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3 hours ago, iLikeToSnipe said:

@Jeod @Category 5 Hurricane @Retaliation @Nodlied @Louis

And anybody else who is interested, let's try and get a game together. Anybody available tomorrow night (EST)? So about 26 hours from this post.

No can't do. First of all there' will be a testing session, although it won't take that long, I suspect. But, more importantly, I work 5 days a week and start at 8. So 0:00 for me simply isn't possible anymore. 

That said, Fridays and Saturdays are an exception, but even then it depends on plans and the ability to stay up that long. (Hey! Worked tonight! :v)

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7 hours ago, iLikeToSnipe said:

@Nodlied What time on a Friday or Saturday would work best for you?

Generally two hours before what has been posted. But on Saturdays and Fridays, the stated time would work as well. (Although I can no longer be sure if I'll make it due to ad-hoc things organised at the last moment by friends.)

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