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So I want to preface by apologizing for being such a sperg. Yeah I'm loud and spirited and a bit abrasive at times, I fully admit that. I also only get that way with things I enjoy and care about. Interum Apex is a really sweet game with a lot of potential, much more than it's currently using. My criticism is based entirely on the desire to see it be more fun and engaging to play, with a larger variety in units and playstyles. I feel like the games currently are very stale and predictable, with the same 10 units making up 90% of the vehicles and infantry purchased. 

So with all that said. Here's my rundown of almost every single unit in the game. I’m just gonna say it. Half of the infantry should just be removed from the game. Having a 200 credit version and a slightly stronger 600 credit version of a unit is silly. 100 credits even being a thing is just silly.

Nod’s heavy infantry needs huge buffs. Mendoza is too fragile, Raveshaw is actually worthless, Mutant Raveshaw is okay but only because you’re much more durable and have the one hit kill grenades. The fire suits are such a silly inclusion when Nod is the faction with fire damage, outside of grenades and the Zippo, what GDI units deal flame damage? They’re n00b trap options that look great because they have extra armor but are less durable than the basic, already not durable options.

Mobius Suit Infantry are kinda broken. I’m pretty sure you guys already consider that to be the case but aren’t really sure what direction you want to rebalance them to?
Frankly, my suggestion is to make them a 1500 credit infantry unit separate from the non-Mobius suit versions. Additionally I think infantry in general needs a massive buff against tanks. As it stands there are no “good” anti tank options for footsoldiers. The best option is Sydney, who is only okay at it, and only because she takes even less damage from tanks than she deals to them. Chances are you just die in one shot to a tank headshotting you if you’re not in a Mobius suit. I do not know why that is exactly, as I’ve never gotten so many headshots, or been headshot so many times, as when I play IA. No other Renegade mode or mod has this many tank headshots. Making infantry not die in one shot, the more expensive ones even to a headshot(!!!) from a tank I think is absolutely critical in revamping the balance and allowing actual infantry combat into this game. As it stands this is basically a game of Mobius infantry and tanks, with some Petrovas and Mutant Raveshaws. Sometimes people try to use other infantry but they mostly suck and do nothing with them. The EMP grenades are great but are stuck on a terrible unit, the grenades are just flying gimmicks that only get used to either bounce shots to pointwhore on buildings from behind a wall or spam down a tunnel. 80 grenades? That have what seems to be a 10m blast radius? No thanks. Tunnel combat is where “infantry” combat happens but it’s a mixture of people who can twitch shot headshot, camping Fanatics, Zippo APCs, and Mk. 19 Humvees, and of course that one fucker who puts 20 mines in the enemy team’s tunnel.

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Basic Rifleman - They suck ass die fast and are free. They also murder aircraft. But everything does.

Sharpshooter - Not actually terrible. Rather good, I’ve killed a few higher tier infantry with them before.

Shotgunner/Anti Tank - Yeah they suck ass, honestly. Mostly because of their really short range. But they’re a free unit so they should. I still have an issue where baserape can occur where the barracks and warfactory are down and the opposing team just spams air units or artillery and refuses to actually end. That’s more its own problem, but having free infantry that can actually pose a realistic threat to air would be really nice just to punish killwhoring.

Engineer - Yeah they’re engineers. Nothing to say here.

Here’s my suggestions, for infantry just in general.

-          Anti Infantry/Support 300 Credits

Your guys focused on killing infantry, with some ability to damage buildings and minimal anti tank capabilities, be it low damage or short range.

-          Anti Tank/Support 400 Credits

Your guys that can kinda do some damage to tanks but not a ton. Like the Anti Tank Rifleman.

-          Anti Infantry Specialists 600 Credits

Black Hand Elite (the AK-103 is stupidly powerful), and their ilk.

-          Anti Tank Specialists 600 Credits

Nod and GDI both need a mid tier dedicated anti tank infantry. I suggest the Melta for Nod, as it stands the thing is neither strong enough nor on a soldier durable enough to even attempt to engage GDI tanks.

