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  1. Greetings players! Time to reply with your thoughts on the most recent Balance pass patch 2.0.1 "Bugocalypse" If you have any non-bug related Feedback, Please post it here and don't be shy on suggestions!
  2. In relation to the deploy bug, under extended settings you must rebind the deploy key. We're trying to figure out how to reset the defaults to include the extended controls right now @ Nexus51325 @ SzaboRoland
  3. Pretty much this ^^^ Having a V2 1 shot my freshly bought Artillery before I even fire a round occurred thrice on the first gamenight. And as a field mechanic, I took plenty of deadly splash against the V2's.
  4. Also I still formally support the reconstructing of the Grenadier and RPG trooper into a single unit, different from yall's failed prior examples(from which the only one yall have mentioned was an expensive version one which is the wrong-think way of going about this change)
  5. No, there wasn't really much except the few. Giving her 2 C4 which do 60-65% structure HP, with a 3-5 sec delay between detonations, would alleviate a large amount of concerns against Tanya, while also opening the door for higher skill play; "Do I waste 20-30% structure damage to kill one building, or spread it and coordinate with a Tank rush and potentially garner a double structure takedown?" In relation to the Mechanic and vehicle talks, I discussed with @Coolrock about the Costal Influence match where I did the Chrono rush, about how I was mid with my brother as he Mechanic'd and I Medic'd. It breaths a large breath of cooperation into the allies to make them actually use their wide variety of support troops and vehicles(Supply Truck has a new use to refill Medic Armor Cache's as they help heal up the frontline infantry) and this also helps with the secondary issue related to what happens if you get double TT burned and lose your tank, now you have nothing to really do but run all the way back to base, where soviets if they lose their tank, they typically are a shockie or RPG coming out and can continue the battle. Additional balancing would 100% be needed to MBT's on both sides if mechanics shift from the 100% go to guy to a support infantry. Even Mechanic repair speed might need to be readdressed.
  6. 60% building hp per C4 Bam gwrench can't save that
  7. The need to remove either one and folding into the survivor is what I'm getting at with Grenadier VS RPG Trooper
  8. The grenadier and flamethrower sharing the splash role is fine, but they need to bring different splash to the table. Grenadier needs to be fast, cheap, and do flat average damage all around. Flamethrower needs to be slow, medium priced, and do decent damage to light armor. At the moment, I find shock troopers and flamethrowers too fast comparatively to other troops, they are meant to be the slowest boys running around, with the shock being slightly slower. The benefit of the grenadier is he is FAST and CHEAP, but does flat damage to all armor types(meaning he's vastly better than flame against heavy vehicles) The benefit of the Flamethrower is he has large splash, and hurts light vehicles better than the grenadier. I am all for the abolition of the RPG trooper. I never liked it's introduction, as it overlaps the uses of the Grenadier/Flamethrower and makes it vastly harder to make them both viable(add the fact that RPG Trooper is just a long range Grenadier cause both are technically grenades)
  9. Me, myself, and I and I guess @Metaridley and @GummiBear
  10. oh god, Google has shut down, we cannot google the conversion of time zones, WE'RE ALL DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED! it's 9PM CET
  11. No I came up behind the allied team and ran over 6-10 people at the Silo Oil Rig. They never recovered
  12. What about my Supply truck running over Allies on Pipeline xD?
  13. I nominate myself and AZ-Stalker For I did many gimmicky shit as a spy, ran over 10 people on Pipeline by the Oil rig at the start, dedicated Supply Truck buyer, Team Ore gathering, MGG and jammer boy, Medic, and Field Mech AZ-Stalker for leadership and general coordination of teams, against and for, and for keeping the games lively as they continued to approach max volume.
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