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Found 85 results

  1. I was watching some old E3 videos of C&C Renegade back when it was in very very early development stages, and there's a few things there that I wish I knew how to create, i.e the running animations of Logan running around an empty Nod base, to the FPS model of Havoc's EVA unit. Wonder if EA will ever release these builds as part of an anniversary bundle or celebration of the C&C Franchise?
  2. In honor of W3D Hub's 4-year anniversary coming this weekend, the team would like to open this AMA thread! Anything you would like to ask, ask away! Questions for our developers? For our Admins? All questions will be answered so give us a shout! When asking a question please tell us who you'd like to pose it to! Here are a list of people and what they do! Admins @OWA - Lead Producer of Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising. Dabbles in everything from development work to community management. @moonsense715 - Co-producer of Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising, ingame bot programmer, an
  3. Eric Martin, better known as General Mark Jamison Sheppard recently passed away. I saw the news from Frank Klepacki on Twitter and saw that his sister-in-law is doing a fundraising for him. https://www.gofundme.com/helpemartin F
  4. Recently I've found myself missing TeamSpeak. I can see the pros and cons of each platform, however, I've been considering one big con with Discord. It has killed casual Voice Communication. There are people who i haven't spoken to in years because everything migrated to Discord. Back along, i could guarantee that if i opened up TeamSpeak, connected to W3D, MPF, or BHP, there would be atleast 3 people in the voice channels where i could connect, and immediately have social interaction with people on more than a text based level. I miss casually sitting in VC, waiting for people to join just so
  5. We've gotten word lately that people have been having major issues using Teamspeak 3, primarily with permissions. I've created this thread to investigate the issues people have been having. So, please let us know what issues you guys have been having. The more specific, the better. Thanks in advance!
  6. We've been talking about it internally for a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd bring this discussion to you guys to see what you think. @LiamGriever also mentioned it in his recent thread, so I figured it would be a good time to start the discussion. The original post: Also, if anyone isn't familiar with concepts being talked about in this thread, I recommend that you go and read this article about how weapons are setup in Planetside 2. Whilst there are a lot more elements to Planetside's weapon implementation, the core concepts are nearly identical to Renegade's. Take a read
  7. It has come to my attention that @jonwil does not believe in Santa, and I have his statement as evidence. Unbelievable! Everyone knows Santa's magic is what allows him to deliver toys and presents to all good boys and girls in one night. jonwil is going on the Naughty list. Post here and see if you're receiving Christmas presents from Santa this year or if you're getting a lump of coal.
  8. When i click on w3d's icon nothing happens
  9. [blurb]The update everyone has been waiting to see![/blurb][thumb]thumb_apb.7.png[/thumb]Hello everyone! Welcome to the late night update! The update you've all been waiting for the past few weeks! I'm your host, Coolrock-o! I bring you an exciting new showing of what's been in the works for the past few months. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy getting this all ready for the fans that have been sticking around all these years. Be happy that Pushwall is here, otherwise none of this wouldn't be possible! I know I have a lot of you on the edge wondering what this is all about by now, so
  10. What’re you listening to right now? What kind of music do you like? Favorite band? I’m currently listening to Element Eighty - Broken Promises. I enjoy a pretty big range of music. Rock/Metal, Rap/HipHop, Pop, J-Pop/J-Rock, and even some dub-step. Nobody else in my family has my music taste either. I guess the internet is to blame for that. As for favorite band/singer, it’s really hard to say because I enjoy so much music. If I had to actually choose based on who I’ve listened to the most over the years, I’d probably go with Michael Jackson. Always enjoyed listening to him, an
  11. 'Aight, so after airing my greviances about text-based LARPing being to rampant on this shitfest of a forum (and subsequently being proven right in the same damn thread), I've decided to step up and attempt to slap some balls and get a regular video game night going. No @VERTi60, not creating a text-based LARPing session about video games, actually playing video games. I know this community centered around video game mods don't do alot of this, but bear with me. First of, I am not going to suggest we play any type of Grand-Strategy game, or anything that may take more than one session, be
