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  1. Dev kit: it is under development currently. Making it clean and only keeping the essential engine files plus a few example characters/vehicles/buildings for a sample game. It works right now and the game is roughly between 10-20 MB, but i'm still cleaning it up and the examples are not finished. Renegade on the Launcher: danpaul88 is working hard on Renegade support but he has little free time so please be patient. IIRC the plan is to allow the Launcher to detect your Renegade installation and use it to connect to XWIS/GSA Ren servers (so I'd guess whatever custom content you added to it
  2. If it was up to me you'd have had it with Nodlied for years now. But it's not up to me.
  3. Sure. Bots are primarily for multiplayer (you can play against them alone on the servers or on LAN too), but as I've separated their logic into 2 big components, the simpler AI can/will be used in the Tutorial mission. We don't have a single player campaign planned though.
  4. I also have questions to my fellow team. I'd like to encourage others too to just ask whatever. 1. When will clanwars be held again? I want to fully support this with my knowledge and most of it has been enabled on the stats pages already. 2. Would clanwars happen on a separate/temporary server or on the main game servers (this would not let other players play the game while the war is going)? 3. Can tools and a guide be posted for clans to be able to host their own clan practice server and let their clanmates join it? A git repo similar to APB SDK along with Asterisk might help
  5. Dear Comrades and Commanders, We are pleased to announce that W3D Hub will be 4 years old on Sunday (27th January)! Can you believe it? Time flies quickly in the brotherhood. Faster than some people even think. Thank you all for hanging with us for so long and we hope to continue providing enjoyable games and events for many more years to come! APB Game NightTo celebrate, we are holding another official APB Game Night on Saturday 8:30 PM GMT like last time. The event will be streamed live at https://www.twitch.tv/w3dhub. Additional streamers are welcome to join the streami
  6. If you squashed a rifle guy on the iceberg tops, that was me
  7. There are 3 songs in it. The third one we still dont know who made it, along with a few other tracks.
  8. Which trailer? There are a lot of old ones, maybe this one? https://www.indiedb.com/games/ts-reborn/downloads/cc-reborn-gameplay-trailer-2007
  9. I preferred no-recoil in w3d as opposed to that BS recoil counter strike has 15 years ago and I still prefer no recoil now.
  10. The solution is to make more maps support bots.
  11. Good work! Very fitting music for the game.
  12. So did you set them up to find all beacons/c4s on the map then check if they are close - every 5 seconds instead of using the "Enemy_Seen" function? Or do I understand it wrong?
  13. Hahaha. Just a question how did you solve the repairing/disarming? Bots dont see simple objects so I am attaching invisible vehicles to what needs repairing, engineers shoot the invisi vehs and affect the buildings/c4s in the process. Random running around behaviour also isnt very nice or simple in my coding due to them being blind to other vehicles and trying to keep pushing eachother instead of going around.
  14. Hi guys! Due to final exams and work taking our players' time, we've extended the game screenshot contest with one week (until 23rd of December at 00:00 GMT). Submit your Interim Apex, A Path Beyond and Expansive Civilian Warfare screenshots to win a free copy of C&C Ultimate Collection and an epic C&C poster! Read more about the details in the announcement thread here: [thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb][blurb]The game screenshot contest for epic prizes has been extended with one week! Submit your pictures now to win the competition![/blurb] Go go go!
  15. Hi guys! I have some great news! ALL of our games have made it into the top 100 candidates in the 2018 Indie of the Year Awards! The entire team would like to thank you all for your votings that made this possible. Voting Phase 2 The first phase of the voting is closed, now the players can choose their absolute favorite games! If you'd like any of our games to make it into the top 5, don't hesitate to vote again, this time here: https://www.indiedb.com/groups/2018-indie-of-the-year-awards/top100 To vote for APB, TSR or ECW: Scroll down to RELEASED GAMES.
  16. Well the best screenshots are supposed to be taken during game nights with lots of players, so if they forgot to take any... then we'll need to do more game nights
  17. No screenshots yet, looks like we will keep the posters and game keys to ourselves?
  18. You really should be part of the dev team working on c&c remastered. Or at least a high advisor/VIP person.
  19. It would need translating, there are a lot of strings present in IA that were never present in Renegade. So in the best case the menus would be German but most of the ingame strings would be English.
  20. Hello folks! A few weeks ago, EA has announced that they are working together with Petroglyph to create Remastered editions of C&C and Red Alert 1. To celebrate this (as well as the recent start of the 2018 IotY awards), we are going run a competition! A competition that all of you can win by playing our games. Competition Time!To win the competition, over the course of the next 3 weeks, you can submit screenshots from the following games: Interim Apex Red Alert: A Path Beyond Expansive Civilian Warfare Screenshots must be taken in the currently releas
  21. You don't need Renegade for any of the games in the launcher, but you do need to install games from the Games tab.
  22. Hello everyone! It is December, which means the voting for the 2018 Indie of the Year and Mod of the Year awards has begun! This is when you, the players, can nominate your favourite games and mods for both the released and unreleased award categories! If you'd like to vote for one of our games, click on one of the links below (or all of them!), then hit VOTE NOW! Released Category Unfortunately, Interim Apex doesn't have an IndieDB page. This is something that we will be looking to correct for next year's awards though. Unreleased Category 8 Days Rema
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