging alongside the HUD Layout to help better define the box sectors. To install, simply follow these instructions. You're going to take the files from the folder and drop them into your IA DATA folder. Navigation there is as follows. This PC>Computer R (C:)>Program Files (x86)>W3Dhub>Games>ia-release>IAFiles>InterimApex When Interim Apex is updated. You will have to redownload this and install it again. This is due to the update replacing all the files over again. I apologize for the inconvenience. (Big thanks to MoltenJam for enabling the text for weapons and Dblaney1 for fixing it up so it actually works with the IA UI!)
  4. It is winter of 2020 and a bit as usually late i guess. But nevertheless is June August of 2021 here's would be the final update for Interim Apex before fully transitioning into custom armor.ini which may take a while before the changes is fully digested by the player-base. The reason the change log was delay partly to hotfix critical issue and changes that didn't get fully backtrack after reverted, adding on is to let the player's try out every single unit without knowing the surprise what they will find. For now no new maps until probably i think late this year or if I can my new PC hopefully, but map update is a possibility. PT-91M Pendekar, give it a spin. AMX-13/90, but during PvE/Bot match as team skirmish you may catch a few variants. T-82 is a new heavy tank for Nod replacing the T-62 tank slot, T-62 will be lower down a tier. My last time overhauling the Abrams tank line. The visual model enhancement overtime after i get to improve my modeling/unwrapping skill. BMP-1 replacing the BMD-1 model which will be subject to re-modeling. T249 Vigilante is a new GDI Experimental vehicle which cost a fortune but extremely fragile to play. Altay is a new MBT for Tier 5 for Nod. Tunguska has been overhaul and revamp. Classic_GreatWall_E06 not to be confused with Legacy_Greatwall. There are other new assets or content that will be as usually leak by me in bot match. Roadmaps or prediction of the future? Can't say that but what will probably happen is that. I will be able to get new PC soon probably in February after lunar new year which i may host my own test server for the upcoming newer build and possible some bot match there if you want to. Due to the PC component shortage in the industry this is very unlikely happening anytime soon. Estimate time would be end of the year or mid next year 2022. Do note that some of these changes i may have miss or remove due to the issue i was trying to resolve and many things were reverted due to an instability with the armor.ini where there is a chance when a match start everyone has 0 ammo and subsequently crash. Revamp VTOL Aircraft re-balancing. Bot match now functionally working on 15+ maps for both GDI and Nod. Experimental weapons or units will spawn during PvE/Bot Games so join in those game and pay attention!. I have lost count probably is few dozens of variation and variety. All the weapons of vehicle has been tweaked and based on the factor of the tier and weapon caliber size/type. All vehicles and unit score has been tweaked. Some bugs and glitches may occur such as GreatUnder as it require a re-do on the map vis. ZSU 57-2 deployed missing sandbag. Hotfix 3 will be a thing as this current changelog as it was a bit too late for hotfix 2 to be made it in. The critical issue such as Disruptor crashing the client has been resolve as well as 2 more model issue causing to crash has been rectified. Liquid Tiberium Truck did not spawn on most maps will be fix on Hotfix 3.
  5. Hi, My in game name is Broly, and there is a hacker shooting people in Command & Conquer Renegade, on the Interim Apex server. His name is 'Lance3065.' This time I caught him on video shooting my teammates WHILE running BACKWARDS. This is NO LAG, as you can see in this clip I have bellow. READ the chatlog and you can see I'm not the only one complaining about this. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1003430889 If you replay that video you can see Awxyde, dead on the floor right after Lance3065 starred at those two tanks.
