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Found 96 results

  1. CHOOSE YOUR OWN ROLE - Remastered Edition INTRO I haven't seen a game coming up and what better way to come back (permanently this time)? This game will start in August (unless we get enough players earlier). Items, abilities, whatever you decide we'll try our best to incorporate it and balance as needed. If you find creating a role too hard, don't worry. We'll take whatever idea you give and try to make it fun and interesting while keeping the balance of course. Remember, the character you pick helps define the game! For those of you who are new to Choose Your Own Role style
  2. Introduction "Around the Seventh Blackstone Fortress lies a midden of shattered fleets – the graveyards of those foolish enough to try to take this ancient citadel by force. From the ruins of these failed ventures came a space station – a waypoint for those looking to venture into the fortress themselves. Precipice." Now even Precipice has come under assault. Not by a crusade of righteous zealots of the Imperial Creed, followers of the dark gods, or by one of the various perfidious alien species that infest the galaxy. By an "acquisitions" group who think the real riches of the black
  3. Hey everyone, we've been invited to Season 8 of Mafia Championship! Given I'm about to start a new job and I'm gonna be super busy, I probably can't do it this time. I say we send Shade, but we can discuss possible options here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Jys9pqrKSpZ3hEX17iuu4mtoG-c_7YbgHRTK0pAZCUQ/edit This doc is the invite, and has a link to this year's setup. Seems like it has a fairly balanced set of roles, some power roles and vanilla, so it's not mountainous at least.
  4. IntroductionWelcome to a game very loosely based on the Star Trek universe. You are a member of the United Federation of Planets, currently serving upon the Federation star ship USS Explorer as one of it's bridge officers. Your ship has been dispatched to deal with the growing Separatist movement on Valden II. In order to combat the growing threat and ensure that the planet remains loyal to the Federation you will engage in several missions to the planet surface, each one conducted by a carefully selected away team of you and your fellow officers. GameplayIn this game, you have two teams
  5. CLICK HERE if you just want to see what my work is about: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-j5DOoMIdrl60EZIXNjrlw https://www.skorvion.com/ _________________________________________________________________ I've been investing most of my time building up a creative project and team for the past couple of infinities, and I'm very happy and grateful to be able to share some of that if anyone is curious! I've combined my love of games and deep interest in personal development into an active project. This is Skorvion Games, where everything is focused on creativity, play and gam
  6. I play daily but casually. Will send gifts if I have them on hand. Would rather have people I "somewhat" know on my friend list as opposed to random internet strangers from reddit. I will help with remote raids from time to time as well. Referral codes are coming soon so if you haven't logged on in forever and want some extra rewards/goodies you can ask around for one. 6460-7153-9158 P.S. Valor ftw. P.S.S. If you get a request from a guy named SifuAlfredo, it's not FRAYDO and he may kill you. Pinned Codes 6460-7153-9158 JeodCripto @Jeod
  7. THE GAMEWelcome back to another Tiberian Sun: Reborn forum mafia game! After the first TSR Mafia was a success, I'm keen on making this a trend. I've tweaked the setup based on feedback, mostly expanding the roster. As such, the new role sheet is significantly larger. The most obvious addition is unit types, "Infantry" and "Vehicle." Infantry are the basic unit type, vulnerable to every type of weapon. Vehicles are bulletproof during the day, with the exception of certain units with the "Vehicle Destroyer" ability. As always, the role sheet is not meant to be a 100% accur
  8. Today I learned that the CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, keeps an unofficial GameSpot game guide to C&C Tiberian Sun in their online archives. https://www.cia.gov/library/abbottabad-compound/57/5790FAA57774FEE1A19C21F3F98FD10D_Tiberian_Sun_Guide.pdf Supposedly this was recovered from the Abbottabad compound (Bin Laden's safe house, if that rings any bells) and its collection of documents and files. Old news, new news, I thought this was neat to share if you have not already seen it.
  9. APOCALYPSE RISING MAFIA GAME ONE I don't think any introduction is necessary, but I do think after Killing_You's thrillingly successful Tiberian Sun Mafia game, it's a good idea to keep up the adrenaline rush. You can view the previous mafia game to get an idea of how it works. Below is the roster for this game, subject to change of course up until 72 hours before game start. ROLE QUANTITY DAY ACTION NIGHT ACTION Conscript 5 ##SHOOT <target> - Attempt to shoot and kill y
  10. INTRODUCTIONHello, and welcome to the first forum Mafia game based on Tiberian Sun: Reborn! This game is essentially a "mod" of Verti60's classic APB mafias. Hmm... a mod of a forum game based on a mod based on a game, which in turn is also based on a different mod of a different game in the same franchise? WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?! With a winter break in Dead Legion filming on the horizon, I'll have time to run this without the assistance of a co-mod. So for those who've played those games before, you probably know the drill. For those new, however, let me go over the details of what y
  11. CHOOSE YOUR OWN ROLE VI (SIX) INTRO The polls say the people want an unthemed CYOR game. As a patriot and believer of the American election system, it's time for CYOR VI! This game will start on Friday, November 6, at 10:00PM GMT (the usual time, but daylight savings time is soon so take that into account). If you weren't a part of my previous CYOR V, that anniversary edition was slightly themed with items from past games. This time, however, I fully expect every player to bring out their best, their baddest, their most chaotic ideas. My promise for this game is to try to deliver
  12. Can someone teach me how to play Mafia and other text based games?
  13. My work shifted schedules again so now instead of being in office every other day I'm in office one week out of the month and then remote. Here's a poll.
