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  1. Mihaita12

    Can anyone adjust password space? I can't put my password!!
  2. Mihaita12

    We need to improve the 16:9 resolutions!
  3. Where? I'm not good at coloring at Paint.net I need to be trained very harder to color and draw very correctly and very harder
  4. Nothing, we sit here and we wait and do nothing like statues and pupils!
  5. Mihaita12

    Thanks, i tried it and i liked it very much
  6. Mihaita12

  7. Mihaita12

    These Allied structures are nice! What about Soviet Units and Buildings?
  8. Mihaita12

    Can it explode?
  9. Mihaita12

    Who's Jack Skellington
  10. Mihaita12

    Where can i find this vehicle? On which map?
  11. And look at your profile picture, This money looks ugly
  12. We'll wait for the update, when will you update BFD:WOA? I wanna try it!
  13. What if this game is made by fans of W3D Hub...... like Half Life 3