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  1. See, I sort of see this as a capitalism vs communism situation. Wallywood, while not always present, was still a team leader throughout a significant period of construction of this series. He spilt his blood, sweat, and a little bit of pee pee at times trying to build the game up to the magnanimous creation that it is (or was) today. Meanwhile, you haven't taken any apparent breaks. You have been here from start to finish, as far as I can tell. One of the founders, standing tall with his ship. And yet... War of Assassins still looks like absolute garbage. I'm very puzzled by this.
  2. Oh my god, you have no idea how much that means to me. Thanks so much for your concern. You beautiful bumble bee. But let's keep things on topic here. Tiberian Sun Reborn is not just a game, but a revolution. To see it die so suddenly is like that time my grandpa shit his britches and then collapsed due to an infarction. We just can't repeat those same mistakes. I pulled the plug on my grandpa, sure, but I don't see why we have to do it to Reborn
  3. The quality of your video editing skills are outstanding. Your attention to detail, your timing, the tone and cadence of your voice matched up with the visuals on the screen, frankly, it's outstanding. It was as if for a moment, I had completely forgotten just how old the series is, how outdated the content is, how old everything is. Your perspective offers such a refreshing appeal to the series as a whole. Watching some of these videos has seriously inspired me to play through Tiberian Sun and Firestorm again, not just for the sake of destroying some AI enemies, but to pay attention to the little details added into each mission. No longer will I think, "Oh no, Artillery is bombarding me!" Instead, I now think, "I wonder what made the producers of the game decide to attack with artillery in this instance? What strategy were they hoping I would employ to counter this?" You are a treasure, AZ.
  4. Hey guys, Rabbit here, formerly known as Zee Hypnotist, creator of such videos as "C&C Legos" and "Zee Hypnotist gargles balls" What you have to realize here, is that this was not a decision made lightly. This was a decision made after days of negociations, proclamations, and declarations. Wally literally offered to hand over control of his files to someone on W3D Hub. Sure, there were some minor strings attached (mostly just to make sure he was still recognized for his contributions), and sure, he would still retain ownership of the files. But the game would continue. The work would continue. But does that make me a closet homo? Of course not. I'm loud and proud. But me being gay is irrelevant. Why would you even bring that up? What the hell is wrong with you?
  5. Why yes, I am Rabbit / Zee Hypnotist

    And yes, I think this website consists of some of the worst gutter tripe that you could assemble and call a "community."

    This place is filled with a combination of homophobes, racists, and other hateful individuals who seem to be drawn together by a combination of nostalgia and a need to shit on everything and everyone around them.

    I left because this rampant hatefulness was left not only unchecked, but encouraged with the creation of things such as "the grille," which by design was created so that people could express their racist and fucked up feelings without feeling held down by "the man."

    I mean, seriously, to come back after a few years away, just to see the following conversation is the epitome of the fucking garbage that comes out of this sack of shit community:


    Good job, Killing_You

    they sure were being civil

    Add that to the fact that Neo Nazi Lord Kane is still allowed to hang out here, people still rampantly use terms like "nigger" and "faggot," which, hey don't get me wrong, used to have their place on the internet, but it's fucking 2020

    nah, fuck this place, eat a dick, I'm out

    zee hypnotist is dead, rabbit is dead

    1. Rabbit


      dude, rabbit, seriously, suck a dick and go home

  6. KY, I love you buddy, like i said, I'm gay and I like dudes, but if you keep shoving your dick in my face eventually I'm going to suck it
  7. who even, why would someone sell me this piece of crap account? if you can just delete my posts I don't even think I want it any more Can I edit posts if I've been muted? Oh shit! I can! Awesome! Okay, I sobered up and I found a dick to chase, so bye!
  8. okay but for real, folks. what we have here is a situation where the producers of this game had to make a decision. ALL of the producers. Wally felt like he needed to be respected for both who he was as a perso Whoever keeps editing my posts, this is getting ridiculous. I'm obviously gay, why do you feel the need to hide it? I'm coming out, as a flaming HOMOSEXUAL
  9. I respectfully disagree. This isn't just a video game, it's an excellent video game. This is one of those rare games that was created when a team of developers were forced to reach a ceiling after a previously successful title. The result is a videogame that is only slightly above average, but still a special game. All of the mechanics in the game feel clunky, and perhaps that's because the game plays in that same old style of cutscene/animation design. Not that it needs to be that way, but it is definitely from a gameplay standpoint. The game boasts the definitive treatment of dual analog controls. Wally's software license is the real issue here, not the community. And I hope that when the legal issues are resolved and Wally's games are liberated, you will be informed that you can no longer go to the Internet to complain. The question, then, is what will happen to the hardware and software they work with? To be honest, there is no way that all of this could ever come to light. Anyone who knows how to go to the Internet can do this, and for the most part it's done in a safe place with no one around you. Any computer you can point at the Internet, of course.
  10. I can see your points. But, before I know it, we're fighting here! And since you want to, I can see you'll let me fight back! But, to quote my father, even the Dragon God is not above deception. Good show, Wally.
  11. Wallywood should be allowed to retain control over his assets. While he was quoted as saying he was "baffled" and "angry" by the outcome, this was not entirely accurate. The final resort for Wallywood was to meet with it's deputy producer, Raap, who agreed to resign from his position after the meeting in May, which caused his pre-ordained removal from the forums. The meeting was supposedly held at the monthly general meeting, and a vote by the membership was arranged on whether to remove the leader of TSR. However, it turned out to be an absolute farce – at least as far as I can tell. Many members were disenfranchised and resigned without voting, leaving the chairman, as just an elected member of the Club, and did not even count towards the Super members and were thus unable to vote. A number of users voted for these former founders of international origins but none of these individuals had a software license. In addition, if you left and didn't stick around for your position, you were automatically "detrimental" to the rest of the staff at W3D Hub, and so on. Further, none of these pro-Wallywood users had left any activities that were outside their club.
  12. Speak for yourself, I sit down to make the pee pee. I don't use toilet paper though, am I supposed to be using toilet paper when peeing?
  13. oh my god I know right once I had a disk from renegade studios that definitely had a virus on it cause windows 10 was having trouble running it but overall I cant wait to play ECW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE !
  14. I certainly had a lot of fun singing. Nice change of pace.
  15. Time to collect some crates! @OWA, you might like to see this one.
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