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  4. It is heartwarming to see the old Westwood guys have another go at their games from the golden ages of RTS gaming. Good luck Petroglyph and thank you EA for this move, I will definitely play when it's done!
  5. That changelog was quite a read, good job!!
  6. This is great, also see to see the name change! It will be better recognizable for the players too Keep up the good job on the project!
  7. Testers agreed that it is not fun right now. Being under work.
  8. Blizzard did that with the Starcraft 1 remaster, so I'd expect the same here.
  9. C&C_Field_RxD is not a stock Renegade map. Can it connect to a server with stock maps that doesn't use ttfs? We will make sure that's not possible if it is right now.
  10. @Pushwall Find the building and unit lists in rank.xml. You just need to add new buildings/units to those.
  11. Author: moonsense715 Skill level: 4 Introduction This tutorial will show you how to allow players to play with custom content on your server, without affecting their core game files. What does this mean? You can modify maps, preset settings, everything on your server (with the exception of client-side script updates). When players join your server, the custom content will be downloaded for them automatically on the "Joining Game" screen. If they hop on to other servers or you disable the custom content, then the clients will play normally, without the modifications.
  12. I've added your rank image to your forum signature.
  13. Hey, that error message is very generic. Please post the crashdump file from your IA documents folder (I think it is 'Program Files\W3D Hub\games\ia-release\IAFiles\InterimApex\debug')
  14. What problems do you have with your rank? I suppose you are talking about the ranking system on the APB server? If so, make sure you play a game with at least 4 players ingame, and do not leave the server until the next map loads.
  15. I cannot see the server on the server list.
  16. @Threve I recommend alphaing out the background of the pink tractor, your magic trick is busted on any other theme that is not APB
  17. Sounds good, what is the server/game name that is hosting it? I'd like to see a competitor AI logic, we created some cool ones with danpaul88 too on the scripts 5.0 branch.
  18. Just a small suggestion, lay out your basic shapes with a much less dense vertex count. Going epic highy polycount for shaping the basics will only make it harder.
  19. We need to throw a welcome party event ingame sometime soon!
  20. We could add it to our tutorial database, under Modelling, Unwrapping & Texturing ?
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