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Found 55 results

  1. Nodlied

    Welcome to Vienna! You have all been invited by the Kaiser to see to it that we can revamp the declining Empire into something new. Despite our victory in the Weltkrieg, we find ourselves in an Empire out of time. The decline has turned into a crisis after the German Empire's Berlin stock market crashed a year ago, throwing the free world into the most horrific economic disaster in history: Black Monday. Germany, our Ally, has been dangerously weakened and overstreched, making it a prime target for the revanchist Syndicalist states in the West. The clock is ticking. This Augleich, after the failure of the one in 1927 where Hungary straight out left, might be our only remaining chance. However, the Kaiser has faith in all of you. Let's make the Empire great again! Some additional background information in video format. I have to commend OrangeP47 for immediately noticing the Kaiserreich setting, good job on that one lad. Like the previous game, Voe will be acting as a co-host in case I'm not able to be around for a night or whenever we feel like we need to post a cvc. I'll drill him a bit more this time to prevent any gun-like shenanigans from arising again. I wish you all a lot of fun palying this game. Known Objectives Your objective is linked to your role’s vision of the Empire. There are three different possibilities, each of them linked with a secondary one. 1. Primary Goal: This is your role’s vision of the Empire. Achieving this goal will win you the game. - Pluralism: The idea to reform the Empire into a Danubian Monarchy in which the different states are all equal. - Status Quo: The idea to retain the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary in which the Austrians and Hungarians are equal above all others. - Abolishment: The idea to abolish the Empire and divide it into multiple independent sovereign states. 2. Secondary Goal: This is your role’s idea on how to best achieve their goal. Achieving your goal this way will add a +1 to your victory score. - Reform: Your role intends to achieve their vision through reform. - War: Your role intends to achieve their vision a bit quicker by winning a civil war. - By any means necessary: Congrats, you have it a bit easier. Stability The stability meter shows how stable the Empire is at any given time. Actions and reforms can affect stability both positively and negatively. Should the Stability go below a certain amount, the Empire will descend into civil war. Keep an eye on the stability meter and see to it that the Empire stays stable during the Ausgleich… or not, depending on your objectives. Political power Political power (now known as PP) is a new mechanic that will provide a limit as to how many actions a player can undertake during a phase. This to compensate for the many different actions in the game, the lazy moderators, and to prevent another instance of an overpowered utility belt. The standard limit per day and night phase is 2 PP and the standard action tax is 1 PP. This means that you can use up to 2 PP during both the day and night. Each phase, you will regain 2 PP, although you won't be able to gather more than your personal limit. There are different ways as to how a person can gain additional political power. Which ones? You will have to find out for yourself. Passing reforms Passing reforms is part of the order of the day and night. During the day, you will all vote on a category of reforms. These are: Economic, Political and Military. At the end of the day phase, the category with the most votes will produce a new reform on which a variant can be voted on during the night. Because we are nice and follow the rules of democracy, voting on the reform variants will happen anonymously during the night. Voting on a category will cost 1 PP. Voting on a reform variant will also cost 1 PP. You vote on a category by using ##Reform <Political/Economic/Military> The vault and evidence base As with the previous game, we have an item vault as well as a modified evidence base. During the day, a player can be voted on to be allowed into the vault with ##VoteNominate <Player Name> (1PP). The vault holds the items, which can be taken and in which players can deposit their items if they so wish it. The evidence base is off limits to anyone that doesn’t have a key. Players can check up on a player’s actions and can use examples of unlawful activity to build a case on a player. Should a player have a case on him, he will be able to be jailed during investigation. Additional actions may be available though. It appears that we're pretty sure that Voe is scum. Investigations and lynching There is no lynching in this game. We’re beyond such a barbaric concept now. Instead we use the ##VoteInvestigate (0PP) action to take a look at a player. Investigating will uncover a player’s name, nationality, current status as either innocent, suspicious or hostile, and other relevant and irrelevant information. Innocent players will be freed immediately and will only provide some of their personal information. Suspicious players will spend one night in solitary, meaning that they're blocked during the night. All items of interests will be placed in the vault and will not be returned the following day. A hostile result means that the player will spend the rest of his days in prison, being blocked from actions and will lose all items, which are then placed in the vault. All information about the player will be revealed. (He’ll be eliminated from the game.) Civil war Should stability get below a certain threshold, the nation will descend into civil war. The teams are, as of yet, undecided and anything can affect the starting positions and the stability threshold of the civil war. How does it work? That’s something we’ll hopefully never need to explain. Signups Beyond all the game specific rules, standard mafia rules will apply. So only two posts at night, hammers can happen. You know the drill! Please note that the game set-up is, once again, experimental and I cannot guarantee flawless balance. But I do hope that you will all have as much fun playing the game as I had creating it! Sign-up's will end on the 22nd of July. The game is optimised for 10 players, but more are possible. 01. OrangeP47 02. Shade939 03. iLikeToSnipe 04. Jeod 05. Retaliation 06. TheIrishMan 07. Killing_You 08. Category 5 Hurricane 09. Sunflower 10. Fraydo Day and Night phases Day 1 Night 1 Day 2 Night 2 Day 3 Night 3 Day 4 Night 4 Day 5 Night 5 Day 6 Night 6 Day 7 Night 7 Day 8 Night 8