-          Elite Infantry 1000/1500 Credits

Officer – Price increase to 300. Durability increase.

Grenader – Price increase to 300. Give SMG, reduce grenades to 15/15 instead of 40/40, reduce blast radius AND infantry damage, increase anti tank and building damage so that they can actually damage them. Increase price, obviously.  

Red Tide – Price increase to 300. Give them a rifle that doesn’t suck too, so they don’t have one gimmick which is sneaking into a building and instaggibing it with their anti tank grenades.

Nod Tank Crew – Remove.

Nod Rocket Soldier – Price increase to 400. Give them a big range increase and damage increase to tanks. Right now they’re really great at one shot body shotting infantry, and sniping defenses. That’s it.

Nod Flamethrower 1 & 2 – Combine into one unit at 300.

Anti tank Rifleman – Price increase to 400, get rid of the scope too. It just makes purchasing actual snipers pointless outside of Sakura.

Red Tide Firewarrior – Remove.

 Nod Fanatic – Price increase to 600.

Chem Warrior 1 & 2. Combine into one unit at 600.

Red Tide Sharpshooter – Remove.

Black Hand Sniper – Price Increase to 600.

Petrova – Price increase to 1000.

Melta – Make them either more durable or more damaging to vehicles. Maybe both. Also price increase to 600.

Stormtroopers exist. No one would cry if they were removed. In fact I’m sure almost everyone reading this forgot they were even in the game.

Ballistic Sniper – Remove.

Black Hand Machine Gunner – Make him better at engaging infantry, honestly. Some better armor against small arms fire would probably help.

Field Engineer – Shouldn’t have proximity mines, should have extra explosives, make them very durable against explosions and they can have a niche as field mechanics who don’t die to stray HE rockets.

SBH – Price increase to 600. Reduce alt fire damage against vehicles and/or increase ammo cost to 25.

Anti Air Specialist – Price increase to 600. Reduce damage against vehicles by 50% (assuming you actually buff anti tank capabilities of other infantry to compensate for a specialist not actually specializing)

Nod Black Hand Elite. A better anti infantry unit than the 200 credit more BHMG. The AK-103 is busted and makes Patch look like a bitch. Consider removing.

Black Hand Designated Marksman – remove.

Sakura – Fine.

Raveshaw. Needs to be 100% more durable against tanks and the railgun should deal 50% more damage. Consider giving him an EMP grenade.

Mutant Raveshaw – Should have its price increased to 1500, frankly.

Mendoza. Needs to be more durable against vehicles.

Comissar is a gimmick anti infantry specialist but doesn’t have any real use outside of its EMP grenade, which should probably be given to a unit that can make use of it, like Raveshaw. I appreciate the teamwork potential, but I see maybe one person use them a week, once a game, and usually because someone is camping a tunnel with a Zippo, not to actually deal with a tank horde or something since the Commisar isn’t in the slightest durable or useful against tanks not right next to them. Suggest removing.

Really huge balance suggestion that affects way more than just Technicians.

Make multiple repair sources give diminishing returns. Repair stacking extends the duration of games MASSIVELY, and can actually reward teams for bunkering effectively in their base. Sappers and Pioneers could probably do with their stuff costing like 10% less.

Tank Commander 1 & 2. Eh. They’re okay where they are probably.

Shock Troopers shouldn’t have unlimited ammo that’s just stupid. And should have about 50 more armor I think.

Lancers are niche and that’s okay. I would like them to have 25% less bullet drop, however. Some maps make using them almost impossible due to their range limitations. They shouldn’t one shot a building at full health though specifically because of the rare but possible chance GDI gets a Lancer spy crate.

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Basically everything I said here applies to GDI’s direct and indirect equivalents. The issues I have come down to redundancy and splash damage exploitation, so any redundant or overly cheesy GDI infantry gets the same treatment as Nod in my perfect little world.

