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  1. I recorded it half a day ago, but composed even earlier. Harmonica with slap bass guitar, simple rhythm, sweet nostalgic pad and other sounds. And again, inspired by Command & Conquer Red Alert.
  2. It's simple, I think the launcher needs a Spanish language option because there are many Spanish speakers there and they want to download the w3d launcher but their English is not good. If there is any way I could help, I would be happy to contribute since I am a native Spanish speaker. Regards
  3. And Red Alert 2 again! Two-three days of work, but I have to say that wasn't too hard to remake this. Unfortunately, original vibe is gone, but kind of good experiment with guitar. http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/solomusic/Grinder.mp3
  4. I like to revive some of old tracks... they never die. The first version of this track was a part of D&L album which I released in 2010. So, 8 years have passed, and I made this remake: http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/solomusic/River_Tunnel_2.mp3
  5. I suggested to Frank Klepacki to add something new into remastered C&C-games if there will be any chance and if EA allow it. What do you think, guys, can I, mmm... collaborate with Frank at some point? You already heard what I did for the series, so I don't need to mention all tracks here. You can also join the conversation on EA-forums too: https://answers.ea.com/t5/C-C-The-Ultimate-Collection/Suggesting-new-tracks-for-C-amp-C-Series-Remastered-what-do-you/m-p/7172962 Well, I am not a professional musician, that's why I am talking about that person who can make it even better. And
  6. And "2080", as you may guess, is an instrument from Roland soundbank.
  7. Unusual mix made by me and inspired by two soundtracks at the same time. I was experimenting with Dune universe, and I tried to put some Red Alert style inside. Suggested as a music for "Expanse RTS" videogame. VSTi "Synapse Audio Software DUNE I" is included, as well as classic Roland sounds. Frank Klepacki, however, is using SAS DUNE II. As he said, it is more comfortable to use, and it has more sounds. https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/insidious-night http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/dune_st/Dune_-_Insidious_Night.mp3
  8. http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/solomusic/Metal_Ground.mp3 After winter holidays, I was trying to make something new. As a result, I composed this simple melody and published in VKontakte as usual, but only today decided to publish it in YouTube. Inspired by one of my favourite universes which is Command & Conquer Red Alert.
  9. I'm not too familiar with the stats, but does Tanya lose as much accuracy as other units when she's running/jumping? Ideally, she shouldn't, since she's supposed to be a crack-deadshot commando great with her desert eagles.
  10. As I have mentioned before in-game, I think there are many flaws with the carcinogenic map known as RA_Siege, A.K.A "who even made this map?" or "!skip pls". I know there are some people out there who like it, but it's my impression that most players don't. I might be wrong, though. I also have the impression that players usually leave when this map comes in. Now, what's wrong with siege (note: this is my very own personal opinion): 1- It's way too big (we all know that). 2- Also due to the size, it takes a lot of time for the harvester to get the ore. 3- A lot of unused sp
  11. I got an idea, This might be dumb, or its in the works or it's the works(BFD:WOA). But my idea, I would help create it if i knew how too. Renegade: Dune 2000, it would be cool af, to hear the sounds and be able to be the unit on the ground. have the 3 sides and 3 bases, 3 teams battling it out on maps for the Spice! I really think it would be really awesome and i know for a fact i would play it. I always liked Dune, watched the movie when I was a kid. upgrade your unit like you can in CNC: Renegde, Watch your vehicle get created from a 1st person or
  12. A Server Rules tab should be added to the W3D Launcher. It's safe to say that a majority of the community uses this tool to access the game servers, and if they see this tab they might check it out to make sure that they're aware of the rules. Basically when you click this tab it shows different sections for different games (APB, Reborn, etc.) listing their respective rules.
  13. It took me two evenings to make a little demo of what also could be made for Red Alert A Path Beyond. Including few hours for moving resources of this game back to my experimental lab for Commando Assault and for exploring them. Did not know there is already Level Editor and source codes for APB, thanks to CMDBob for the tip.
  14. Time will tell, sooner or later... But anyway, it took me two days again to finish another script for Red Alert A Path Beyond - an alternative script for Chronotank. In overall, it is a crazy unit for "Lunar Paradox" map. However, new Chronotank, as well as Chronosphere, may cause Chronovortex which would try to destroy buildings and units of your teammates. Joked at the end of video
  15. And HOW exactly would you fix them under the limitations of the Tiberian Sun engine? If you want, you can also submit some non-ares based units/buildings for RA2 when I get around to making Rebalanced Alert MK I. This is for a mod called Rebalanced Sun MK III, and below has a list of changes I plan to make. Tell me how you think this would go and submit your own changes with them. Keep in mind the AI in this mod will be running off of a modified set where AI CAN and WILL build walls to defend. Not exactly sure why it was even disabled in the first place. You may use partials o
  16. With a Monkey running about in the game, how about giving him (and everyone) some Banana's?
  17. This is a concept drawing (more and better pictures to come) This is a map I'd like to create each base has two exits wide enough for tanks. One narrow exit is blocked by hedgehog and leads to capturable oil pumps. The wide exit leads to a town. Forest is in the middle (might add lake or trenches or something later... not sure, but forest for now) Also main road out of town has a turnout for Ore Field (maybe mixed field) (Warning: I am a total novice at map making... but I will give it my best shot! And I will try to update frequently) Bases: A few pillboxes/FlameTowers War Fac
  18. Here's a few suggestions I have for the launcher: Have an Update button for the individual games rather than having to attempt joining an existing server to update a game. Have an Uninstall button for the individual games, rather than having to remove them manually, which I feel dirty when doing Have an uninstaller for the W3D Hub Launcher itself (I thought it had one before?). Also, the last version of APB I had was, and yesterday I tried to update several times. It kept failing either at installing the always.dat itself (???) or an intermediary update ( or such). The l
  19. So I've been thinking about making a general reservoir of map- based strategies for both sides, and having you all discuss them... would you guys be interested in helping make/ reading something like that? and If I were to do it, would I do it in this thread, separately, or in an outside area (i.e. google docs)? So yeah. I'm gonna see what you all think.
  20. I know the server list automatically refreshes after X amount of time but would it be possible to add a refresh button? I don't know why but I feel way more comfortable when I get to manually refresh these sort of things.
  21. What about remaking another classic into FPS ? I believe RedAlert and StarCraft are the most sold RTS titles in the world in the 90's and broodwar would make for a very interesting game...
  22. I think star fox themed mod that puts the Corneia with star fox team as Commando units against Andros army with star wolf as commado would be awesome but.i have no idea where to even start to make a mod it would be right before the apperoids event (star fox assault game) if someone would make it I can help with ideas for tanks/aircraft for the mod so if someone lies this idea let me know if u would be able to make this mod possible
  23. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x768de_reborn-2008-10-23-12-24-00-7623avi_news Any plans to implement physics like shown in the video above?
  24. People have been asking where to play Renegade for a while now, especially since the master serverlist on GameSpy has been down for a year and a half and the guys at Jelly stopped supporting Renegade. Quitters. I think it would be a good idea if W3D Hub could complete the cycle and host a server for vanilla Renegade (with Tiberian Technologies and whatever is applied these days). With your infrastructure, I doubt it would be much of a chore to set one up, and if people get linked to here, they might also be interested in TSR and APB. Whadayathink?
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