  2. PokeMafia Game Rules This initial ruleset is designed around Generation I. Therefore, Generation I battle rules and damage calculations are used. Pokemon may be selected from #1-151, minus legendaries and mythicals. In this case, players may not select Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, or Mew. Pregame Players will be assigned their role of either Trainer or Team Rocket. They will be asked to choose six Pokemon from the list of Base Forms. Movesets will be randomly assigned based on which moves their Pokemon can learn, but all players will start the game with two TMs from a list of TMs compatible with their roster. Of the Team Rocket members, one may be a Boss and if there are more than two, another may be an Admin. Boss Rocket and Admin Rocket may select one Evolved Pokemon to make up their party of six. *Note on evolution: Base Tier Pokemon all need 2 Victory Points (VP) to evolve, and Tier 1 Pokemon all need 3 VP to evolve. Discussion Phase Trainers and Rockets will discuss and vote on who they think is a Trainer and who they think is Team Rocket. At the end of the discussion phase, the selected players move to the Battle Phase. Double battles will take place on even cycles. The top two players from each vote category will be selected for the battle phase in this case. Battle Phase - Rules The selected players battle with their Primary Pokemon (1vs1). The losing Pokemon faints, and the losing player will panic and drop 1 Pokecoin to the victor, lessening the amount of actions they can take during the Rest Phase. The victor(s) will get a bonus TM prize if they rolled a critical hit at any point during the battle. The player(s) nominated as a Trainer can have their Pokemon healed after the next battle phase, provided they don’t battle consecutively. A player nominated as Team Rocket will not be able to heal their fainted Pokemon. If a player has three of their Pokemon faint, they’ll black out from the game! Battle Phase – Stats Pokemon have the following stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, and Special. All participants during the battle phase can post their turn, there is no need to wait for the opponent to move first. To remove the chance of exploiting priority moves like Quick Attack and Counter, players are asked to post Move 1-4 instead of the name of their move. After both players have posted, the GM will calculate damage. Speed stat will tell us which Pokemon makes the first move. Damage will always be rounded down. The damage formula is as follows: (((2.4 * Power * Atk or Spec/Def) / 50) + 2) * Modifier · Where Power is a move-specific stat (see Attackdex) · Where Modifier is = (Crit(0,1) + STAB) * Type o STAB is Same-Type-Attack-Bonus (1.5 if true, 1 otherwise) o Type follows the type chart (see Type Chart) Note: Ghost type moves are fixed to be 2x effective against Psychic types Note: Bug type moves are fixed to be 1/2x effective against Poison types Note: Poison type moves are fixed to be 1x effective against Bug types Note: Ice type moves are fixed to be 1/2x effective against Fire types Stat modifying moves like Agility function differently from the core series. They all retain their use limit (example: Agility can be used 3 times), but they all multiply the respective stat by Base / 2 each time rather than the traditional ‘stages’. For example, if Speed is initially 20, using Agility will raise the Speed stat to 30, 40, and 50 (20/2 = 10). Stats reset to Base after each battle. Battle Phase – Progress Blocks There may be instances where players can’t win. For example, a Ghost-type Pokemon with only ghost-type moves will be unable to damage a Normal-type Pokemon. The GM will try to prevent this with proper move distribution, but players can still back themselves into a corner via TMs. In the event one Pokemon can’t hurt another, the move Struggle will be used. Evolution Phase The winning Pokemon will gain a victory point. If the Pokemon has enough victory points at this phase to evolve, then it will and a mod-announced evolution will occur. Rest Phase - *Rocket players may have other rest actions available to them! All players will begin each Rest Phase with 2 Pokecoins unless they won or lost a battle. Each action during this phase will have a Pokecoin cost. Primary <Pokemon> (0 Pokecoins) – Select a primary Pokemon from your roster to battle with in the next battle phase should you be selected. Train <Pokemon> (1 Pokecoin) – Train with your Pokemon, granting it the equivalent of 1 victory point. If this Training action should help the Pokemon meet the evolution requirements, it will evolve without a mod-announced evolution. TMXX <Pokemon> <Forget Move> (1 Pokecoin) – Teach your Pokemon a new move, forgetting an old one. (i.e. TM06 Bulbasaur Absorb will replace Bulbasaur’s Absorb with Toxic) Shuffle <Pokemon> (1 Pokecoin) – Shuffle your Pokemon’s moves around. Useful if you have a priority move that you want to keep hidden. Scout <player> (1 Pokecoin) – Scout a player while they rest. See one of their Pokemon. Reference Guides TMs/HMs List – Generation I Attackdex – Generation I Pokedex – Generation I (find your Pokemon to see possible moves it can learn) Type Chart (use Generation I) Available Starting Pokemon Signed Players [Minimum 8] OrangeP47 Killing_You Shade939 *If you sign up, please send me a PM with your choice of six Pokemon, and a choice of one evolved Pokemon in case you're assigned a Boss or Admin Team Rocket role. *I'm still tweaking things to ensure a successful game. I'll be taking feedback and may change rules based on feedback or other potential problems I notice in the time before the game starts. I will post updates to rules any time something changes and will note why. *If the game is successful, I'll release a GM-Pack for this type of game so it can be run by other GMs. This includes a calculator I made to make battle phases easier: *The game is projected to start sometime between August 19 and September 8. I may request a co-GM if real-life situation demands it.
