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Found 109 results

  1. Hi everyone! Just a quick post to tell you that our forum chat is now online! You should all be able to see a new tab on the forum that will take you to a kiwi IRC login page. All you need to do is set a username and click connect! It will then take you to W3D Hub's IRC channel (as well as Rencorner's!). We already make use of IRC a lot of monitor our game servers via bots, but now it also provides us with an awesome place to hang out! So feel free to join in and hang out!
  2. Hi everyone! We're already a month into 2017 and it feels like this year is flying by already! I just want to take this opportunity to let you know know some of the stuff that we have in the pipeline for the coming months! We've just upgraded our forum to IPB 4.0, which brings with it a whole new realm of possibilities that we will most definitely explore! Strike and the gang have been working hard to make this forum upgrade a reality for everyone to enjoy and now that we're finally here we can start focusing on the future a bit more. We're proud of the work that we do here in this community, but now we have even larger ambitions that we want to carry out in order to make this place bigger and better than it has ever been before. Here's just a few features that you can expect to see over the coming months: Tiberian Sun: Reborn: We are currently fully committed to completely re-balancing and overhauling Tiberian Sun: Reborn in order to make it a much more enjoyable game to play. Work is currently underway and we'll try and release some more information when we have more things to show! Wallywood is at the helm of the project once again, with myself moonsense715 and TeamWolf all committed to helping push the release out. The 10th anniversary of December 31st 2006 may have passed, but rest assured, Reborn will see a lot of love this year. Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising: Development on AR is simmering along nicely, although a few of us have been redirected onto Reborn for the time being. Rest assured though, once Reborn has been overhauled, we'll be training our eyes back onto AR once again, with some great new features that will change the way you play C&C mode forever! Expansive Civilian Warfare: We're aiming to publish ECW to the launcher publically with the view distance executable fix as soon as we can, although there are a few complications that we need to overcome first pertaining to that system. We're putting in the work that should hopefully allow us to install, run and update this great project from the launcher fully, so watch out for it! Red Alert: A Path Beyond: APB will continue receiving updates as per usual. Not much to report on here, but the next point should provide more info on what other APB-related things we'll be doing to in infrastructure in order to keep it running smoothly. As always, big kudos to pushwall for keeping the engine running on this fantastic project. Players & Stats: we have a dedicated team working on upgrading the stats system for APB and porting it over to Reborn, which should help boost player counts, but we'll also need your help to spread the word and tell the internet about the awesome games that we make here! At some point in the next few months, I'd personally like to put together a media pack with screenshots, posters, banners and other things so that we can tell PC gamers about the fantastic work that we do here. I feel that APB and Reborn aren't being played as much as they could due to a lack of awareness, so this year we'll be looking to tackle that problem and bring more players into the fold. Download Manager: We'll be plugging in IP.Downloads to handle community mods, custom skins and other files, just as it was back when we were at BHP. Hopefully we can rely on you guys to make some great content for the entire community to enjoy across all of our projects! Discord Server: FRAYDO has been working hard to set up a community Discord server. For those of you who don't know about Discord, it's a text and voice chat application that can be used via a client or web browser. This won't replace our current TeamSpeak server, but will sit nicely alongside it, in order to provide an accessible place for the community to gather. We understand that not everybody is comfortable with voice chat as well as installing TeamSpeak, so this is our solution to those of you who want to chat and play games together. Integrated Chat: We want to work on integrating a chat box into the forum. We haven't decided whether to directly plug in IRC or our upcoming Discord server. We've still got some details to work out on that end. Bug Tracker: The bug tracker is noticeably absent from the new forum, but it will be back at some point. Advanced Tags & Prefixes: The old thread tagging system from the previous version of the forum is also missing, but we have plans to return it soon! These are just some of the great game updates and community upgrades that you can expect to see this year. We also have a couple of extra things that we're keeping close to our chests as well. We've got to have a couple of secrets right! I also want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank akhero47, as without the donations that he made to the community, these upgrades would probably still be on hold. So a big thanks to him for all of his help! As ever, if you guys feel like contributing to our community improvement projects, feel free to drop us a PM. We'll have a proper donate button up soon that will allow this system to be a lot more seamless and we will make sure to let you know what your donations go towards if you contribute. We're very fortunate that we have people like Strike who are willing to keep the lights on for us, but as they say, every little bit helps! As a final present, I want to let you all know that the Reborn forum theme has now been completed and is available for you guy to use! I put in some hours over the weekend to get this up and running as soon as possible, since I know you guys love dark forum themes! I'll be prioritizing the APB theme next! You can access the theme by clicking "Theme" at the bottom of the page. I have also made it the default board theme for now as well. Thanks for reading guys and I hope you're all as psyched for 2017 as we are! - OWA & the W3D Hub Staff
  3. You may notice our forums have a slightly different look to them. Through the efforts of Strike, danpaul88, and the IPB Support Team, our forums have been upgraded! This upgrade is just the beginning, as there are more site improvements to follow. In the meantime, familiarize yourself with the new layout and inform the team of any concerns.
