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Found 44 results

  1. GraYaSDF

    In December 2017, I decided to make my second best mod - Extreme Co-op. But this time, this is a server mod which sometimes appears in RenList. Just usual maps plus fanmade maps. But, there is one interesting thing: strong computer-controlled opponents, no mercy. They are challenging each other, blowing up bases, doing really dirty work, diffusing beacons, placing explosives, getting into empty vehicles, and so on! I've tried to play this with 7-8 players against bots with no bots in our team, and we somehow were losing tanks and characters. I have no time and ability to record a high-quality video of it, and screenshots are useless because they do not show all the chaos that is going on there. The idea was actually obvious: "Ok, I am tired to play online, why not to make some research and program smart bots, so I don't need to play online anymore and I can have fun from usual Skirmish mode." I started to make the first algorithm for rifle infantry from scratch. When I made it, I laughed and laughed for a long time, and still laughing. AI is almost completely random and making funny and crazy mess there. Today, I am adding new algorithms, fan maps, features, bots are slowly progressing to their final result. Maybe I will add base-building as it was in Commando Assault, who knows... ...Just wanted to let you know that I did not abandon the work on C&C Renegade, and there are always several ideas in my head about how to make old game a bit interesting. Also, I need to say thanks to people who played already and are still playing on my server. Have a good time!
  2. MechanicalThighs

    Hey all! I was told to speak up more by Mr. Einstein. I don't usually have much to say, but I thought you all might have some interest in some of my Roblox modeling work, since you showed interest back when I posted my reimagined M16 Mk. II Pulse Rifle. I still build a little for fun, and I make C&C stuff pretty often, much of which tends to be Tiberian Sun or Renegade. So, here are pictures of some of my latest work or updates to old stuff. Front view of my GDI Barracks. This is unfortunately the only outside shot I took, but I got all the external details thanks to the Reborn mod, which has been a huge help recreating this stuff. It has a full interior, but I wasn't able to show it due to upload limits. This is a quick vignette I threw together using my Riparius models, and all my wall components(Gate, Concrete Wall, Vulcan, RPG, and SAM) One of my larger vignettes depicting a scaled down scene from Renegade's first mission, The Scorpion Hunters. I took a lot of inspiration from Ren-X for a lot of the models used, mostly in the vehicles and weapons. Picture of my ORCA Maintenance Hanger. I used a pair of pictures from a guy named AircraftKiller as inspiration, but threw in my own flair. The ORCAs I've been building for years, and this is their current best state, which I think is pretty good. They're a mashup of a couple dozen reference pictures I've found over the time I've been working on them, so they're not really accurate to TD. Better view of the ORCA from the top. I hope you all like these! I've put a lot of work into this stuff, it's sort of a hobby of mine.
  3. GraYaSDF

    LEAD THE TRIBE >> https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/lead-the-tribe << This is something new to hear from me while I am working on Extreme Coop. Experimental track for sure. I think, I will upload this later to YouTube too.
  4. moonsense715

    Dear Comrades and Commanders, We are pleased to announce that W3D Hub will be 4 years old on Sunday (27th January)! Can you believe it? Time flies quickly in the brotherhood. Faster than some people even think. Thank you all for hanging with us for so long and we hope to continue providing enjoyable games and events for many more years to come! APB Game NightTo celebrate, we are holding another official APB Game Night on Saturday 8:30 PM GMT like last time. The event will be streamed live at https://www.twitch.tv/w3dhub. Additional streamers are welcome to join the streaming bandwagon! Community AMA We're also celebrating our 4th birthday by holding a Community AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread here! Here you can ask members of the team anything you darn well please! Note: If you want to ask a question anonymously, feel free to use our Idea Box found on the frontpage! After the AMA is over we'll take a look at the questions and do a round of answers! Please check the thread for all the details, including the question format! Community Meeting Last but not least, we are hosting a Community Meeting on Discord on Sunday 8-9 PM GMT, on our birthday. Hop on to chat with your fellow community members and some of the developers. Oh and expect a surprise at the meeting too! See you on Saturday and Sunday, prepare for some kickass games and some chill talking! [blurb]It's W3D Hub's 4 year anniversary! Let's celebrate![/blurb]
  5. Frank Klepacki at big MAGFest stage played with The Tiberian Sons the whole set of Command & Conquer music, including C&C Renegade too! Amazing show, definitely worth watching!
