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Found 46 results

  1. Ok, Here's The Run-Down, I'm Trying To Play RA3 With Mods, I've Made A New Profile, Deleted The Skirmish.ini File, But The Mods Won't Work (Except Shock Therapy) The Custom Menu Screens Won't Show Up, Mods Like Epic War Just Crash My Game When I Try To Start A Skirmish Match, And Some Like Paradox That Let You Start A Match, But The AI Won't Do A Thing! What's Happening?! How Can I Fix This?! (Basically, I'm Not Getting These Menues In The Picture Provided, And Mods Are Crashing)
  2. Do you listen to the ingame music or something else during Renegade matches? Maybe you don't listen to anything at all? What keeps you hyped up in game?
  3. Where can I find the game icons/Logos for IA, BFD, ECW? I'm building a server list app that shows the game icon for specific servers and I haven't been able to find said images.
  4. I can't find anything related to the possibility of a Single-player campaign (custom) to be created, not like a Skirmish or Multiplayer-Coop type of mission, an actual single-player campaign like the original one.
  5. I'm trying to switch all my mod tools to windows 10 but for some reason all my custom trees are not displaying the transparency properly(as seen below). I tried i few small things to fix this but not luck yet. Also just to point out, the original trees don't have this problem it's only all my custom trees/shrubs Thanks for any help!
  6. Hi again, and this question is a little different, is there any chance that RA2: Apocalypse Rising is going to be or maybe is now a revamped Renegade 2? I know that there are units from RA2 alone, but will be adding Renegade 2 units like the Hind Transport or Cyborgs (with that cone hat) a possibility? I was just curious since Renegade 2 was a little different from the original RTS game for some designs (like the Kirov).
  7. Is it possible to increase the map size? It's tiny in 1080p, and zoom buttons aren't working.
  8. I'm am new here so how can i get or make my own tag below my name in game?
  9. Hey everyone, as the nuhb I am I wonder if there is a way for key binding with text editor - to be honest, the whole quick-voice-command-stuff is unfindable for me. Hope someone can help me out. PS: great work you doing here €: Pressing and holding ALT or STRG helped a lot.
  10. All mods hosted here don't have any single player campaigns and maybe it's because of technical difficulties or it's just not worth creating a new and different single player campaign.
  11. Can anybody please tell me what the auto-link button in Gmax/RenX looks like? People will in their explanations put thousands of other pictures with the names of those buttons that the program display in any case when you hover the cursor over the button and then they will go on to mention the cursed auto-link button, but ironically they fail to show what it looks like. This is frustrating beyond anyone's comprehension. This is the most awful thing that has ever happened to me!
  12. Hello, as discussed in our last game, we've come up with suggestions for next games. You can vote multiple games at once since we're not sure which game will run when, but most likely the game with most votes will take priority. Please note that some games will take more time to set up, so even if they get enough votes they may not be hosted first but right after that. If you vote for more games it will also help GMs to plan ahead and if there is enough interest they will prepare the game for later. If you want to host a game of your own (Hydra Option), post and it will be added to the po
  13. I have custom client for a full conversion mod I'm working on which is on an svn repository, one of the people working on this mod downloaded the svn and could not run the client or the LE, it would create the game folder and then just do nothing so I downloaded the svn on my laptop and had the same problem. I can get it working just fine on my pc and another person has no problem as well is there something I need to do in the registry? I did not set up the client or le for this mod and the person who did can no longer help. Any information would be very much appreciated.
  14. Hello, I'm a map maker for renegade over at MPF. I was closely working with zunnie on many projects and his wealth of knowledge helped me create some fun maps for the community. I'm coming here as he won't be around to answer questions I have. If this isn't the right forum please let me know. some of my maps. Detroit Nebraska cracked crumble stockade atoll airai nova tankbuster traverse Sleepy hollow and probably a lot of others hooe to find some help and friends here
  15. @Kaskins Hi Kaskins. On you Industrial Strength map is a Stealth suit spawn. How were you able to do that? With Iron City almost being done, I’m working on a death match map and would like to know how you got yours to work. I saw a suit under “special power ups” in the LE presets, but when I place it and test it on LAN, nothing happens.
  16. I have small question, and I hope there is an answer for it. I recently got back into editing, and I re-installed 3ds Max 8 to finish the maps I started a few years ago. When I load my maps, everything is grayed out, even though textures are still applied. How can I fix 3ds so it shows my textures? Is there something I have to configure? A directory or something?
  17. Soooooo, long time no see, hope you'r all doing well Anyway, I was digging around on my old PC the other day when I came across an old copy of W3D TSR complete with a (semi) intact version of the modified textures pack I made way back when. For prosperity sake I thought, "aha didn't W3D hub now have a downloads section, possibly some of the people over their might like it, for nostalgia's sake" and decided to rip it and prep it for download... however after checking it (and finding it all still works despite being an older version of the textures) I also discovered that I had some
  18. its just a simple question i have both tiberian sun reborn and C&C renegade on my pc is there a way for me to take the tiberian sun reborn skins and replace the C&C renegade ones(even the vehicle skins too)? because i got a C&C renegade mod in moddb site where i can play with bots in multiplayer maps soo since tiberian sun reborn doesnt have maps with bots yet i want to do this(is there only one map with bots but its super small and after a few minutes it crashes my game),if i can do this which files i need to replace the renegade ones? thanks in advance.
  19. Hi all, What are the recommended system requirements of all W3D hub games? I'm using windows xp and remember reading somewhere that the minimal OS was vista... Before I upgrade to vista I wanted to known if that was true. 32-bit os or 64-bit?
  20. Hoping you are up to some exciting stuff in this weekend, besides a little APB of course! What are your plans?
  21. Hey there! I was wondering if someone could edit the gif below to only show President Putin, doing what he does. No more cutting to Stewie and Brian to see their reactions. Thanks!
  22. Hello and welcome to the Interest thread for the next game(s) for November and/or December 2016. I've picked these based on your suggestions and also based on my ideas of games that could be played. So please, pick a forum game that you would be interested in playing. It doesn't have to be this or next month though, if a game gets enough upvotes it can be played whenever available. Here's what I propose: If a voted game gets 7 or more votes, it will be picked as next game. If there are more games like this then the one with more votes will be picked and the others will be played a
  23. I know that this is really off the beaten path for you guys and gals(?), and I know you folks are busy with AR and Dune and what not, but is there ever going to be a C&C 3 remake for an FPS version. I understand that it is an EA title, but from what I understand, doesn't EA own most of the C&C games? I know that if it were to happen, it'd be a very long way off, since you are all busy with other projects, but in all honesty, I thought C&C 3 was great, not as good as TS in my opinion, but still a very good game, and it would be something I would look forward to very much, and would
  24. APB can now only run in 1920x1080? thats very smal on a 46 inch tv i can only change the resolution for Reborn via launcher
  25. A few days ago I thought to myself, "You know what? I haven't checked out RenAlert since December. Shame on me! I shall go to the BHP forums and see how things are going." As you can imagine, I was quite surprised to see things shutting down over there. I only realized that the game was continuing to be developed when I came over here to search for more information. Seeing as I haven't really been on the ball as it were, I could use some clarification regarding what on Earth is going on. Is W3D Hub a continuation of BHP? Did the development team simply move over here from BHP? Will I still
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