  3. Hey there :). Returning RA:APB fan here. Recently, I had to reinstall my computer, and as such, my APB installation went away. So I tried downloading the launcher, and my problems are 2fold: It says there's an update available right away. If I try to install it, I get this error, admin rights or not: Failed to install update. Error: Failed to extract updage package. Error: 1 is not a supported code page. Parameter name: codepage Then it opens the launcher like nothing happened. Afterwards, I try downloading A Path beyond (Also tried this with TS: REborn) But for some reason, it messes up every time with the MVSC-2015 file. And I get the "installation failed" message. I also tried uninstalling the Launcher folder as per this guide: To no use. I see this fella here had the same problem with installing as I had, but he had a working APB installation on another computer. I do not, but I will try installing on my laptop (Currently on stationary). For now, I'm pretty lost and sad that I can't play my beloved APB :(. I try reinstalling Visual Studio packages and update. Do you have any suggestions? errors.log
  4. Kaskins

    Hi Boys and Girls, I will be in charge of this topic regarding EXIMIUS, long story short. Eximius is a RTS-FPS hybrid that was heavily inspired by the cancelled "Tiberium", CoH/DoW and SC. Gameplay features The game is similar to C&C Renegade " Protect and Destroy" another winning condition are Control Point which were inspired by Company of Heroes series. A match consist of 1 Commander and 4 Officers, the Commander are the one who will be deciding what to build and manage the units, he can even join in the firefight. The officers are the backbone of the army who will lead the squad into firefight. Resources are Cash, Energy, and Ammunition. These resources are important as some of them require for purchasing structures, upgrades, units and support abilities. Here are some of the videos, you may or may not notice that I have posted in CNCNZ but not here. Well is better late than never 😛 A new gameplay mode called "Challenge" Where you are alone and pitched your skills to withstand the test of time as endless wave after wave of enemy pouring in. ATTENTION!!! Officers and Commanders position are open, enlist 2DAY! Sign up for closed beta. It will be rolling out next month http://seizethefrontline.com/ Moddb http://www.moddb.com/games/eximius Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=715771608 CNCNZ https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/21270-eximius-at-game-development-conference-2018-march/?tab=comments#comment-235710 The game will set to be release before the end of 2018.
  5. It is the 41st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. He is the Master of mankind by the will of the gods, and master of a million worlds by the might of his inexhaustible armies. He is a rotting carcass writhing invisibly with power from the Dark Age of Technology. He is the Carrion Lord of the Imperium for whom a thousand souls are sacrificed every day, so that he may never truly die. Yet even in his deathless state, the Emperor continues his eternal vigilance. Mighty battlefleets cross the daemon-infested miasma of the warp, the only route between distant stars, their way lit by the Astronomican, the psychic manifestation of the Emperor's will. Vast armies give battle in his name on uncounted worlds. Greatest amongst his soldiers are the Adeptus Astartes, the Space Marines, bio-engineered super-warriors. Their comrades in arms are legion: the Imperial Guard and countless planetary defence forces, the ever vigilant Inquisition and the tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus to name only a few. But for all their multitudes, they are barely enough to hold off the ever-present threat from aliens, heretics, mutants - and worse. To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times. Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be re-learned. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods. Welcome to Warhammer 40k mafia, Indomitus Edition! The last one was a mess only a GM could wish for, this time we'll hopefully see some more traditional mafia action. Balancing is the main thing left for me to do, so a second pair of eyes might be appreciated. Ideally we can get to 12 players, but we should be fine with 10. Mechanics that will probably show up include Scum Choice: Scum begins the game selecting their roles from a predefined list. Items: Certain roles can distribute or start with items. Items are distributed at the end of night. If a character can distribute multiple items, all are distributed. Every item by default has a ##pass action. If you would like to know more you want to sign up you should include a regiment/chapter/forge world/order/household/whatever to MAXIMIZE FLAVOR POTENTIAL. Games workshop has a good overview of imperial and chaos factions if you're unfamiliar with the setting. Signups: Nodlied - Cadian Shock Troops Jeod - <Classified> Shade - Lamenters Killing You - No subfaction Irishman - Blood Angels Cat5 - Sisters of Silence iLikeToSnipe - No subfaction FRAYDO - <Classified> Blujet - Death Korps PHASE START LINKSDay 1 Night 1 Day 2 Night 2 Day 3
  6. EA has announced a new C&C mobile game based in the Tiberium Universe. Here's the trailer. and here's gameplay.
  7. Looks like there's a Chinese Mobile game based off of RA2 coming out sometime in the future. Made by Tencent (in conjunction with EA supposedly) it's sounds like a Clash of Titans clone with an RA2 theme. Links: http://hongjing.qq.com/ http://shouyou.3dmgame.com/news/24485.html https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/21315-tencent-announces-a-red-alert-mobile-game-seems-legitimate/ Gameplay video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av21963446
  8. Open Janitorial Mafia is an open setup, which means the possible roles are known from the start of the game. The setup itself is called Janitorial thanks to the pivotal mafia role, the Janitor. The setup only has one doctor and one cop, plus a few other basic roles that haven't been seen on this forum before. Scumhunting is a must, but it shouldn't be as "in the dark" as a true basics game. JANITORIAL MAFIA ROLES Villager (3) The most basic of town roles, the villager has no actions except their vote. Doctor (1) The doctor is a town power role with the ability to protect one player each night, including themselves if desired. Sane Cop (1) The cop is a town power role with the ability to investigate a player each night and discover their alignment. Miller (1) The miller is a basic town role that is essentially a villager, but they will appear as mafia on cop reports and flip vanilla mafia on death. Oracle (1) The oracle is a town power role with the ability to target a player each night to be mod-revealed if the oracle dies. The oracle will only reveal their previous night target. The ability does not stack. Vanilla Mafia (1) The mirror role of the town villager, the vanilla mafia has no actions except a nightkill and a vote during the day. Janitor (1) The janitor is a mafia power role with a one-time ability to hide the role of the nightkill. The killed player will not be revealed for the duration of the game. Lawyer (1) The lawyer is a mafia power role with the night ability to make their target mafia teammate appear innocent on cop reports. This game setup requires 10 players to play. If you are brand new or have only a few games of mafia under your belt, this is a great entry point! The game will start within 72 hours of the minimum player count being met. Official date and time will be announced within 24 hours of the minimum player count being met. *This game is estimated to last up to Night 5, which equates to 15 days (48 hour days and 24 hour nights). Depending on how the game plays out, the timeframe might be longer or shorter. Co-Moderator (1 Needed) Killing You Signed Players (10 Needed) OrangeP47 Category 5 Hurricane Shade939 iLikeToSnipe Nodlied FRAYDO Inferno Mojoman ChopBam TheIrishMan
  9. iLikeToSnipe

    Vanilla-Chocolate Twist MafiaGame InfoThis will be a mostly vanilla game of mafia; I do have a couple of minor twists though. So, if you want a mostly vanilla game go ahead and signup! I'd prefer to run this game with at least 10 players but 8 might be doable. Players and Game StartStart time is April 25th 6:00 PM EST. Signups close April 23rd 6:00 PM EST. Please PM me your preferred email for Google Docs if you sign up. Current Players: (10/10) Jeod TheIrishman Category 5 Hurricane ChopBam OrangeP47 FRAYDO Nodlied Mojoman Shade939 Sunflower
  10. Sometime ago there was a semi-active forum game known as OverEdit. Today it is revived, but as something different. Today marks the start of the community drawing pad project. Credit to Moonsense715 fir the idea/ telling me to do it. To play download the canvas image add something and upload it here.
