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ok i try to record but the lag and the fps did not help. it is not the best quality but at least you can see it. Uploading part 2 but the size is 1.5gb maybe in two days you can see it LOL... 0 buildings killed D: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnm0lado-Xo

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@aaaaaaaalol, overmining+n00b mining, you should hide proxy in wall to avoid disarming, in tunel near buildings behind ladder to avoid disarming using free view. whats the point to mining area near ladder at Refinery if people can just jump on building :?
ps. limado obviously will get into War Factory by big main gate for tanks so mining doors is bad idea :biggrin:

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On 5/19/2019 at 6:07 AM, Veyrdite said:

30 second clip: one of the oldest Rene tactics is ramming.  With IA's faster vehicles and lots of ledges it's getting more and more tempting.


No audio, sorry.  I hadn't fixed my audio recording setup until later.

That there is meme worthy

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Interim Apex LONGPLAY Video. 4 Hours of Non-Stop Threvealicious Action!

The good parts for anyone that doesn't have time to watch IA for 4 Hours.

0:57:09 - Start of Infinite Isle Match

1:53:04 - Start of Mt.Pass Match. (Had to get some lunch, Game was underway and Nod lost Refinery)

2:27:09 - I get fucking RECKT by Eblan

2:34:05 - HEROIC save and redemption from Eblan

2:40:30 - Fucking Engi wont die

2:38:54 - Start of Industrial Strength Match

3:33:01 - Start of ColdWall Match

3:42:58 - PS @Cjx0r

3:58:00 - Heroic Last Stand against Nod.


Enjoy and happy playing! Thank you to all who participated this Saturday throwing it down on Interim Apex, the server can't be what it is without you guys!

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