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Battle for Dune April Update! (Blog #125)

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Since W3D was also used in C&C Generals (just updated and renamed to SAGE), it's actually a surprise to me why nobody tried producing an RTS project up until now using W3D. This engine is a lot more accessible than the SAGE engine and with the right amount of work it could produce a better RTS game than anything on the SAGE engine.


Looking forward to seeing more progress.

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Earth? You mean Caladan?

Newp. They're two different planets.



Yes, I was referring to the once toxic and radioactive wasteland which is now nothing more than a glass ball called Terra.

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So, do I need to read Dune, and then play the RTS games (I assume it's just C&C gameplay in another setting?), in order to get what's going on here?


Not really, since the games take a different direction with a different universe inside of Dune's. But as Killing_You said, read the book(s) by all means they are great!


(I played the games first)

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You will add the subhouses how Sardaukars,Fremen, etc?


Damm a new Dune rts game this will be awesome c: Excellent work. The Baron will be happy :dance:


Hey there, I'm really sorry to burst the bubble but this was an April Fools joke! We are still going to be making an FPS/TPS but we agree that another Dune RTS is really needed!

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