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  1. First post! Cool wallkthrough video man, well done! Also that random corner is epic.
  2. Feedback on the idea is, since it's APB related. It would affect everyone anyway.
  3. I'd still build this into the launcher itself as a feature that is enabled by default but can be switched off. Rather than a separate tool thingy.
  4. Would there be an option to use a different sound, or at least a "no sound played" tickbox option?
  5. In this case the LE work is preserved, keep it, don't start a new mod package! Just find the map W3D file, add it as a new temp terrain preset, then click "Make". If that doesn't work: In the case of Renegade maps, I've barely ever seen a map where the terrain and buildings are not in 1 w3d file. So either LevelRedit could not restore the map objects, or the buildings are indeed in a separate w3d file from the map w3d file. Can you check how many w3d files you have, that seem to be terrain or buildings?
  6. If you don't want to touch the level in gmax/3dsmax, then don't use W3D Import. Just start a new mod package and add the existing W3D map file as temp under Terrain again. You just need to place the building controllers, PTs, spawners, waypaths, and tib script zones, plus whatever else I've forgotten. You can also spice it up with weapon spawners, music and anything you can think of.
  7. If you could send me the assets that make up the sig, I could remake them to fit the rank sig element locations better.
  8. @FRAYDO Is it working yet?
  9. Did you need someone to completely change the gameplay and goals or what exactly were you looking for in programming for the game? On another note, it is pretty hard to believe that the video is in this engine. Nice job.
  10. Hey there and welcome. Sure, we will try to help you as best as we can. We have a load of W3D engine related tutorials as well, you might find some interesting and/or useful topics: https://w3dhub.com/forum/forum/171-w3d-tutorials/ If there is an important topic we don't have a tutorial for yet, just send me a PM and I'll do my best to create one. Feel free to post pictures and even questions of your maps here, in community creations: https://w3dhub.com/forum/forum/162-community-creations/
  11. Infinite ammo in a clip is set in the Weapon definition, not the Powerup. Find the flamethrower weapon somewhere in Munitions -> Weapon. Need more info about that texture crash. TGA/DDS files are allowed. Best dimensions are 128x128, 256x256, 512,512, etc. Multiples of two, preferably square. Don't go over 2048x2048.
  12. I know this one, great song and TS tribute vid.
  13. I always thought the Grenadier was generally better in infantry combat than the Flamethrower due to his faster speed and being cheaper, and I was using the flamer for attacking enemy buildings and vehicles due to better damage and easier-to land projectile (vehicles are big). Maybe my memory serves bad but I don't remember people crying about the Grenadier being a ghetto Flamethrower. About the Spy abilities, we should start setting up a page where the current unit lists and abilities are listed. Changelogs are one thing, but a "this is what everything currently does" would help a lo
  14. People need to use !defect ingame to be soviet themed :P
  15. @BayonettaPermission to use the GDI/Nod signatures as base background for TSR rank signatures? If you have the originals, I would need the images with no text on them. The faction logos can stay.
  16. Make both the ammo and clipcount -1 on the flamethrower weapon preset.
  17. Since when have you been hiding your hungarian language skills?
  18. How did you do that? I have lots of these problems
  19. There is always "the modders" group which is not the Staff usergroup but has intensive support from us to poke around the engine.
  20. Not too long now, the game is in a very good shape. However, the lack of map makers on the team is delaying the release. Any help in that area would be greatly appreciated. I guess the constant looking for devs in the blogs just isn't enough.
  21. Signature images are showing outdated info and have possibly not been updated for a while. I need to generate them dynamically on-request, and not store a bazillion generated image files on the server disk, and also not upload all of them after every match.
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