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[GAME OVER] Simple Mafia 2020


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This is going to be a simple mafia game, perfect for new players--and we have quite a few new faces recently! We'll play with an open setup with the following possible roles:

Villager - No special actions. Aligned with Town.

Doctor - Chooses a player to save at night. Aligned with Town.

Cop - Chooses a player to investigate at night. Aligned with Town.

Vanilla Mafia - No special actions. Aligned with Mafia.

I'll select included roles based on player ratio. For example, for every 3 Town, there will be one Mafia. The minimum playercount therefore is 4 players, and I will accept no more than 8 players.

How It Works

Mafia must try to equal or exceed Town numbers via killing players at night and getting town players lynched during the day via deceptive tricks. Town must eliminate all Mafia via lynching them during the day.

Day phases last 48 hours and always begin and end at 10:00PM GMT (6:00PM EDT for Americans). Night phases are similar, but only last 24 hours. During the Day Phase, players talk amongst themselves and decide on who to lynch. It is, of course, possible to spare someone from the noose by voting NoLynch (##vote Nolynch or NoLynch). Players who vote for this twice in a row will be subject to a penalty and will be forced to vote for themselves the following day. There is no early hammer in this game. At the end of the day, the player with the majority vote will be lynched. In the event of a tie, a coin toss via random.org will decide the player to be lynched.

Signup period closes on Saturday, June 6 at 6PM EDT and the game will start 24 hours after.


Alphoca (aka Alp)






Category 5

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1 minute ago, Killing_You said:

If you need someone, feel free to pencil me in. For now, I'll make way for the newbies.

In stark contrast, Shade939 or Category 5 will sign up purely to crush the newbies' hopes and dreams.

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1 hour ago, Jeod said:

So I can start the game with 4 players but it'll only last one day and night phase and be the shortest game ever. Do you guys want to play anyway or wait another week to see if we can get any more?

@alphoca @NodFan @Shade939 @GeneralCamo

A single day lynch isn't much of a game.

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Hey folks, sorry for the delay. Day One has arrived! Please spend the next 48 hours deliberating who, if anyone, deserves the noose today. Here is the role list:

Role Night Action
Vanilla Mafia Makes nightkills
Vanilla Mafia Makes nightkills
Villager Nothing
Villager Nothing
Doctor Protects player

Cop sees as guilty;

flips as Vanilla Mafia;

appears as Villager to



Investigates player


Good luck!

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Yes hello. I'm glad day start was delayed as I completely forgot haha.


But yes. I am a town, please ask my sock puppet, Officer Townie.


"Hey officer townie, am I town"


"Well sure ya are kid! All good little boys grow up to be town, and you're a good little boy"



See guys, the evidence is already here.

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40 minutes ago, Mojoman said:

Oh and KY was a mastermind last game and a scum, so that's two counts of betrayal, which means one must have rolled over to this game.


##vote KY

Feels appropriate to have a day one vote on KY. :p

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