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  1. Welcome to the 14th edition of W3D Weekly! Let's get into it! Community News There's nothing too new to talk about on the general community side of things, but something worth mentioning is that @ Coolrock made a thread on the forums recently for people to post their old community photos. There's some good ones in there already, but if you have some moments that you want to re-share, feel free! You can find the thread here: Red Alert: A Path Beyond - Releasing 3.6 Soon! Today, we're going to report which levels will have new bot support. Stay tuned though, more exciting APB info below. The following levels are likely to be added to the lower player count rotation since they now support bot play: Canyon River Keep Off The Grass Under Be sure to attend our APB game night on October 1. That is...checks watch... next Friday! I guess we'd better release by then. Have I mentioned there will be prizes involved?? Since we have too many updates to share and not enough weeks to stick to weeklies, we would like to share with you an APB update every day until 3.6 releases, so stay tuned for that! Cold War ConfrontationMore info from CWC this week! Today we're showing off the 3 basic NATO defence structures. This is the MG Nest. Armed with a .50 caliber M2 Browning heavy machine gun, this defensive structure will make quick work of any infantry trying to attack a NATO base. This is the TOW Nest. This structure is very similar to the MG nest, but is armed with a TOW missile launcher, perfect for eliminating vehicles. (Be warned, the TOW missiles WILL track you down once fired!) Finally we have the Stinger next, which is the anti-aircraft defensive structure. It has a pair of Stinger missile launchers mounted to a fire control system, as well as some camo netting. Going near this with a helicopter is not advisable. Don't worry, though. The Warsaw Pact has its own set of defences which shall be revealed all in due time. Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising No real updates from us this week, but rather a question. We've ben talking about the Battle Bunker again this week and how we should implement it. We have dug out one of our old demo videos which has an interesting implementation with key-carded doors, but we're a bit undecided on it at the moment. Check out the video in question below! Let us know your thoughts and ideas about how you feel this structure should be implemented! That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more bodacious W3D content! [blurb]We've got more APB, CWC and AR updates in this latest weekly update! Come and check it out![/blurb]
  2. Welcome to the 13th edition of W3D Weekly! This week it's an APB special with some AR thrown in for good measure! Community News Keep your diaries clear for Friday the 1st of October, as we will be hosting a game night for Red Alert: A Path Beyond! Find out more details from @ Coolrock and the gang below! Elsewhere in the wider community, the Generals community is celebrating 18 years of C&C Generals with some events happening across none days starting on the 18th of September. This showcase will feature mods that our very own @ GeneralCamo is involved with, so be sure to check it out! The image for the event is below and you can find the full schedule here. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Rain or shine, APB 3.6 is coming in just a few short weeks! That out of the way, I (@ ChopBam ) would be remiss if we didn't share another bullet point from the 3.6 changelog this week. Introducing the Soviet BTR! Role: Medium skirmisher and scout for the Soviet arsenal. Its speed and mobility are unmatched among Soviet ground skirmish units, making it great for scouting, early rushes, and intercepting Allied Longbows and infantry. Its characteristics put it in a role somewhere between the Allied Ranger and APC, with mobility and speed almost on par with the former, combined with the heavier firepower of the latter, all packaged into a unique unit that no longer feels like a copy-paste of the Soviet Ranger while also fitting the Soviet playstyle better than it did. Price: $750 (tentative). As with all things in a testing phase, it might be adjusted before release. Strong vs: infantry, aircraft, mines Weak vs: heavy vehicles, seacraft, buildings Notes: Although this unit generally replaces the Soviet Ranger on lower tech maps, it may appear in other places where the Soviet Ranger didn't, like Pipeline. The vehicle's textures (particularly the forest and desert versions) aren't final and are still subject to change. While we plan to do that eventually, we decided in the meantime that it's not something that's worth delaying the release. Thanks to @ Killing_You for concepting the unit, and @ Ice for providing this unit's model and texture. The rig was originally created by @ GeneralCamo and then worked on and tested by @ ChopBam with help and input from the testing team, especially @ ryknow69. Short clip of what it looks like ingame. Apocalypse Rising Over in AR land this week, we realised that shooting and repairing buildings from the inside was giving way too many points and credits. @ moonsense715 tracked down the issue with some help from the testers and we discovered that the points system was looking very wonky. To counter this, @ moonsense715 has made some adjustments to how we set the score of all of our units and buildings in the editor. Here are the basics: Score = A value we configure in the editor. Credits = Score Repair Score = 50% of Score Repair Credits = 50% of Score Previously the way we setup score required us to do some maths and if the HP of a unit changed (damage points were setup as a direct multiplier to the health of a unit/building), we would have to redo those maths. But now that we can just setup the score of what a unit is worth in points which makes the entire points system a lot easier to balance! Great job comrade @ moonsense715 ! In other news, @ Romanov has been hard at work putting some finishing touches on Tanya's character model! You can see the model below! Also on @ Romanov 's list is Einstein's lab, which will play a part in an upcoming map that he's making. That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more excellent W3D content! [blurb]The 13th edition of W3D Weekly is now out! This week it's an APB special with some AR thrown in for good measure![/blurb]
  3. We're excited to announce a special Game Night event! Starting October 1st, join us at 6PM EST for a thrilling night of gaming with the W3D Hub community! We're hoping for an amazing turn out, and hope you'll help us make it a fun night to remember! Prizes! Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 players based on the event scoreboard. Players who have the most points over the course of 3 hours will win the following: 1st Place - $50 Steam Gift Card 2nd Place - $25 Steam Gift Card 3rd Place - $15 Steam Gift Card 4th Place - $10 Steam Gift Card 5th Place - $5 Steam Gift Card This should allow players a better chance at prizes who aren’t able to play during the entire event! Spread The Word! We hope everyone can spread the word along with us. You can greatly help us out by posting about the event on social media. Tell your friends who might've played in the past, but took a break from playing. If you enjoy the game, you can help by reaching out with us! See you on the battlefield!
