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CYOR - Remastered Edition: Game Over

Message added by TheIrishman,


Killing You voted Shade939
Shade939 voted Killing You
Retaliation voted Shade938
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2 minutes ago, iLikeToSnipe said:

Okay, was thinking that was some kinda anime attack thingy.

Kids these days and their Shinigeki Eyes...

It's also inspired fantasy attacks. Where you know, the curse kills them because magic. :v

Doesn't sound like it should work like the name implies though. But that's what that name is traditionally  associated with.

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49 minutes ago, Nodlied said:

That game was more that 4.5 year ago... D:

Time flies.

Good way to remember my wedding anniversary.

14 minutes ago, OrangeP47 said:

I told you you should be a troll by basing your role off Jeod, not off FRAYDO :p

Bullshittery Jeod 2.0? @ VERTi60


##flip off <player> - Blocks a player’s actions for the remainder of the day and forces them to have a post gimmick of high quality dank memes. You tell them it means peace among worlds. Can be used twice. This action can be altered.

##bullshit <player> - Call bullshit on a player. Their night action, if they took one, has a 50% chance to be amplified and a 50% chance to be nullified.  This action can be blocked.

*Call bullshit on half the players. If bullshit cannot be used, survive.


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