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  1. I know that there are many updates, i need BFD: WOA Alpha, or RA2: AR Alpha it's gonna be better
  2. Well, well, well! Another update and the final update and it's gonna be released! YAY!
  3. I want more updates in this year! Not in next year!
  4. I don't enjoy ECW, Stop updating ECW!
  5. Yeah! That would be better! This guy eats our space!
  6. It's getting the same on mine! PLEASE STOP PATCHING/UPDATING ECW!!!! PLEASE!!!
  7. Yay! I like it!
  8. Finally! One more blog and RA2:AR release and then BFD:WOA
  9. So, when next blog is gonna be put? After ECW patches?
  10. Then how to apply to be a tester?
  11. Let me see RA2:AR main menu, units, vehicles and buildings
  12. Well... please stop updating ECW!
  13. I've had enough to wait! I need those lead testers help them! Enough with ECW patch updates!
  14. It says "Soviets" not "sowjets" you're speaking gibberish just a little! Because the Chronosphere is needing more textures! I'll show you the Soviet Missile Silo: It looks great, you'll see when it is put in next blog!