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  1. Is that Low Energy Jeb, Nodlied?
  2. Mihaita12

    Wyld1 Sendoff Shootout

    What happened to this guy?
  3. Where do i download these maps
  4. One more, fix that glitch on every building
  5. I just installed Renegade with Origin, and i have no idea how to import it, please, i need help!
  6. Also, remaster Atreides, Harkonnen, Ordos and some of the Houses buildings
  7. Can someone stop joking around and start working on this game?
  8. Stop with translation, don't question my mind, and stop posting a topic with translating my topic, it's English! You blind fool! Stop with these translations!!!!! I DON'T WANT IT!
  9. That's not what I did said, your mind picks up wrong stuffs, stop it!
  10. Update failed to download, i forgot the solution guys!
  11. Yeah? I played as Ordos in Emperor: Battle for Dune and I defeated the Harkonnens! All the way to Geidi Prime and I won this game!
  12. I tried Red Alert 2 Vehicles and WW2 vehicles they're awesome! And your picture says you're nor real Che Guevara!
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