  11. Welcome one, welcome all, to the newest edition of W3D Hub Mafia! This time... Marvel Secret Invasion Mafia! How It Works (shamelessly stolen from Jeod ↓) For the new faces, 'Choose Your Own Role' mafia is literally that. When you sign up, you send me a PM with a character name (any universe, any character within reason). If you like, you can even give some background on the character and suggest/request a role mechanic for the character. When I get the PM, I take your character and your ideas, and create a custom role based on it. For this game, however, not only will you be restricted to certain Marvel characters, but you will also be unable to request alignments. You see, since this game is based on the comic storyline of the same name, it will revolve around Earth being invaded by a shapeshifting alien race known as Skrulls. Therefore, the Mafia team will be selected at random rather than based on character/role requests. This means there will be no neutral or third party team in this game. In addition, due to the nature of the storyline, your character must either be from Earth or spend a large chunk of time there due to association with Earth or Earth based factions. Other than that, anyone is fair game. Examples of acceptable character requests Iron Man Magneto Thor Daredevil Dr Doom Examples of unacceptable character requests Star-Lord Galactus Korg Also, I should mention: The only changes your characters will receive should they be picked as Skrulls is access to the nightkill and Mafia doc. Finally, I would like each player to submit at least 2 role requests. This should allow some wiggle room for balance purposes, as well as to ensure everyone gets to play a character that they're happy with (since trying to sift through 5 people requesting Iron Man would be a pain ) Sign-Ups and Start DateThe game is set to start on April 7th, at 6:00 PM EST. I may also require a co-moderator on Mondays and Tuesdays, as I will be at work during normal hammer time. Sign-Ups- 10/8 Minimum Jeod OrangeP47 iLikeToSnipe TheIrishMan Mojoman Category 5 Hurricane FRAYDO Shade939 Sunflower ChopBam BookmarksDAY 1 NIGHT 1 DAY 2 NIGHT 2 DAY 3
  12. First of all, that just my thoughs about a mod, not that i plan something in that way. And forgive me, when my grammar or english skills overall sucks as hell. Maybe somebody know at a few times a tiberium dawn mod was in the discussion and never became reality. "BUT YOU HAVE RENEGADE AS A FPS GAME THAT TRANSFERS TD INTO 3D!!!" - thats true but not in that way what i imagine. Renegades placement in the timeline is first more like at the end of the first tiberium war and have more developed units, weapons and structures and seems like more a futuristic skin for tiberium dawn. and also most of the time its happen in america so thats why maybe many things looks so different in the game (maybe for european and african missions, the battalions of gdi and Nod use slight other versions of their tech) so imagine a westwood Tiberium dawn like 1995 in 3D. we have serveral things we could use it for. first the ground would be "A Path Beyond and renegade. these games (or more called that one "game") have everything to use all units and mechanics from TD. Nothing complex like chronosphere tech or mind control our sub-terrain units. most of the units are quite similiar in apb = light tanks allies = LT Nod, Mid Tank Allies = MT GDI, Mammoth Soviets = Mam GDI, APC is quite the same too from the model perspective and destroyer boats also like the gdi gunboat. also we have serveral inspirations what we can use. ages ago in the early renegade mod era, sole survivor released and was a mod to capture the "sole survivor" feeling into renegade. if you want a short look https://www.nexusmods.com/commandandconquerrenegade/mods/43 every unit and structure in that game looks way more TD like. also the Virtual Westwood Museum had a few units that looks way more like TD http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-virtual-westwood-museum-mod also a guy that try to make another TD mod has a few nice models https://web.archive.org/web/20150205011258/http://3dholmes.com/images/project/ccnz/ and nyerguds had a sweet collection of renders from TD http://nyerguds.arsaneus-design.com/cncimg/img_archive/ we could even have a special map where you must defend the prototype of the gdi powersuit, since in TSR walkers are a thing. so the problem right here is not that much the coding, it's more the artist stuff and mapping. we know W3D Hub lacks of 3D Modelers, Mappers and Texture Artists. Thats why we don't have cruisers and migs in APB or a faster progress on the models in RA2AR :/ for the maps you "could" use a lot of Renegade, APB and TSR Maps but first i don't know if the groups of W3D share stuff and second the game wouldn't have unique maps to play. Also we would need alot of free people since all teams have enough to do with their own projects. i'm not a proffessional 3D artist, i've just started with a little bit 3D modding in dragonball xenoverse 2 and can't even make textures :/ i only dream about if would be nice to have a real TD Mod for renegade. it's sad that many mods like scud storm for generals or the 2-3 tiberium wars mods are just fast builded mods with the 3D models of the rts games and are mostly dead in development (despite it also exists tiberium twilight maps, i think a real mod about that would be interesting to play) and RA3 got only one or two Renegade mods that died realy quickly so only W3D hub had fucking great renegade mods and even a Dune Mod!. You guys are just awesome.
