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  1. Hi folks! Just got a small update to the forums that should hopefully make your lives easier. The Off Topic section has been moved underneath W3D Hub Discussion and the Forum Games section has been moved up into a more visible position. This should hopefully benefit all of you forum gamers by making it easier to get to your section! On top of that, I've also docked a post feed to the right hand side of the page in the Forum Game section which will allow you to quickly glance at an overview of the last 30 posts and easily get to any of them at a click. Should hopefully be useful! If there are any changes that you feel still need to be made to any part of the forums, feel free to let me know! Cheers, - OWA [blurb]Just got a small update to the forums that should hopefully make your lives easier. The Off Topic section has been moved underneath W3D Hub Discussion and the Forum Games section has been moved up into a more visible position.[/blurb]
  2. Hey all. Things have been busy for me with university and I have unfortunately been able to report our happenings. However, I have time now so let's go over some things that have happened! IA Update Interim Apex has released a November/Winter Build with an abundance of changes and new additions! Read the full changelog in Kaskins' thread here. TSR We understand the wait for Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2.0 continues to leave us with anticipation day by day. We have listened to you on our server wanting to play TSR again and we are happy to announce that you can now play again! This is big news for TSR players as previously the public server was unstable and experienced numerous crashes. This update now ensures a stable experience and engine improvements that were long needed! Update your TSR client if you haven't already and get your game on! Interested persons can read the short announcement here. Full APB Server Where were you when the APB server reached full capacity this past Sunday? To kick off the first day of December, our server hit a full 20v20 game! Naturally, chaos ensued on the battlefield and good fun was had by all. @OWA managed to get some footage of a few of the rounds! Keep posted for more videos from others as well! Can we do it again? "Time will tell. Sooner or later, time will tell." Monthly Avatar Theme On another note, December means holiday avatars! You know what to do but if not, well it's easy! Change your forum avatar to something festive! Or don't! Reminder also to be on your best behavior or you may not be on Santa's Nice list this year! Staff Change Some praise for our newest addition to the high office of Testing Director, NoSoldier! Along with Esteemed Quartermaster Nodlied and Resident Time Traveler Einstein, Herr NoSoldier now has the responsibility and duties of conducting and leading our tests entrusted to him. Having proved himself a reliable man and a valuable member of our team, know that he will do great in his new role. Congratulations are in order! More? Have I missed anything? Very likely! Would you like to share some news for us here on the frontpage for all to read? Feel free to post below and let us know what you have been up to! [blurb]Hey all. Things have been busy for me with university and I have unfortunately been able to report our happenings. However, I have time now so let's go over some things that have happened! [/blurb]
  3. The W3D Export tools have been updated to version 1.5.0! With this release, we've also included the source code, so if you're a programmer and want to take a look at how the export plugin, wdump.exe and memorymanager.dll look when they are uncompiled, you can! Credit to @jonwil for this release! Feel free to ask him if you have any questions about all of this! This pack contains: W3D Exporter for 3DS Max 2017 - New tools for Max 2017 to export W3D files from W3D Viewer - A model viewer for W3D files W3D Dump - A tool to open W3D files and see the contents The source code to to the W3D Exporter, wdump.exe and memorymanager.dll Here's the changelist! You can find the download here: If you're looking to get into 3D modelling for the W3D engine, come and find us on Discord and we'll be more than happy to help! Cheers! [blurb]The W3D Export tools have been updated to version 1.5.0! With this release, we've also included the source code, so if you're a programmer and want to take a look at how the export plugin, wdump.exe and memorymanager.dll look when they are uncompiled, you can![/blurb][thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb]
  4. More bugfixes in from @jonwil and co. Here's the changelist! As ever, the tools are located here: If you're looking to get into 3D modelling for the W3D engine, come and find us on Discord and we'll be more than happy to help! Cheers! [blurb]More fixes to the W3D Export tools from Jonwil and co! Grab it while it's hot![/blurb]