  4. Welcome to the 12th edition of W3D weekly! Let's get straight to it! Red Alert: A Path Beyond The level RA_RidgeWar has been revamped a bit by @ ChopBam . Most notably, the Soviet base elevation has increased by about 20 meters, and an Airfield has been added. A number of other terrain changes on the Soviet side of the map, but screenshots will speak louder! (Yes, you can fly a Yak through the donut hole in that one ridge) Ground Zero All has been quiet on the western front on Ground Zero, but that doesn't mean work hasn't been happening! Recently, @ Ice started early work on the Repair Facility. Available to both teams, this structure will allow players to repair and resupply their vehicles in the comfort of their own base. As you can see, there are two different possible styles, based on differing sources from the base game. Currently, we're looking at giving the style on the left to GDI and the one on the right to Nod as a way to add visual flair to each side. That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more kickass W3D content! [blurb]Welcome to the 12th edition of W3D Weekly! Featuring some RidgeWar updates from A Path Beyond and an exclusive into TD: Ground Zero![/blurb]
  5. Welcome to the 11th edition of W3D weekly! Let's get straight to it! Red Alert: A Path Beyond This week we would like to discuss the new visible map boundary system added by ChopBam. At the "soft" map boundaries, we use red warning stripes that fade at distance. Once you go past them, they appear green from the other side. Included below is a quick video of how this may appear in a few different scenarios. * Note: Due to the way these stripes work, using lower texture settings may make these boundaries appear incorrectly or not at all. Battle For Dune @ Romanov has been making new buildings for Battle for Dune. Below you can see some examples of the Harkonnen Barracks and Wind Trap. Work continues on with great progress being made across the board! Renhalo @ Jerad2142 is back to working on Renhalo again, currently he’s adding a new level between 5b and 6a as the original campaign has a bit of a story telling jump between the two levels. He’s not sure when the level will be done but at the very least it will add some more new scripts to the TT branch. That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more kickass W3D content! [blurb]Welcome to the 11th edition of W3D weekly! This week we have updates from APB, BFD and RenHalo! Click below for more![/blurb]
  6. Welcome to the 10th edition of W3D Weekly! Dive in for your weekly dose of news below! DDoS Attacks First off I just want to address the elephant in the room here. Over the course of the past week, we've been getting hit with what we understand to be a series of distributed denial-of-service attacks. What this basically means is that an individual (or multiple individuals) are flooding our servers with a large amount of incoming junk traffic in order to bring them down. We're currently investigating what we can do in order to mitigate these attacks with the resources that we have at our disposal, however we are unaware of what the attacker's motivation is at this time. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be taking some defensive measures, but as this is still fresh and we're still gathering data, we will need some time. I'd also like to personally extend an arm out to the attacker to come and talk to me personally about what their motivation is and whether there is any way we can solve this problem amicably. I am not aware of anything that we have personally done as a team that would warrant these attacks, but I'm willing to hear the attacker out if they have legitimate complaints. If this situation can be solved diplomatically, we're willing to consider it for the good of the games. At the end of the day, all of this effort to shut down a small community that is trying to enjoy a niche game seems a bit much, so it would be good to understand the why of the situation right now. To the players, you have our word that we'll work to overcome these attacks if they persist, but in the meantime I'm sorry to say that we need more time to put some more substantial defence in place. We'll keep you all informed on Discord in the meantime. - @ OWA Tiberian Sun: RebornThankyou to everyone who joined us last Thursday for our Tiberian Sun: Reborn stream! It didn't go quite the way we anticipated, but we used the opportunity to take a closer look at TSR 2.0 form where we left it last year. If you would like to watch the stream again, it's has been linked below: Red Alert: A Path Beyond For the next release, we've made some adjustments to how the score sharing works when buildings are destroyed. In the current build, if a main base building is destroyed, every individual on the opposing team is given 250 points, regardless of their efforts during the match. Support structures and major defenses are 100 points per player and smaller defenses are 25 points per player. This has led to some complaints of unfairness when it comes to matches and game nights where individual scores matter. A player on a winning side could be AFK most of the round and earn well over 1000 points for simply being on the same team that destroyed the other team's buildings, whereas someone on the losing side who has superb amount of work to defend wouldn't earn any such advantage and may even be placed below the other team's bottom player on the roster. Our adjustment is this: the team's shared score pool will still earn the same amount of points as before (250/100/25 multiplied by the team's player count), but no longer are any extra points given to those individual players when buildings are destroyed. You must do the work if you want points. As a result, players will actually need to work to have a higher score, and not earn points sitting around. This also means game night awards will be more fair. Moonsense715 deserves credit for doing the coding gruntwork, and ChopBam has applied that code to the various parts of the game that need it to get this function working. Screenshots are included below of how the scoring works in the public (left) and internal (right) builds when one player destroys the War Factory by themself. You can see the Allies gain 1875 points in both, but the only points given to the players in the internal build are actually earned by the one player's work, and everyone else on the teams are still on equal footing with each other. Additionally to this, there are some points adjustments regarding the nuke flare and C4 charges: Disarming A-bomb flares will soon grant a joint 250 points to all the players who worked on it, and the other 250 points will awarded to the team's score after it's disarmed. In the current public build, 500 points went to the player who did the last bit of disarming. Disarming C4 charges will soon grant live points to all the players who work on it, rather than awarding all the points to the person who fired the final disarming shot. Bonus: Renegade X: Firestorm Surprise! We don't usually talk much about what other communities are doing, but the Renegade X team recently held another one of their Q&As on Renegade X Firestorm! If you've been living under a rock, this project is a very exciting and ambitious attempt at bringing a redesigned take on Tiberian Sun to the Unreal engine. Here's a link to the video below: Tiberian Sun: Rising Double surprise! We don't usually talk about what other non-C&C-FPS mods out there are doing, but this one deserves a special mention. Assassin's Tiberian Sun: Rising mod has been in development for a very long time now, but recently showcased some really exciting developments as part of the Tiberian Sun 22nd anniversary celebrations! A lot of you probably don't know this, but back around during 2005-2006 before the Apocalypse Rising team joined up with the A Path Beyond team, Assassin and the crew at C&C Source hosted Apocalypse Rising for us, which was a really fun time during development. You can read back through the first 20 AR dev blogs that catalogue this point in our development. One of the more amazing features in TS Rising however, is the Tiberium Ecosystem that evolves the state of the map as you play. Check it out below! We wish Assassin and the team all the best with this awesome project! That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more top W3D content! [blurb]Welcome to the 10th edition of W3D Weekly! Dive in for your weekly dose of news below![/blurb]
