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TS: Reborn News Update (20 June 2019)

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2 hours ago, thedisclaimitory said:

do you not know what raytracing is its been around since like the 90's 


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I hope this new laser socket is fully testet, because I see some trouble here. E.g. that you can easily find an angle where the laser turret cant hit you, but you can attack the socket. This was a problem of the base component towers, too, when the whole base was aligned to the turret.

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On 6/21/2019 at 1:11 AM, Mojoman said:

I'm still waiting for Ray Tracing.

While modern-era graphics won't be a thing for TSR 2.0, graphics are still being worked on for W3D. Quite recently CMDBob introduced proper specular highlights which add a 'shine' to metallic objects that reflect light sources. I do not believe any of the TSR screenshots have this enabled (it is a relatively new feature).

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