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  1. Bump, if anyone ever feels like taking over this idea and reviving it go ahead. I'm done.
  2. Semi-related, why was the unread post indicator changed from blue to grey on the reborn theme?
  3. I'm just glad the renegade gunboats with custom turrets were replaced.
  4. The obvious solution is to add Badgers with parachutes for infantry. I do think we should have more maps with yaks, but that for new maps designed around having planes in the first place not the current maps which can't have they currently.
  5. Psst, Overedit and it's second thread/version need to be moved to the new sub-forum.
  6. Mods are usually left out of C&C history videos.
  7. I have two suggestions for a "land" route. You could make a long windy underground/underwater tunnel from base to base with hazards and such. (Flooded sections, collapsed branches, and maze-like branching are a few examples I can think of.) Another "land" route would a series of rope bridges between icebergs connected the shore to on both sides by tunnels to islands near the icebergs.
  8. Sometime ago there was a semi-active forum game known as OverEdit. Today it is revived, but as something different. Today marks the start of the community drawing pad project. Credit to Moonsense715 fir the idea/ telling me to do it. To play download the canvas image add something and upload it here.
  9. Project Perfect Mod. https://ppmforums.com/index.php There is no life only modding.
  10. As some who has modded Tiberian Sun before do not use TibEd, just use notepad or some other text editor for editing the ini files. https://ppmforums.com/index.php?f=30 http://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberian-sun-client
  11. I should have said this yesterday, happy birthday Choppy.
  12. Peace through insanity!

    1. FRAYDO


      I like where this is going.

  13. I am going to take this moment to remind everyone that Ramapastring's TS client is a thing, also there is the current CNCnet TS client as well. (Both seem to work on Windows 10.)
  14. I can not figure out how to unlock the thing at the end of the room, after the orb room. Edit: Nevermind I found another thing.
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