  7. Welcome to the 9th edition of W3D weekly! Let's get straight into this week's updates! TSR Game NightTiberian Sun's 22nd anniversary is coming up and to celebrate it, we're hosting a Reborn Game Night! Join us for some Banshee flying and Titan stomping tomorrow at 7PM BST! We'll also be streaming on http://twitch.tv/w3dhub Here's a link to some more details! Tiberian Sun: RebornIn preparation for said event, @ Killing_You has taken some time off from Dead Legion in order to release a balance patch for TSR 1.6! Arnold is FINALLY nerfed! Check out the full details right here: Red Alert: A Path Beyond Thanks to more great work from @ CMDBob , in the next release, @ ChopBam reports that infantry will actually be slightly shorter when they crouch, which means their target box from other players gets visibly shorter, and they can wedge into slightly shorter spaces. Practically, this doesn't have huge gameplay implications, but it's now completely possible to create spaces only accessible by crouching. These crouch percentage values can differ between character classes, and will be able to be edited live on singleplayer LAN mode with the console command EDIT_HUMAN. Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising@ Romanov has put some finishing touches on the Time Machine, which will feature in a new map that he's making. Elsewhere @ OWA has been making sure that dogs look cool whilst driving vehicles. Y'know, important stuff! That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more bang tidy W3D content! [blurb]Welcome to the 9th edition of W3D weekly! Let's get straight into this week's updates![/blurb]
  8. Welcome to the 8th edition of W3D weekly! It's a bit later in the week than usual, but we've got some good stuff to show off! Interim Apex@ Kaskins posted an update for Interim Apex recently which adds a plethora of new vehicles and rebalances a large amount of the game. head to the thread below to check out the full list of changes and updates! Also, please join me in congratulating both @ Kaskins and @ dblaney1 for becoming fully fledged @Staff Moderators! This prestigious title is coveted amongst all W3D Developers. W3D Engine - Scripts 4.7 Update 1 Just in case you didn't see it last week, Scripts 4.7 Update 1 is now out! If you're a Renegade player or a server owner, head on over to the thread below and grab the update! Upcoming EventsTiberian Sun's 22nd anniversary is coming up and to celebrate it, we've been asked to host a Reborn Game Night! Join us for some Banshee flying and Titan stomping on the the 19th of August at 7PM GMT! Here's a link to some more details! Red Alert: A Path Beyond This week's update comes from @ Ice on the new Artillery model that's being assembled! It's no secret that our current artillery model remains one of the oldest vehicle assets in the game, and has really been showing its age next to our more recently updated vehicles: Several replacement models had been worked on by different artists over the years, but none ended up being implemented, and so the increasingly ancient artillery model soldiered on as most other vehicles progressively received shiny new models. Back in May, @ ChopBam ran a poll on what the best replacement would be, between two primary contenders: Results were mixed. On one hand, A's large boxy rear was at odds with the open style of the classic unit, and the gun barrel was too small. The model also had too many details which led to an excessive polycount. On the other hand, B's gun barrel was too big, while the large spade on the rear didn't fit the style of the classic unit or the gameplay of the APB version. The model also seemed somewhat unfinished and had some notable clipping issues. In the end, although both models looked quite nice in their own right, neither was ideal for our needs, and so we went back to the drawing board to combine the best aspects of both into a new design. Given the game's alternate-universe setting and the ambiguity of the available source material, we decided to get a bit creative with it. Here's a sneak peak, along with some of our sources: In the spirit of classic C&C nostalgia, the new model is now based primarily on the ingame sprite, with details selectively taken from both the cameo model and the Remastered version, all combined into something unique that feels like a more faithful interpretation than either A or B above. Red Alert 2: Apocalypse RisingThis week we gave the Conscript a new weapon because we were finding that he felt a bit too bland as a unit. We took some inspiration from Red alert 3 and now the Conscript has a Molotov Coctail that he can throw. This deals damage over time in an area, so it's perfect for flushing out deployed infantry and denying passage through corridors. Just watch out, because it does deal damage to you if you throw it too closely to your feet! By making this, we were also able to create this horrifying display masterpiece of 6 Mama Romonovs spinning on a merry-go-round. More important content to come next week. That's it for this week!Tune in next time for some more excellent W3D content! [blurb]Welcome to the 8th edition of W3D weekly! It's a bit later in the week than usual, but we've got some good stuff to show off![/blurb]
  9. Welcome to the 7th edition of W3D weekly! We're a day late, but that's not too bad! W3D Engine - Scripts 4.7 Update 1 Just in case you didn't see it last week, Scripts 4.7 Update 1 is now out! If you're a Renegade player or a server owner, head on over to the thread below and grab the update! Upcoming EventsTiberian Sun's 22nd anniversary is coming up and to celebrate it, we've been asked to host a Reborn Game Night! Join us for some Banshee flying and Titan stomping on the the 19th of August at 7PM GMT! Here's a link to some more details! Red Alert: A Path Beyond This week, @ ChopBam is here to show off his new Service Depot repair animation, based completely on the Service Depot animation that takes place in Red Alert. Those who are extra observant may also notice a change to the cost of repairs. With some things still in the works that are related to this, however, a proper announcement for that feature may come in a future weekly. Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising Over in AR land, @ moonsense715 has been hard at work lengthening our existing toolkit of modular road tiles. This will offer us more flexibility when creating city maps. Check it out below! In other news @ Romanov has been working on models for both Tanya and the Soviet union's prime matriarch, Mama Romanov! Tanya is still a work-in-progress currently, but Mama Romanov is ready to dish out the bowls in the canteen to keep the Soviet war machine well fed (but not too fed!) Now then, be a good Conscript otherwise there's no borscht for you! That's it for this week!Tune in next time for some more excellent W3D content! [blurb]Welcome to the 7th edition of W3D weekly! We're a day late, but that's not too bad![/blurb]
  10. Welcome to the 6th edition of W3D Weekly! There's been some major developments, so let's unpack what's been happening this week! W3D Engine - Scripts 4.7 Update 1 The BIG NEWS this week is that @ jonwil has finalized and released the Scripts 4.7 Update 1 package! It contains contributions from @ Jerad2142 , @ Dghelneshi , @ moonsense715 , and @ dblaney1 . The update consists of various bug fixes, as well as a handful of feature improvements, so if you're a Renegade player or server owner, you're going to need it! Read more in the thread below! Upcoming EventsTiberian Sun's 22nd anniversary is coming up and to celebrate it, we've been asked to host a Reborn Game Night! Join us for some Banshee flying and Titan stomping on the the 19th of August at 7PM GMT! Here's a link to some more details! Renegade X NewsOn a more unfortunate tone, there's been a situation developing recently in the Renegade X community that I felt that we should communicate out, just to spread awareness on the situation. Basically, the old domain is no longer being managed by the current team. The official statement from the Renegade X team is as follows: So with all that that in mind, be aware that the official website for Renegade X is now located at https://ren-x.com Red Alert: A Path Beyond @ ChopBam reporting. We've had the "per-round reload" feature available for a while now, but it's now going to finally be implemented in our game! When you reload your weapon rounds as a Sergeant, Starshina, Volkov, or Phase Tank, you're going to only reload the rounds that you already fired off. No longer do you need to wait for the full reload time if you just used one or two shots. Check it out in the video below! @ CMDBob deserves credit for making this feature work properly. Note: We experimented with the ability to interrupt your reloading sequence to fire rounds, but it never felt quite right, so we're keeping it uninterruptible. Still super nifty!Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising This week @ moonsense715 and @ Romanov have been working on a neat new project (more on that another time!), but whilst working on it, Romanov introduced a feature that everyone needs in their lives. It's basically an overhaul to the visible driver system that allows character models to appear in the driver seat of vehicles. With this new script we can do stuff like this! Meanwhile, @ OWA has been rigging a couple of new civilian vehicles. we now have our very own Postal Truck and School Bus! Check them out below! The School Bus has 16 seats, so if you can procure one in the field, it becomes a really great impromptu troop transport! Let us know what you think! Cold War Confrontation @ CMDBob here, time for a quick update. This one concerns the new pistol for the WARPAC forces. Beforehand, I had them using the MP443 "Grach" pistol, but I felt that it was just a bit too modern and a bit too samey, as well. Instead, I've replaced it with the classic Makarov. Only 8 (slightly weaker) rounds per magazine, but it fires very fast and can reload slightly quicker than most pistols. Plus, it's definitely a classic weapon. Click the image there to get a rotatable, 3D view of the Makarov model. That's it for this week! Tune in next time for some more quality W3D content! [blurb]Welcome to the 6th edition of W3D Weekly! There's been some major developments, so let's unpack what's been happening this week![/blurb]
