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Vanilla-Chocolate Twist Mafia


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Day 1

It's a quiet morning in Chicago, USA. After a restless night of sleep you all nervously gather in a conference room to meet Coriolano "Killer" Parco, the Don of the Mafia. Rumor has it, that there are some traitors in your midst; vigilantes who've decided that the mafia must end. Unfortunately, the Don never shows up for the meeting...

KillingYou, Don of the Mafia was murdered in his sleep! It's up to you loyal Mafia members to wipe out the Town infiltrators! Victory will be achieved once you've eliminated every member of the Town. The Town will win once they are equal in numbers to Mafia or outnumber them.

Each day you can vote for a player to be lynched by typing in ##VOTE <player>##VOTE nolynch is also acceptable and there are no consequences for voting multiple days in a row for no lynch. However, if you fail to cast any vote two days in a row and are also inactive you will be removed or replaced.

Standard Mafia rules are in play:

  • No quoting private messages or other out of game communications.
  • No communication outside of the game.
  • No posting after death.
  • No fake actions.
  • No editing posts.
  • Don't try to be "clever" and find loopholes to break the game.
  • etc.

Living Players:

  • Jeod
  • TheIrishman
  • Category 5 Hurricane
  • ChopBam
  • OrangeP47
  • Nodlied
  • Mojoman
  • Shade939
  • Sunflower

Dead Players:

  • KillingYou

The game starts now. Hammer is at 6:00 PM EST 04/27. Good luck!

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