  6. GraYaSDF

    https://soundcloud.com/user-193337613/sets/red-virus-ost This is a music from one videogame which was made and then canceled by Fuzzy Games studio. Their proposal to make some music for the game sounded simple and unexpected in 2016. But I agreed with that proposal, and made a funny experiment while I was working on music for C&C-series and for my personal album Imaginery Frontiers, so I've tried to make something different from that. There was a detailed list of what needs to be done in terms of music, and I completed more than a half of it. I did not try even a demo of Red Virus, so I did not know how does it look like inside. But when I saw a video (which is under a spoiler)... well, I think it does fit it well)) And I still remember this comment: Fuexline the best on this game is the trailer music As community manager said, the graphics should be improved later. I am not an active gamer, so the concept of this game reminds me a bit of Chip's Challenge, but this game is way more different.
  7. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update Remember, remember, the fifth of November time when APB had updates? Yeah, sorry about that; the recruitment of a ton of new talent to the scripting team, as well as a bunch of sudden contributions from 2D and 3D artists, mean I have been very backed up with implementing all their work and making sure it... works, in addition to what I normally do. On top of that, my hand in this got delayed further by almost a week due to my computer suffering a PSU failure. But the long wait should be worth it, many bugs and performance issues have been squashed and we have 2 new units to play with. And there is hopefully more to come as well! General Improved UI performance. Improved level loading times. Particle effects should have less lategame performance issues. Asynchronous texture loading to reduce stutter. Flight ceilings are now "soft" - you still can't ascend beyond a certain height, but there's nothing to scrape against, so you won't be slowed down and you won't get temporarily stuck if you try to bank. This is most important for planes who no longer need to worry about crashing into the flight ceiling - because of this, there isn't a warning when you approach the flight ceiling anymore. Entering/leaving scoped view for scoped weapons no longer causes your view to tilt up slightly. Using the camera change key in a vehicle will no longer toggle your infantry camera between third/first person. Your chosen vehicle camera will now be remembered if you exit and reenter the same vehicle. Alternate cameras for vehicles have been improved: Position for alternate first-person/turret/close-up cameras now takes the vehicle's tilt into account, so you should be less likely to clip the camera through your own vehicle when looking up/down while on a slope. Thanks to the above change, all trucks with interiors (Supply, Demo, MGG, MAA, Cargo) now have functional first-person cameras. Not particularly useful, but fun! Turret cameras now pivot around the turret and not the body. This is especially handy for boats since their turret is so far from the centrepoint of their hull; now you can always see what you're aiming at. First-person cameras for single-barrel vehicles are now slightly offset to the side, just like first-person infantry weapons. Fixed the physics issue where vehicles crossing complicated terrain (such as craters) were liable to tip onto their backsides. Simplified vehicle hitboxes. Bots driving vehicles no longer drive slower than players do. (This doesn't affect ore trucks - or shouldn't as I've lowered AI ore truck speed to try to keep them unchanged) Vehicles that cost more than 1200 credits now only give 240 combat credits (assuming 100% HP damage; repairs will obviously increase this) instead of the full 1/5th of their cost. Hitbeeps are a little louder, but now only one beep can play every 0.05 seconds. This means you will not be bombarded with a ton of hitbeeps at once when hitting something with the full spray of a shotgun. Kicken has made a spiffy new HUD featuring: larger and more prominent radar and health/armour bars. (Radar may in future be accompanied by new radar icons.) enhanced space for weapon names. Like Renegade/Reborn this relies on text strings, so now you'll know what weapons your vehicle has too - as well as if it has any secondary fires or needs to be activated by Q. everything concentrated in one place. No longer do you need to dart your eyes between the lower left and lower right corner of your screen when checking ammo and health. improved aesthetics in general. Infantry Repairmen Clearing