  11. Welcome to the 5th edition of W3D Weekly! Better late than never eh? Forum Updates@ OWA has been re-structuring the download database a bit, which means we've now got bespoke sections for Renegade, Interim Apex and ECW content! Keep an eye on it as we look at what we add to it next. Head here to check it out: https://w3dhub.com/forum/files/ As ever, if you have any suggestions, please let us know! Cold War Confrontation Here is the model for the M60A3 Patton MBT. Older than the M1 Abrams, but still effective as a second line tank, the M60A3 has a 120mm gun, 7.62mm coaxial and a cupola mounted MG as well. WIth a diesel engine, it's not quite as fast as the M1 Abrams, either, but it can still move around at a decent pace. Click the image to view the model in full 3D! Red Alert: A Path Beyond @ ChopBam here once again, this time reporting on some inertia improvements. Credit for this next change goes to @ Eggman891 for coding these abilities into our game. There are other inertia abilities available to us also, but the following are likely to be the biggest noticeable changes in APB. Swimming in the current release version lets you bounce and dodge back and forth instantly. We've touched it up so there will be a bigger gradation in directional changes while swimming. A video will speak much more to this than I can. 2021-07-19 06-49-28 swimming.mp4 Jumping while crouching will no longer offer a gigantic speed boost. See the next video to see what I mean! 2021-07-19 06-51-35 crouch jumping.mp4 There are a few slight other changes due to inertia but they will be less noticeable than those mentioned above. That's it for this week!See you next week for more excellent W3D content! [blurb]Welcome to the 5th edition of W3D Weekly! Better late than never eh?[/blurb]
  12. Welcome to the 4th edition of W3D Weekly! We made it for a whole month of updates. Go us! Forum UpdatesA few more forum updates here this week. More bugs have been squashed now, so the user display on the APB theme should be back to how it was before the update. We're still figuring out which new IPB features to use though. Stay posted for more! Red Alert: A Path Beyond @ ChopBam here to say that in the next release, APB will be able to have its own designated Windows Application icon while running, thanks to some clever work from @ CMDBob ! The Soviet red star icon will replace the generic W3D Hub icon in the alt/win tab application list and the taskbar, as can be seen in the screenshots below. It's a small thing, but pretty useful in the grand scheme of things! Cold War Confrontation @ CMDBob reports that Cold War Confrontation is now on the launcher for @Testers now, so stuff can get... tested! Plus, CWC has the same icon support that I added as well. Finally, here's a shot of the game's main menu (with a sneaky cameo from the M1 Abrams in the background...) Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising @ Romanov is working on something. Also, the truck we received is being made into a replacement for our ancient Demo Truck (probably the oldest asset in the game at this point). That's it for this week!See you next week for more excellent W3D content! [blurb]Welcome to the 4th edition of W3D Weekly! We made it for a whole month of updates. Go us![/blurb]
  13. Welcome to the 3rd edition of W3D Weekly! We've got loads of pretty pictures this week, so let's get into it! Forum UpdatesThe forum has undergone a few stylistic updates to get it back to where it was after the recent update. If you find any bugs, please tell @ OWA ! Expansive Civilian WarfareECW has been hotfixed to version! Check out the details in the thread below! Red Alert: A Path Beyond New Attack/Missile Submarines have been modeled (credit @ Kane000 ) and textured (credit @ Mighty BOB! ) for us, to be playable in the next release. The current models and textures date back to an age long ago, so with all the other things that have been updated since then, this is a refreshingly welcome update. What's that thing they say? "A screenshot is worth more than a thousand words"? "Pics or it didn't happen"? Well however the sayings go, without further ado, here is some imagery of our new submarines. Cold War Confrontation @ CMDBob here, and this week, I'm going to give you a quick tour of the NATO Barracks. This building is, like all the barracks in other W3D games, the building that lets you buy all of the infantry classes. A small watchtower on top of the barracks allows for a good view of the battlefield without being shot at. The top floor has a number of purchase terminals, and the weapon racks. Heading down the ramps, the bottom floor has the beds and lockers for the soldiers, as well as another purchase terminal. The final room on the bottom floor has the Primary SATCOM Uplink and a couple more purchase terminals. Defend the uplink, it controls the entire building, and without it, it won't work! That's all for this week. RenArchive Hi, @ Einstein here. It has been a while since I've done much around here, due to some real-life things that needed tending to. I'm still plenty busy, but I'm hoping that I will soon be able to return to dusting off some old games, and getting them ready to play with a modern version of the W3D engine under the hood. That is, after all, one of the primary missions of the Renegade Archive project - Not only preserving as much as possible, but updating as many of the older W3D games as we can, so that they can continue to run on modern machines without the issues and handicaps that their native form might present. When last we spoke, you made clear what I needed to work on next. The last of the "alpha" releases of what would later become what you all know and love as APB. The observable differences are astounding when comparing this project to itself nearly 17 years later! I have prepared a "mostly working I think" first build that the testers will have access to Soon™. And after a few rounds of them running through it and breaking it in new and amazing ways, and then me fixing what they found, repeat, etc, hopefully it will be ready for a public (re)release. Until then, have a look at the magic of 2004 in 1080p (big thanks to the TT/engine team and the awesome work they do, because this would not be possible at all without them). I feel like a disclaimer is needed somewhere. The "funny" units you see in some of the pictures are from a few "test" maps from the development of this version of the game. A great many concepts were being tested, some for the first time ever, and there were a handful of maps which these (often ridiculous) ideas would be dumped into for testing, and then some were released to the public (for science!). These "funny maps" or "test maps", were the inspiration for the modern-day Lunar Paradox map, and no proper 9935 release would be complete without them! Battle for Dune The BFD team have been working on weapons recently. @ AZ-Stalker has been working on recolours for the Sniper Rifle, Shotgun and various utility devices. Check them out below! Red Alert 2: Apocalypse RisingWe recently got out hands on a new Soviet Supply Truck model thanks to a talented artist called Hokunin! Check it out ingame below! This model will hopefully also be used as a base for the Demo Truck! @ moonsense715 is also working on improving the Dune Patrol map. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks! That's All Folks! That's all we've got for this week! See you next week for more W3D content! [blurb]Welcome to the 3rd edition of W3D Weekly! We've got loads of pretty pictures this week, so let's get into it![/blurb]