  6. how do i connect the launcher with the game can anyone tell me ? when i try to connect to Interim Apex server , it asks me to download the launcher and idk what to do next
  7. It is spring of 2020 and a bit extremely late behind schedule. With the beginning of the year we can see the unfortunate events unfold such as the Covid-19 which affects many countries around the world as well as economical impact. I hope you all stay safe and not lose your career due to this unfortunate events. Now for the real reason why this post exist? Is another update to IA and we have made it into year 2020 and we are a half a year over already. That's fast am I right? M113 Vehicle further optimize by fixing detached polys, not only that there is a face lift for the M1064. M60 Patton is a new tank for GDI, planning to replace the TAM tank costing 1,000. Dilemma atm still thinking what to do with TAM tanks. FV101 Scorpion will be the new GDI tank replacing the X1A Brazilian Tank model. The top speed is at 16 m/s Nod SU-122-54 is a free upgrade! No string attach! Same price but different behavior and who knows? Is new and improved version. Screenshot of Vile Facility tweaked/adjusted locations. Now Vile Facility has Beacon, I forget about em. Also made some minor adjustments to the map. Vehicle Transition, now this has been something I been working on but I only applied to the newest unit and finally have a standardize it. Thanks to Learony for discussion with me here's the diagram of the priority location for the exiting crew. So the driver, passenger or crew will exit on number 1, follow by 2, 3, 4 ,5 ,6, 7 and lastly 8th. EDITED : At number 6 exit point has been removed due to some issues exiting where you can get at uneven terrain. Last but not least, there something I would like to show you, some might have know what is it. But this is going to be a 3rd party/individual upgrade I haven't finalize the name yet. But they will be consist of 3 main things, they are Armament, Equipment., Survivalibility. ( AES ). Therefore as Ignatio Mobius said :- "The possibilities of Tiberium... are Limitless!" The UI for the possibility to customize / upgrade individual vehicle is far from being a reality as this is just a stepping stone, might need to discuss with Dblaney on how and if is feasible or not. I was inspired and drawn to reference of Scud Storm mod since they did construction in the game, additional upgrade for vehicle like a repair drone and many more. Roadmaps? Can't promise that it will be in before end of 2020 but here's what I think is feasible to see. 1 new map and 1 remaster/remake map to be made it in before end of 2020, or more. Possibly to re-revist the train,tram and monorail unit. Perhaps that new map will see the light of day. Revamp VTOL Aircraft re balancing. Rework or give face lift to some older models that are in the game, I think about 10 vehicles. Begin working on overhauling existing infantry gun play. Finally, I will end this message with a long list of change log as listed below.
  8. I cannot join interim apex renegade. I downloaded launcher, installed it, logged in, set my ingame name, but the button "join server" is not clickable. (already restarted pc and launcher ofc) Some help? TY!
  9. When you missed the Autumn-Halloween Build, the best is to push it out the following season, which is now. -To begin, the M113 Chassis has been revamp, for all M113 vehicles such as the M901 Tow, M579 Repair, M132 Zippo, M113 HVMS, and M113 ADATS. G6 Rhino is the revamp of the Nod famous Artillery unit. M113 Armored Personal carrier. Can be a Gun platform, a support or a utility vehicle. Vile Facility Remaster or shall we say Remake? Just like Winter Assault, Vile Facility took its original design from the old and remake from ground up to accommodate the future proof build of the upcoming units and its feature. It is 25% larger than the previous Vile Facility, which add various objects, props and structure from RA1 universe which currently is not in use but will be activated in the near future, it is by far the most detail map I ever made second to Winter Assault. I cannot say for sure but stay tune. Year 2020 ( "Wawasan" 2020 ) will be another amazing chapter. Added Construction Yard Added Communication Center Added Forgotten War Factory 90% of the buildings in this map you may enter. RA1 Advanced Power Plant, Ore Refinery and Radar Dome are in, their feature and usage are limited as their feature is not yet in. Screenshot near to Nod Power Plant Screenshot near to GDI Base by the abandon Ore Refinery ( Hint future usage ) Screenshot Water Pump house. Screenshot Fort Kick Ass, well is Container Fort. I recall OWA mentioned something about it. Changelog as listed below. Any hot fix will be edited on the change log above. Date will be included below...