Charges have been replaced with the Shovel, which has the same purpose of getting mines and barricades out of the way, but isn't entirely the same tool as before: Has infinite ammo, but has a much longer cooldown between uses - 6 seconds instead of 1. Is on slot 5 and has a holstered model so its existence should be a bit more obvious (it'll show when holding the golden wrench) Unique kill icon (and no way to mask it) should make it more clear that your minefields are being cleared. Destroys all enemy mines within an unobstructed 10 metre radius from the tip of the shovel (instead of the Clearing Charge's 7.5 metre radius from where the charge lands). No fumbling around with odd throwing arcs, but you also essentially have a shorter range and can't take out mines through walls. Damage to barricades depends on distance. At point blank range you do about 40% damage to hedgehogs per "swing" - near the maximum 10 metres you do hardly anything. No, you cannot use it as a melee weapon. (Except in the same way you'd use Clearing Charges as a "melee weapon".) Repair Tool/Golden Wrench are no longer able to break windows. Flamethrower The old, out-of-place M2 flamethrower has been replaced with the LPO-50. Still a flamethrower, but it behaves differently: Launches a stream of fire (10 projectiles over 1 second) instead of a single fireball. A bit closer to the real LPO's behaviour but not perfect. As a result it also needs a whole second to fire its full salvo instead of just one frame, so the user has to expose himself more when attacking. Extra projectiles also mean a lot more times and chances to apply the burn effect, so it is better at disrupting medic healing, and also a lot more chances at getting direct hits, which the weapon is now more reliant on for damage against infantry. Direct damage per salvo up (70 -> 100) Splash damage per salvo up (25 -> 35) Splash radius down (8 -> 7m) Direct damage multiplier to infantry up (0.2 -> 0.3) Inaccuracy when standing/jogging increased (0 -> 0.5) Inaccuracy when jumping increased (7.5 -> 10) Projectile velocity up (50 -> 100m/s) Time per salvo up (3 -> 4 seconds) Splash damage no longer occurs if the shot reaches its maximum range without hitting anything. Range up (80 -> 100m) Grenadier Splash radius up (7m -> 9m) Mechanic Health down (70 -> 60) Medic Health up (80 -> 90) Medic kit charge time down (2 -> 1 second) Medic kit cooldown time up (0.5 -> 2 seconds) Medic kit now affects other medics (but only 20%) Armour cache radius up (25 -> 30m) Officers Inaccuracy when crouched increased (0.25 -> 0.5) Rocket Soldiers Redeye/Strela range back up to 170m. Shotgunners Now have 16 projectiles instead of 10. They still do the same total damage as before, they're just more reliable. Tanya Colt damage up (25 -> 30) Volkov AP cannon now does an additional instant 2.5 fire damage whenever its burn effect sticks. Added new scopes courtesy of CMDBob. Vehicles MRJ/Tesla Tank No longer has an uneven axle track, which was causing it to move forward/backward noticeably when turning on the spot. Ore Truck Price up (700 -> 1400) Airdrop price is now equal to its War Factory price instead of 50% higher (1050 -> 1400) Chrono Tank Chronoshift range up (250 -> 300m) Projectile velocity up (50 -> 150m) Projectile range up (105 -> 110m) Move speed down (8.6 -> 8m/s) Reload speed down (1.9 -> 2 seconds) Health down (350 -> 300) Armour class is now Mammoth instead of Light (combined with the health drop this makes it more vulnerable to most anti-tank weapons, but less vulnerable to Volkov and much less vulnerable to flamethrowers/small arms) Can move/fire immediately after a successful Chronoshift. Is invulnerable for 2 seconds after a successful Chronoshift. Now has a first-person alternate camera. Mammoth Tank Mammoth Tusk projectile velocity up (50 -> 75m) Phase Tank Projectile velocity up (50 -> 75m) Yak Damage received from BulletFMJ ammo (M16, AK-47, MP5) up (0.27 -> 0.3) Damage received from Artillery ammo (arty, V2) up (0.8 -> 1.2) - now dies in one shot from arty No longer has its own unit limit. (You might still run into the fairly stringent limit on total purchased aircraft though.) MiG Added to the game. As General Kukov suggested in the unit's introduction in RA1, it is a bomber - its missiles are strictly air-to-ground. Getting the missiles to hit Longbows in flight is very difficult due to their arc, and unlikely to result in a favourable engagement due to the MiG's vulnerability to return fire from the Longbow, so it should stick to attacking ground vehicles, boats and buildings. If you want to clear the skies, get a Yak. Unlike with a Yak, you should