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Found 199 results

  1. So for some reason the thought ran through my head: what if we returned infantry combat to being more rocket-tag-ish like in Beta, by improving headshot damage? How would we go about this without nerfing infantry into the ground? Right now here's how the damage of every small-arms weapon (plus the Flamethrower for kicks) lines up against regular infantry, sorted by headshots vs armoured health. Grey = needs 10 or more shots to kill a regular inf (armoured rifle infantry, naked techie). This is only for body shots, thank god. Cyan = needs 4-9 shots. In the case of headshots, these t
  2. As promised @NodGuy, a Steam tutorial. Was going to PM you, then thought why not a thread for others to use. Disclaimer - Red Alert: A Path Beyond is not and will not ever be available on Steam. As much as we all would want it, we cannot forget copyright and all that. Okay! So if you have me, Silverlight, Pushwall, or ChopBam as friends on Steam you may have seen us playing Red Alert: A Path Beyond from the Friends List. In this tutorial I will show you how to do this. Step 1. Add a Non-Steam game to your Library Probably your easiest step, I hope. Just open your S
  3. I have Ideas to improve either to fissure, forest of illusion, or rock trap. Idea #1 how about player controlled cannons? They would have limited health and might be something for those who are not good at infantry combat to do. (Remember cannon or turret; not pill, not flame, not m60, nor machine gun.) Idea #2 (fissure only) capturable oil pump? It allows some who don't like infantry combat to instead go for a moneymaker. what do you guys think?
  4. How much memory is APB supposed to use? It seems to take up to 3 GB at times but that doesn't seem right, which impacts other running applications. Is there a memory leak somewhere?
  5. I'm sure others are sick and tired of their Artillery and V2 vehicles slightly moving when trying to line up a shot. You could try exiting and entering the vehicle but on some terrain this just doesn't work. I don't know if it is the game or my 180 ping but it's very annoying. My suggestion is the option to press Q to 'deploy' the vehicle. I use quotations because there would be no animations for this, it's not really deploying but the vehicle would simply stop moving completely, like the Nod Artillery from Reborn. This would save so much time when preparing to attack enemy defences and buildi
  6. Hey all, Under sure is a fun map lately... if you are the Allies that is! Look at all this fire power! those communists can't even step out of their base without getting blown back to Stalingrad! And by cutting off their income we've made certain they have no hope of ever sending large scale retaliation, very clever if i do say so myself. Whats that cadet? The soviets have a cost effective infantryman equipped with an RPG that is capable of destroying our glorious fire power? THEY ARE HIDING IN THE TUNNELS RIGHT NOW READY TO STRIKE?? Oh never mind they either all
  7. It took me two evenings to make a little demo of what also could be made for Red Alert A Path Beyond. Including few hours for moving resources of this game back to my experimental lab for Commando Assault and for exploring them. Did not know there is already Level Editor and source codes for APB, thanks to CMDBob for the tip.
  8. Time will tell, sooner or later... But anyway, it took me two days again to finish another script for Red Alert A Path Beyond - an alternative script for Chronotank. In overall, it is a crazy unit for "Lunar Paradox" map. However, new Chronotank, as well as Chronosphere, may cause Chronovortex which would try to destroy buildings and units of your teammates. Joked at the end of video
  9. As I promised, here are the weird messages I get on APB. The second one in particular is disturbing, and makes me wonder what kind of people are behind APB and W3D.
  10. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update [blurb]The infantry overhaul we tested before has been refined and introduced to the game for real - as well as a few map updates![/blurb]The infantry overhaul we tested before has been refined and introduced to the game for real - as well as a few map updates! As usual, in the changelog, look for bolded entries for the main gamechangers - but since this is a refinement of the previous temporary patch, if you've already read the experimental version's patch notes, just look for underlined entries and everything after Volkov, as those are the ones
  11. So, I was poking round the really old APB 9935 gmax building source files, and I noticed there was a civilian technology centre model that was half finished. So, I decided to finish it. The exterior of the center. The entrance to the facility. Simple, but it works. One of the research domes, with a couple of computer(?) stations. The largest dome, still under construction. The last dome, with just a few crates and a catwalk. The central atrium, with stacks of crates, and the roof access ladder. Going up... The roof
  12. So it seems the medic is still a problem, but outright nerfing him would just make him even more useless on vehicle maps and I really want to figure out a way to make him more useful for those. What if, in exchange for his medic kit equip time and healing to other medics being dialed back a bit again as a general nerf, he got given a secondary fire that instantly refilled a portion of teammates' HP (say 50 health plus also starting the gradual heal) but can only be used once and also starts a long reload on his medic kit which he must wait out (equipping the MP5 prolongs this as it would
  13. So I have been playing A Path Beyond more frequently these past few weeks, and I have been receiving multiple remarks from other players telling me that I am some "laghacker" and/or cheater whenever I'm ingame. The most notable of this can be seen in one of Totd's APB madness videos where he kills me, and I managed to posthumously kill him a couple seconds after the fact. So here's how my end of things go since I started playing more frequently again: For the past couple of weeks, my modem would spontaneously reset itself multiple times during a given 24-hour period, regardless of the ti
  14. This will make Tanya/Engin even more viable/fun in the field. With the change in the disarm system, we won't need to worry about throwing the C4 up too high so it can't be disarmed.
