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Expansive Civilian Warfare on W3DHub!

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2 hours ago, Mojoman said:

Oh man that scared me. I thought 'Oh no they are releasing today and I have to go to work!'

Give us a good heads up so I can book the day off!

Lol worry not, ECW itself is ready to release now I feel, but we still have to make a few changes to the Launcher to make it more acceptable for ECW. (We have a few changes that we need to make on the launcher before ECW will be ready for the public, right now our testers have issues remembering the tricks you have to do to get config.exe to work so we have to design a better system).

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can't wait to ecw comes out I think it will be fun to play it will be maybe a little bit like GTA but not in  like this ultra HD had like GTA 5 is I saw a few vids on  ecw I thought it looked kinda fun so I hope this gets released on the w3dhub  launcher 

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On 8/7/2017 at 7:38 AM, Testament said:


As a matter of fact, some were out for blood the other day.


There was also a beaver that really didn't like me trying to roll up on his turf


lol I forgot about the deer in ecw but still, this game is awesome I think it is a great game and should be released on the launcher  then we would have 3 fun games to play instead of two but without tsr and it seeing remade then we have 1 game so it would make 2 games if tsr is playable throughout its revisions of tsr then we would have something else to play other than apb when no one else plays it all that much have to wait either afternoon or at night over in where I live. Anyway, from rambling I hope this game gets released it would add great features to the launcher and w3dhub maybe we shall see but so far it is a good game again we shall see.

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13 hours ago, Jerad2142 said:

Brandan looked into it and the server doesn't have enough RAM to delete the spam topics, I've suggested just redirecting the forums button to these forums....

Serious?! How is it possible for something to not have enough ram to delete things!?


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On 7/26/2017 at 12:37 AM, Testament said:



Written by former developer Napalmic, this detailed and long winded narrative provides a rather colorful explanation of the storied history of Roleplay 2; which eventually became the ECW we know today. 


I'd say this is pretty accurate.

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