  5. Ghosts and ghouls, it is now Spooky Season! Get those spooky (or not-so-spooky) avatars up! Also some announcements: We will begin a series of Meet The Staff blogs to introduce you to our staff, in case you wonder who actually works here. Schedule TBD. Our Discord server has hit over 800 members! Now where are all those people when we are gaming? Retaliation is hosting a Choose Your Own Role mafia, Spooky Scary Scumhunting! Those interested in playing forum games may sign up today! TS:R news update coming this Thursday, 3/10. Look for it! [blurb]Ghosts and ghouls, it is now Spooky Season! Get those spooky (or not-so-spooky) avatars up![/blurb]
  6. As some of you may know by the coverage from our friends over at CNCNZ, Renegade X and various other C&C news outlets, Tiberian Sun turned 20 years old today! This absolute classic of a game has been inspiring us to make the ambitious Tiberian Sun: Reborn for many years now, but whilst Tiberian Sun: Reborn isn't quite ready to roll out to you all yet, why not partake in a mod of a slightly different kind. Using the power of Notepad++, W3D Hub presents to you, our Tiberian Sun Mini-Mod, a small quality of life update for Tiberian Sun! So what does this do? well, here are the changes: You can now queue up to 50 units, instead of up to 5. Veterancy re-balanced using Firestorm's number so that units only required to destroy 5x their cost in order to gain levels, rather than 10. Along with this, they deal slightly more damage and are also slightly tougher VeteranRatio=5.0 ; must destroy this multiple of self-value to become a veteran [per level] VeteranCombat=.50 ; combat BONUS factor when unit is a veteran VeteranArmor=.50 ; armor BONUS when unit is a veteran Medics can now heal at 3x the distance that they could before, making them easier to use. Just unzip rules.ini into your game directory and away you go! This mod is compatible with any and all versions of Tiberian Sun and Firestorm! We hope you enjoy this little mod in the meantime, as we push forward towards the release of TSR! [thumb]thumb_tsr.h.png[/thumb] [blurb]Tiberian Sun turns 20 years old today! Join us as we reminisce on one of the games that has truly inspired us over the years![/blurb]
  7. Hi everyone. @jonwil and co. have just updated the w3d tools for Max 2017 to version 1.3.0! Here are the changes: You can find the files here! Happy modding! [blurb]jonwil and co. have just updated the W3D tools for Max 2017 to version 1.3.0![/blurb]
  8. [blurb]It's that time of year again! June is End Boss Month![/blurb]
  9. A new update is now available for the W3D Hub launcher, which contains a few small bug fixes and one major new feature. For the first time ever, parts of the launcher UI have been localised into new languages as part of efforts to make the launcher more widely accessible. This first implementation does not cover all parts of the UI, as not everything currently supports localisation, but I intend to gradually expand this to cover more and more of what you see in the launcher. As of today, translations are available for; German Russian Turkish Croatian If your Windows regional settings are set to one of the above languages, the launcher should automatically apply the appropriate translations. Thanks to @NoSoldier, @__nEmPoBu4__, @Sheila and @AZ-Stalker for their help in providing translations Localisation Help If you spot any errors in the translations, or would like to help us translate the launcher into more languages, please drop by our translation spreadsheet (created by @Jeod) and update it with your new entries / corrections. Alternatively you can contribute via the localisation forum topic.
  10. Hi everyone! @jonwil and the team have updated the 3DS Max tools to version 1.2.0. Here is the changelog: Improvements to error handling. Fix an issue with terrain exporting incorrectlty. Any terrain meshes exported with previous versions of the Max 2017 exporter will need to be re-exported. If you're running an older version, please update here! Cheers! [blurb]jonwil and the team have updated the 3DS Max tools to version 1.2.0! Please update to this version, as it contains some bug fixes! [/blurb][thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb]
  11. OWA

    Forum Updates

    Hi all! We've made a few changes to the forum. I'll list them here! Updated the forum software to the latest version with help from @IPB_Support. Cheers! Help & Support is no longer a "Questions"-style forum. We found the thread layout to be quite confusing, so we've reverted it to the classic "Discussion"-style. The server forums have been condensed a bit. Let me know what you guys think about this change, as it's trivial to put it back the way it was Topics that were in the Server Info sub-forums are now in the base level of the hierarchy. Updated the copyright message to 2019. A few internal forums have moved around. Fixed a bug where topics on the Unread Content page and in Search Results were being displayed incorrectly. Shifted a few sidebar blocks around If you have any suggestions on improving the forum, please feel free to reply! [blurb]The forum has been updated and changed a bit. Check out the changes here![/blurb][thumb]custom_thumb_ipb.png[/thumb]
  12. May already! New month, new theme! With Godzilla releasing this month, the theme is Giant Monsters! All sizes are welcome though!
