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Found 39 results

  1. Hello, and welcome to W3D Hub! We are a place for discussion and development of all W3D games and W3D-related things. If you are new to this community, we hope you will enjoy your time with us. Please take a moment to introduce yourself so that we know a little about who you are. Also, if you haven't already done so, please look over the rules, which are located at the top of the forum, or by clicking this link. Any of our staff, moderators, or admins would be happy to answer any questions you might have about this place and how it works. Feel free to PM us or catch us on the IRC or on Te
  2. Hello everyone, I'm a fierce and historic C&C player since the first Tiberian Dawn chapter. I share with you the strong desire to bring back the Westwood magic that EA managed to wipe out in the last decade. The latest boxing-ring-style game for mobile phones speaks for itself. You know, in real life I've been a corporation manager and I know very well how bureaucracy and lust for financial result can bring to a sharp decline. In this case the mistake made by EA was to consider C&C a cash cow rather than a growing star. But there has been a general decline involving almost ev
  3. Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season! So I’ve actually stopped by to deliver an early Christmas gift. So here it is..... Tiberian Sun Reborn and all asset owenership will be turned over to W3dHub with no strings attached. Effective January,1 ,2021. I’ll be in contact with the proper people over the upcoming Holidays and handle everything on my end and with W3dhub staff to go over details. Basically that’s it. Wish you all the best! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
  4. I was Banned for TH...didnt manage to see the reason sorry if i crossed the line. unban please
  5. Following on from a recent discussion about localising our launcher and games I've created this thread to crowdsource translations of various resources for the launcher. Right now this is going to be quite bare-bones and involve a bit of manual effort copying things back and forth and I'll need to add support for localising more parts of the UI, but I thought it would be nice to kick off the process by asking people to help localise those parts of the launcher which already support it. Translations Spreadsheet Thanks to @Jeod for creating a Google Docs spreadsheet, which I'll
  6. Hi guys. My username for about a decade and a half was ||Justice|| but unfortunately the W3D hub does not accept the || characters when I input my nickname. It only allows my to type justice. I know there are bigger issues for the w3d hub folks (thanks for all the hard work btw!!) but I'd really like to be able to use my old username again. For now it's just 'Justice'. Any chance someone could put it on the list to look at for the next update so that I can go back to my old nick? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, and welcome to yet another development update from the Ground Zero team! It's been a little while, but we do have some stuff for you! LauncherYou may have noticed that Ground Zero has made an appearance on the launcher. Yes, we got some things sorted over the past week, and can now start testing on a regular basis. Development is on the verge of kicking into high gear, and this is part of the process! Asset CollectionFor those of you paying attention to Discord a few days ago, Synaesthesia AKA The Artist Formerly Known As Aircraftkiller shared a bunch of source files for Tiber
  8. With C&C Remastered right around the corner, it's time to share those friend codes. Let's add one another and play!
  9. On behalf of all the staff and testers, I would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Wyld1. We have only now received word of his passing, but it appears that he left this world some time in February. He was a long time player and member of the Renegade community, as well as a tester here at W3D Hub, and on top of that he was a great guy. He will be missed by many. At this time we do not know any details, and we would ask that there be no speculation on this subject. We will pass this information along if/when we learn more.
  10. I just installed Renegade with Origin, and i have no idea how to import it, please, i need help!
  11. Hello, and welcome to another update from the Ground Zero team! We're not beating around the bush this time around, we've got some stuff to show you, courtesy of ICE! GDI Medium TankIn between heavy work on TSR 2.0, ICE has been chipping away at converting the Allied Medium Tank into a GDI Medium. For starters, he's removed some props that are unique to the Allied Medium, and will soon move to modernizing the base, adding some cool GDI props, and wrap it in an awesome texture! Here's an sneak preview! GDI MP5SDMan, this MP5 model has been getting a lot of use. Originally intend
  12. Hello, and welcome to another update from the Ground Zero team! In this update, we go over limited ammo mechanics, supply depots, the new Heavy Gunner class, and more! Limited AmmoYes, you read that right. As we push ourselves in a more realistic direction, we are reintroducing the concept of limited ammo for all weapons, including those mounted on vehicles. But fret not! While you won't have the traditional unlimited ammo, you will have plenty of ways to keep yourself supplied. For starters, you will always be able to resupply at your base, either from purchase terminals or service depot
  13. Hello, and welcome to another Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero development update! Like last time, this is more like an outline for the gameplay. However, this should be the last one before we get into the real meat of the updates. As in, some of the stuff we've been cooking up under the hood. To start us off, huge shout out to @CCHyper! He made us a new logo, featured above, and it's super awesome! OverviewAs mentioned, vehicles won't have quite the same amount of focus as they have in the past. Don't expect to see, for example, large battalions of Medium Tanks rushing the enemy base with
  14. Hello there, I'm from Russian Renegade community. We mostly promote Command and Conquer news in our segment, but when it comes to convenience and trouble free gaming experience, we take it with all the seriousness. We would like to cooperate with W3D Hub and contribute to the common goal - making the Renegade great again. If speaking more precise, we want to make Russian translations of W3D Hub Launcher and all games it provides, so our players would not face the problem of long game learning process ever again. Surely, it would be much better, if there would be more languages support, so th
  15. Endgame is upon us! Get hype for the Avengers movie and choose your favorite MCU character! Note to the players in the Marvel Endgame Mafia. If you are choosing your profile picture to reveal your ingame character, you are either making a bold move or you are a fool. That said, my chosen character is Rocket Raccoon. Thanos did nothing wrong. Discuss. [blurb]Monthly Avatar Theme! Avengers: Endgame is upon us! Get hype for the Avengers movie and choose your favorite MCU character![/blurb]
  16. Good evening all. I believe the site or at least W3Dhub mobile got updated. However i’m Currently getting a weird message on almost every topic and was wondering if anyone else was getting the same error as well. I tried logging in/out and exiting out on my Mobile App but it’s still there. Thank you for any help. @danpaul88 Maybe it’s something on my end? it says it on some topic titles and some without. Just happened today.