  12. Good Evening everyone. I am attempting to upload a GIF Profile picture using GIFY. The website that allows you to turn a video into a GIF for a profile picture. The only problem is the server only allows GIF images lower than 0.94296847 something MB. Is it possible to increase the limit or would this lead to problems for you guys. Idk how much GIF images typically are. However my image is a little larger I would guess in size because I converted from FRAPS to AVI to GIF. If there is a website that makes smaller GIFs and it is a problem from this website then I would gladly use a suggested site
  13. As of this point, I'm currently waiting for Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Pokemon: Let's Go!, Dragon Quest IX, and Battlefield V. Probably most excited for Pokemon: Let's Go!, since it brings back great memories, and I've spent a lot of time on Pokemon Go in the past. Starlink being next, since I'll be getting it for the Nintendo Switch, which also means getting a pretty sweet Arwing and Fox McCloud. Dragon Quest IX because I just love RPGs and enjoy stories way too much (and grinding for hours for no reason). Battlefield V because it's one of my favorite eras in history, and I know a lot of peo
  14. Due to Florida recently feeling like you’re living on the surface of the sun, my garden became toasted. This weekend, I decided to go ahead and replace everything with plants more friendly to higher heats. I’m not in any way a landscaper, but I don’t think I do a bad job when it comes to it. Let’s get to it! Started by pulling everything out and leveling the ground. Replaced the stone edgers, and also decided to add a raised section in the back. Next, I laid top soil and started planting the bushes I got to the raised section. I hopefully want these to grow to cover some of th
  15. Just for the information of everyone who might be interested; a few of us who play APB are also playing Minecraft on: It's vanilla and there are no mods at the moment
  16. Why does he suck so much now? I know that people said to try it against a tank, but that's why Soviets have a rocket soldier for, right? I can hardly seem to kill infantry at all with him now. Maybe I just remember how good he was on maps like FoI and Fissure. Not exploding on death was kind of a let down too. What're your thoughts?
  17. I'm curious on what everyone's thoughts are on the current state of the Shock Trooper? I could be wrong, but is the range shorter than I remember? I find it hard to believe that the Rifle Soldier was always able to out range it. Also, I really miss the splash damage. Probably because out of habit, I'm constantly aiming for the legs. Still seems the same when it comes to vehicles. Haven't noticed anything that sticks out. Seem to do roughly the same damage to them that I remember.
  18. I have not listened to this in a very, very long time. I remember constantly listening to this song when playing TibSun and Rebarn. Good times.
  19. Last one for tonight! What happened to unit pricing and money in general? I found it so odd getting my first Ore Truck dump after returning all these years, only to get $350. I decided to check the PT, and noticed a lot had changed. Ore Trucks are only $700 now? That seems a bit crazy to me. I see plenty of people buy an Ore Truck right away, and by the time you get your next dump, the game has already entered end game. What I mean is, it feels like there's no early game now, minus the usual infantry rush to the other teams base. This has also changed, as you now start with $350. Thi
  20. So before long, I'm planning to make a 5-part series on how EA has handled the C&C franchise. The first part will be establishing the franchise as a whole, as well ad defining what makes a "true" C&C game, before I examine Generals, C&C3, RA3, and C&C4 in the second, third, fourth, and final parts, respectively. For this first part, I'd like to ask you guys: What do you think makes a "true" C&C game? What elements need to be present in order for a game to be considered a "true" entry, and how important are these elements to you? Keep in mind that there is a difference
  21. I guess whoever designed the faction logo is a fan of Command & Conquer, specifically GDI.
  22. For past couple of days Atari becomes even more annoying than he usually is - however at this points its straight teamhamerping. Various examples (that can be confirmed by other players): - Pushing other players vehicles (which sometimes makes mine laying a bit more problematic than it usually is) - Straight up doing nothing or just casually jumping around, even when right in front of attackers assaulting the base - (already known for everyone) Continious shittalk whenever he dies - In big TL;DR acting like an asshole. Yesterday the only thing he was doing for longer period of tim
  23. pushwall and justas you both seem to have it out for me pushwall when i have a C4 put on me i complain nothing happens , but when i put one on you its magically teamhampering also justas you know you told me to get into the apc and attack their defences i did not mean to "steal the apc" you told me to use it on the ft get in apc + attack their defences = shoot ft with apc [01:50:22] Justas_Prime: np [01:50:58] [Team] Justas_Prime: why the f u follow [01:51:15] [Team] Justas_Prime: get in apc [01:51:34] Meta: forgo
  24. Do you have a pet? Let's talk about them and share your experiences on having a pet or the things that you want to do with your pet.
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