  13. HOW IT WORKS (shamelessly stolen from Jeod ↓) For the new faces, 'Choose Your Own Role' mafia is literally that. When you sign up, you send me a PM with a character name (any universe, any character within reason). If you like, you can even give some background on the character and suggest/request a role mechanic for the character. When I get the PM, I take your character and your ideas, and create a custom role based on it. But for this game, you must be a God. It can be from any platform or religion aside from a monotheistic one, so Gods from Shintoism, Hinduism, or any sort of mythology - like Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, Celtic or Norse - would be fine. You can even choose "fictional" Gods from anime, books, or games, like the Daedric Gods from Elder Scrolls or the Gods from Magic The Gathering. If you'd like, you can instead choose a Demi-God, although if you do, your personal abilities will not be as strong, but you will gain an item - a god's weapon or artifact - with it's own effect. Similar to Jeod's CYOR III, items can be used in conjunction with abilities. As an afterthought, I'm allowing Devils and God-killing Humans (must have killed at least one God) as well. I will make an announcement when I receive all character PMs. If you want to change your character, you must do so within 24 hours of the previous request. Sign-ups will close on March 11th or 12th (depends how many people we get). Game is set to start March 12th or 13th 6:00PM EST. *This is not a mafia game for the faint of heart. You could be beheaded, maimed, stuffed inside an anus, or all of the above. This game will have some wacky shit going on. You've been warned. Sign-Ups - Minimum 10 Killing You OrangeP47 Jeod iLikeToSnipe Shade939 Nodlied Category 5 Hurricane ChopBam FRAYDO
  14. Killing_You

    Greetings and salutations, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, of all races, genders, sexualities, preferences, colors, and religious beliefs (or lack thereof). Here we go, at this point, I am ready to host a game myself. Which one, well, that is for you to decide. You have two options. [MARVEL] Secret Invasion (CYOR)Secret Invasion is based on the comic storyline of the same name, and will feature several key members of Earth being replaced by an alien race known as Skrulls. This will follow some of the basic rules of CYOR, with a few alterations: -All roles submitted will be submitted without alignment requests. Once all roles have been received, those selected to be Mafia will simply be given the "Skrull" modifier, which changes your win condition, as well as grant access to the scumdoc and nightkill ability. -There will be no neutral or third party alignments. This will be a pure town/scum game. -To prevent overlap of both character and role requests, each player will need to submit at least 2 different roles. In theory, this should allow each player to have fun creating their role while allowing some wiggle room for balance. -Finally, due to the nature of the storyline, I'd like players to keep their roles bound to Earth. This will allow people to play as the Avengers, the Defenders, the X-Men, etc... but not the Guardians, for example. This setup can be run with a minimum of 8 players. [DC] Flashpoint (Crisis)Also based on a similarly named comic storyline, this game will feature an alternate universe created by Barry Allen after an attempt to save his mother from death. Bruce Wayne is dead, Barry has lost his powers, and the world is caught between the Atlanteans and Amazons, who are on the brink of war. If the conflict escalates much further, the world will be leveled by a war far more devastating than anything it has seen before. Like most Crisis games, this will feature a group of Warmongers attempting to raise the World Tension meter to 100%, sparking a world war, while Town works to eliminate them. This setup can be run with a minimum of 10 players. So, there we have it! Pick away, and I look forward to which one gets picked!
  15. Jeod

    INTRO I believe we're all ready for a nice relaxing break after Verti60's excellently stunning Star Wars Mafia. This game, CYOR Mafia III, will start on Thursday, March 1st, at approximately 10PM GMT/UTC, which is the usual game start/hammer time. Game start date and time are subject to change based on signed player count and role PMs received. For those of you who are new to Choose Your Own Role style mafia games, here’s a short explanation: at its core, CYOR is a standard mafia game. Town attempts to eliminate all hostile elements (mafia and third party). Mafia attempts to eliminate players and outnumber the other factions. The third party has specific win conditions based on their role, and the neutral faction is similar; neutral faction players, however, are not considered hostile. If you sign up for this game, you will send me a PM with your role request. You can customize your role as much as you see fit, and I will do my best to honor your request. Here’s an example of a role request: The more information you include in your request, the more accurate your final role will be. Here’s a template to help guide your request, although it’s not necessary to use when sending me your PM: You can request a specific alignment, but I can’t guarantee it will be the alignment you receive. Also, if you weren’t present for CYOR II, I’ll mention it again: please do not request overpowered roles! Keep game balance in mind. It’s much easier on the GM—and yourself—if you keep your role realistic for a mafia game. CHANGES FROM PAST CYOR GAMES CYOR I introduced item mechanics into the game. Items could be passed around and used by any player, regardless of role. Typically, each item type would have an origin. For example, before any Vials of Synthetic Watermelon could be used, they would have to be created by Black Science Man and passed by that role. In CYOR II, items were absent from the game due to how quickly the game was put together. In CYOR III, items are not only making a comeback, but they’re going to have a more powerful presence. Usually, if a player was killed before they could create or pass their items around, then the game would never see those items used. It was an unfortunate scenario in CYOR I, and so this time if “origin roles” exist, then they will start the game with one or more of the items they create. As with roles, if you choose to request an item in the game, please try to keep it realistic and relatively balanced. Requests for “magic potions that instantly discover mafia” will not be honored! Remember, requesting an item is optional! Co-Moderator If you’ve never hosted a mafia game or want to see some behind-the-scenes work, I’ll be accepting one co-moderator for this game. It’s entirely optional, but a great way to get some “GM Cred” without having hosted a game before. You’ll essentially see everything about the game and how I resolve actions, and I’ll sometimes ask you to check my work to ensure accuracy. Note: Applying for this role means you will not be able to join the game! Note 2: I'll most likely need a co-mod to assist me during the weekend of March 17-19, when I'll be moving out of my current apartment. Signed Players – 8 Minimum Killing You Shade939 Sunflower OrangeP47 Nodlied TheIrishMan Category 5 Hurricane FRAYDO ChopBam Retaliation