A couple exceptions. Namely, Mobius Suit Infantry should cost 1500 credits. In addition, I’d actually like to see Sydney receive a *slight* increase in damage against vehicles at the expense of being less durable against *small arms fire.*

Vehicles are a lot to delve into. One thing I really hate, and probably one of the reasons its so easy to headshot infantry in this game, is how most tanks are hitscan or damn close to it. They also tend to have excessive splash damage and rates of fire, but to be fair that’s just a Renegade feature. The (partial) solution is again, in my opinion, to cull some of the redundant units. Instead of having effectively 9 tiers of vehicles just have four, balance vehicles around the tiers they say they’re a part of. That doesn’t mean only four prices for vehicles, but there should really only be one “type” of vehicle per tier, with two if they specialize enough (like the AMX-10C, it’s an okayish anti tank unit but also ambibious, so it’d be fine to have it in the same tier as a light tank or what have you)


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Fast Attack Vehicle – Battle Taxi, takes way too long to reload.

T-70 – Remove.

Transport Truck – Why does it not have Light armor and 200/200 Health?

The deployed thingy that’s actually broken and unpurchaseable. Fine I guess.

Six-Wheeled BDRM – Just have the MG variant and the Laser cannon variant. Autocannon could be an upgrade for the base BDRM.

BDRM-AT 2 – Fine.

BM-24-7 - Remove.

BDRM-2 – Remove.

M110 Howitzer – Remove. Yeah I know this might get some flak but it’s just a poor unit on multiple metrics.

T-90 – Remove.

T-34/D-30 – Remove.

Harvesters. Can someone actually explain why there’s two? I know it’s thematic and neat to have but it’s just so specialized having two feels incredibly redundant.

Mobile Stealth Generator is actually a Gap Generator. This is annoying. Change its name.

Wiesel 1 should cost 1000 Credits or have its 20mm Autocannon do about 40% of the damage it currently does to heavy vehicles. Its range should also be reduced about 10m. It’s too fast and kites heavy tanks way too well. Don’t make it slower just make it worse at engaging from the front by reducing its range.

SU-85 you know what, I’m just gonna say remove all the WW2 vehicles from the game. They’re *sorta* neat as far as theme goes but they’re all practically worthless, and the ones that aren’t are entirely outclassed by slightly more expensive vehicles. Put them on a specific “early war” map or something where you can only buy T-34s and Crusader tanks and that’d be cool. Having a T-34 in the same battle as a Railgun Titan is goofy, even by C&C standards.

ZSU-57-2 can stay though.

Bradley is fine. Both are. They’re actual glass cannons.

Devils Tongue and Black Hand Flame tank, yeah the BHFT is not in any universe worth its 1600 Credit price point, just gonna say that. I think the Devil’s Tongue should have its price dropped even more because it too is pretty mediocre.

Black Hand Stealth Tank should cost 1200 Credits.

Infiltrator is fine, but just combine the 700 and 800 Credit ones into one 800 Credit vehicle.

Why are Nod Sensors 400 Credits cheaper than GDI ones?

Black hand Light Tanks are GARBAGE. They need buffs. Make the laser variant an upgrade of the base one and just combine the two.

Shilka is fine but ORCAs are so weak they’re just not ever in demand.

Nona exists. No one notices it does.

Tesla Tank is too cool to get rid of but it’s not actually good enough to use either when saving a little more money gets you an SSM for you and your buddy. Perhaps drop its price down to a Tier 2 unit as a form of short range artillery fill in support?

T-62s are fine.

Tick Tanks are okay aside from their guns missing everything due to being so far displaced. I’d rather have a T-62.

Phase Tanks are okay? But they feel really overpriced and out of place. Like they should be cheap Tier 2 Stealth and the Black Hand Stealth Tank should be Tier 3.

AMX-10RC needs a slight fire rate buff.

The Luna exists but it really shouldn’t.

