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  1. MartinMb

    Doublepost! Here's a nice little story, written by me: C&C Fanwars: The Skirmish on ModDB
  2. So this is like a multiplayer GTA, on Renegade's engine, with construction options? Please release this awesomeness ASAP.
  3. MartinMb

    A new article was just published, on one of the three playable factions: The mighty Red Alliance! Article on Fanwars' ModDB: The Red Alliance This alliance between two long-forgotten nations is now ready to do all that it takes to unleash its vengeance upon the Federation. Rise up the Red and Black Banner and let the galaxy burn, for none will escape the glorious wrath of the People!
  4. MartinMb

    Bump! We are in need of someone for whom English is their mother tongue, to read and correct our translated articles prior to posting on ModDB. Many sentences seem unnatural because they're based on a French grammar structure. If anyone is interested, please reply or send a PM to me! We'll add your name in the article's credits.
  5. MartinMb

    Not a bad choice, since their base tank has a twin freaking rail-gun canon: The above voxel model might not be up to date.
  6. MartinMb

    Very nice! Let's hope that it brings some new players.
  7. MartinMb

    Greetings comrades! I'm creating this thread to talk about an amazing project that we're currently working on at CnCSaga. It's a mod for Open Red Alert, called Command & Conquer Fanwars. The story is set in a dark sci-fi future, after humanity colonized the galaxy. Remnants of the once powerful Terran Federation are attempting to seize their former colonial assets, but their corrupt government has made many great enemies during the times known as "the Dark Age". 3 factions will be available upon mod release: the brutal Red Alliance, the fanatical Order of the Inquisitors and the mysterious Conclave of Horizon. New factions (such as the Federation), units and terrain assets will be progressively implemented. I invite you to check out the mod's page on ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/cnc-fanwars We're thrilled to be working on this project! This is going to be great. We started off with a team that had no experience what-so-ever in C&C modding and were able to create amazing voxel models and assets. If all goes well, a playable release should be out soon. Stay tuned for updates! As a bonus, check out this epic concept art, made by Divadawm:
  8. MartinMb

    Totd is OP, please nerf.
  9. MartinMb

    It's nice to see so many updates for APB. Keep up the good work, Dev Team!
  10. MartinMb

    CNCNZ closing would have been devastating for the C&C community. We are already very uncertain about the future of another long-time fan site, CnCSaga, which is currently down...
  11. MartinMb

    Fixed with a reinstallation. Thank you very much, guys!
  12. MartinMb

    It all looks amazing!
  13. MartinMb

    I'll try to join.
  14. MartinMb

    I wanted to have one of my friend play APB, but he got some weird bug... He's not seeing the server list at any time. We think that it might be his firewall, but he doesn't see neither W3DHub or RA:APB in the possible exception list. Any ideas?
  15. MartinMb

    Finally! Some DARKNESS!