  16. Voe and I were talking about trying to organize an APB clan war type of thing with anyone interested. Some high level play with teamspeak and everything.The problem is that we don't have the playerbase to support two high-end clans facing it off properly without one overpowering the other by sheer pro-player-snatch-up. To counter that we're going to try and make a community-wide roster and put everyone in teams prior to a match depending on game experience so the team skillsets are somewhat evened out. Anyone who applies to participate cannot expect for their entire clan to be placed on one side, it all depends on how many skilled players we have to put in game. We'll need somewhat evened out teams. We can handle this by having two very experienced W3D Hub staff members picking team members prior to the begining of a PUG (Pick-Up-Game) match on teamspeak. You don't have to have a microphone to participate (but it would greatly boost the quality of the game if you did!), but you do need to be able to listen in and follow directions if a strategy is being put in motion in game. Anyone who wants to join up and apply to play in PUG matches can just leave a reply here. We're trying to see how many people we can scrape up to play in organized matches. Ideally on a weekend for this first test. Anyone can play as long as you cooperate, don't go against a chosen team leader's game tactic and don't team hamper or break any server rules. We also need people interested in moderating and helping organize the thing, just keeping track of people and helping set up teams prior to a match on teamspeak. (moderators feel free to edit and add or remove people from the roster) POSSIBLE PLAYER ROSTER:
  17. https://rebellion.com/games/battlezone-combat-commander available on Steam and GOG yeah its.... its a thing now...... the entire series has now officially been remastered thanks to the sexy boys at Rebellion..... its 10% off ($17.99 USD) for the next day or so, so uh... yeah.. pick it up and have a nostalgia boner the likes of which you've never seen before.....
  18. A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away... Welcome to the Star Wars Mafia: Jedi vs Sith, a Mafia CYOR Forum Game with special Force powers and extra Lightsaber/Force dueling phase! Create your own character, assign skills and Force power orientation, and get ready to restore the balance of the Force to the Galaxy! Game Introduction SW Mafia: Jedi vs Sith as hinted in the title, will be about a newly formed Jedi Council members trying to find out who's the Sith among them. While the Sith (Mafia) will work undercover together to undermine the Council and destroy the Jedi (Town) within, the Jedi must find them and destroy them before it's too late. The status of the game will be monitored by the "Force Balance Indicator" (or FBI for short, no pun intended) which will determine which side of the Force (light or dark) dominates. There will be multiple factors that will determine this, mostly by player actions. The game will end if either all Sith have been destroyed, or when the Dark Side of the Force consumes all of the Light Side on the Force Indicator (this will be tracked in daily CVCs - or Cumulated Vote Counts for short). The game requires at least 10 players to sign up and play. It will probably last for a few weeks, but no more than 4, depending on how the game goes and how many will sign up. All players that sign up need to create their character (optional CYOR) and PM me before the game start, see below in character creation section how to. About the Game This Mafia Forum Game will pretty much follow some of the standard Mafia Rules, such as phases, night actions and classic Town vs Mafia setup. The biggest difference, however, will be the basic player elimination process. This will not happen during the "Day" phase as normally, but during the extra "Duel Phase", which will be explained below. Furthermore, the player elimination may not be instant but will require a fighting mechanic with RPG and RNG elements. Hence player characters will also have individual statistics (such as health, attack, force points), skills (such as intelligence or dexterity), and extra Force powers that can be used during or outside the Duel phase. The game will be broken into two phases: A Council Meeting (classic Day phase) and "The Duel" (a classic Night phase and battle phase combined). I'm considering that both will last 48 hours so that everyone can participate regardless of availability. Council Meeting will be a phase where all the public talks will take place, there won't be any fighting during this phase. The purpose of this phase is to discuss and determine who among the Council members are the Sith, and who should be the chosen One to stand up to fight the Sith. And thus, there will be only two options available during this phase: voting for someone who could be the Sith and at the same time, voting for somebody who could be the Champion in order to fight the Sith. Players with most votes will then meet in the Duel. Their identity will be revealed prior The Duel start, but not their allegiance. The Duel will be the only phase where battle actions will be allowed to use, whether multiple Force techniques or Light Saber attacks. Only the Duelists will be allowed to post in public though, and there won't be any other discussion. The Duel will be turn-based with monitored individual player stats, each player playing their turn after the other player has finished. The champion will always start first and have the advantage to strike his opponent down. Most of the battle actions will be, however, modified by RNG and player skill set, as well as all Force-based actions. The purpose of the duel is to defeat the opponent - preferably the one with the most Sith votes. The Duel will end once one of the players is defeated, which will also result in that player's elimination, and his/her allegiance to the Force will be revealed. The victor of the Duel, however, will be able to learn extra battle technique and one-time immunity to be chosen for the next Duel as Champion (unless he's voted to be the Sith this time). While the Duel is ongoing, the Sith (unless they're fighting) will meet secretly in order to plot their next move to undermine the Council (there will be multiple ways to do this). The other Council members will have the opportunity to use one of their Force Powers in order to help with the investigation, help others or