engage ground units from a high altitude so as to give the missiles time to home in on the target. Going in a bit lower than the flight ceiling can give the enemy less time to dodge, but go too low and you risk your missiles hitting the ground instead. If you're having a hard time acquiring lock-ons against small ground vehicles, use the alternate cameras (press F). Available on Tech Level 5 plane maps (Hostile Waters, Siege). Navy Submarines now takes 3 seconds to gain submerged resistances instead of 2. Boats have a faster turn rate. Boats now have a "no damage" hitbox inside their normal hitbox, so subs surfacing inside them to avoid damage may also fail to inflict damage. Improved submarine submerge resistances again; anti-tank weapons now only deal 37.5% instead of 50%. Gunboat Health down (400 -> 300) Gun damage up (60 -> 70) Gun rate of fire down (per 1.25 seconds -> per 1.375 seconds) Range increased (110 -> 120m) Depth charge splash damage no longer occurs if the shot reaches its maximum range without hitting anything (so just use them against submerged subs or try to hit the seabed, don't try to catapult them too far) New model. Destroyer Role revised; is now more reminiscent of the Beta and RA Destroyers - it's more of a jack of all trades with anti-sub combat on par with the previous patch's Gunboat (depth charges travel as far as the Gunboat's, and in a straight fight with no misses and both parties noticing each other at the same time, the Destroyer will only barely lose to an Attack Sub - so it's disadvantaged but not helpless anymore like the old "not meant to be fighting subs" Dests), and the same top-tier anti-air capability it's always had, but slightly reduced effectiveness against infantry and buildings. True siege power is now in the hands of the Cruiser. Range decreased (170 -> 160m) New model. Cruiser Added to the game. As you might expect, it's a siege monster, but it can also fight submarines effectively from a distance, and may even be able to hit low-flying Yaks once in a while. A high minimum range, too low of a barrel angle to hit MiGs/Hinds which don't need to fly low to hit boats, and lack of depth charges prevents it from being unstoppable against properly-used subs/aircraft though. Rear turret must be manned by a passenger. (Rear turret is entered if you try to enter the vehicle while standing adjacent to the rear turret; entering from anywhere else will make you the pilot.) Taking a passenger with you gives you more bang for your buck and gives the whole vehicle less blind spots, but demands more coordination; it can still dish out competent damage even without a passenger though. Available on Tech Level 5 naval maps (Coastal Influence, Hostile Waters). Attack Sub Health down (400 -> 300) Torpedo velocity decreased (50 -> 40m/s) Torpedo damage up (90 -> 110) Torpedo rate of fire down (per 1.5 seconds -> per 1.75 seconds) Range increased (120 -> 140m) Missile Sub Health up (300 -> 375) Shore bombardment and anti-air capability are now split into two firing modes. Primary fire launches ballistic missiles for use against buildings, shoreline units, and slow/stationary boats. Unlike the standard missiles it had in previous versions, the ballistic missiles actually deal heavy damage to boats if you can hit them - but hitting them is the problem. Cruisers are fairly easy targets, but you may have a harder time hitting Destroyers, and against Gunboats you're a sitting duck. Secondary fire launches surface-to-air missiles. Range increased (170 -> 180m) Buildings Buildings' script zones (spy/thief interactions, war factory killzone, naval unit purchases, ore truck dumping, airfield landing/refilling) are now part of the building instead of being manually placed in the editor. This not only means that their size and position is consistent for all maps and will never get screwed up again, but building zone placement is another load taken off of future mappers' backs. A lot of "inaccessible" areas on buildings (for example, the slanted parts and chimneys of the Refinery roof, and the crane of the Construction Yard) now cause instant death to infantry, so you can't plant flares on them on maps with aircraft+nukes. Tweaked building resistances to provide more incentive for attacking things other than the naval/war factories: Repairs are about 5% less effective Refill Pads take noticeably less time to kill (about 20% less time) Construction Yards have had the same level of health reduction as Refill Pads, putting them on par with War Factories. Barracks, Power Plant, Radar Dome, Missile Silo, Helipad, Ore Silo, and minor base defenses take slightly less time to kill (about 5% less time) Refinery and Airfield take slightly longer to kill (about 7% more time) War Factory, Naval Yard, Sub Pen take noticeably longer to kill (about 20% more time) Naval weapons also take about 20% less time to kill buildings, so while their kill speed against naval factories and war factories isn't changed much, they are better at bringing down most inland structures. AA Gun Now fires bullets instead of instant laser beams. They'll still reliably hit aircraft though as they travel at the same speed as all other non-sniper bullets. Airfield Now refills all of a plane's ammo at once after 8 seconds, instead of partially refilling in 2 second increments (this was required due to the difference in ammo/magazines between the Yak and the MiG; using the old system would have let the MiG regain all its ammo in just 2 seconds) Allied Barracks Removed two purchase terminals (the ones that were kind of redundant cause they have another terminal right next to them) and their associated spawn points. So now the Allied barracks has the same number of spawn points that the Soviet barracks does. Construction Yard Improved vehicle collision around the front entrances. Minelayers and Rangers can now easily get over the "bumps" to the sides of the main gate. Is now affected by its own auto-repair. So in spite of the health drop it is still the toughest building, but not by much. (Of course, the more DPS your rush has the less this auto-repair matters.) Naval Factories The "Advanced" models are now the standard for all naval maps, and the old ones removed. Attacks that hit parts of the building that are more than 5 metres under the water surface no longer damage the building. (This includes C4.) Added ladders in the spawning/repair bays to allow infantry that fall into the water to save themselves. Fixed issue with (Advanced) Sub Pen where infantry would spaz out when aiming at certain sections of the floor. Opened underwater collision around the (Advanced) Naval Yard repair bay so that, in the rare event that Allies steal a sub, they can actually fit it into the repair bay and repair/sell it. Added passageways to the sides of the "main gate" of the (Advanced) Sub Pen, so it's possible for Soviets to go out to the front of the building (to defend from frontal boats, disarm flares, etc) Pillbox Instead of firing a "laser beam" that comes from between its two guns, it now fires projectile bullets from its two guns, and can rotate its barrels to hit targets that are sitting between them. (Anyone who's played Lunar Paradox and seen the "laser pillbox" may understand why we weren't able to take the two-barrel approach with the real pillbox before.) Power Plant Fixed falling through door frames. War Factory Can still produce AI Ore Trucks even after its destruction. So destroying it will not knock out two birds with one stone; you must destroy the Refinery in order to completely shut down the ore mining economy. Replaced side ladders leading to the roof with small elevators. Smoothed collision around roof windows, so you won't lose accuracy when walking onto them anymore. Aesthetics Readded support for MSAA. LST now sinks when destroyed just like other naval units (but only when not near land). V2 Launcher no longer floats slightly above ground. Impact sounds for vehicles are now consistent with their armour class (light vehicles and aircraft = light metal, heavy/mammoth vehicles and seacraft = heavy metal) More glass parts of vehicles (such as headlights and tank viewports) now produce glass impact effects and leave lasting broken glass decals. The jagged bolts of Tesla weapons should no longer turn into lasers during times of low performance. Cinematic for reinforcement drops (Radar dome/Seamist) now moves at a more realistic speed. "On fire" sound for infantry is less obnoxious. Fixed some poor smoothing on various infantry models. Buoys are orange again! (A lighting mishap stripped them of their colour before.) The shoreline foam from Siege/Hostile Waters is now present on all maps with large bodies of water. The seaweed from Hostile Waters is now present on all naval maps. Civilian buildings with interiors have been spruced up somewhat with some KOTG house props, some new props by Ice, and less ancient textures. Construction Yard, Power Plant and Refinery have had their window frames redone. Power Plant and Refinery pipes have been upgraded to the War Factory ones. Refinery furnaces have been upgraded to the Power Plant ones. Construction Yard crane mode has been upgraded to the Advanced Naval one. Building pipes now have supports. Barracks and Refinery now have shelves with more