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  1. It's a Steam artwork of C&C Remastered Collection by ☣ βioClone λx-45 ☣. He also made some other TIberian Sun Nod building GIFs in his artwork.
  2. Snowmobile fix when? Love the new police car!
  3. Nice screenshots. The buoy on the roof was my doing.
  4. I agree. And about the dogs, I'm happy if we can have a Pet Dog like in ECW, where you can give commands like attack, hide, roam, hold, follow ,etc.
  5. Nice, this is pretty useful. Also, I think your sewers map is wonderful. I found the Black Market because of it.
  6. The Mig in Red Alert can shoot airborne units though, but hard since we can't target air.
  7. The LastPlayTime doesn't seem to be updated. Not sure about the others.
  8. We had that on CncNet, an optional balance mod checkbox. Most people there are against it. Almost nobody enables that mod when hosting a game.
  9. Yup, tanks are slow in TD. If GDI attacks with tanks, recon bikes can attack the GDI base, destroy a few key buildings and still have time to return to defend their base. In RA, tanks are pretty much like TD's bikes, but with more armor and can crush infantry.
  10. I'm perfectly fine with it since it encourages field control regardless you are winning or losing. I was against it at first, until I read this thread and saw how teamplay deserved to win more than kill whore.
  11. Me. I don't play much TS anymore (mostly TD and Red Alert) but the Nod artillery is the only useful Nod unit other than cyborg commando and subterranean APC and sometimes banshees on the high level.
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