  17. [thumb]custom_thumb_ipb.png[/thumb][blurb]Monthly Avatar Theme is back! This month is a simple one. Anything green![/blurb]Alright, so bringing this back - the Monthly Avatar Theme! March's theme is easy. Green! and it can be anything you like, so use your imagination! Also anyone who doesn't have green on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, will be banned. Okay bye!
  18. Hello, one and all! Welcome to the first development update for Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero! Well, sort of. It's more of an outline for our plans for the infantry. But hey, infantry will be a big deal in the game, plus outlining the design is a stage of development, so it counts! Plus, this will help serve as a handy guide for when you deploy on the battlefield!The BasicsTiberian Dawn: Ground Zero is designed to be a "tactical shooter." What does this mean? Rather than the high-octane arcadey action of previous W3D Games, Ground Zero will have a higher focus on strategy, teamwork, and observati
  19. [thumb]thumb_ia.1.png[/thumb][blurb]Interim Apex is now on the W3D Hub launcher! Check it out now![/blurb]W3D HUB PROUDLY PRESENTS: Created by Kaskins(Yap) and dblaney1 You heard right, Interim Apex is now available on the W3Dhub launcher. Interim Apex began its life as the popular Renegade mod Imperial Age, and has since become wholly different and unique experience through the efforts of dblaney and Kaskins. Interim Apex is what I had hoped the original Renegade would be, with its unique approach to the engine that makes you feel as though you reall
  20. Why did you guys allow Interim Apex to be a part of the w3dhub launcher? It is not a stand alone mod, it is Renegade. You can join the server right from your Renegade client. The only thing you've done is give it publicity, and jacked Rencorner and MPF's playerbases in less than a day by using this launcher. People go where it has more players, that server sat empty for 2 years. The only fairness I see is allowing Renegade overall to be apart of that, as this launcher is just installing Renegade split up...twice.
  21. Got some news for you folks! Seems we have taken on plenty of hires onto our Staff team, some new faces and some familiar ones! This post here is our quick run-down of them! Since rediscovering our community, Coolrock has rejoined the Staff to help out with PR and various other things. In fact, since being here he has been out on a successful hunt tracking down oldbies from all corners of the Internet! Check our Discord server and you'll see some names like steppo, drunkill, Vader6, and many others from yesteryear! Sir_Kane has come aboard the scripts team, having done development ba
  22. Good Evening all. A long time ago I came across a website concerned with C&C and there were actual pictures of the Rank that you were given (I wish I remembered the name). Now I know you guys certainly don't have enough on your plate with ECW, APB, and Reborn.... But it got me to thinking and I honestly loved the way it looked. I fixed some pictures with possible image rankings for you all to see and get a feel for. Ideas for implementation. - The pictures are just to show a general picture or what it would look like. The size of the icons and units can be adjusted accordi
  23. 'Tis the season! Get festive and get those avatars changed! Don't forget to check us out in the IndieDB Top 100! [thumb]custom_thumb_xmas.0.png[/thumb]
  24. [blurb]A new version of the launcher is now available! Read the changelog on the full post.[/blurb] A new version of the launcher is now available. Changes include; Login state will no longer show 'Login Failed' if a login session expired from a previous run of the launcher Added support for resuming a package download from a previous installation attempt UI performance tweaks to the game installer dialog Reduced network usage when loading news article images by deduplicating and caching image requests Fix rare crash when a news image was loaded on the wron
  25. [blurb]Community update post! Hmm, this may be a bit of a long post. I originally intended to write to you and give you all the heads-up on our moderation changes, and then I added more. So! Moderation Restructure 2017, new forum rules, Mafia Hub, and a shout out to our friends at CNCNZ.com! Also introducing Tester of the Month! [/blurb] Community update post! Hmm, this may be a bit of a long post. I originally intended to write to you and give you all the heads-up on our moderation changes, and then I added more. So! Moderation Restructure 2017, new forum rules, Mafia Hub, and a shout ou
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