  13. A new version of the the 3DS Max 2017 W3D export tools has been released with several bug fixes! Head over here to get the update: Here's the changelog: Add some error checking and messages that the old max plugin supported Display the total vertex count in the export log window Fix a bug that affected certain skinned meshes, hierarchies and animations Fix so that the animation frame spinners on the export dialog allow you to select any number up to the actual number of frames in the scene (previously it would only let you select up to whatever the last "maximum" value you chose was) This particularly helps with skinned meshes, as they will now export correctly without producing results like these: Big thanks to @jonwil for these fixes! [blurb]A new version of the the 3DS Max 2017 W3D export tools has been released with several bug fixes! [/blurb][thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb]
  14. Hi all! 2018 was a good year for us, as we grow from strength to strength! We were going to do our usual yearly roadmap post, but then realised that we had practically achieved everything that we were announcing, so consider this one big W3D Hub update I guess! We aim to make 2019 an even better year than 2018, with more updates, more patches and more content than ever before, so without further ado, let's get into some of the key things we're bringing to the table right now! New Logo & Intro Video2019 is a fresh and exciting year, so what better time than now to debut our new logo and intro video! The new logo is slightly different to our previous logo (though we've had the new logo in place for quite a while now), but the major difference comes from the fact that we've now got a fantastic new intro video to put in all of our games! Big thanks to @Kicken for making this happen but also to @Coolrock for being instrumental in bringing oldbies, like Kicken, back into the community! You'll notice that the oldbies group on Discord is pretty full these days, which is great to see! Anyway, here's the video that Kicken's made for us; paying a homage to the little known company from Las Vegas that inspired us to make all of this happen. 2018 Feature RetrospectiveLast year, we posted this thread outlining what we wanted to achieve within the year. Here's a quick rundown of what we did out of that list! We announced and released Mammoth! A brand new game editor that fully replaces the old Level Edit tool for Scripts 5.0 projects such as APB and Reborn! We announced that we were working on a new plugin for 3DS Max, which we have now completed! Renegade support was announced last year, which we have some exciting info on below! Work has begun on Single Client Packages so that we can distribute the launcher with a game already pre-installed! This will likely be completed later this year. Our Stats System is in fully working order, tracking players stats across Red Alert: A Path Beyond. It will support Tiberian Sun: Reborn when it releases as well. The APB Forum Skin was completed and continues to be maintained. More skins will come but it's currently a low priority amongst our other projects. Confluence support has been attained. Read more below! The Downloads section is back up and running, giving players the ability to upload their own mods! The Modders Group was launched! It currently doesn't have anyone in it because everyone in it got staff permissions, but we hope to get more modders on-board soon! We had our first Event with Prizes last December! The turnout wasn't quite what we expected, but we're glad that the people who took part enjoyed it! We hired new programmers, such as @Dghelneshi, @Yah-Nosh and @CMDBob, who have been instrumental in pushing our codebase forwards with new and exciting features and optimisations! Cheers guys! Big Announcements Recently, in an excellent video from [NE]Fobby[GEN] and Havoc89 of the Renegade X team, Fobby mentioned that the Renegade community is "stubborn" and "tenacious". What we are about to reveal in this update proves just how stubborn and tenacious we really are in continuing to provide support for a game that should have died out years ago if not for its uniqueness, its easiness to mod and the people like us who continue to love what Westwood gave us back in 2002. The Renegade and W3D community is the best community in the Command and Conquer franchise's umbrella and today we aim to prove why with these game-changing updates. Hold onto your butts, it's gonna be a wild ride! W3D Hub Launcher - Now Supporting Renegade! We are proud to announce that W3D Hub will now be fully supporting Renegade and its community with our services. But what does this mean exactly? Well, as of now