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Vanilla-Chocolate Twist Mafia


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Vanilla-Chocolate Twist MafiaGame InfoThis will be a mostly vanilla game of mafia; I do have a couple of minor twists though. So, if you want a mostly vanilla game go ahead and signup! I'd prefer to run this game with at least 10 players but 8 might be doable.

Players and Game StartStart time is April 25th 6:00 PM EST. Signups close April 23rd 6:00 PM EST.

Please PM me your preferred email for Google Docs if you sign up.

Current Players: (10/10)

  • Jeod
  • TheIrishman
  • Category 5 Hurricane
  • ChopBam
  • OrangeP47
  • Nodlied
  • Mojoman
  • Shade939
  • Sunflower
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19 minutes ago, Jeod said:

You probably will want to extend your signup time to Monday. Will this be an open setup (all role types are public)?

I'll go ahead and do that. Will delay game start till the following Wednesday. Role types will not be public, but you can expect anything that's "classic". Nobody will have more than one role.

Example roles:

  • Sane cop
  • Insane cop
  • Doctor
  • Watcher
  • Tracker
  • Godfather
  • etc
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3 hours ago, thedisclaimitory said:

what game is this on 

If you've never played Mafia, it's a game played on the forum. It's essentially a detective game where you try to use your wit to sift through the information other people give you, either through what occurs at night, the nuances in people's speech, or what they say in general. Since this is a basic game, it's probably going to be limited to only Town vs Mafia, where Town has to try to eliminate Mafia through a majority vote during the day phase. During the night phase, which is when actions take place, that's when Mafia is allowed to kill Town players, and they have to try to win by either equaling or outnumbering Town.

This would explain the game better than me. https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Quick_Guide_to_Mafia

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