  4. Happy New Year! And this month's theme is an oldie but a goodie: Pirates vs. Ninjas! Happy New Year! I hope everyone of you made it well into 2017. For all of us, the new year is a fresh start. It's a breath of relief from the fiasco that was 2016. Numerous celebrity deaths, a failed coup in Turkey, Brexit, one controversial presidential race in the United States, and North Korea has resumed missile and nuclear tests. So yeah. 2016 was a year of upsets for many, political and emotional. In lighter news! The new year is a clean slate. We've made our new years resolution's and we're ready to face whatever challenges may arise. Exciting opportunities and new discoveries are sure to come your way! Even more, we have lots to look forward to in 2017 - movies especially! From Star Wars Episode VIII to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, to Wonder Woman and Justice League, there's a movie for everyone! In tech, we can look forward to possible advancements in VR, the new Nintendo Switch, and whatever Apple comes up with. Moving on to our Monthly Avatar Theme, let's start with an oldie but a goodie. It's an age-old debate that incites communities small and large: Pirates vs. Ninjas! Who would win in a fight? Which are cooler? Which side are you on? As an added bonus, a poll will be held. Votes will be counted at the end to determine the winner. And remember: In any debate, the other side is wrong. Discuss.
  5. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us to you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us here! Enjoy time with your family and friends, take in all the Christmas joy and cheer, and have a great day today!
  6. Dear friends, it's that time of the year again! Christmas time is here! Time for joy and time for cheer! ♫ Dear friends, it's that time of the year again! Christmas time is here! Time for joy and time for cheer! ♫ You know what to do! And that's leaving some gifts wrapped up under my Christmas tree! Oh, and Christmas and Happy Holidays avatars!
  7. My fellow constituents. Election day draws near for the United States of America. In light of the presidential race, this month's theme shall be politics. Political leaders, political parties, or even images related to politics. My fellow constituents. Election day draws near for the United States of America. In light of the presidential race, this month's theme shall be politics. Political leaders, political parties, or even images related to politics. \ Please keep it civil in choosing your avatar.
  8. Its October, and you know what that means! Thats right, another Spooooky forum theme change! Greetings and salutations, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, genders, sexualities, preferences, colors, and religious beliefs or lack thereof. KayWhy here, bringing you this month's theme! Well, since it's October, this month's theme is Halloween! Pumpkins, costumes, monsters, spooky scary skeletons! Anything celebrating the most frightening night of the year is a go! So go out there and GET SPOOPY!!!
  9. This month's avatar theme - cartoons! Old and new cartoons alike. No anime. It's that time again! New month, new avatar theme! For the month of September the theme is cartoons! Old and new cartoons alike! Classic ones, childhood favorites, ones you still watch today! As much as it pains me personally, anime and manga are excluded. I choose Dipper Pines from Disney's Gravity Falls. Your turn!