the W3D Hub Launcher supports Renegade! It's been tested internally for the past couple of weeks, but once we switch on the support publically, players will be able to browse for a Renegade installation and have the launcher manage it. Upon clicking "C&C Renegade" on the launcher, you might find that the launcher has already detected your installation of Renegade (using known registry keys) which means that you will be able to play Renegade from the launcher with no further actions needed! If the launcher doesn't find your install of Renegade, you will see a new button that reads "Import Game". Click it and you will be taken to this screen: You will be prompted to browse for your Renegade executable from the installation directory. Browse for it, select Game.exe and then click "Import Application". If all goes well, you should be done! Please note that the launcher doesn't currently install the latest version of scripts 4, so if you wish to install that, it must be done so separately (for now). Once Renegade has been imported to the launcher, you will be able to join servers using the Server Browser tab! The launcher will also feature all currently online Renegade servers that have plugged into our infrastructure. We pull our sever listings from two GSA (Gamespy Arcade) servers currently: renlist.n00b.hk renlist.w3dhub.com If you are a Renegade server owner, we encourage you to add both master server addresses to your configuration file in order to ensure zero downtime. We invite all Renegade community server owners to join us as we aim to formalise the union of the Renegade and W3D modding communities with the inception of the Renegade Council on our own Discord server. With this we wish to create strong bridges across the Renegade community, so that we can help and support each other in ways that we cannot do alone. W3D Hub's infrastructure has grown large over the past few years, so we'd like to share the knowledge we've gained across the community and share our tech, such as the launcher, with the Renegade community so that more people can benefit from it. We hope that we can begin a road to a brighter future for Renegade by working together, so we encourage any Renegade server owners who are interested to come forward and talk to us about more cross-community collaboration. Stay tuned for an announcement when we switch it on! A W3D Engine for Modders Everywhere - W3D Kit Following on from the news that we will be supporting stock Renegade, we'd like to announce a new development toolkit that we're currently calling the W3D Kit, which is designed to provide a solid base for amateur modders wishing to make new total conversion mods. The W3D Kit is essentially a stripped down version of the W3D engine with all non-essential content removed which will enable developers to freely mod and experiment with it, as well as make full-blown mods without needing to use a pre-existing game like Renegade or APB as a base. Here's what the W3D Kit will contain: Game folder which includes the latest release build of Scripts 5.0 and a specially stripped down Always.dat (W3D's main content archive) Latest release build of Mammoth Editor The latest 3DS Max content plugins (Importer and Exporter) A whole suite of additional tools for building and editing W3D-related files (Artillery, W3DViewer, TDBEdit, SimpleGraph, etc.) A link to our documentation resource, Tacitus. Content examples for modders to refer to (e.g. rigged vehicle/character/building sample files). This step forward will hopefully encourage more people to step up and try their hand at developing mods on the W3D engine. If you are looking at starting a new hobby making small games or wanting to get into the games industry professionally, W3D is great to start on! It is a pre-built engine for first-person shooters and vehicle combat is a lot less bare-bones than more contemporary general-purpose game engines such as Unreal or Unity are. Obviously the Renegade/W3D engine is still EA's tech, so strictly no money can be made from games made on it. What we aim to do is make an accessible engine for hobbyists to use non-commercially, which we feel could be beneficial to those looking to learn how to get into game development. More info on this will be released when we launch the W3D Kit later this year. In order to support it, we've been working on some new content tools and a strong documentation resource, which is what we'd like to talk about next. New Content Pipeline - 3DS Max 2017 Tools We announced last year that we would be making a new plugin for 3DS Max that would allow W3D developers and modders to use the much more modern and feature-rich 2017 edition of the popular modelling