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[Game Over] RA:APB-themed Mafia Game VII (B0tes Edition!)


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As announced, the next RA: APB Mafia is here, after a fashion. This time, prepare to clean your torpedo tubes, as we are about to play with b0tes!

If you are new to these games, check out the last APB themed mafia game. The point of the game is to eliminate the allied spies ships before they can eliminate and outrun the soviets (mafia scum vs town in general mafia terms). Basically I PM players what they are and what their role is, and when the game begins, players try to figure out who is who (or what), based on other players' actions during day (battle phase) and night (plan phase) and act accordingly (vote for players to lynch or try to attack them directly by themselves or use their special role actions).

Let me know if you would like to participate - the game is pretty easy to understand, and most flavors, characters and game mechanics are described below.  You would only need to be active on the forum at least twice a day when the game is run so you won't miss doing your actions (forum game phases last up to 48 hours for day phases and 24 hours for night phases where you need to decide your actions). I'll need at least 7-9 players to make the game last for at least a week, but the more players the better (up to 10-12 is ideal for a well balanced game). There won't be any penalties for inactivity, so if you miss one or two days there's no problem but if it's longer, please let me know in advance.



:soviet: Game UPDATE:


The seventh RA: APB Mafia forum game version will start next Friday, 7th of December at 10 PM UTC/GMT (subject to change based on signing/feedback), provided we'll get enough signups (at least 7 bare minimum). 

Day (Battle) phases will last 48 hours max, while Night (Plan Phase) will last max 24 hours, meaning that if you want to participate, you should check and check each day at least once or twice to complete your actions. Though the more you participate the better, as the game becomes more active and fun.

All roles and sides will be randomized before game starts, if you want to have a specific role or a custom made role, PM me in advance. there's a guide how to create a role below. Please note that since this will be mostly naval battle, so all the roles will be only allowed to be naval air or building, and the game setup will be closed. Allowing for a custom unit will depend on the number of sign ups.


Signed Players (or who confirmed already):


(minimum 7 players, max 12)


Game Progress:


If you're new to mafia forum gaming, or you want to know details how this is played, check the info below.





:soviet: How to Play RAAPB Mafia Forum Game 

The concept is pretty simple, similar to classic mafia, with few additions. All general mafia standard rules will apply.

The game is about classic RA:APB Base infiltrated by spies.

There are Allied Spies (mafia) and Soviet Soldiers (town). The Soviets greatly outnumber the Allies (>=25%). However, none of the Soviets know who the Allies are at first, while Allies start with their own google doc where they can discuss the game anytime they want.

The game is broken up into two phases: Battle Phase (classic Day phase) and a Plan Phase (classic Night phase). In Forum Game version, these phases last from 24 up to 48 hours, (in chat game version, these phases last from 5 up to 10 minutes, but chat version is being played with all players at the same time, while forum version is played whenever players are active).


During the Battle Phase (DAY), everyone talks and tries to build cases against each other directly in the forum chat. While the Soviets are arguing to try and find the Allies, the Allies are trying to throw everyone off their trail.

The goal of the Battle Phase is to find somebody for a Lynch.


People will vote for one person they want to be lynched and the person with the most votes will die at the end of the day. Your vote should be in this format:

##Vote PlayerName

If you decide to change your vote, you must first ##unvote (player name not required but is helpful) or you can simply vote another player if you already know who.

If a majority vote of over 50% is cast on one person, then they will be lynched right then and there, no need to wait for the end of the phase. When someone is lynched, everyone will find out their role and who they were aligned with. During the Battle Phase, players are also allowed to use their battle actions, such as ##shoot, etc. which will be resolved instantly. If the target players dies, he will be eliminated from the game and the game will continue (his vote will no longer be counted).


All BP/day actions need to be acknowledged by the mod before they are counted (just simple line to acknowledge so you know it came through, Current Vote Counts (or CVC) will appear periodically to inform you about the time remaining as well as the current vote status). Remember, without the mod acknowledge line, your vote or action doesn't count, so please don't do actions before the previous one was resolved. If it was missed, please use ##TIMEOUT command to stop the game, but only if it's really required (otherwise just repeat your action). All players are required to participate in chat, if one player stays quiet whole phase he/she might get role blocked for the next plan phase.