  14. For those of you haven't heard of it, there's a game called Among Us that's taken off lately. I've played it a little bit, and it feels like a real-time, fast-paced version of Mafia. Is anyone else interested in playing a few games matches this weekend?
  15. Theme Description: Kaiju is basically a Godzilla universe based Mafia game, with every player controlling a giant city destroying monster or giant robot or something capable of fighting them. Outside of that very simple general guideline though, I'm fairly flexible with anything as long as it relates to this theme. Start Time: Plan is to close the poll this weekend, and then try to make certain everything is balanced and ready to go by the end of the following week. Roles: Here's the standard example of a role request, shamelessly stolen from Jeod. And here'
  16. State of War : Overmind Storm Moddb: https://www.moddb.com/games/state-of-war-overmind-storm This year is 2099, Overmind win the war against the brotherhood, the brotherhood has retreated, but war didn't stop, they are still controlling some terrories and against the Overmind. As a commander of Overmind, you should lead the War machines and win the final victory This game is based on the State of War (2001) storyline, and use FPS mode to recreate this game, capture the structures and lead your army to victory! Unit Level: Advancer - Capture enemy structure, d
  17. Remember this? "Save me!" was one of the first forum games that we played here once W3D Hub was formed around 5 years ago. My, my, how the time flies! Well lets get right into it then. Its really simple, fun, and it goes like this: The OP (so me in this case) posts a description of a situation in which they are in peril, and will most certainly lose their life if there is no intervention. The next poster (which we will call P2 in this example) must then engineer a creative way (McGyver, Superheroes, The A-Team, Avengers, Donald Trump, etc) in which the previous poster will
  18. A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away... Welcome to the Star Wars Mafia 2: The Rise of an Empire! A Mafia CYOR Forum Game filled with special actions and events, as well as great space battles in great Star Wars fashion. Create your own character, select a profession and pick your weapon, and get ready to serve the Empire to bring Peace to the Galaxy! Game Introduction The next SW Mafia as hinted in the title, will be about the newly formed Empire, trying to bring Peace to the Galaxy by all means necessary. For this sole purpose, a gre
  19. This is going to be a simple mafia game, perfect for new players--and we have quite a few new faces recently! We'll play with an open setup with the following possible roles: Villager - No special actions. Aligned with Town. Doctor - Chooses a player to save at night. Aligned with Town. Cop - Chooses a player to investigate at night. Aligned with Town. Vanilla Mafia - No special actions. Aligned with Mafia. I'll select included roles based on player ratio. For example, for every 3 Town, there will be one Mafia. The minimum playercount therefore is 4 players, and I will
  20. INTRO It's been three years since CYOR I! Can you believe it? The first CYOR game I hosted was on May 1, 2017. Look out for some special features in this anniversary edition... This game will start on Friday, May 1, at approximately 10PM GMT/UTC, which is the usual game start/hammer time. Game start date and time are subject to change based on signed player count and role PMs received. For those of you who are new to Choose Your Own Role style mafia games, here’s a short explanation: at its core, CYOR is a standard mafia game. Town attempts to eliminate all hostile elements (maf
  21. CYOR Mafia: Choose Your Own Mafia Do you have some crazy role you've been itching to play as? As usual with my games, there will be an addition to core mafia mechanics. I've had two I've been toying with for a CYOR game, and I'll let you guys decide which one we use. Or we can just do a normal CYOR game if that's your cup of tea. The below descriptions are just an overview. Based on the roles created I may need to update with more specific rules when the game starts. But they should give you a feel for what it'll be like. I'd like to get the game started by 04/05 if possible. Th
  22. We need a place around here to share free non-C&C games! I'll start this thread off with a couple of my favorites from when I was a wee lad. Anyone can post here as long as the posted content follows the forum rules! That basically means nothing illegal, warez, etc. You know how to be good, so do it. Also please do not upload what you are sharing to the forum itself. Please use some other external file host. For the time being, I'm just using either my OneDrive or Google Drive. You can easily do the same. Please limit discussion in this thread to avoid clutter, and please please pleas
  23. I want to show the basic premise of this game early on. It's still in the design phase, so it will be a few days before I open signups. If anyone decides they like the design enough to co-mod or even volunteer to enhance (I don't have much experience with complex RPG games like this), please speak up. Again, this is planning phase, so don't go nuts on me over game balance and mechanics and whatnot *cough* Shade *cough*
  24. Welcome forum game junkies! Here's another quick fun touch-and-go game! (Great for me since I usually don't have time for more in-depth things such as Mafia.) This game works similarly to Corrupt A Wish, but somewhat backwards. How does that work? Well its simple! Someone posts a description of a situation in which they are in peril and will most certainly lose their life if there is no intervention. The next poster must then engineer a creative way (McGyver, Superheroes, The A-Team, whatever floats your boat) in which the previous poster will be saved from their peril, but
  25. Some might remember the first Cop Mafia that got blown into oblivion when the forums went boink a few years ago. It was requested that I host another one, especially since we have a lower player count this time of year. It's an open setup and relatively easy to jump in--perfect for new players. 5 Player Setup: Sane Cop - All cop reports are accurate. Insane Cop - All cop reports are opposite of what they should be. Naive Cop - All cop reports are innocent. Paranoid Cop - All cop reports are guilty. Vanilla Mafia - Kills cops. 8 Player Setup (Adds thes
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