simply meditate in peace to heal or discover new ways of the Force. Create Your Own Character (CYOR) Guidelines Every player character in the game will have his/her own modifiers and characteristics that will determine the basic actions that can be used in the game. Aside from that, there will also be the flavor, which is not really important game wise, but will give the player some sort of identity. Creating a character is not mandatory, but I strongly suggest that you put some effort into it before the game starts as it may influence your progress in the game. Please follow the instructions on how to create your own character: Flavor: First off, you need to choose or create a character of your own from the Star Wars universe. There are no limitations, but please have in mind, that you are creating a Jedi Master to fit the theme of the Council Meeting (town). Even if you want to be a Sith (mafia), you will need a Jedi identity first. You can also pick any existing character from the SW universe, but please do not choose one of the main protagonists or antagonists such as Yoda, Luke, and Anakin Skywalker so we won't have them all in one plot. You can be original and pick one from the extended universe, or even create your own one from scratch. Here's how you do it: Jedi Name - you can use a name generator, or make up your own (in Forum guidelines though, nothing offensive allowed) Sith Name: If you would like to become a Sith, send me your Sith name in case you will be chosen for the mafia role, otherwise it will be given to you (e.g. it starts with "Darth") Race - pick from many races of the SW universe, this will help to make your avatar appearance, and may or may not to result in some easter eggs in game or extra skill boost Background - your own personal Flavor text that will be revealed if you are chosen for Duel. Colour of the Lightsaber - every Jedi needs one, so please pick Character Attributes & Skills The attributes of your character apply bonuses or penalties to everything from combat to skill checks to Force powers. Check each attribute to see what aspects of gameplay it can affect. You have to pick two, but only one from each category: Combat Skill Focus - These skills affect your core character attributes such as attack, defense, and health, most important in battles. Pick one skill which you would like to focus on: Strength - is your physical power, adds modifiers to melee damage and chance to hit, which is important for characters that focus on close-combat (e.g. with Lightsabers). Dexterity - is your agility and reflexes, adds modifiers to ranged attack rolls and increases a character's Defense rating, making them harder to hit. Constitution - represents health and resiliency, adds modifiers to the health points gained and regeneration rate. Knowledge Skill Focus - These skills affect your character's progress, and how you handle the Force, so it ties up with the Force abilities as well. Pick one skill which you would like to focus on: Intelligence - represents knowledge and reasoning, doubles your rate of learning new things. Wisdom - represents willpower and perception, adds modifiers to Jedi Force Points and Force Power abilities associated with combat. Charisma - represents personality and the ability to persuade others and adds modifiers to Force-related feats and powers that are related to non-combat actions. Force Powers The Force has a range of powers that function in accordance to fundamental attributes that were cardinal in nature and categorized by the way in which a user was able to focus on the Force while using an ability. The aspects of the Force were divided into Control, Sense, and Alter by the Jedi Order. During the game, you may be able to learn more aspects of the Force. This knowledge will grant you actions that you can use either during the investigation or directly during the battle as well. There are also Powers that are general/basic and those will be available to everyone from start, but you have to choose one branch that you want to focus on first: Control - the ability to control one's own body and thoughts. Grants access to protective night & duel actions. Sense - allows Force-wielders to immerse themselves in the environment. Grants access to scouting night @ duel actions. Alter - focuses on the ability to manipulate other objects. Grants access to offensive night @ duel actions. Choosing one aspect of the force will basically determine your orientation in the game from the Mafia standpoint as well. E.g. If you choose sense, you will basically get a cop/scout action. You cannot directly pick your actions from start, but you will be able to learn more actions. Once you have picked your flavor characteristics, skill attributes and the Force Power aspect, PM me. If you won't pick by the time I'll start balancing the game, your character, skills, attributes, and aspects will be randomized. Game Update I will have some trouble maintaining availability to run the game during January, hence I'm looking into ways to automate some of the game elements, or make them easier to handle. Hence some parts of the game are currently redesigned and I will need at least a week to create a force tracker and duel simulator. If we can get enough sign-ups and everything goes well, the first go-live date could be next Monday, January 8th (but it's still a subject to change) Jedi Council: Jeod Nodlied ChopBam TheIrishman Killing_You Shade939 OrangeP47 Sunflower Retaliation Category 5 Hurricane FRAYDO Voe Game Links: DAY 0 - Jedi Council Tutorial Duel tutorial NIGHT 0 - Night Action Guidelines DAY 1 - Jedi Council Meeting Duel - Night 1 NIGHT 1 - Rest DAY 2 - Jedi Council Meeting Duel - Night 2 NIGHT 2 - Rest DAY 3 - Jedi Council Meeting Duel - Night 3 NIGHT 3 - Rest DAY 4 - Jedi Council Meeting Duel - Night 4 NIGHT 4 - Rest DAY 5 - Jedi Council Meeting Duel - Night 5 NIGHT 5 - Rest DAY 6 - Jedi Council Meeting Duel - Night 6 NIGHT 6 - Rest DAY 7 - Jedi Council Meeting Duel - Night 7 NIGHT 7 - Rest DAY 8 - Jedi Council Meeting Duel - Night 8 NIGHT 8 - Rest DAY 9 - Jedi Council Meeting Duel - Night 9 NIGHT 9 - Rest Game Ending, Outro, Rewards, Player Info & Game Mechanics LightSaber Tournament
  19. I've got an idea for a different style of mafia game, but I don't know if there's enough interest to host it yet. It seems like a lot of you are itching for a CYOR next, but I had a lot of fun imagining this while writing it up. So, here are the options for my March Mayhem Mafia: 1. Traditional CYOR - Any role, any character, any universe 2. Themed CYOR - Only roles and characters from a specific universe (e.g. Disney or Dreamworks) 3. Card Game Style "Mafia Roulette" (Details below -- I will count Poll Options 1 and 2, and 3 and 4 together and choose the higher of the two for specific setup)
  20. so...where is TS:reborn 2.0?i can't find it,and why no people play the server,is it dead or what?