The Ontos is cool.

The Goliath needs to cost 1500 Credits or have 50% less health.

Edited by notDMB

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T-54 is fine and basically where the Black Hand Light Tank should be as far as cost effectiveness goes.

The SSM should not have tracking. The SSM should do about 35% less damage to heavy vehicles. There is effectively no reason for Nod to not spam these things because they are completely and utterly busted and GDI has no actual counter.

No the Shield Generator is not a counter, it is a hinderance. It is an admission of defeat. Once a GDI team resigns into getting a Shield Generator they are admitting defeat, because Shield Generators are horrible for defending. They block your defenses, they block your allies, they allow for the enemy team to coordinate their fire all on the same target as they try in a futile attempt to leave the shield generator, all while Nod SBH and Stealth Tanks and heavy armor uses the shields that are protecting the base to simply get in their range they previously didn’t dare until the SSMs took down the AGT.

Now the shield generator has the choice of dying to the SSMs or the Stealth/heavy tanks pouring in. You can juggle the shield to try to punish Nod, but that only lasts as long as your armor does, which isn’t long at all. If the AGT can shoot at them, they can shoot at you, or the wall you’re hiding behind, and Nod has all the time in the world. A shield is an offensive weapon that must be allowing a push forward, but sometimes, often times, that push is impossible.

The SSM big gay make it actually worth 1200 Credits the thing fights like it’s worth 3000.

G6 Howitzer is fine.

What the fuck is a Microwave Tank? Never heard of it.

What the fuck is a Tick Tank Firebug? Never heard of it. Actually no someone used one of these once. Once.

The Burantino is the price an SSM should be (at minimum) with all the effectiveness of a 500 Credit vehicle. This thing is worthless.

The Strvidsesnaganstrudel 155 fires way too fast. What the hell, are the Finns inside on meth? These things maul Mammoth tanks way too easily, mostly due to their immense speed more than their fire rate. They could do with a speed nerf.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. The RDF Light Tank. Yeah uh, it’s just a T-54 with half the health and damage at 75% of the price. Remove it, make the Black Hand Light Tank fulfill the Tier 2 armor role.

Black Eagles, well I heard they’re being looked at already so that’s fine.

Infrared Stealth Tanks are fun. Actually probably overpriced.

Ezekiels Wheels used to suck ass and now they’re pretty good. Still can be really awkward to use sometimes. They’re so FAT.

120mm Tick tanks. For when missing all your shots with 90mm wasn’t enough. Is there really no way to fix the aiming on these things?

T-35 is a stupid fucking meme of a tank. I don’t ever see it do well, Nod just uses these to dab on GDI after they’ve already won or sometimes to try to defend but just, why? I think people like it too much to even consider changing it, let alone removing it, but it’s still sooooo duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumb.

Oh yeah the Geko is neat.

The Koksan is artillery that isn’t the Pion or SSM so who cares.


The Stingray was my baby and you killed it. I will never forgive you. Actually I haven’t used it in a while maybe the armor model got fixed finally.

The Tunguska is finally balanced. Almost no one buys it still.

The Pion is BAD and you should feel ASHAMED. First and foremost, it and the 36 Inch Mammoth need to be limited to 1 per team. Having two Pions pacing their shots together, or god forbid 3, gives me testicular, anal, liver, and throat cancer all simultaneously, and the super chemo I have to go through then kills me, but I’m too pissed at this to actually die. These things DO NOT KILL REPAIRERS.

Perhaps this is because purchase terminals exist right next to the MCTs and there’s no cooldown or damage check on refilling your health and ammo. Just maybe. If you want this thing to end sieges, make it end sieges. 90% of the time one guy just killwhores with it for 10-20 minutes and feels good about his 40-0 k/d and 5000 points because he never left base and probably taped his mouse button down while he masturbated to anime porn on his second monitor. Oh yeah also maybe make the “no base to base rule” actually mean you have to be outside the base, and being 2m in front of the further defenses still counts as “inside the base.”