software to make and export 3D models for Renegade, Generals, Zero Hour and the Battle for Middle Earth games. To clarify, this means no more GMax and no more 3DS Max 8. We are happy to announce that with the combined efforts of @cfehunter, @jonwil, @Sir Kane and the talented bunch over at The Assembly Armada, we have been able to produce the first working version of this plugin which we are now testing thoroughly before we release it. This new plugin should enable our content creation pipeline to be much smoother, giving us many more tools and options at our disposal when creating everything from maps, to vehicles to characters! Also bundled in with the plugin are new versions of W3D Viewer and W3D Dump! You can get hold of the plugin and additional tools right now from here! This has been one of our long term goals ever since we started W3D Hub, so seeing it complete has been a major achievement for us as a team! W3D Engine Development Documentation Network - Tacitus Last year, we announced that we were going to get a confluence community licence in order to power our new wiki. This goal has changed, so without further ado, we're proud to announce the central point of documentation and reference for all things W3D and Renegade related; Tacitus. Tacitus is driven by Atlassian's Confluence software, which is a powerful industry-standard tool for creating and managing documentation. With Tacitus we hope to host everything W3D and Renegade-related, including W3D engine documentation, game information, tutorials and even the old Renegade community wiki in its un-vandalised entirety. We hope that with Tacitus, we can create a resource that inspires players and developers alike; standing the test of time as the years continue to march on. Although it's quite bare right now, keep your eyes on it as it grows further and further. As of now, our database is looking quite bare, so if you are interested in helping with the transfer of content onto Tacitus, please get in touch with us via PM! We are looking for documentation writers and are eager to push this project forwards! For now this is more of a soft launch, but more visible links everywhere will come once we have enough content to fully launch it. More to come!As we move forward, there will be more updates for the games coming through the pipes! We're currently undertaking a pretty major overhaul of our codebase, so not much feature development can be done; but once this has been completed we should be in a good position to get the wheels turning again! Stay tuned for more information on the games in the weeks to come and thanks for all of your support. Without everyone supporting us, we wouldn't be where we are today! As ever, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to post below! Cheers! [blurb]We've got big news for Renegade players, W3D Modders and fans in our big update for 2019! Come and read more right here![/blurb][thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb]
  15. Today is February 26! And you know what that means! Today we celebrate the anniversary of C&C Renegade, the game that started it all for us. Check out the tribute video made by Havoc89 and the Renegade X team![blurb]February 26! Today we celebrate the anniversary of Command and Conquer Renegade, the game that started it all for us. Come check out the tribute video made by the Renegade X team![/blurb] [thumb]custom_thumb_ren.png[/thumb]
  16. Howdy Everybody, I just wanted to let all y'all who are Novalogic fans or (Armored Fist 3 fans) know that online multiplayer gameplay for Armored Fist 3 is no longer dead, but is Alive and well! [my reasoning is that if I can "advertise" this info to enough Novalogic fans AF3 servers (novaworld.cc) may be "repopulated"/filled] DOWNLOAD LINK to the Alternative Novaworld server fixes are available on Moddb and in the youtube video description. So please share this info. Would be nice to see 32 player AF3 online games If you have the ability, please download the online server fixes for moddb and startup your own server. Thank You. video of coop testing: video of deathmatch testing: I am currently hosting a dedicated host on novaworld.cc called "AF3 COOP 2019". I have one unmanned player joined in called "inactivePL" because the game requires two players to join before it will unpause and start the round. If you plan join any server on novaworld.cc or to host your own server on novaworld.cc please download the server fixes from moddb: Moddb Link Also, if you what to host a server that cycles through several maps please download the Armored Fist 3 mappack from moddb: Moddb Mappack Link And be sure to port forward: UDP 2803, TCP/UDP 3587, and TCP/UDP 19187.
