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  1. ooh, I like the shotgun physics a lot, also nice model, and animation, the SPAS feels smooth to use
  2. wait, I read that the bots can be enabled for the maps that are not friendly, but I have no clue how to do that, yeah, I might've missed that part but couldn't be back here for a while as I had to deal with finals and to get to college so I was a bit busy as of late
  3. I love the new look of the forums with the TS theme
  4. Can't wait to get themes back, I agree about this white background, looks weird
  5. Lol, I see what you mean but anyway, it still looks nice, I think the players would pay more attention to the bigger picture than stare in confusion at the oddly illuminated repair pad
  6. Idk why, but for me winter maps always had a charm
  7. OMG, I just saw that under my description, I love it
  8. I'm playing it on the LAN and I can't find the red orb at all
  9. Marry Christmas everyone ^^
  10. I don't think that the red ball is within the map anymore, the balls reseted their places so I found the yellow and the blue ones I could find in the first 3 min but I searched for 4 and a half hours now and I can't find the red one anywhere at all, I searched every rock, every patch of grass, every tree and everything in the castle, unless it is on the bottom of the lake then I can't think of any other place at all
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