Again, goes back to the same problem with Shields. Actually, it’s even worse, since the Pions splash kills through shields. It’s such a lovely feature it gives me Leukemia.
In case you haven’t noticed I really hate the Pion’s current application. It really should be a game ender or just not in the game at all. It doesn’t stop people from repairing, it just kills anyone who tries to leave their spawn to defend. Reduce its splash damage on the edges so it only horribly wounds instead of 100-0’s infantry if you do absolutely nothing else to it, I beg of you.


Hey remember that time the Erebus had perfect tracking and one hit killed everything in the game from across the map? I remember. Holy crap I got a lot of kills that game. I don’t really have anything to say about this unit since nobody buys it anymore.


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I forgot about the air units but as far as Nod is concerned there are three air units in the game. 

The Anti Tank Stealth Comanche. 

The Banshee.

The useless things. The Banshee is full stop overpowered, it can take on anything. SAM sites, ORCA Fighters, ORCA Bombers (lol), AA Gun tracking actually just misses the thing, it can fly straight into a GDI Chaparral, kill it, and then fly back to base, while the base still has anti air defenses and the Chaparral fired first. Don't tell me it can't do this, I sat there and watched it happen, impotent to stop the raw destructive, unholy demonic power that is the Banshee.

Holy crap seriously nerf the hell out of these things. Less ammo, less damage, less speed, right now its drawbacks are minimal. The deadliest thing to a Banshee at the moment is a mix up between the AMX 90mm and a basic GDI Rifleman. AA Specialists don't fire fast enough to kill them. And GDI's dedicated anti air vehicles are awful. 

The Stealth Comanches aren't particularly good, but they are invisible. Since whoever shoots first wins in an air battle, since once shooting starts you can't maneuver or flee or evade or dodge, or do anything except hope they have less shots than you, or a degenerative muscle disease that causes them to jerk erratically, the anti tank Comanches can prey on ORCAs much like an Eagle does a field mouse. That and they can get close enough to snipe ground vehicles, whereas ORCAs, while certainly powerful offensively, are made out of wet paper, broken dreams, and $5 lobster defensively, meaning a single 600 Credit Wiesel can turn a 2500 Credit ORCA Fighter into scrap metal in about 0.4 seconds. Actually this is more a problem with the Wiesel isn't it? 

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To sum this whole thing up into one smaller, relatively concise final thing, I'm not actually doing GDI right now because I'm sleepy but most everything that applies to Nod also applies to GDI that wasn't mentioned to be an area GDI is lacking in:

1. There are far too many useless or redundant units. I believe that by combining some of the less useful units together, and on the whole buffing infantry against tanks, the meta can be changed so that buying a Flamethrower is something you do because you're organizing a flamethrower rush, not because you're suffering from alcohol poisoning. 

2. The SSM and Pion greatly disturb the balance on any map with large, clear sight ranges, turning almost any map where this is the case into a guaranteed Nod victory. The last game I played featured no less than 8 SSM's all happily pounding away at GDI's tight, defensless base with no counter or reprieve to be had. This happens all the time. I fully believe that if a Nod team used nothing but Wiesels and SSMs, and basic Stealth tanks, their winrate would actually improve on most maps. 

3. Banshees and anti tank Comanches have near uncontested dominance in the skies. In conjunction with Nod having quite potent anti air vehicles on their own, this actually has left GDI extremely lacking in the air. GDI has to defeat Nod with weight of numbers because pound for pound, Nod air is just wholesale better. Sensor Arrays are actually quite pricey due to needing near constant replacement at the front line. This all goes back to GDI requiring significantly more teamwork to win, whereas Nod has the tools to allow Lone Wolves to excel, or at least not be a bother to their team. One guy misusing a Shield can easily lose the game for GDI, one guy trying for the sixteenth time to nuke the barracks is probably eventually going to succeed. One guy dicking around in a Banshee can easily destroy 20k credits in vehicles before the GDI team coordinates and ambushes him, and that's assuming they even do that. 