  17. Hello everyone! First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their participation in the Games Night. It's refreshing to see so many active players in the server, and I hope to see more in the coming weeks. Now, to get down to business. It should be noted that in case any players are unable to claim their prize, there is a 48 hour grace period before it is handed down to the next player down the line. After checking the scores, I am pleased to announce that we have a winner. Congratulations to @Y2K! You have won a $25 Steam Gift Card for your hard efforts and murder spree. But that's not all. We have a little surprise for those who have been working just as hard. @DMB and @Dghelneshi, congratulations on being runners up! You have won a $5 Steam Card for a job well done! Finally, we would like to give some honourable mentions out to those players who have performed notably. This is where you guys come in. Starting from the second this is posted, a vote will be going out. If you have played with someone who you feel deserves a honourable mention, now is the time to express your gratitude! Please bold your choice, preferably with a reason. You have 3 votes. You're not allowed to vote for the same player more than once, and please don't vote for yourself. Votes end on 24th January, 23:59 GMT. Let's get voting! Votes are now CLOSED. Thank you! Votes so far: Pushwall - 4 Topazjuan - 2 Dghelneshi - 4 Silverlight - 3 SilverShark/TOTD - 2 Alexcuervo has now timed out. @Dghelneshi, contact Fraydo for your new steam gift card! [blurb]The statistics are in, the straws have been drawn, and the bot has been given treats. Check the thread to see who's won our APB Games Night![/blurb][thumb]thumb_apb.b.png[/thumb]
  18. The screenshot competition has been over for about a month now, so it's about time that we announce the winners! 1st Place! In first place we have @SilverShark with his epic screenshot of MiGs on Hostile Waters! 2nd Place!2nd place is @Testament with his Stryker joining a GDI rush in IA! 3rd Place! 3rd place is @URKA with this close call as he tries to defend the Soviet War Factory! Congrats!Congratulations to all of the winners! You all win a poster (that will be in the post soon!) and a copy of the C&C Ultimate Collection on Origin! It was pretty tough to choose 3; as although we didn't get many screenshots submitted, they were all quite good! Thanks for participating everyone! See you next time! [blurb]The screenshot competition has been over for about a month now, so it's about time that we announce the winners![/blurb][thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb]
  19. Privyet comrades! Starshina Hiramaky here, with an announcement calling to arms. I've recently intercepted communications from the Allied scum, and have deduced that there is a Games Night session on the 19th January. They're planning on beginning operations at 8:30PM GMT. We must interrupt their activities and send them crying back to their babushkas, for Stalin! But wait, that's not all. The Kremlin has contacted our Intelligence Department, and have given us permission to grant a 20 Credit Gift Card from the Steamworks Factory in Petrograd to the lucky tovarish who exemplifies himself as an outstanding soldier. While we understand that it may appear a little capitalistic, I have it on good authority that it is all in reward to the great Soviet cause, and thus thoroughly deserved. See you in the action! [blurb]APB Games Night on the 19th Saturday at 8:30PM GMT! Be there or be a four-sided object! Read inside for more details.[/blurb]
  20. Hi guys! Due to final exams and work taking our players' time, we've extended the game screenshot contest with one week (until 23rd of December at 00:00 GMT). Submit your Interim Apex, A Path Beyond and Expansive Civilian Warfare screenshots to win a free copy of C&C Ultimate Collection and an epic C&C poster! Read more about the details in the announcement thread here: [thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb][blurb]The game screenshot contest for epic prizes has been extended with one week! Submit your pictures now to win the competition![/blurb] Go go go!
  21. In a letter to the community, Jim Vessella has announced today some key details of the previously announced Command & Conquer Remasters! Here is a copy of the letter in full: This is incredibly exciting news for the C&C community as a whole and exactly what the we all needed to pull us out of our dormant state, big kudos to EA and Petroglyph for making this happen! A larger statement with a message from Joe Bostic and a bonus video can be viewed here: https://www.reddit.com/r/commandandconquer/comments/9x1zcz/cc_remastered_announcement_from_ea/ In light of news, W3D Hub will be organising some special events in order to celebrate! More info on that will be posted soon, so stay tuned! [blurb]Get ready for the return of Command and Conquer on PC![/blurb][thumb]custom_thumb_ea.png[/thumb]