  14. Introduction Welcome to our brand new update format; W3D Weekly! This won't replace our larger project updates but is designed to give you guys more of an idea about what we're working on. We discovered a while back that although we do a lot of work on the projects, we're not actually very good at showing off all the cool things that we're doing. In these updates we'll be looking at each project as well as what the W3D Engine Team have been up to as well. We've got plenty to show off this week in our first edition, so take a seat and have a read! Expansive Civilian Warfare Big news for ECW fans! @Jerad2142 has just announced that ECW has been moved from the older version of scripts (3.4.4) to the newer version (4.X) which means that players should encounter less compatibility issues (goodbye black screen bug) and benefit from smoother performance! If you haven't had a chance to check out ECW because of these issues, now is the time to go and check it out! Read more below: Red Alert: A Path Beyond @moonsense715 has been working on some improvements for the Ore Trucks and Harvesters across all projects and these updates have made their way into APB! While driving an ore truck, the HUD will now indicate how full it is. Every yellow pip counts as two "scoops". The pips don't tell you if you've harvested from gems or mixed fields yet. Also, the per-map mine limit now appears on the HUD. No longer will a command be needed to display the mine limit from the bot! That's all from @ChopBam and APB!Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising We've recently been working on improving the V3 Rocket Launcher in Apocalypse Rising. It's always been a unit that has been tricky to use, so this batch of improvements should make it much easier. The first thing we've added to the V3 Launcher is a limited weapon traverse. This means you can move the rocket from side to side when adjusting your horizontal aim, like on a regular tank. This angle is limited, but it does offer the vehicle more flexibility when aiming at a target, because you no longer have to move the entire vehicle when correcting your horizontal aim. The other big change is that we have completely redesigned the aim helper. We had previously implemented this feature as a toggleable 'Q' ability, but we found that quite clunky in practice. Now the aim helper is a secondary fire mode that compliments the trajectory of the primary fire mode. this means you can hold down the right mouse button to perfect your aim and them hit the left mouse button to send the rocket flying in that direction. You can also cycle between two different rocket trajectories (long range and short range), but we haven't quite figured out what keyboard button should do that yet. On top of that, the aim helper is only visible to the player who is driving the V3 Launcher, so other players won't see it at all. Check out the video below to see how it works: Other Game ProjectsNo updates from @Kaskins and the Interim Apex squad this time around. But Interim Apex continues to do really well, so go check it out if you haven't done already! No Battle for Dune updates from @TeamWolf and co this time, as a bigger update for BFD is currently being planned; so look out for that one in the future! Without a team to work on it, Tiberian Sun: Reborn is currently shelved for the time being. We've begun talking about who would be interested in picking up work on it again and it looks like we'll have a team to do the job once other projects have had some more work put into them. It's going to be a while, but we will eventually return to the Second Tiberian War. @Killing_You has been hard at work on set filming Dead Legion, so there's not been much movement in the Ground Zero department recently. Keep an eye out for future updates though! Also, if you want to check out Dead Legion, head here!: https://www.deadlegionseries.com W3D Engine Team In amongst all of the development on the games, the engine team has been hard at work making our lives easier. We don't really talk about what the engine team do much, so here is a good opportunity to showcase it on a weekly basis. Overview The current public version of the W3D Engine that is being used in projects such as APB is W3D 5.0 (formerly known as Scripts 5.0). Though the name "Scripts" has served us well for so long, the ambition and scope of the project has expanded to the point where major engine changes have become necessary to push the projects further than the restrictions that came with supporting Renegade. W3D 5.0 is not backwards compatible with Renegade as such, so it made sense to change the name of the project from "The Renegade Custom Scripts Project" to something that was more appropriate. Fast forward to now, and the team is working on many exciting new things, which you can read about below and in future updates. W3D Engine 5.1 @Yah-Nosh reports that work on the next version of our W3D Engine project is underway, with a focus on fully overhauling the rendering engine. What this means is that whilst the games running on 5.1 will look similar to how they do now the fidelity and performance of the engine will be increased, along with more tools to help developers make cool stuff. we touched on this briefly when we did the Q&A as part of the 19th Renegade anniversary event, which you can check out on our YouTube Channel. Some of the big features to reasonably expect as a part of W3D 5.1 are full dynamic lighting, GPU skinning, instancing, better lightmapping and better shadows. GPU skinning has recently been completed, which will allow higher resolution animated characters to have a much lesser impact on game performance. The next item on the development agenda is particles (explosions, fire, weather etc.). Stay tuned for more W3D 5.1 updates in the future! Weapon Ammo Visibility Improvements have been made to the weapon code to allow ammo that properly hides/disappears when fired. Right now this works in the game with stuff like the V2 Launcher, but it is done via an animation, which makes it quite inflexible. For example, if we wanted to give the V2 a cool animation (like a deployment animation or a radar dish that spins), we wouldn't be able to, because any other animation we give the V2 won't be able to figure out whether the missile should be visible or not. @CMDBob has begun to move the ammo hiding tech into W3D properly now, so that we will be able to use special ammo bones to hide ammo that has been fired, which frees up these animation requirements. This will be especially useful for aircraft, which require both ammo hiding and landing gear animations. New Data Format for Developers Until now, developers had to use a stock Renegade data format (objects database) to save game data such as balance changes to infantry, weapons and vehicles. But the team has been working on converting this into a text-based format. The way Renegade's data is structured is efficient, but it has it's downsides; the biggest of which is that multiple developers cannot make edits to the file at the same time. The new text-based format allows multiple people to work on the main data of the game at once and then merge all of their changes together at the end. This makes collaboration on the game projects much more effective, as it's a lot easier to search for errors that may have been made and compare future versions of the data against past versions. All in all, this won't affect players in the slightest, but it will make our lives a lot easier. Other Stuff! Here's a quick round up of other things that are happening around the team! - @Nodlied made a big financial mistake after visiting a hobby shop. Though he's not that sorry... - @OWA has been playing a bit of bass guitar. Maybe he'll record something at some point. - @TeamWolf just bought some golf clubs. We're off to hit some balls tomorrow with @Eggman891 - It's @Yah-Nosh's birthday soon, so we're going to eat some BBQ food to celebrate! - @alphoca is starting his content creation journey! Please ask for the link when you see him and support him!!! - @ChopBam just returned home from a trip on the East Coast of America! [blurb]Welcome to W3D Weekly! In these updates we'll be looking at each project as well as what the W3D engine team have been up to as well. We've got plenty to show off this week in our first edition, so take a seat and have a read![/blurb]
