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APB Game Night 12 Winners and MVP Nomination

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APB Game Night 12 has concluded, and we have our winners!


Our winners for this event
1st Place - Guard55
2nd Place - BattleLaf
3rd Place - 1000MammothTanks
MVP - forg0ten1

Please contact @ryknow69 for your prizes unless he so happens to hound you down himself first. Very proactive guy, that one.


For a secret MVP prize not previously announced, @Mojoman has provided a special prize! According to Mojo, he will put up a game of the winner's choice on Steam. With that in mind, the floor is open for MVP nominations! Most voted player in this thread after 24 hours will receive the award. Vote away!

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Once again, the esteemed member of the community, Forg0ten1, lead us with dignity and strength. I vote him as MVP


Or Ice and V0LK0V for allowing me to be a spy and vouching for me multiple times as i pretended to repair things

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I vote WhereIsMyMedal for MVP, for not playing "pop goes the weasel" with me on Hostile Waters for once.

Other nominations include DynoMite for Least Valuable Player, forg0ten1 for Best Bullying of ChopBam While on the Same Team, and ice187dna for Worst Microphone in Existence.

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Congratulations to the winners! High level gameplay, and I enjoyed the games very much!

45 minutes ago, Guard55 said:

One of the best plays I witnessed was forg0ten1 running over GaryOak with a grounded Yak.




I cry everytime :(

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18 hours ago, Guard55 said:

My nominations for MVP goes to @GaryOak , @rantanplan , @Momok, @PXD2000 , @forg0ten1 and Gummiel.

One of the best plays I witnessed was forg0ten1 running over GaryOak with a grounded Yak.




well I do have an account here, just quite an old account so still using my old username here ;)


I would like to nominate @V0LK0V  I think it was (again could really use a discord overlay in the game xD)

Also @PXD2000 for the soviet mechanic and shock trooper(from crates) on NorthByNorthWest

as well as ice187dna for raping our ears with her microphone as well

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A little over 24 hours, but good! Time to declare our MVP. Let's count up the votes.

forg0ten1 - 4 votes
Momok - 2
ice187dna - 3
V0LKOV - 2
WhereIsMyMedal - 1
DynoMite - 1
GaryOak - 2
rantanplan - 1
PXD2000 - 2
Bluesummers - 1

I think that's everyone? Taking MVP for Game Night 12 will be @forg0ten1!

Contact @Mojoman when you can, or Mojo will contact you, however it works out for you two. :v Thanks for the votes, everyone!

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