  21. SilverShark

    I've been recently experimenting with a MC mod that allows the creation of custom entities, and have been using it to illustrate my game ideas in an interactive form, which has proven useful for someone with limited coding capabilities. With help of the mod, I recreated Bitmap Brothers' Z inside the game.
  22. As promised, here's an interest thread with poll so you can pick a next game I'm gonna run. Remember that each game requires certain amount of votes in order to be picked, and in case of multiple games making it, the game with more votes will take precedence. Here's some more info regarding the suggested games: RA:APB-themed Mafia Forum Game VI/VII: Type: Battle action RA:APB flavor Mafia Min. Player votes: 10 Availability: Option 1 can be run immediately, Option 2 at least in 1 or 2 weeks Option 1: Option 2: Part VII will include experimental naval combat, more or less ship combat would be played on grid battlefield alongside the normal mafia gameplay, so ##shoot actions would not be run by classic RNG this time but by the ship position on the grid itself. Think of it as mafia + battleship board guessing game. RA:APB-themed Mafia Chat Game: Type: Battle action RA:APB flavor live Mafia, played on our Teamspeak Min. Player votes: 5 Availability: anytime We can play the chat version anytime and whenever between forum games. Just need at least 5 players to sign up so we can schedule an hour or two event for it. TS: Reborn themed Mafia Forum Game I Type: Battle action TS: Reborn flavor Mafia Min. Player votes: 8 Availability: in 1 or 2 weeks The first version will only include infantry, no vehicle or building characters, so it will be a very simple concept at first, hence less players required. Kinda like Infantry Beta, yes? :D Infantry combat will be played differently from classic APB Mafia - instead of RNG, we will have character health-bars, armor, and stealth (similar to Dead Space games). Star Wars Mafia - Jedi vs Sith Type: Star Wars flavor Mafia CYOR with extra Duel phase Min. Player votes: 10 Availability: in 2-3 weeks The game will include standard mafia mechanics (finding Sith among the Jedi council), force balance (equivalent of the marker convergence meter in DS games, or world tension in WW games) as well as extra dueling phase, where two voted individuals will fight with light-sabers and force special powers. RPG/Strategy Game - flavor to be determined Type: RPG/Strategy game Min. Player votes: 10 Availability: in 2-3 months If you are up to play a RPG game, which would last a bit longer than standard mafia, vote for this. I still have some concepts in mind, such as for Dead Space flavored (RPG) or the previously announced Red Alert (Strategy) one. Or we can have something completely different. I probably won't have time to have it ready this month and next month I'll be busy so it's more or less for Spring time next year.
  23. AZ-Stalker

    There's a game I've seen played on multiple forums through out the age of man in various forms, so I'd like to try making a version for our use. For practicality, I'm calling it the three word story. The story is compiled by splicing together everyone's consecutive input. Each participant posts a three word line with tasteful punctuation and such cut-offs when there is a need for it. Every next post must build upon the last post's three word line. You don't need to copy the text, just post a continuation. And please don't double post, you only get one line at a time. Let's keep it C&C oriented so we get something unique. But please keep it somewhat of a coherent storyline (example: don't kill off our main character as a joke). We'll compile the posts and post the full story by editing this first post every now and then. If two posts get sent in at the same time, we'll try to splice them in, so watch out for that notification! We'll end the story when we feel its potential has been exhausted or it comes to a good conclusion on its own. Note that you can drop in and out of the game as you please, just hop on and make a post whenever. No need to announce yourself. Example of how the game works: POST 1: A Nod cyborg POST 2: was making a POST 3: snowman when suddenly POST 4: he got EMP'd. POST 5: He exhaled, deeply, POST 6: only to realize POST 7: he didn't know POST 8: if he would POST 9: ever finish his POST 10: snowman. GDI was POST 11: the culprit. They POST 12: snuk around him... (ect.) We'll flesh out any additional pointers and rules as we run into bumps in the road. We'll refine the guidelines along the way. Additionally, if you feel like commentating about the game, make sure to first include your three lines clearly at the top of your post separated from your thread comment so it's easy to collect all of them for compiling, maybe mark it in the gold text color like the following. Let's see how this goes. I'll start: A disc thrower THREE WORD C&C STORY Compilation #1 NOTE FOR STAFF: Feel free to edit the story compilations above by writing in the missing pieces whenever you feel like it.
  24. Hello and welcome to Cuban Missile Crisis Mafia. This is a game for 11 to 13 players. I know that's a little strict, but the game mechanics don't work well at lower player-counts. The game will feature the traditional teams, but also a "World Tension" mechanic. Town seeks to prevent nuclear war, and mafia seeks to instigate it. While victory can occur through normal means, mafia can also win if world tension hits 100, and war occurs despite everyone's best efforts. Other standard rules apply, and more elaboration will be given with the first day post. In the mean time I am available to answer any questions you may have regarding the game. Please post below if you wish to sign up, and also PM me both an email for use with google docs AND a random number between 1 and 13. This random number will help me "seed" the RNG that determines which role each player gets. Sign ups will close on November 18th and the game will begin on November 20th. Hammer time will be standard 6pm EST/11 PM GMT. Players - 11 Minimum Nodlied Jeod TheIrishman FRAYDO ChopBam Killing_You Voe Cat 5 Shade Retaliation Mojoman Bookmarks Day One Night One Day Two Night Two Day Three Night Three Day Four Game End