  10. View File Ottoman Sound Pack A blast from the past, the Ottoman Sound Pack has returned! Created for Tiberian Sun: Reborn, this pack is also compatible with Interim Apex and base Renegade! Just extract the audio files to your chosen games data folder, and hop ingame. Now, the radio commands (issued via Ctrl/Alt + num) will properly capture the panic of battle and the atmosphere of Renegade. It's an absolute blast to play with! Submitter Killing_You Submitted 01/26/2020 Category Custom Audio
  11. Version 1.0.0


    A blast from the past, the Ottoman Sound Pack has returned! Created for Tiberian Sun: Reborn, this pack is also compatible with Interim Apex and base Renegade! Just extract the audio files to your chosen games data folder, and hop ingame. Now, the radio commands (issued via Ctrl/Alt + num) will properly capture the panic of battle and the atmosphere of Renegade. It's an absolute blast to play with!
  12. Hey, can you increase the renderdistance somehow? You cant really see far because of the grey void.
  13. I have had my share of complaints having been a mod. But when Justintime says he fucked my mother and threatened banning me for calling him a dipshit, makes ya wonder who you have modding for you. All because I threw some shade at a buddy of his. So if I get banned, I get banned but that was a damn disrespectful thing to say and I am sure he isn't even aware that it was.
  14. The summer build is here, but this time I am focusing more of polishing, re-balancing and fixing stuff rather than implementing new stuff. But don't worry new stuff are on is way. They are now officially on the Interim Apex server. -Let's start with the overhaul of some existing units with new visual model. such as M1128 MGS, with the new overhaul and suspension changes. Capable of reaching a top speed of 17m/s in 5 seconds time. M1134 ATGM has been overhaul now with the ATGM missile visible the viewer may know if the vehicle is fully armed ready to fire or require reload ( empty barrel ) Mk.2 Matilda Hedgehogs make a return with a facelift and having a mortar/artillery capabilities to launch spigot mortar. Stridsvagn 103 now the entire tank will tilt with the gun when you aim up. The secondary fire now have been swap out of twin machine gun on the right corner of the tank which is offset from the barrel. M3A1 Bradley now drive smoother on the terrain. In addition, the TOW Missile on the right side of the Bradley Turret have visible ammo capable to viewing the TOW missile in it when it has ammo. M6 Linebacker now comes with 25mm Autocannon and 4 Stinger Missile ( Ai Control ). The style of playing this vehicle has been changed being able to move fast and engage aircraft. Below here are the massive change log which is not sort out unfortunately as I got my hand full. I am 90% sure I have all these changelog recorded. Well the other 10%? Well I just got to remember to put it on changelog every time i adjusted some stuff.
  15. I've been playing IA for a while now and I haven't paid much attention to the faction forgotten. So recently I tried to use forgotten infantry units whenever I could, and I have a few ideas to spice them up... or at least make their price tag and time it takes to capture the forgotten hub worth the effort. Thus I will discuss each unit below. 1. 150$ Mutant Assault : Not much can be done with this guy to improve, he's the cheapest and he regenerates in tiberium... he's basically a purchasable visceriod. (Ironically it would be funny if he turned into one on death) 2. 550$ Mutant Scavenger : This unit is fairly flat... it's just an overpriced engineer, except engineers pack more explosives, get better pistol headshots, and the free ones can build an ok/poor quality rifle turret. Thus I was thinking give him something unique, maybe a forgotten turret like a flame thrower or disc/grenade launching turret, something to be proud of. I'll go as far as to say remove the C4. I've not seen it used and besides there is the demolisher unit for stationary explosives anyways. 3. 650$ Mutant Assassin : I like this character except he has one big drawback he has to go to a tiberium field to heal, which makes him vulernable, because most of them are either in the open, in a valley, or lacking cover. Not very ideal for a sniper. So I was thinking give him an RPO-A Shmel (if I remember correctly in tiberian sun the forgotten often fired rockets). It doesn't have much range but it will say stay back to anything that may drive up on him. 4. 