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  1. Hm, why doesn't the harvester get out of the Weapons Factory?
  2. Wow, I didn't know the definat was that hard to damage. OP pls nerf
  3. Indeed. If the naming is correct, the object will appear in LE and will be locked in place. You can unlock and move it, but on the next map load it will go back to its original, proxied position. There's a tutorial on proxies here: https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/414693-proxies/
  4. It's invisible, but it's there and you can click and move it.
  5. That is only a model, you need to place a Purchase Terminal object. More level setup stuff here: https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/414755-generic-level-creation-guide-max-leveledit-heightfield-ingame/
  6. I don't think the nod operatives have any say in what GDI architects do
  7. Tiles can be destroyed, if that's the only "script" that's needed, the bridge can be turned into a Tile and still have a destruction animation. Also, in most w3d games, all building parts that are constantly animating or are animated based on health/destruction (and do nothing else) are Tiles. They are detached from the Terrain part of the building (which proxies in these animated Tiles). Tiles get the same lighting as Terrain as far as I know, if that is what you you're looking for.
  8. Nice bridge. Are you using the bridge as a Tile or Object?
  9. Same thing, brother. And I've tried everything back then to make bots cooperate with me, but all I could do is follow and support them, they didn't care really. Today, I'm programming dem bots
  10. Is ECW recording K/D stats anywhere? :D
  11. @Mihaita12Feel free to look through all the topics in this AR update forum, there have been plenty of units and buildings shown off in them in images and videos
  12. Happy birthday @OWA ! @Romanov has baked you a nice yummy cake. Please share with us @TeamWolf was too curious and opened your present already, sorry D: P.S. Siege Chopper is there because you like that unit, and Battle Fortress because why not. (You've modelled/finished all the units on your cake )
  13. Damage bones are updated with the Damaged function called, but the SD script increases HP without doing a Damaged event. That's what I remember from the time when I was looking at the issue.
  14. @Pushwall Jonwil or I could fix this if there was a 100% working way of reproducing it.
  15. ScorePerGames needs to be lower (1250 -> 1000) Rank requirements are escalating too quickly. Next Prestige level should be Games: 1200, everything else under that. 0 20 40 60 100 140 180 260 320 380 460 540 640 740 860 980 1200
  16. Because of this, the medal can hardly be given to players.
  17. The artillery medals aren't being given to players who deserve it.
  18. I have Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator on steam, requires no VR goggles
  19. Some of the tutorials were skipped on purpose due to being duplicate tutorials or extra low quality or outdated. Please point me at tutorials you want rehosted, and I'll check them out (https://web.archive.org/web/20090604102200/http://www.renhelp.net:80/index.php?mod=Tutorials)
  20. Currently you can open a minimap and click around on it to activate the chronosphere and iron curtain.
  21. Other people also have the same issue, so it would help bettering our infrastructure
  22. Always2.zip fails for many people. Go to C:\ProgramData\W3D Hub\Launcher\package-cache\games\ecw\ and delete your Always2.zip, then try w3d launcher-installing again.
  23. How did you fix the upper wf bot derping?
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