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This is spread across two threads, so I'm probably going to get confused.


Suits in general (eg Sydney): I agree about making light weapon attack against them more effective.  I presume the design goal was to make a very difficult kind of infrantry unit, but what its has turned into is a version of a drivable tank with a smaller model.  High health, almost invulnerable to small arms fire, can't be headshot, moderately high range + damage output and can't be run over.

IMHO infantry and vehicles should be made as different as possible, not similar.  You want them to have different and varied tactics, not be the same things with different models and animations.


Autocannon six-wheel BRDM: (You want to remove, or turn into an upgrade option). One of my favourite vehicles :)  Few have discovered that this thing has one of the highest ranges of the nod weapons.   You can slowly pound buildings and harass/contain the enemy in their base from well outside their attack range.  It hits much further than the HUD would suggest.

I also use it to annoy mammoth drivers.  The particle effects of impacts + sound effects trick them into thinking I'm the biggest threat, so they shift fire to me in my just-out-of-range vehicle instead of my teammates.  It's also effective at killing infrantry repgun support near them.

On the other hand I can understand a lot of mammoth drivers getting really annoyed by me in my BRDM autocannon.  Mind you, I find piloting a mammoth the antithesis of fun, so I'm not sure if you can enjoy using them.

Women fight with swords.  Men fight with AUTOCANNON.


Comissar unit: (You want to remove) I believe this unit had other features planned to do with AI bots, but these have never been implemented.


SSM and Peony: (You believe are too powerful for NOD) Their weakness is how useless they are if you can get really close.

Getting close to an SSM however is pretty hard.  Perhaps they could be changed so have much slower missile turn rates and a much higher launch angle, so the 'safe distance' away from them is larger and easier to get into?  I think that could be a good change that makes them more interesting, rather than just nerfing them.

> The SSM should not have tracking.

This might be an idea too.  It's far too hard for a player to dodge their rounds across the map, making approaching really hard.

Edited by Veyrdite

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10 hours ago, Veyrdite said:

Women fight with swords.  Men fight with AUTOCANNON.

Hey hey hey. Women also fight with autocannon.


Because bitches LOVE cannons!


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SSMs are completely broken at 1200 credits. This is undebatable. Which is why no one will try to argue against this point. Same with Banshees. Keep making minor nitpicks and ignoring my actual key balance issues I have though.


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IMHO infantry and vehicles should be made as different as possible, not similar.  You want them to have different and varied tactics, not be the same things with different models and animations.

Okay but why is the difference "completely useless" and "completely broken?" Infantry suck in this game. There's some infantry with cheese potential, but that's it. I actually saw people using Rangers and Home Guard last night probably specifically because I called them out as useless.

Guess what happened? I one shot them before they ever even did considerable damage to me. Oh no they did like 2.3 tank shells worth of damage to me good thing I can repair it in 2 seconds with a technician. 

Autocannon six-wheel BRDM: (You want to remove, or turn into an upgrade option). One of my favourite vehicles :)  Few have discovered that this thing has one of the highest ranges of the Nod weapons. 

Actually that's my biggest problem with it, and stuff like the Wiesel. On top of just cluttering the space with weapons this thing represents a severe balance issues because such a cheap unit can do so well against such an expensive one. And it all comes down to range. 
Some ranges just don't even make sense, like the aforementioned BRDM. Why does it outrange tanks? This is such a ridiculous balance issue to even have. Mammoths should outrange everything except artillery, why? Because they're slow and will otherwise get kited. The two biggest reasons the original game's Artillery were overpowered is because the units had the best range and speed combination of any unit in the game. They could constantly duck in and out of cover, or just drive away from you while gunning you down just out of your range.