700$ Mutant Demolisher : He is rather fun to play, but lacks one important thing... self defense. And no I know what you are thinking... I am by no means saying give him a gun, that idea would be absurd, I would rather see him have a self destruct weapon or have more C4 explosives than that. What I would like to see is him have is a knife attack, but call it tiberium claws or something catchy. I tried to infiltrate and detonate a building with him once. And I found I either had to waste the C4 on the attackers or place it on the MCT and try and stand in the way of it's defusing. I jumped around like a moron and died with no building destruction. 5. 850$ Mutant templar : I found this unit a well rounded and very versatile unit. He is like Dr. Mobius, but with a machine gun and longer range. The range and accuracy make this unit worth the price as it does good damage to infantry and light vehicles. The templar is unique and fits well in it's nitch. I have no suggestions at this time. 6. 1,000$ Mutant Marauder : I am not sure where to start with this unit. It's a large, slow, and a semi-effective unit. I say semi-effective because he does less damage than Sydney or Ravishaw and is unaffected by upgrades (last I checked). The two units like him surpass him and can be upgraded to really surpass him. Sydney and Ravishaw also move faster and are smaller targets. To make matters worse the Marauder has a harder time dodging, finding cover, and combating infantry. I tried infiltration with him to see if I could use him in a non-field environment, and found the plasma gun does too much self damage for most indoor scenarios (that and the combined previously mentioned issues with mobility). This unit is not worthy of a 1,000$ price tag. It is a nice attempt at an apex forgotten unit, it looks big, tank like, and scary... till it moves slowly and fires its' gun. Recommendations for the Marauder. Option 1, he could get an ammo and hp boost to make him a endurance character. Also it's fun to be a constant pain in the butt. Even if your DPS is not at optimal efficiency. The low damage already exhausts ammo, yet the downside is someone on the other team can be a pain in the butt if the forgotten hub changes sides. Option 2, His plasma gun could be repurposed in a way unlike the portable ion cannon or rail gun; the plasma gun could have a slower projectile, but higher damaging projectile. Meaning light and fast vehicles (also helicopters) can dodge the shot, but larger ones won't. This would work well for stationary artillery, mammoths, tick tanks, and anything not moving. It would fill a nitch. The downside would still be infantry combat. Option 3, increase the plasma gun's range. this would make field domination easier (no need to leave the tib field) and increase the effectiveness against aircraft (which Syndey and Ravishaw already have). The downside would be the weapon out ranging minor base defenses. Option 4, add more grenades. This would be useful for both field combat and close quarters, since he cannot hurt himself with tiberium grenades. If not incendiary or emp are both nice touches to add for grenades. The downside would be increased efficiency against infantry (and emp grenades would make him devastating against tanks). I hope to see the discussions these ideas generate.
  16. Interim Apex now fully supports 4k resolutions. The HUD is properly sized and the mouse speed in the Purchase terminals is correct. The game looks beautiful in 4k. Anyone with a 4k display make sure you set your resolution to it for the best experience.
  17. These are just a handful of in-game stats that literally don't make sense. Figured I'd ((((post)))) and get some feedback to why they are the way they are. why can mutants heal themselves? -Mutants are trash units to begin with by why give them tiberium based weapons that they can use to heal themselves? After changing the visceroid thing so they don't heal mutants, why do they still have weapons they can just use to heal themselves anyway? why does a stinger have limited range and why does an AT rocket out range a stinger missile? -not even bringing up the difference between a rocket and a missile; you guys do realize stingers have like 10x range over AT rockets right? why can a banshee out range AA defences and why can infantry out range base defences? -I never understood the reasoning behind why lots of vehicles (excluding something like artillery) can out range base defences to the point that they can be picked off without any effort. Why even have the base defences in the first place? why can EMP grenades disable drive trains AND firing systems? -Pick 1, I mean it's not like an EMP affects combustion engines anyway. I'll give you aircraft but idk why my tank is affected by an EMP grenade.. why do a few ob guns spawn at the start of the map? -You put a 3 minute timer on these things like they are overpowered but then hand them out of like candy at the start of the map. Why?