  10. We at W3D Hub have taken notice to the talks and discussions happening around as a result of Red Alert: A Path Beyond moving here. That said, the team would like to address this properly. Read for more details. We at W3D Hub have taken notice to the talks and discussions happening around as a result of Red Alert: A Path Beyond moving here. That said, the team would like to address this properly. One_Winged_Angel wished to address the community via video which you can view below. It addresses a few of the concerns brought up and will hopefully help to inspire some confidence in what we are aiming to build in the future. Furthermore, we would like to present to you a letter from the entire team here at W3D Hub. Hello everyone. These past few days in the W3D community as a whole have been rather eventful, to say the least! Red Alert: A Path Beyond Delta was successfully released via the W3D Hub launcher and we’ve already had a number of spectacular games! This release has been pretty special for all of us here (especially those of us who have been playing the game for 7+ years now), because we firmly believe that the way the game plays and feels harkens back to the glory days of APB Beta. Thanks to all of the graphical improvements, gameplay enhancements, and balance tweaks, it can be reasonably said that Delta truly surpasses Beta. With that in mind, we will now attempt to build upon the success of this release with additional infrastructure support from W3D Hub’s side. What this means is the statistics system that made those old games worth sinking so much time into will return with persistent progression tracking as well as the inclusion of achievements. Along with thorough bugfixing and extensive PR, this should hopefully get the word out there to the wider gaming community that C&C isn’t quite dead just yet and will conceivably serve to swell the ranks of the public players, allowing more regular games to be played. However, the release of Red Alert: A Path Beyond Delta via the W3D Hub launcher was not without vocal opposition. Concerns and speculations have been raised by several members of different C&C communities over the nature of the changes that are going to be happening. These are changes that we will address now. It would appear that a few are apprehensive to downloading the launcher and are instead demanding a standalone download. While we understand your unease, please understand that the W3D Hub launcher is the most viable and robust method of distribution. With it, patches and hotfixes can easily be implemented with little to no hassle. Rather than resorting to handing out loose files for every change (and teaching players how to direct connect to the server), it is more practical to deliver any and all updates through the launcher. Since Bluehell Productions has ceased official support for Red Alert: A Path Beyond, the project will now be entirely hosted and maintained by W3D Hub. The official forums, TeamSpeak channel, IRC network, Mod DB page and other relevant communication mediums for Red Alert: A Path Beyond are now all hosted by W3D Hub. Bluehell Productions is no longer the official source of news, updates and support regarding A Path Beyond. However, Red Alert: A Path Beyond is not over. There are a few people in this thread that are lamenting the end of BHP and the APB community, when in reality W3D Hub is comprised of some of the key founding BHP members. When we split off from BHP last year, our goal was to create a community that could surpass BHP in its services and infrastructure. With APB joining us now, we have achieved a part of this goal. This is the end of BHP’s affiliation with APB, but it is certainly not the end of the APB community. With some of us being founding members of Bluehell Productions, we understood that when there were those who stood against our progress; we needed to escape and create a new place where we could genuinely do something amazing for the community. Now with W3D Hub we have finally done that and APB is one of the final pieces to our puzzle. It’s safe to say that mods like Expansive Civilian Warfare, Battle for Dune and others would not have joined us if we hadn't split, but now as a truly united W3D community, we can push forward in ways that we could never do before. Our motives have always been for the good of the games and of the fans and we hope that we can continue to do right by them and develop a strong and thriving community that will stand for years to come. W3D Hub is the true BHP community now thanks to all of the talented developers that have joined our ranks to support our love for this oddball game engine with all of its triumphs and flaws. To clarify any confusion regarding assets, patches, and future developments: In December of last year, dialogue was opened between the leaders of the APB development team and the leaders of W3D Hub. During these talks, the APB leaders made their position clear to W3D Hub that under no circumstances was the game to be taken over, or simply handed across without clear guidelines being set. In the absence of Chronojam, who has not logged into the BHP forums since July 2015, Pushwall, who effectively became Lead Developer and Executive Producer, now holds creative control over A Path Beyond (http://i.imgur.com/7906j7V.jpg). It has been stipulated that if any W3D Hub member wishes to make any changes to the game, they are to be made by and/or approved by him. Whether development even continues on A Path Beyond is entirely up to Pushwall at this stage. Here's hoping that more content is on the way in the future! Whatever the future may hold with APB’s development, we will be providing support for as long as we are physically able to. When W3D Hub was founded, we made a promise to support the W3D community and affiliated projects as best as we can. We will continue to uphold that promise and make sure that Red Alert: A Path Beyond keeps shining as an outstanding example of what this community is capable of. Let’s make this place into a haven for like-minded Renegades to Command and Conquer! Yours truly, The W3D Hub Team
  11. Monthly Avatar Theme? Why, that's Ancient History! Romans, Greeks, Huns! Monthly Avatar Theme? Why, that's Ancient History! Romans, Greeks, Huns! Find your piece of ancient history.
