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  1. For me, the second player is booted for hacking now, so this behaviour has changed since then I think. And no it's not better.
  2. I've seen this issue in other games as well, e.g. AR Prism Tower. I think it's a code related issue.
  3. If I jump on this piece of rubble, I get stuck.
  4. Hahahaha, that is golden :D
  5. What are your thoughts about the remasters? I think they did a very good job, considering what they wanted to achieve. To me it's still the same games that I played for years, just with a lot of good upgrades. However, that doesn't make me want to replay all the campaigns all over again, unless there are new goodies added to them that worth all the hours to put into them...? Unit queues are a very welcome upgrade for playability at least.
  6. I like to exploit the hell out of mission triggers myself after finding out how they work
  7. The command will become more stable and might show more info in the future as the backend services improve. It is however unchained from the rank plugin now
  8. Glad you got it finally sorted out
  9. Can others join your server with direct connect?
  10. Changed Status to Closed (Other) Changed Attachments to https://w3dhub.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2020_03/crashdump.20200322-022916-r11462-n1_dmp.53485003f66d5e6ed2b612f4a1eb0664
  11. Maybe I never said this before but I'm happy to know such a talented and devoted actor/voice actor like you. The series sounds great and looking at the website it seems very promising. Good luck with it man!!!
  12. Yeah with that said I still enjoy working on the game, but there is only so much one can do compared to a bigger team. Part of the truth is I made the bots for this engine in the first place to be my company in the test server.
  13. I think even the devs are missing the point here. I am the only active AR developer left here. That does not help make this proceed fast. It's not motivating to be alone.
  14. We closed everything here in Hungary slowly, within a week, one step a day. We are doing "pretty good" so far, I hope this serious lockdown will help slow down the spreading.
  15. That sounds like a rigging issue, the muzzlea0 bone is not linked to the barrel/turret bone.
  16. It was also shorter in RA, in APB this would make it harder to hit, especially for V2s. The normal Pillbox is so easy to hit with a V2 atm.
  17. Yeah, maybe you actually have more edited files than just those. Especially check TTFS files if the 100% clone of your Data folder doesn't work on his machine.
  18. If you just want to try out the soviet vehicles, you can start the game in single player mode, and then host yourself a local LAN game, there you can switch teams.
  19. Hey, I have too high framerate now .. oh wait, that's a good thing, yes?
  20. Would you consider having a go at a RA2 - Power remake sometime?
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