props. Refinery ore piles now also contain dirt. Refinery chimneys now use a yellow concrete texture, similar to how they were portrayed in the RA1 sidebar icon. Power Plant roofs are now a flat brown concrete instead of reusing the brick wall texture. Missile Silo now has desert (Zama) and snow/urban (Hostile Waters, North by Northwest, Siege Soviet) variants Service Depot has a new texture by Kicken. Tesla Coil no longer has electric effects during low power. Building glass is now reflective like vehicle glass. Damaged buildings now emit smoke as well as fire. Damaged building fire is no longer silent. Auxiliary buildings now have damage fire/smoke/alarms and death smoke. Maps Reduced rocks on various maps. Flight ceiling height has been made consistent across all maps - now they are all 75m above the main play area. (For Ridge War this just means the middle of the map.) This means Guard Duty (125), Siege (120) and Hostile Waters (110) have gotten a considerable reduction in flight ceiling height, while Pacific Threat (50), Ridge War (60) and To the Core (65) have gotten an increase. Large bodies of water on non-naval maps are now treated as solid for naval units (just in case admins decide to have some fun). There's no shoreline blockers though. Coastal Influence Fixed War Factory construction paths. Hostile Waters Islands and base have been remade to reduce travel time and put more focus on attacking buildings besides just the naval yard/sub pen. Income is now a flat 4 credits per second; 2 of this is from a Gem Silo, and 2 is from the Advanced Naval building (so the flow of income can't be stopped completely). Removed Barracks, refill pads and Radar Dome. Added Missile Silo. Soviets have an airfield instead of helipad/SD. Capturable strucures no longer exist. You gain an additional 700 credits once the jukebox starts up, granting almost immediate access to the Destroyer/Missile Sub, since Gunboats/Attack Subs don't really serve much purpose without them on a map with noticeable shoreline defenses. (We weren't able to do per-map starting credits so this is the closest thing you'll get; please kindly donate to people who join in the middle of the match.) Icebergs are now smaller, more spread out, and inaccessible to infantry. (Unless you use a heli to land on them, but that's an Allied-only option and they have no infantry that can damage submerged subs, so there's not really much point in doing so except binoc scouting.) Visuals for the base islands are incomplete; this is because I want to test how well the new base layout/distance actually works before spending more time on it. If it tests well, the map will see visual upgrades in the future. Lunar Paradox Landing pads no longer cause free aim to freak out. Metro Mine limit down (30 -> 20) North by Northwest Fixed drowning damage being applied from higher than the standard -1.5m depth. Terrain around service depots is more even. Improved accessibility for Soviet WF walls. Pacific Threat Raised moon height so the sun halo doesn't show up through the water. Siege Downgraded defences covering front entrance; Allies no longer have a Gap Generator, and Soviets only have a Flame Tower instead of Tesla Coil. Replaced Power Plant with Missile Silo. (Would have just added the silo without removing the PP, but there's not really room to add more buildings into these bases especially since super cramped bases = too easy for a nuke to kill everything). Shifted walls at Allied side entrance around so that the way in is better covered against chinooks. Shortened the cliff at the Soviet side entrance to make the route more open to Allied attack. Removed Soviet refill pads (they're compensated by the airfield anyway). Zama Reduced amount of ore rocks/gems in the resource patches because it was quite ridiculous compared to other maps. Made mudslide slightly less steep. Fixed backface in mudslide. [blurb]I assume everyone has been on the edge of their seats waiting for this update? Any questions? ...Good. Give 'em hell, boys! (And don't forget to read the changelog.)[/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.5.png[/thumb] [blurb]I assume everyone has been on the edge of their seats waiting for this update? Any questions? ...Good. Give 'em hell, boys! (And don't forget to read the changelog. When you have time. It's a big one.)[/blurb]
  8. delta

    So I'm taking this class, and our instructor gave us this flash animation to look at: https://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/labs/gel/ It's about gel electrophoresis, which you may or may not be familiar with...but do those bleeps and bloops sound familiar to anyone?
