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    • Oi e bem vindo. Se voce quer me fala em Portuguese.. depois eu vou. Mas, meu portuguese nao de mais e eu fala mais bem em ingles. Entao, eu vou escrivo o coisas em ingles.  There are quite a few things in Interim Apex that are changed from Renegade but the jist of it is the same. However, some new aspects that I believe you're asking about or commands are the following.    Interim Apex has a veterancy system. If you kill or blow up buildings you get veterancy. In order to check your vet type in !v. Level 1 Vet. commands (what you start out with) include the following  !am (tpying in !am will give you ammo anywhere on the map for 500 credits. Use to refill.) !v (type to check your vet) Level 2 Vet. !wep (Type to get a random weapon) Level 3 Vet. !sup (Type to get 3 AI Robots to help you out for 500 credits) Level 4 Vet. !char (Type to change to a different character for free.) (you also gain +5 hp every 3-5 seconds.) Level 5 Vet. !pwep (Type to get a Powerful Weapon like an AGT gun.) (you also gain +10 hp every 3-5 seconds.) Level 6 Vet. !veh (type to get a vehicle anywhere on the map). (you also gain +15 hp every 3-5 seconds.)   Press "T" to deploy Tick Tanks, Artillery.. etc. When you want to build stuff like sandbags or something. Press "T" to deploy, then repair it with your repair gun. To purchase upgrades for you team. Go to the Communication Center and click "e" on the upgrade you want. You can also rebuild buildings in the Construction Yard by going downstairs and doing the same thing.  To buy Helicopters, Repair the  Helipad and go to the purchase terminal (little box) and just click "e". When playing/Driving a vehicle that has A.I. weapons (like the T-35, Chinook Helicopter, Boats or A39 Tortoise) they will automatically fire at enemies. However, if you want them to target a specific location. Hit "T" key and they will fire at the location no matter what. Hold down ALT, CTRL or a combination of both keys to read the radio commands. For example Ctrl+7 = Affirmative. Press the "end" key on your number pad to check how many mines you have and the limit. Press the "-" key (Next to the 0 Key) to request more vehicles for a rush. Press the F10 key to say you want your team to focus fire on that object.   There is also a MASSIVE database worth of stuff here. http://tacitus.w3dhub.com/display/WH/Interim+Apex Although some of the units need to be updated to reflect in-game updates. Alot of the information and tactics are still good.   Boa sorte.
    • hi I am Brazilian. and I have difficulty with the apex controls they could send a command guide or even how do I deploy the tic tac tanks
    • Hello! Since I saw a lot of people joining and leaving the game when nobody is playing to see if somebody is online, or typing !pl/!gi a lot on discord, so I decided I'll try something to help I have created a timetable/schedule on my website, where you can input your nick, and hours you will be available, and also see everybody who did the same. The timetable handles time zones, what you see is converted to your timezone, so you don't have to do the math. Here it is! https://timetable.frylabs.net/ I hope it will help bring more people together for bigger games, and will make things more organized. Please contact me if something is not working, or you would like to change the behavior/look of something. I can also add timetables for any other game. Contact me here, on on discord (@mrfry). It wasn't really tested, but seems to be working fine. If something is not working, or timezone calculations seem to be off, again, please contact me. Will share gitlab repository if someone needs it. Thank you & have fun!
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