  15. Hello , can i get a standalone package to download because your Launcher doesn't seem to work for me ( as always ) thank you for your time and convienience. (It just says installation failed and doesnt download anything on a new harddisk and computer )
  16. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update This is a big one, so if you don't have the patience for the whole changelog or you just want the cliff notes, just look for siren-marked units and bolded sub-entries. [blurb]Be sure to check out the latest developments for Red Alert: A Path Beyond! Warplanes, consistent AA, reinforcements, a combat score/economy overhaul and more![/blurb] General Gamma's radio commands have been replaced with Nuclear Winter ones, for consistency since not all of the NW ones got replaced before by whoever voiced the new ones. Due to limited voice-spli
  17. As in the topic title. Why the hell can allies get a radar invisible thief to steal soviet money on the map with the easiest thief play in the game. It ruined the game for me. Not only because we lost money, but we lost hinds as well. radar invis infantry steal them. This map was fine before their was on it it. I want to know what form of mental gymnastics got this unit back on the map. please explain reasoning. This is a step backwards, one might say. P.S. just RQ offed the map and yes I'm a little angry.
  18. Look, no one likes to be on a losing team I get it, especially a bad team that you know will not win the game, yet not so bad as to lose within the next 5-10 minutes. However, I noticed some players consistently dropping out at the first few signs of a losing match (I'm looking at you UncleGrandma). Sometimes, it is just good sportsmanship to stick it out and fight the good fight. I mean, if you fought hard on the winning side (or if you are not a quitter on the losing side), do you want to see players on the other side quickly drop off? I hope you guys agree with me here. That being said
  19. [blurb]Coming soon to a RA:APB near you! Introducing the Yakovlev Yak-9P![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.7.png[/thumb] Red Alert: A Path Beyond Dev. Blog Yakovlev Yak-9P Set to debut on Guard Duty, the Yak will afford the Soviets an incredible alpha-strike in their arty-hunting efforts. The Yak can reach speeds of up to 45m/s (the next fastest unit being the Longbow at a mere 24m/s) and expend its magazine in a minimum of 1.33 seconds. The Yak boasts infinite ammo but with a long reload time, although that shouldn't matter much as once you've expended your magazine you're t
  20. Had a thought while playing today. You know those guard towers and bunkers that you see scattered around as set pieces? I find their main use to be a quick place to hide from vehicles as you then slowly get blasted by splash damage, or hide from an air unit until they lose interest. Or if you're feeling patient, ambushing an arty or v2 that happens by and killing it from behind. That's mainly bunkers though, the guard towers are extremely limited in that, as they stand out like a sore thumb. I was thinking, would it be possible, or desirable, to add an area buff to towers and bu
  21. Here are some textures I have been working for a while. These are inspired by another set of custom textures I made back in 2010-2011 for various equipments found inside de buildings. These are up-scaled 1024x1024 compared to the old ones, to accomodate more details. Anyway here are the ones I made thus far: I know there are some edges where the textures are not aligned, or are stretched, or too narrow. There is nothing I could do there, because that is how the original texture was applied on. Anyway, I'm planning to continue with fixing the lights and those monitors from the radar
  22. Alright, not to litter the naval topic I've decided to start this one. Some backstory: To address some points made by Pushwall so far: So def logic relies on HP rather than target armor type? Since I could've sworn flame towers preferred my full HP cap to red health ranger nearby. Hm, that might be a problem indeed. Unless wreck is made with slightly more HP than the base unit to make defences switch. After all, I think kill script for it should be able to deduct any amount of HP per second, right? This one can be avoided by making people lose some armor in explosi
  23. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update The "headshot overhaul" - more of a general infantry overhaul - mentioned in another forum thread is in for a public test. This is in a separate file from the main patch; as it's a big experiment, we will likely revert it after tonight (or however manynights it takes to get some decently-sized games with it) unless it ends up being almost entirely free of problems and negative feedback, and then refine it for later if it can be salvaged. edit: As of 26th May 00:42 GMT this experiment has been disabled for further tweaking. [blurb]The "Headsho
  24. Seriously, they're nothing but a killwhore tool. They contribute nothing to the game but cheap instant kills that are hard to defend against.
  25. The LT has almost the same DPS as the Medium Tank (except vs. mammoth armor), but it's health is so fragile that I don't see it being used outside of the first-load rushes. This is especially true in larger, high-tech level games where its armor just can't stand up to TT/Shock/Mammoth/Kov. $200 cheaper is great, but for most players, survivability is much better a choice. And remember in APB, the gaps between cheaper units and more $ units in terms of power need to be narrower since you can't just get more of a cheaper unit to compensate for its lower power/health. 1 player = 1 tank. Opportuni
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