  15. Welcome to the 2nd edition of W3D Weekly! This week we have a whole batch of updates from various projects! Let's get started! Forum Updates We recently upgraded our version of the Invision Powerboard forum software from 4.5 to 4.6, so if you guys notice any bugs or issues, please report them to me (@ OWA )! We have a few new forum features at our disposal now that we might roll out in the future, so keep an eye out for quality of life improvements! Expansive Civilian Warfare The brand spankin' new ECW client was released last week, so what are you doing with yourself? Go get yourself down to San Casina, grab yourself a job, run with the deer, drive a train and fight the aliens! Cold War Confrontation @ CMDBob just announced his personal W3D Project, Cold War Confrontation! Go and check it out below! Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising We've been looking at how to make the game a bit more user-friendly in AR. One of the things that came up in one of our previous tests, is that it's sometimes not immediately clear where the vehicle that you have just bought is. To alleviate that, we've now put a marker on any vehicle a player buys, that stays around until they get into it. This should hopefully help players find their vehicles a little easier. Red Alert: A Path Beyond @ ChopBam reports that in the next release, we will be hearing new Soviet elevator music in all of the Soviet Elevators! This brand new track was composed specifically for A Path Beyond (credit goes to none other than ChopBam's amazing spouse) and is inspired by a Soviet FMV, from the original C&C: Red Alert, where there was elevator music playing in the background. Super RA-listic! :D W3D Engine Team This week we're going to talk about one of the new tools that the engine team has made that helps developers to more efficiently make balance tweaks to the games; the Armour Editor. Before talking about what the Armour Editor is, we'll give a brief rundown of what armour actually is. In every W3D game, weapons deal damage and soldiers/vehicles/buildings (let's call them game objects) have HP that can be damaged. Weapons have a damage value associated to them which tells the game how much damage it does. Weapons have a warhead type associated to them (i.e. Bullet, Rocket, Cannon etc.) Game Objects have health points associated to them which tells the game how much HP (health points) they have. Game Objects have armour types (i.e. Skin, Metal, Wood, Concrete etc.) When a weapon shoots and hits a game object, the damage from the weapon is deducted from that game object's hp. This is when warhead and armour type comes into play. For example, if the weapon has a bullet warhead and the game object has the concrete armour type, the game will find a multiplier for what bullet-type damage should do against the concrete type armour. Let's say that this number is 0.5. Because bullet-type damage vs concrete-type armour is 0.5, the damage that the weapon deals against the target is halved. Multiple warheads and armour types form the way in which we then balance the game. This is why pistols aren't good against tanks, but are great against infantry for example. Previously in W3D development, developers needed to hand-edit the armor.ini text file in order to make balance changes to the armour types and warheads within the game. This is what it would look like: [Scale_Light_Vehicle] None=1.000000 Earth=1.000000 Death=10000.000000 Harmless=0.000000 Bullet_AI=0.030000 Bullet=0.125000 Bullet_AV=0.250000 Rocket=1.000000 Rocket_AV=1.000000 Artillery=1.000000 Tesla=1.500000 Heatwave=1.000000 Prism=0.700000 Tank_Shell=1.000000 Flak=0.200000 Flak_Ball=1.600000 Repair=-2.000000 Medical=0.000000 Explosive=14.000000 Weak_Explosive=4.000000 Terror_Drone=1.000000 Melee=0.000000 Radiation=0.025000 Capture=0.000000 Disguise_Kit=1.000000 Demolition_Trigger=1.000000 Airstrike_Laser=0.000000 Attack_Dog_Sniff=1.000000 Superweapon=0.500000 Splash=0.000000 Every armour type would have a load of numbers like in a long list this which we'd need to first find and then manually tweak, which was incredibly error prone. With the new armour editor this now becomes much easier. Adding and removing new warheads or armour types was also a massive pain to do manually. Here is the armor.ini file from Apocalypse Rising as an example of how much easier the new tool makes it to edit all of the warheads and armour types within the game: With the file laid out like this, we get an overview of the relationship between every warhead and every armour type in the game very quickly. It's not something that you'd generally see when booting the game, but improvements like this help us to reduce bugs and make balance tweaks a lot quicker than we used to be able to do. Big thanks to @ Yah-Nosh for getting this one into place, as it's saved us a ton of time already. If there's any part of the engine you want to know about in future updates or have any questions about this update, leave a comment below! Other Stuff! @ OWA is re-watching Castlevania and is also going paintballing at the weekend. It was @ Yah-Nosh 's birthday on Sunday, so he came over and we cooked some burgers, pork and steak! @ Metaridley has made an excellent playlist of his APB game night highlights, which you can check out here: [blurb]Welcome to the 2nd edition of W3D Weekly! This week we have a whole batch of updates from various projects![/blurb]
  16. @CMDBob here, and I think it's time for a proper announcement for my W3D game; Cold War Confrontation. The Situation The year is 1987… more or less. The forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Warsaw Pact (WARPAC) are facing off. Escalating tensions between the two factions have led to a situation where one small spark will be enough to set off a war. Then, out of the blue, both sides come under attack. NATO forces begin tactical airstrikes, and WARPAC tanks begin pouring over the border. The cold war has gone hot. However, forces beyond both factions are moving, deep underground… At this point, neither side knows, though. Even if they did, neither side cares. Each believes the other struck first, and it’s now a fight to the finish, be it the Red Army at the Rhine, or NATO at the Russian border. Will this end in stalemate, a victory for one of the armies, or nuclear fire? That remains to be seen. The Game Cold War Confrontation is a W3D based FPS game, involving combined arms warfare, with a unique visual style for the engine. Use a large number of weapons and vehicles across a variety of terrains, from urban city centres, luscious islands, and cold winter mountainsides to destroy the enemy team. Not every mission is a search and destroy, however, as sometimes, your objectives will be things beyond simple destruction, and may require more strategy. At this early stage, the 2 main factions are the US Armed Forces and the Russian WARPAC forces. The initial release will be infantry and light airdropped vehicles, as to give people a taste of the full warfare that is coming. The plan for the future is a full US/Russia release with full land/helicopter combat/bases, then releases with more NATO/WARPAC factions (such as the British Armed Forces, Czechoslovak People's Army, Bundeswehr, Nationale Volksarmee and more), as well as fixed-wing air forces and naval at some point. Know Your Equipment - Issue 1 I'll be presenting some of the weapons, vehicles, buildings, etc, that make up Cold War Confrontation. For this announcement, here's the basic weapons of the NATO forces and the Warsaw Pact infantry. The Beretta M9 and MP-443 Grach pistols are the primary sidearms of all soldiers. Every soldier has one (except for a few certain classes, which get something with a little bit more of a bang...), and these have infinite ammo. They aren't the most effective weapons, but it's better than nothing. The M16A3 and the AK-74 are the basic rifles for the basic infantry class within Cold War Confrontation. Reliable, dependable and sturdy, these weapons are good starting weapons. They also have numerous variants within the game, which I will expand upon in later updates. Keep your eyes peeled for updates within the W3D weekly updates. A final word from @CMDBob So, finally an announcement. I’ve been working on this for quite a while (the first Git commit to the project repo is on the 15th of December 2018, but I’d been working on it a while before that point. Plus, a lot of the vehicle models date back to as far as 2014). Glad I’m finally formally announcing the project. I’m having a lot of fun making it, and I hope that people eventually have fun playing it! As for my plans: I hope that I can get a build of the game out to testers as soon as possible. The main thing that I need to do is content at this point, as I’m essentially building everything from scratch. However, the more content I make, the more stuff I can use in other maps, so it’s not all bad. 😊 I’m not sure on the public release timeframe, as I want a fair few more maps before any sort of release. Still, I’ll try and release some news as often as I can. Might only be a short update on a weapon, vehicle, building, or even a game mechanic, but it’ll be something to keep people's attention!