  22. As we roll into 2019, W3D Hub is proud to unveil another mod in the works! Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero is an upcoming first/third person tactical shooter, based on the original Command & Conquer. Taking the lead on this project is Killing_You, with ICE as co-producer. The Ground Zero team will be taking a more methodical and tactical approach to combat, as opposed to what is normally seen in W3D games. A balanced force will be required to control the battlefield. Vehicles will not play as prominent a role as before, but a Mammoth Tank or two certainly doesn't hurt! "GDI Mammoth Tank approaching the enemy base." Infantry is split into classes: General (Minigunners, able to take on any target, but not as efficient as other classes), Anti-Tank (Rocket Soldiers, designed to kill vehicles and defenses), Demolition (Grenadier/Flamethrower, good vs infantry and structures), Engineers (area securing unit, will be able to place/clear mines, sandbags, and hedgehogs), Support (Medic/Chem Warrior, will be able to heal allied infantry and hurt enemy infantry), and Commandos (self explanatory, effective vs infantry and MCTs). More details regarding classes will follow in a later blog. "GDI Commando overlooking the battlefield." "But how do we know that this one will actually come out, and not get canceled?" Excellent question! Unlike some other projects we've had previously, this one is designed to be less ambitious, and relatively easy to develop. In fact, the testers will be able to touch it at the same time that you read this! And we're always taking testing applications! Contact our Testing Directors for more info or head here. "Nod Flame Tank on the prowl." Thank you to everyone that has helped get us to this point! Be on the lookout for more to come! "GDI Harvester gathering Tiberium." [blurb]As we roll into 2019, W3D Hub is proud to unveil another mod in the works! Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero is an upcoming first/third person tactical shooter, based on the original Command and Conquer![/blurb]
  23. FRAYDO

    Interim Apex

    Announcing Interim Apex! Formerly Imperial Age, Interim Apex aims to bring an unprecedented amount of new units and vehicles to Command & Conquer Renegade. This pioneering experience is brought to you by the development team of Kaskins and dblaney1. They have worked tirelessly to bring this project into the light and we cannot express how amazing their work is. Interim Apex will retain all of the features that the previous Imperial Age boasted. For a quick re-cap of the features: - 120+ vehicles; 60+ per team - 20+ unique maps - Research and upgrade terminals to improve your team's vehicles and weaponry - Restore base structures with Construction Yards - Faster-paced gameplay than Vanilla Renegade Below you can read the full timeline of this project from its beginning in 2012 to where it stands today. Interim Apex will introduce a slew of new and unique naval units for both GDI and Nod. Take the fight to the seas in the GDI Iowa-class battleship, the GDI Hatsuyuki-class destroyer, the Nod Zara-class cruiser, and more! Kaskins, dblaney1, and the W3D Hub team are excited to bring this experience to you! The Interim Apex update is expected to ship out soon so keep an eye out for it! [blurb]Announcing Interim Apex! Formerly Imperial Age, Interim Apex aims to bring an unprecedented amount of new units and vehicles to Command & Conquer Renegade. Read all about it![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png [/thumb]
  24. Hey guys. The Second Phase of the Competition started a few days back and we are proud to announce that we reached the TOP 100! This wouldn't be possible at all without every single one of you this year, but also the previous years, let's keep it up! But the Spice must flow, so let's hit the TOP 10 in the Upcoming Games category, I wanted to aim for #1 but Wolf said that's unfair for the others 😕 You can vote in general on as many games as you want and we would appreciate it a lot o/ 3 Days are left till the Indie of the Year Competition ends so be sure to vote for Battle For Dune quickly at: https://www.indiedb.com/games/battle-for-dune To round this up, many thanks to all the ones who have backed us up all these years for the Development of Battle For Dune: War of Assassins, but also the ones who voted for us every year, again and again. We can't thank you enough as there is only so much Spice to share. Till the next one! Follow us at the greatest and latest on Facebook Stalk us on Twitter @W3DHub Watch our best fails over on YouTube Join me and the Impatiently but oh so more hyped community at our Discord
  25. Hi guys! I have some great news! ALL of our games have made it into the top 100 candidates in the 2018 Indie of the Year Awards! The entire team would like to thank you all for your votings that made this possible. Voting Phase 2 The first phase of the voting is closed, now the players can choose their absolute favorite games! If you'd like any of our games to make it into the top 5, don't hesitate to vote again, this time here: https://www.indiedb.com/groups/2018-indie-of-the-year-awards/top100 To vote for APB, TSR or ECW: Scroll down to RELEASED GAMES. Open the First Person Shooter category, you can find them all there. If you'd like to vote for AR or BFD: Go to UPCOMING GAMES. Open the Tactical Shooter category. Thank you again for all your votes, it means a lot to us! [thumb]custom_thumb_ioty2018.png[/thumb][blurb]Our games have made it into the top 100! Thank you for your votes! Don't forget to participate in the second phase of the votings :)[/blurb]
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