  12. Raise your flags! For this month's avatar theme, show off your favourite flag, fictional or otherwise! Late post but hey moving on Raise your flags! For this month's avatar theme, display your favourite flags, fictional or otherwise! Represent your country! Or find us one you think is really cool.
  13. Version of the W3D Hub launcher is now available. This update includes an improved package downloader for users with less stable internet conections Version of the W3D Hub launcher is now available via the automatic update mechanism. This update includes an improved package downloader which will recover from transient network drop-outs during a download. This should improve the install and update experience for users with less stable network connections. Note that this is only a first pass at improving the entire download and install process and doesn't resolve all outstanding issues. Longer network drops will still cause a failed download if it is unable to resume within the timeout period and, at present, would require downloading again from scratch at a later time. Support for resuming a download at a later time is in the development plans.
  14. A big welcome to Imperial Age and its staff! Welcome to W3D Hub! A big welcome to Imperial Age and its staff! Welcome @dblaney1, @Kaskins, and @KTFF to W3D Hub! A Renegade mod, Imperial Age aims to deliver dynamic gameplay with many new units, vehicles, and weapons. Imperial Age Features The current build has around 120 vehicles; 60 per team. This number is not including aircraft, naval units, Forgotten and neutral vehicles. Each vehicle has its own passive abilities and role to play. 20+ maps, each with their own unique way of playing. Some maps are best suited to open vehicle combat, others may see good chokepoints to build barricades and place minefields, while some may feature hazards such as quicksand! Research and upgrade terminals to improve your team's vehicles and weaponry. On maps with Construction Yards, you can restore base structures depending on costs. Vehicles have weak points, and in some instances you may even land critical hits. Faster paced gameplay than Vanilla Renegade. More to come in the future as the list goes on. - Imperial Kaskins
  15. Superheroes are April's forum avatar theme! Friendly reminder: Cruisers are superheroes too! Hello folks! This month, we've decided to deck out our forum avatars with all manner of Super Heroes! Show us which one you root for!
  16. Easter is this month! In the spirit of the occasion, this month's avatar theme includes bunnies, easter eggs, spring flowers, and all else Easter! Easter is this month! In the spirit of this festival and celebration, this month's avatar theme includes bunnies, easter eggs, spring flowers, and all else Easter!
  17. Total Annihilation: Extinction has been announced! Read more on the forums! Introduction Greetings and salutations, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, of all ages, genders, sexualities, preferences, colors, and religious beliefs or lack thereof. It is my pleasure to announce that we are officially developing Total Annihilation: Extinction, which will be a total conversion modification for Renegade, and will put players in the four thousand year conflict between the supremacist CORE empire and the ARM resistance! Background This mod has actually been around for a while. Danpaul88 started working on it before he joined the AR team, with many of the earliest models dating back over ten years! In the more recent past (probably about 5 years ago) cnc95fan had a stint at the helm of the project, but it never gained much traction and has mostly lain dormant on dan's NAS all these years. We're hoping to revive this nascent project and finally bring a compelling TA experience to the W3D engine! The concept Danpaul summed it all up perfectly internally, so I'll just repost what he said here! The Premise "What began as a conflict over the transfer of consciousness from flesh to machines escalated into a war that has decimated a million worlds. The CORE and the ARM have all but exhausted the resources of a galaxy in their struggle for domination. Both sides now crippled beyond repair, the remnants of their armies continue to battle over ravaged planets, their hatred fueled by over four thousand years of total war. This is a fight to the death. For each side, the only acceptable outcome is the complete elimination of the other." -Total Annihilation Intro Thousands of years in the future, humanity reached an age of prosperity. Hunger, disease, poverty... all were eliminated as we colonized the galaxy. Then, a group of scientists discovered one possible path to immortality: Planting their minds into machines. This process was called "patterning," and