  17. The W3D Export tools have been updated to version 1.6.0! Credit to @Dghelneshi, @CMDBob & @jonwil for this release! Feel free to ask them if you have any questions about all of this! This pack contains: W3D Exporter for 3DS Max 2017 - New tools for Max 2017 to export W3D files from W3D Viewer - A model viewer for W3D files W3D Dump - A tool to open W3D files and see the contents The source code to to the W3D Exporter, wdump.exe and memorymanager.dll Here's the changelist! You can find the download here: If you're looking to get into 3D modelling for the W3D engine, come and find us on Discord and we'll be more than happy to help! Cheers! [blurb]The W3D Export tools have been updated to version 1.6.0![/blurb][thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb]
  18. Hi everyone! As part of the celebrations for Renegade's 19th Birthday, the W3D Hub team will be doing a Q&A session on Discord, Twitch and YouTube this Saturday at 8Pm GMT! We want to know what questions you have for the team here at W3D Hub! This could be anything from what our future plans are to what we had for lunch, so please feel free to be creative with your questions! We will be curating the questions a bit however, so if your question is a bit on the controversial side, it may not get answered! Fair warning to you! Head to the question form here to submit your questions! <- Clicky Head here for more information on the event! Don't worry if you cannot make it to the live stream either, as we will be recording the Q&A for later as well! Cheers! Edit: This Q&A has now finished. Please check out the video below to view it! [blurb]As part of the celebrations for Renegade's 19th Birthday, the W3D Hub team will be doing a Q&A session on Discord, Twitch and YouTube sometime next week. (Keep an eye out for the date).[/blurb]
  19. Hi everyone! Just a quick note to say [blurb]We've changed the way that the launcher displays some of our games. Find out more here![/blurb] We've gone ahead and hidden any games that have not been released yet (unless you have access to them as a Tester or Staff member), so games like Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, Battle for Dune: War of Assassins and Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero won't fully show up on the launcher until they are released. This change should make it easier for everyone to figure out what games are currently available to play. Just to be clear, the games have not been cancelled. This is just a measure to make it more obvious what everyone has access to play. If you guys have any feedback please leave a comment. Cheers!
  20. That's right! This is not a drill! Tiberian Sun: Reborn is back on the W3D Hub Launcher as of... right now! Open up the W3D Hub Launcher to download the latest version! In a few hours time at around 7PM GMT we'll be firing up the server, so look out for more announcements on Discord as to when the festivities are really kicking off! But for now it's back and all set for you guys to download it! Important Things to Note Because Reborn is now a fairly old game, there might be a couple of things you'll need to do to get it running. It will probably install fine most of the time, but if you have issues, here are a couple of quick troubleshooting notes: If you have trouble with missing redistributables, download and install the latest MSVC 2012 redist. Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679 If your game isn't patching correctly, try doing a repair via the launcher. Is this does not work, delete any existing TSR game files and try downloading it from scratch. This should fix the issue. V-Sync should be enabled by default. You will want to leave that on at all times unless your PC is very special (like 2005 special). Turning it off can cause strange physics issues. If you have FPS problems when a MSG or MSA is in use, the temporary fix is to disable your shaders (settings -> extended options -> shader slider). We hope to correct this with a future patch. For any other problems or queries, please ask us on Discord. Special Thanks I just want to say a special thanks to those who made this re-release possible. First and foremost to @Wallywood for giving us all a great Christmas gift that's made this possible! To @Einstein for running tests behind the scenes to ensure that the game was in good shape to release, to @TeamWolf for driving the patching process and making sure the server was up to date (and also poking me to patch the game with the necessary files) as well as @Killing_You for his pledge to make fixes where necessary (more on this later!) and finally to @Nodlied and @NoSoldier for scrambling together a testing session at the last minute. Also I'd like to extend a thanks to everyone who tested the game last night to ensure that what we released today was as stable as it could be. The turnaround time on this has been awesome, so cheers to anyone else I may have missed. I also just want to say thanks to the community for continually asking after Reborn whilst it was offline. It's your dedication and love for the game that made this all possible, so we hope that sometime in the future we'll be able to deliver what we were promising earlier this year with TSR 2.0. It'll hopefully be worth the wait for that true Tiberian Sun FPS experience. Final Thoughts We decided last night that we'll be removing TS_Desert_River from the server rotation permanently, so to give the ol' girl a send off, we did a classic Renegade clan-style picture. The map will still be in the game files, but it won't be played on the server any more. Otherwise, join us tonight from 7PM GMT onwards where we'll be fighting over control of the Tiberium like the good ol' days. See you on the battlefield, Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone! - @OWA and the W3D Hub Team [thumb]thumb_tsr.h.png[/thumb][blurb]That's right! This is not a drill! Tiberian Sun: Reborn is back on the W3D Hub Launcher as of... right now! Read more here![/blurb]
  21. Hi everyone! 2020 has been a tumultuous year to say the least. With Coronavirus really screwing with everyone's plans and locking many parts of the world down, we wanted to do something to bring us all together. We've got some bright hopes and aspirations brewing for 2021, but before then we'd like to offer up some celebration to usher the new year in properly. How do you ask? Why, with some games of Renegade, APB, IA, Reborn and other C&C titles of course! Join us on Discord from 7PM GMT on the 31st of December where we'll be hanging out, chatting and playing lots of C&C games! December 31st also marks the return of Tiberian Sun: Reborn to the W3D Hub Launcher, so you won't want to miss any of the big games that will be happening! Click here to join Discord! Other than that; seasons greetings, happy holidays and roll on 2021! [thumb]custom_thumb_xmas.0.png[/thumb][blurb]Join us on the 3st of December on Discord for some New Years celebrations! We'll be playing loads of C&C games, so you won't want to miss it![/blurb]