During the Plan Phase (NIGHT), Allies will have to decide to kill a Soviet player. They must also decide who will make the kill. However, certain people in both the Allies and Soviets have special roles they can use during the night to kill, protect, disrupt, or gather information. Some roles carry a certain risk while others give a little more freedom. When the new Battle Phase begins, everyone will see who has died during the night and find out what side they were on and what role they had.

Plan/Night actions are done classic way by the Private Message, same as resolved action replies. If you have a night action and do not inform me by PM in advance before the next Battle phase begins (preferably asap, but not later than one hour before the game starts), otherwise you do nothing that night.

Forum Posting during the Night/Plan Phase is limited - 2 posts per player max. Players who won't comply will either receive a gimmick or a force vote on themselves.


The Soviets win when they have eliminated the Allied threat (all allied players must die).

The Allies win when they have managed to dispose of enough Soviets to outnumber them (or equal before plan phase).

If there are any Neutrals in game, they will win if they survive until the game ends with any of the factions winning.

Any Third Party (TP) player wins if they meet a certain winning condition, or when they eliminate everyone else.


There are also extra guidelines which are posted in the general thread, but let's recap the main ones for those who are new:

  • Try to stick to the timetable
  • Await your Role PM soon before the game starts, if you have any questions, let me know before we start, since after that I won't have time to check PMs
  • The Chat system always displays time intervals for each 5 mins. That's a good way to see whether there is a hammer (end of Battle Phase after 10 mins from start) or new phase starts, since our phases will change in 5-10 min intervals as well...
  • If I'm not present in the chat (crash/outage) when the battle phase starts or is on the way, please wait for me and we'll start over in next five mins (basically game is on hold when I'm not there)
  • If resolving will take longer than expected (PM spam, etc), then I'll notify you and we'll start the next BP in the next 5 min interval
  • Please be civil! No spamming or swearing. It's just a game. Let's have fun!
  • If you are not in the game, please DO NOT post game related stuff in chat!
  • DO NOT discuss the game outside of the thread unless you are specifically given permission by me.
  • DO NOT quote private mod communications.
  • DO NOT attempt to break the game. No trying to get people to make toxx clauses, encryption, or fake day actions. Basically, if you're about to post something you're a little too proud of as a way of breaking the game, think twice before posting.
  • Good luck!



:soviet: Player Roles, Flavor & Factions 

Now as far as flavor and roles go, there's gonna be a little twist as announced. The flavor will be the Naval battle between Allied Ships and Soviet Submarines. There will be no infantry or ground vehicles in the game, air or buildings pending sign ups and setup.

Few roles that might turn up in game will be revealed before the game starts, so you know what you're up against, but there might be also a mystery role and also, I'll let players themselves to design their roles using some available abilities and combinations, which will make it a bit more interesting. So you can end up picking a role that is already listed, or you can go for the mystery role, or, you can design or your own role. Infantry, vehicles, or even buildings, you name it. This time however, we'll focus on naval units and perhaps a few buildings/air units to fill the void (see below unit roster).

Mafia players will be only able to play as allied ships and will be able to communicate in google doc for the entire course of the game.



:soviet: Game Specifics: 



Allied task force fleet has infiltrated our seas, and are heading towards a secret Soviet Submarine Base. It's up to you find them and eliminate them before they can cause serious damage to our war efforts!



Soviets are now able to mass produce submarine units, both types are able to attack enemy naval ships. While Attack submarines can "hide" for 1 phase and gaining BP (not against NK or lynch though), the experimental Missile Subs are able to launch extra missile at chosen coordinates.

Check out all the units available now on the new RA:APB Mafia Role Sheet!



(click for large)

Please note that only classic roles are displayed on the current Role Sheet, Custom or Mystery roles are hidden and will be revealed after the game!



:soviet: Naval Battle Mechanics: 


For the first time, we will have a whole new Naval Battle Mechanics inspired by battleships board games. All units have a 100% chance of hitting their target during Battle/Day Phase, but this time you have to select coordinates on naval map instead of selecting a player. Similarly, some of the night actions also revolve around coordinates.