This is actually an old complaint that fell into the back of my mind I had previously brought up to Kaskins.
Ranges should be normalized heavily, having all these weird ranges hurts balance immensely. More so than a unit doing a little too much damage for its price tier. The Wiesel wouldn't be half as OP as it currently is if it had 10m less range than your average tank, even with its damage being so ridiculously high. 

Getting close to an SSM however is pretty hard.  Perhaps they could be changed so have much slower missile turn rates and a much higher launch angle, so the 'safe distance' away from them is larger and easier to get into?  I think that could be a good change that makes them more interesting, rather than just nerfing them. 

Yes and no. While they certainly deserve to not be able to outrun tanks, their biggest issue is just being pinpoint accurate with tracking. If they actually had to aim they'd be well worth 1200 credits because they'd not be able to hit tanks at max range anymore. They'd retain their use as great anti building but need to actually be closer to deal with tanks in large part. I don't even think they need a damage nerf as a whole if they no longer tracked because tracking is bullshit. Increasing their price to 3k doesn't actually fix anything, it just delays the game about 5 or 10 minutes more until Nod reaches critical mass on SSM maps. They just need to not track, maybe get a speed nerf even, and I think they'd be balanced.

But I do also think they should do less damage to heavy tanks even still. It's something like 200-300 armor damage per salvo which is ridiculous. Two of them can kill a Mammoth before it even gets into range and cost the same as one mammoth, less than some variants. 

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Ok before I go into depth about this is going to be very long. First of all thank you for your time for writing this very detail and explanation details. To begin the game breaks down in such a way of how I myself find Renegade is being played as Medium Tank, Artillery, MLRS and Stealth Tank rush ( sometimes a group of stealth tank with Flame tank rush which blow the idea ). Infantry in renegade are break down into Sakura, Havoc / Deadeye and Sniper. You may have argue my experience of Renegade maybe different from how you see but again this was my experience of Renegade ( I was also told that is the best Renegade can offer with minor tweaks to it. ) Just for your info the current build of IA is at 0.6 build where some maps are in E03 stage, is not yet build 1.0.. Just for your info.

Now with that out of the way, let’s begin how IA was design from ground. I do agree that the game is not perfectly balance. Ranges, Shell projectile, Vehicle Class, Infantry Class, Aircrafts and Naval Classes. The classes based system are based off from Massive Online Battle Arena where we have “Tanker, Mages, Fighter, Support, and Carry.” Although IA does not specifically link to how a champion/character was being farm or level up, but it was inspired by it where each character/champions have a very specific role in playing it and there are hidden passive for each one of them that the players have to find it out.

Vehicles there are Land Based, Aircraft and Naval.

Land vehicles

Car – APC – Light – Medium – Heavy – Super Heavy


Light ( Orca/Apache ) – Medium ( Hind/Chinook ) – Heavy ( Orca Bomber / Banshee )


Boat (Torpedo Boats/Recon variant of boat ) - Submarine ( Pending on To-Do ) – Medium (Frigate, Destroyer, Cruisers ) – Heavy ( Battleship )


Now the armor in Renegade currently is heavily shared by using vanilla Renegade preset where such as armor.ini and warhead.ini. I was specifically told back about that if I were to create custom armor.ini or warhead.ini it will not work and that is why I was only compound to work with what I have.

CNCVehicleHeavy are being used for Medium Tank, and Mammoth Tank.

Now If I were to introduce a new tank I would have to work around with that. Either I have to adjust the value.


For example the T-70 and T-90 are tier 1 vehicles for an early game, they are not useful in late game but I want to mitigate it as an Upgrade feature were in place for Firepower but were not being add in. If I were to remove them because nobody buy is a fair point, however they were rare useful and that rare scenario sometimes may make a good story to tell. I did draft out a plan that each vehicle when you buy is up to player to decide which upgrade they can do for each and individual vehicle only. But is still in a drafted stage.

Remove WW2 vehicles? Umm I think RA2 vehicles were Rhino tank which are closely based on T-34, besides they are the most produce tank in the world and I can you they are still around today in some countries still using it. They were heavily modernize up.