  22. Hi everyone! Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for sticking with us during this tough year. Covid-19 has tested all of our collective resolve this year amongst other challenges, but we're pushing on through and looking forward to what 2021 brings! You may have noticed a certain thread popping up recently with some good news regarding Tiberian Sun: Reborn, so I just want to take a moment to address that and let you all know about what our plans are. As a special present to the fans of TSR, @Wallywood has contacted us and outlined his intentions to let any legal documentation regarding the project to expire in the new year. You can find the thread below: This is obviously great news for any fans of the project, as it means that we can get it back up onto the launcher and freely develop the project once again when we are ready and able to. Some may say that we already had the rights to develop the game regardless of the documents, but the truth of the matter is that the situation earlier this year really halted our momentum on the project at the time by killing our enthusiasm and drive to continue. We wouldn't have been able to continue development even if we'd chosen to, because we were mentally fatigued at that point. This news is great for Reborn's future though, as it will ensure that it is completed someday. That being said, we do have some more immediate plans for the project. A large portion of the team and I had a quick meeting the other night and here is our current plan for what we're aiming to do with Reborn in the near future: The version that was taken down from the launcher earlier this year will be given a dust off, and placed back up on the launcher. We will be aiming to do a small scripts update and test stability over the next few days. To commemorate a legendary date in Reborn's history, we will be aiming to get the game back up on the launcher on the 31st of December 2020 (14 years after the infamous 31st December 2006 release date). More information on servers will follow in the next few days as we work the details out. Reborn 2.0 is still on hold for now, as the team has dissolved and is working on a combination of other projects at the moment. Battle for Dune and Apocalypse Rising are getting the most focus right now, with releases looking a lot closer than they were earlier this year. We're hoping to produce more content for you guys regarding these projects when we can. We are also working on some internal engine update projects that will benefit everything that we're making further down the line. Stay posted for more news on that in the new year. On a personal note, I just wanted to mention that I had a great chat and a catch up with Wally the other night when we spoke about all this and he made it clear that he bears no ill will to the team or the community. We were all victims of a situation that escalated out of control and now that we've all had some time to reflect, cooler heads have ultimately prevailed. On behalf of the team, I'd just like to say thankyou to Wally for making the decision that is ultimately the best for the community and the fans. We ain't done by a long shot yet and one day I hope we release a game that lives up to what we all want Reborn to be in our heads. So, in light of this good news at the end of a tumultuous year, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Feel free to comment below and ask questions if you are unsure on anything mentioned! Look out for December 31st! [blurb]Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for sticking with us during this tough year! We've got some exciting news to share about Reborn, so please take a read![/blurb][thumb]custom_thumb_xmas.0.png[/thumb]Seasons Greetings, - OWA & the rest of the W3D Hub Team.
  23. I am releasing a beta version of the W3X export plugin for 3DS Max 2017 so people can test it and look for any bugs or anything that doesn't export properly or anything else I need to fix. This pack contains: W3X Exporter for 3DS Max 2017 - New tools for Max 2017 to export W3X files from The source code to to the W3D Exporter and memorymanager.dll Read the readme.txt file for details of how to install the plugin and how to work with the DirectX Shader materials (especially take note of the the need to install the latest release of Max 2017 from the provided link and the note that people using the DirectX Materials need to switch to the "Legacy Direct3D" driver in max for the shader files to work) If you have any questions, you can find me here, on the w3dhub discord or on various C&C discords. I am looking for people to please test this as much as possible and look for whatever bugs you can find. Animation export isn't working yet, nor is the "optimize collision detection" checkbox but otherwise everything else should be working.
  24. Hi everyone! We usually keep news and information on what EA is doing on the light side of things here, but Jim Vessella and the team have just released something that does directly relate to what we do here at W3D Hub. In an news post on Reddit, Jim outlined the intention to update and clarify EA's position on the C&C modding community by creating some new modding guidelines in coordination with EA's Legal team. The way that many communities mod Command & Conquer greatly exceeds the scope of how they were being modded when they were released (including us at W3D Hub and how we mod Renegade), so some assurances from EA have been met with appreciation from our side. So what do these guidelines do? Essentially they are designed to protect EA's C&C franchise from people who seek to do harm to C&C through modding and commercial abuse of modding. For the modding community itself, these guidelines serve to strengthen it's legitimacy in EA's and the wider world's eyes as well as provide clarity in what is and isn't allowed. But where does this leave communities like W3D Hub, OpenRA and Renegade X who essentially use content and intellectual property from existing C&C titles to create whole new standalone games? In this new document, EA classify our projects as "extensions of the C&C video games", which covers and protects our operations at W3D Hub. This is fantastic news for us, as it allows us to push our projects forwards without the uncertain fear that we would get shut down at some point by a cease and desist order. Jim and the team at EA didn't need to do this, but they have gone above and beyond to create these guidelines with the community's interests at it's core. These guidelines strengthen EA's relationship with the community and in it's essence, EA has ensured that Renegade's unique position is honoured and we can continue to make games for many years to come! For the full post from Jim, head here. Also, here's the full document from EA as well, for your viewing pleasure: This is a great day for the C&C modding community as a whole and a great thing to announce in coordination with C&C's 25th anniversary! We hope to making mods here for many years to come and hope you'll all continue to join us on our modding journey. Thankyou for your continued support! - OWA[blurb]In an news post on Reddit, Jim outlined the intention to update and clarify EA's position on the C&C modding community by creating some new modding guidelines in coordination with EA's Legal team. Read more about this important development here![/blurb][thumb]custom_thumb_ea.png[/thumb]
  25. C&C Turns 25!With the 25th anniversary of Command & Conquer happening this weekend, we’re excited to announce that the C&C Community website is hosting a C&C Anniversary Giveaway for everyone to take part in. Prizes will be given away EVERY day during the event. Anyone can win a prize regardless of their skill level! The event will start on the 24th September (6pm BST) and will end on the 27th September (6pm BST). Just Play Online!For a chance to win a random prize, play the Remastered Collection; Tiberian Dawn or Red Alert Online Multiplayer during the event. Play Ranked or Non-Ranked games; it’s up to you! Winners will be chosen across both games. LeaderboardFinish Rank #1 on Red Alert or Tiberian Dawn when the event ends and you will win a 1 year EA Play Pro subscription. If you finish in the top 50, you will be put into a randomizer for a chance to win a prize too! Prizes include EA Play Pro Subscription codes and Steam Gift Cards. Winners will be announced each day and updated on the anniversary event page on the C&C Community Website. If you win we’ll get in touch by sending you a friend request in Steam or Origin to message you your codes! The event is open to both Steam & Origin players playing Tiberian Dawn Remastered and Red Alert Remastered Online games only. Singleplayer Campaign, Singleplayer Skirmish and Multiplayer LAN games will not qualify. Full Terms & Conditions apply - please read through the terms & conditions here. Have F[blurb]With the 25th anniversary of Command & Conquer happening this weekend, we’re excited to announce that the C&C Community website is hosting a C&C Anniversary Giveaway for everyone to take part in.[/blurb]un!Finally lets celebrate and have fun! Special thanks to Jim and his community team for supplying some prizes for this event. Peace Through Power![thumb]thumb_gz.c.png[/thumb]
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