Naval Map


Naval map will be divided to squares where each square represents a land tile or a sea tile, which could be occupied by a naval unit or be empty. The exact dimensions of the naval map will depend on the number of signed players. For the sake of simplicity, each player can only occupy 1 square at a time, and will be assigned coordinates at the start of the game. Whether there will be bigger units or buildings occupying more squares requiring more shots to be killed is still in question pending sign ups and the setup, but you can expect this as well.


I will announce the details of the Naval Map before game start (the above is not actual map just illustration). Once you learn your role you will be able to pick 3 coordinates. I will assign you one by random. Note that all players will play on one single Naval Map.

Every phase the map will be updated for public to display the positions of eliminated or hit players.




The Lynching mechanic will be a classic mafia lynch where one player is selected for a Mig Air Strike, which will reveal their position, alignment and role. Note that this time, buildings can also be destroyed by a lynch/airstrike, so you can't use the lynchproof to your advantage this time.


Mafia mechanics


Allied fleet will be able to utilize classic Nightkill called Depth Charge, which can sunk any soviet naval unit. There is also a possibility that the Allies will sneak in a powerful Cruiser, capable of performing devastating attacks, so try to find and destroy it first!


Air Support 


Besides the Mig airstrike (Day Lynch), Air support will provide you intel or support fire. No specific mechanics available at this time, but should we get enough players for a bigger game, air support will help with player detection/elimination.


You can pick one of the classic roles that are listed above, but you can also pick the mystery role not listed in this sheet (previous mystery roles won't be available, at least for some time). Only one mystery role is allowed per each game. This role won't be revealed until the actual game ends, and it can have any alignment. There might not be a mystery role in game however, depending on other roles.


You can also create/design your own, custom role.


Here are the guidelines:

  • As you can see every role has one Battle Phase (BP - Day) Action and one Plan Phase (PP - Night) Action. Your designed role can't have more actions either. Scum players have the Standard Mafia Kill as extra PP action in addition to their own actions but they cannot combine it during one PP.
  • Your designed role needs to be RA or APB flavor with appropriate actions to the flavor (vehicles, animals and structures are allowed).
  • Vehicles are Bullet Proof during during the day except if other vehicle or Anti vehicle infantry shoot them.
  • Buildings are immune to lynching.
  • As you can notice, all BP actions have a "weapon stuck" chance and "kill success" rate (which are two dice rolls needed to execute that action), and PP actions have frequency and usage limits. Here's a formula which limits the unit's actions to have them balanced vs each other:
  • KILL PERCENTAGE = Kill Success Chance - Weapon Stuck Chance (from -100 to 100 by 25% intervals only)
  • -100% < KILL PERCENTAGE < -50% -> Unit is able to perform one unstoppable kill during Plan Phase or very Special rare Action.
  • -50% < KILL PERCENTAGE < 0% -> Unit is able to become BP for a limited duration or perform multiple protect/support actions on others without frequency limits
  • KILL PERCENTAGE = 25% -> Unit is able to perform a scouting/investigating ability without frequency limits
  • KILL PERCENTAGE = 50% -> Unit is able to perform a scouting ability but with limited frequency
  • KILL PERCENTAGE = 75% -> Unit is able to do only one limited PP action which doesn't involve kill, support, protect, scout or investigate actions
  • KILL PERCENTAGE = 100% -> Unit doesn't have a PP action.


Here's an example. Let's say you want to protect one player each night (protective action). According to the formula your kill percentage shouldn't be bigger than 0%, which means your stuck weapon chance and success chance should be same. Let's say 50-50. Now for the flavor.You could be a heavy tank, serving as Armored shelter. Now if you want to have one BP ability, your frequency will drop so you can only protect every second phase.

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41 minutes ago, VERTi60 said:


The Lynching mechanic will be a classic mafia lynch where one player is selected for an Mig Air Strike, which will reveal their position, alignment and role. Note that this time, buildings can also be destroyed by a lynch/airstrike, so you can't use the lynchproof to your advantage this time.

@Category 5 Hurricane

Also, sign me up.

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3 hours ago, TheIrishman said:

I forgot to mention, cat5's harddrive compleyely crapped out on him. He won't be getting a new computer until January, so he won't be participating in any games until then.

Bummer! Wish I had a spare hard drive, I’d ship it right over.

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