Now let’s take a look at the SU-85/100, SU-100/SU-152, SU-122-44 ( Are being overhaul firepower ) and the S-Tank they were based on RA2 cut content vehicle which I plan to fill it in. But if you pay close attention they are break down into tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 and tier 4 of the same vehicle.


Yes I use a lot of reference from fandom/wikia  and yes although is outdated but is a bit too late to know some are not correctly listed.

So Renegade took place after Great World War 2, which is Red Alert 1 -> Tiberian Dawn -> Renegade - > Tiberian Sun. Interim Apex took place in late Renegade era and although these vehicles are not in official C&C units but again this is Renegade you are down to earth playing it and most of this vehicle exist around the world in the many thousands. Nod I am pretty sure secure a few of this arsenal to fight GDI even tho some are outdated. But if you take a look at the campaign of Tiberian Dawn you may see that they were taken place in South Europe and Balkans which I am pretty sure have Soviet Era technology vehicles. You may take a look around Vietnam, Egypt, Afghanistan and their neighbor have a T-34 in their army, let alone Africa and Cuba.

 T-35 Meme tank? Yes atm it was not as feared before. In addition the suspension require a rebone and rework.


EDITED : Next Post

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The T-35 is underpower in the current build yes however, it is undergoing changes internally to overhaul the suspension.


Well based on one of the comment in RT what if I make a tank in T-35 :dance: in Renegade with modern guns, but is lock behind upgrade.

Tank Crew, Tank Commander and Tank Ace price are at 100-500-1000.

Now each tier up improve by 5 per 2.0 seconds -9 per 2.5 seconds -12 per 3.0 seconds

Now the reason is because if you don’t have enough money but if you can get tank crew to enter a vehicle ( regen purpose ) is better than having none at all.

As the price goes up doesn’t mean is better sure you have the best value but at a cost. This falls down to a scenario of having a cheap radio is 1000x better than having no radio at all. As the price goes up the value of radio improves but if you go highest end the price may cost ridiculously expensive than the radio.

So if I were to break it down.

MBT – Tier 1 (T-70), Tier 2 ( Bradley/T54 ), Tier 3 (T62/Tick tank ) , Tier 4 ( Tick Tank, BlackEagle ), Tier 5

AA – Tier 1 ( T-90 ), Tier 2 (Shilka/ZSU-57-2), Tier 3 (SA-8 Gecko), Tier 4 ( Tunguska ), Tier 5 ( N/A yet )

Tank Destroyer – Tier 1 ( ASU-57/85 upon upgrade ) Tier 2- SU-85/100, Tier 3 SU-100, Tier 4 ( Stridsvagn )

SPG/ Arty Tier 1 ( M110 ), Tier 2 – ( T-34/D-30 ), Tier 3 – ( G6 ), Tier 4 ( Koksan ), Tier 5 ( Yes is Pion your worst nightmare, China Nuke arty )



The Tier system does applies to vehicles heavily, now as for Infantry is another story for another day as in 2020 build I will only really dive into it and start working on it. I got heavily criticize when i touch the infantry stuff, so is best not to touch it.

Now most units have a specific role to play and is rare because it depends on the map. I can list a few scenarios.

  • Nod T-70 Rush GDI base in BattleforMidway result in GDI losing PP and harvester. Eventually GDI Lost, that was 1 scenario.
  • Blazing Sands a T-70 is on the top village and there was 2 records of a T-70 kills Sydney and Ignatio with Mobius Suit.
  • Mt.Bog StormTrooper use to flush out Sydney Mobius suit, only once tho so far.
  • Varies different sniper rifles, for me Marksman, Designated Marksman is far by the best sniper I have, and I can tell you I use them more than other sniper classes in terms of sniper role.

I can name a lot more, is best not to write too long.

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Given the current state of the game, perhaps this thread deserves a bump.

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