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  1. For history's sake: the original MP5 model was created by @Ric and textured by TheBeerinator
  2. params.MovePathfind = false; Commands->Action_Goto(obj, params); / Commands->Action_Attack(obj, params); Only in the case of VTOL bots
  3. Jerad told me you have to disable use pathfinding for VTOL bots in their movement order.
  4. Is there a non-laggy GIF of the MK2 @OWA. It's really annoying :P
  5. By that logic I could set my work boss as avatar. It needs to be an END boss :D
  6. Hey, you might want to put your stuff somewhere here rather: https://w3dhub.com/forum/files/
  7. Great work man! Dibs and I liked Motorized too. Can we include the tracks in RA2:AR, credits to you? If you keep making these tracks we might want to hire you as a music composer >:D
  8. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Attachments to https://w3dhub.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2019_04/forum_bug.png.c79267aa39427cd208553a5c9e555685.png
  9. Holy changelist. Game night soon/this weekend anyone? Screw Avengers.
  10. Description If you check the "Unread content" of the forum, the listed topics display their metadata wrong. The topics, files grammatically own the users instead of the other way around. The topic starter and the latest poster are switched up.
  11. @Pushwall @Silverlight @Einstein Bump! @OWA you still haven't answered a single question! D:
  12. Hahaha 15 ion cannon beacons... GG!
  13. Excellent work, thanks for the report Oxanna. Agent Hasak is getting promoted to the Confessor rank soon.
  14. Happy birthday Renegade! Thank you Westwood guys for creating it. It made me get into serious modding and get a RL job thanks to the experiences gained from it.
  15. What is this ultimatebattles thing? It sounds cool, maybe we could revisit it?
  16. Damn that looks SO crap compared to now. Every piece of art in that screenshot XD
  17. Except that you couldn't enter the vehicle list screen at all to be 1 keypress away for a vehicle purchase after it became unbusy, while waiting.
  18. I think a better solution would be making more maps get AI support so it's not just a few in the list.
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