  18. Since November 2016, Interim Apex has been seeing complete overhauls in new damage systems and visual aesthetics of the multitude of vehicles and structures! This upcoming build will deliver even more of that! The long-awaited new naval warfare is here! Captain ships from Frigates to Battleships and wrest control of the seas from the enemy. Masters of the seas who rule the tides will turn the tide of battle on land. On another note, barriers and barricades have been readjusted. Players have noted that they may have been too strong, and as such we have come up with a solution! The introduction of the Bangalore Torpedo Engineers and Sapper Class will allow players to clear obstacles with ease thanks to these units having the proper equipment for the job. Currently, there is no changelog until the second update. There's just so much stuff yet to be overhauled! However, we do have a log of some units that will be removed for the time being. BS-3 100mm Gun (WIP overhauling) ZIS-3 75mm Gun (WIP overhauling) M163 Vulcan (being phased out temporarily) And in returning units, the Nod Sa-8 Gecko stands to challenge the GDI Mim-72 Chaparral. The Gecko is an anti-aircraft unit tasked with keeping the skies clear for Nod. For maximum efficiency against GDI's air wings, the turrets are automated. While on the subject of aircraft, they too have been overhauled, both visually and in controls! The GDI Orca. The staple of the GDI air force, and an excellent support unit in any advance. The Nod Apache. While not as impressive as the GDI Orca, the Apache still boasts firepower to tackle ground threats as they approach. New Constructions Options! Introducing 2 new features. The Tiberium Field will soon be depleted and require some sort of alternative way to "Grow" Tiberium. Now both faction has introduced some sort of contraption which is to accelerate the growth of Tiberium crystals as they are now can be easily depleted when you over harvest. Above is a example of the GDI Pioneer ( Nod Pioneer has one too ) but this I show an example. SInce the introduction of barriers, barricades and obstacles, both side find it rather annoyance to deal with. Now with the introduction of Bangalore Torpedo to both GDI and Nod respectively, you can find them in the Nod/GDI Sapper or Engineer unit. They must be place relatively close to the obstacle that you want to clear, once you deploy them you must ignite the fuse by simple keep repairing it, as the fuse goes live, stand clear as it will detonate shortly. There will be 3 consecutive explosions. Last but not least, the long awaited upcoming map - Winter Assault! It has taken me a long while to optimize it, and I will continue to further optimize after initial release. One could ask, "Is that it? After two years of development?" Worry not! There is much more to be implemented yet, but until then join the server and see for yourself the massive changes in-game! See you on the battlefield! [blurb]Since November 2016, Interim Apex has been seeing complete overhauls in new damage systems and visual aesthetics of the multitude of vehicles and structures! This upcoming build will deliver even more of that![/blurb]
  19. I suggest we revert the server updates from the latest revision. The changes have drastically altered gameplay to an entirely new environment where barely anyone (excluding server staff) is aware of actual statistics regarding the units they play with. As usual, in an effort to "rebalance" the game (for the 70th time) the only thing accomplished was reshuffling units to generate the exact same disparity between them. I'm not quite sure why there's an impression that more change more often will generate a larger player base when it can barely retain its current one. The administration at the 3/16 servers that people actually play on is so dissociated from it's dying playerbase that they persistently insist they're representing is single handedly driving this game into the ground. I'm genuinely not surprised older C&C games maintain a larger playerbase that this game could ever hope to have. If your goal is to destroy this game once and for all, please stay the course.
  20. I was playing the test sometimes when the server was open, well I saw that you guys did a good job and I look forward to enjoying it with my teamplay friends
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