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  1. it's always good te experiment with things and tweak, rather than slam something senselsly and no patch is eternal anyways, some changes can be well done, some can be terribly done too, but nothing lives forever, especially when the name of the game is balanacing haha, I just hope this thread and discussion will server as an insight for both devs and players from both sides as well, voicing their point and getting some insight about the general feel of the unit, tactic, map, defense structure etc. from seasoned players and people that found a niche role worth honning.
  2. In my opinion, this is a must, the unit as is is simply too strong, it might actually make the !support a tad bit more bearable which would be having two positive changes in one simple tick
  3. I'd rather see these on a lower price value as Threver suggested, I managed to use both and tbh, the AK 107 is a good fast response unit as it outdamages people in a 1v1, a good base guard if it could be reduced to a more fitting price, the Dragunov could simply be reduced to being a budget marksman choice for when you have to tightent the belt, it becomes more effectiive at mid range and with the use of ledges you can make a good use of it then make a hasty escape, indeed it has a spread but it firest faster which makes for a fair tradeoff.
  4. if I chose to listen to something besides the ingame music, well, I often see myself going back to a few tracks and songs this one specifically is the one I start up with this:
  5. I nominate AZ-Stalker, been pretty fun to fight against and on their side
  6. I kind of prefered to see them on the launcer and check on updates through there since I am not visiting the forums often
  7. ooh, I like the shotgun physics a lot, also nice model, and animation, the SPAS feels smooth to use
  8. wait, I read that the bots can be enabled for the maps that are not friendly, but I have no clue how to do that, yeah, I might've missed that part but couldn't be back here for a while as I had to deal with finals and to get to college so I was a bit busy as of late
  9. I love the new look of the forums with the TS theme
  10. Can't wait to get themes back, I agree about this white background, looks weird
  11. Lol, I see what you mean but anyway, it still looks nice, I think the players would pay more attention to the bigger picture than stare in confusion at the oddly illuminated repair pad
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