quickly became mandatory. However, many people disagreed, and were vocally opposed to this process. Soon, the debate became violent, and war broke out between the CORE empire and the ARM rebellion. CORE Hailing from the metal world of Core Prime, The CORE Empire seek total control of the galaxy, and the elimination of organic life. Preferring artificial intelligence to pilot their units, they are almost completely geared for combat. Their units are more expensive than their ARM counterparts, but they make up for it with superior armor and firepower. ARM Based on the distant world of Empyrrean, the ARM rebellion rose against the patterning process, and now seek to destroy the CORE empire once and for all. All of their pilots consist of clones. Although not as strong as their CORE counterparts, ARM units enjoy being faster and less expensive. They also carry a number of specialized units that, if used properly, can turn a tough struggle into an easy victory. Tasty Images Would you like to see some special behind-the-scenes screenies of some of the stuff we have? Wish granted! Here we have an early wireframe of the ARM's primary KBot, the PeeWee! This is a model of the ARM's early defense, the LLT! And a beautiful shot of the ARM Thunder flying around! We want YOU! We've got a great team here at W3D Hub, but most of us are dedicated to other projects at the moment. So there's no time like the present to lend a hand! We need people who are experienced with modeling, texturing, animating, mapping, and coding! If you are interested in this project, just shoot a PM to either myself or danpaul88. If you're interested in helping W3D Hub in general, fire off a PM to: -One Winged Angel -Teamwolf -danpaul88 -moonsense715 -Wallywood -Jerad2142 We'll get back to you asap! In Conclusion We're excited to get this project going, and we will keep you all posted as development unfolds! See you next time!
  18. From dragons, Chinese foods, Overlord Tanks, or even monkeys, join us in honouring Chinese New Year with this month's avatar theme! The votes are in! In honour of Chinese New Year, this month's avatar is anything from dragons, Chinese foods, the military forces of the People's Republic of China as portrayed in C&C Generals, Chinese culture and whatever else! For anyone interested, 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. Before you ask: yes, monkey avatars are welcome.
  19. Some small changes have been made to the forum that will make it easier to find people! Read more to find out! Hi everyone. You may have noticed some usergroup colours changing around the forum along with some shiny new icons appearing below members in special usergroups. This is part of a small usergroup overhaul that we decided to do recently. Here are a list of the main changes: Colours swapped around on some of the usergroups. New icons for most of the usergroups (more coming soon maybe!). The "Advanced Moderator" group has been renamed to "Staff Moderator". Staff Moderators are Staff members with Moderation Powers on the forum/server etc. Server Moderator and TeamSpeak moderator groups have been made. This should make it easier to find moderators in general. Imperial Age Staff have their own usergroup. A couple of redundant usergroups have been removed. The Rehab group has surfaced. If you misbehave, you may wind up here with no signature and avatar. Beware of Rehab! A few extra post prefixes have been added. Extra bits and bobs to support these will be set up soon! Next on my list is to add more topic prefixes and roll out the system properly across the whole forum. Stay tuned for that one! If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know!
  20. January's Avatar theme is...well just video games! Screenshots, fan art, whatever! Show us what you like! *drum rolllllllll* Alright! Its that time again where we all change our avatars to freshen up the place! This month, we started something a little different. Instead of our stingy staffers keeping all the decision-making power to ourselves, we opened a thread in the off-topic section where all forum members are encouraged to suggest theme ideas for the coming month! Then after the mid-month cut off, cast votes on the ideas suggested and the one with the most accumulated "likes" is the one we'll go with for the next month......actually I lied a little. Thats next month's plan This month was a trial run after which I made a slight revision to the process, turning it into that! My first idea was a flop i must admit...lol Anyway the theme of the month, which was (mostly) chosen by our members, is "video games"! Screenshots, fan art, official art, album art, box art, whatever you're into from any game, it does not matter! Have fun and remember that .gifs work too!
  21. W3D fans, rejoice! The team behind Red Alert: A Path Beyond is releasing their newest version of the game VERY SOON, and it will be available on the W3D Hub Launcher! Hello everyone, I am here to announce great news! We have collaborated with the developers of Red Alert: A Path Beyond. They are about to release their latest and best version of the game and... A Path Beyond will appear on the Launcher! W3D Hub is now officially supporting Red Alert: A Path Beyond. You will be able to download and install/patch the game in the future as well as join official game servers hosting it. The release is closer than ever, be prepared for some EPIC battles and organized game nights! Spread the news and rejoice!
  22. Everyone, brace yourselves! Red Alert: A Path Beyond's release date is now set in stone! Don't miss the launch day event! Dear APB fans, I am happy to make another announcement! Red Alert: A Path Beyond Delta will be released roughly within 16 hours counting from now! COUNTDOWN We did a final test of the game tonight with the staff. I am absolutely amazed by how the game looks and plays now. The APB developers deserve a HUGE applause in my opinion. They've put weeks and months of hard work into it and I must say that it turned out really great. My advice for everyone: 1. Wait for the countdown to reach zero. 2. Download and install the game with the launcher. 3. Join the APB server. 4. ENJOY THE GAME LIKE NEVER BEFORE! As for people who hesitate trying it out: 1. Never played APB before? It's totally free, like the rest of the games here. Give it a try. 2. Didn't like APB Gamma and its patches up until now? You will like this one. In other news, in case you haven't noticed: The website has been updated slightly and will show Red Alert/APB related background images for a while, celebrating the launch day event. There is also some snowing as we are in the winter season!
  23. The APB developers over at Bluehell Productions have released.........ANOTHER new blog! Check it out!!! The RA:APB testing team have been at it for about 4 hours now at the time of me typing this news article, making sure that the upcoming release is ready. Pushwall and the rest of the dev team have been hard at it for months now, working to bring us out of the gamma era and into the "final" era of APB. Everything looks amazing! ChopBam's funhouse cottage on KOTG, among many other new features on all maps, completely change the look of everything for the better. The PT icons have been updated! We have sandstorms on RA_pipeline! I could ramble on but instead, I'll just let you all see the progress for yourselves! Expect a release soon comrades!
  24. It's time for our first contest since the launch of SUITE 2! Now that the two great heavyweights of space are back, let's celebrate with a Star Trek vs Star Wars art competition: Get ready for Scifiathlon 2016! The focus is on developing amazing textures with the SUITE, so let's see what you guys can do! We'll be judging art in several categories based on the quality of texturing - individuals and teams may compete. The categories are: - Environments - Vehicles - Weapons - Characters The rules are simple: - Make anything in the universe of Star Wars or Star Trek within your chosen category. - Enter solo or team up, max 4 members per team. - You may use existing assets as long as they are fully re-textured in Suite 2. Remember that it's texturing quality we're judging! - No polycount or texture resolution restrictions, but keep it sane! The contest begins right now, December 26th! It will run for six weeks, and a competition trial will be available in case you don't own a copy of SUITE 2. Just contact me via jonathan @ quixel . se with your preferred e-mail and we'll set up a trial license for you. We're running the competition in the Tools Group. Create your own thread with the tag #scifiathlon2016, this will ensure that your entry counts in the contest. Use your thread for posting works-in-progress, references and inspiration, and general critique. One entry per person or per team. Final submissions must be videos or still images. Prizes: - Prizes will be awarded per category, with a grand prize winner for the best texturing work! - Grand prize (overall winner): $1,000 gift card of your choice. Three commercial licenses of Quixel SUITE 2. Quixel hoodie & t-shirt. - First place (per category): Two commercial licenses of Quixel SUITE 2. Quixel hoodie & t-shirt. - Second place (per category): Commercial license of SUITE 2. Quixel hoodie. This is all about having some fun with the new tools as a community, so let's make this an enjoyable experience together! I figured some of you might be interested in the contest I'm running, so hey, why not reach out and let you know?
  25. Merry Christmas to everyone in the W3D Hub community! We hope you all have a wonderful festive day and that Santa brought you some amazing presents
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