  9. Hey everyone, it's that time once again for a Battle for Dune update, fresh from Arrakis! As always, we've waited too long to push another one out but better late than never!! Horde Mode Last year we showed off a teaser for a new game mode on 1st April titled Horde Mode. It was a game mode in the making that we never really clarified if it was a thing or not due to the date posted, as you can now guess, it is actually a thing! Here's a latest peek at how it's looking; "Your Great House has gone to finally vanquish one of the other 2 Great Houses fighting furiously for control of the Spice Melange on Arrakis. Meanwhile, The Guild and the Tleilaxu have unleashed their evil plan! All food stores on Arrakis have been poisoned to turn everyone into mindless Contaminators!! You are still on Arrakis when this happens, you are isolated from your Division, your only choice is to survive until reinforcements come, time to fight the Horde!" You start out in an abandoned village, alone. You suddenly receive a radio transmission from one of your House's higher ranking Officers, explaining to you the situation that everyone is facing, regardless of House. After exploring the ruined buildings for a few minutes you conclude that there is no one and nothing left, just silence and the odd scorpion scuttling about. You start to make your way out of the village, when you receive another incoming transmission, a large swarm of Tleilaxu Contaminators are heading in your direction from all sides! Upon hearing this, you need to find a good location to begin taking on the first initial wave. Every few minutes new weapons are granted to you via your local House military outpost, trying desperately to help fight off the masses. You need to hold out until help arrives via transport to get you out of there! Expect to see more of this mode coming up soon! Future Plans We're constantly busy getting the game into a better shape day by day, to hit that First Release milestone. Things are a bit rough currently, but we're always making progress in the right direction. Look out for some updates and videos soon! Don't sit with your back to any doors... That's it for this update, here's to no more long waits for more of them to come! As always you can keep following us here, on Facebook, IndieDB and Twitter! [blurb] Hey everyone, it's that time once again for a Battle for Dune update, fresh from Arrakis! As always, we've waited too long to push another one out but better late than never!! Last year we showed off a teaser for a new game mode on 1st April titled Horde Mode. It was a game mode in the making that we never really clarified if it was a thing or not due to the date posted, as you can now guess, it is actually a thing! [/blurb]
  10. Killing_You

    Hello everyone! I'm back again with another film I was in that I'd like to show you! For those of you that remember Just Libby from last year, you know the drill. For everyone else, this was filmed and edited for the 2018 Missouri Western State University 48-hour film festival, where teams of filmmakers have 48 hours to write, film, edit, and present a short film with three requirements: A character (Brenda the Cartoonist), a prop (picture frame), and a line ("I don't make the rules"). Our genre last year was Action/Adventure; this year, it was Noir. This film won Best Editing and Best Use of Line. Also, I had a role in naming the bad guy- after a C&C character, no less! Sit back and enjoy Always Together!
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/750508484985695/ Official trailer is under spoiler: Official music is under spoiler: "This game is designed for fans of old school Command & Conquer. But we decided to bring this universe to mobile devices. We try to show as much as possible in the game the same thing that was in Red Alert 2. We again touched on the subject of the Alliance and the Soviet Union. The game's plot is simple, and the confrontation begins." This cheap game brings back old-school real-time voxel strategy, and it is designed to play on almost any mobile device with Android 4 or iOS installed. Also available as PC-version for VKontakte social network and for Steam. Its successor is Expanse RTS. Both games have multiplayer 1 vs 1, units with their own positive and negative sides, dynamic battles, interesting missions, bonuses that you can get by completing the mission, periodical updates... just great videogame to play! So, what do you think? =)
  12. [blurb]The update everyone has been waiting to see![/blurb][thumb]thumb_apb.7.png[/thumb]Hello everyone! Welcome to the late night update! The update you've all been waiting for the past few weeks! I'm your host, Coolrock-o! I bring you an exciting new showing of what's been in the works for the past few months. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy getting this all ready for the fans that have been sticking around all these years. Be happy that Pushwall is here, otherwise none of this wouldn't be possible! I know I have a lot of you on the edge wondering what this is all about by now, so let's get to it! MiGThe MiG is finally finished, and will be added into the game come the next patch. More details will be released in the developer blog! For now, I have a very nice render to show off the final product. This should be a nice flash back for anyone familiar with the Red Alert cutscenes. Model by @Sir_Phoenixx | Texture by @Fabian| Render by @Dghelneshi With such a flashy new MiG being added into the game, which threatens the Allied Navy, we decided that it was also time to overhaul the naval units. Let's face it, the older models have served their purpose! Gunboat While the best looking of the two ships, we still felt that this ship needed a new look to match the other detail wise. Here's a look at the new Gunboat! Again, more details will be given once the developer blog is released. Model & Texture by Omegavision | Render by @Dghelneshi Let's jump right into our last update for the night! DestroyerThis has to be one of the biggest improvements to a vehicle this game has seen in years. Hands down one of the best looking vehicles currently in the game. This will be your go-to when protecting your fleet from incoming Yaks, MiGs, and Hinds! Model & Texture by Omegavision | Render by @Dghelneshi Along with all this happening, the Soviets also need to see an update also. Currently a WIP, but I wanted to share this with you guys anyways! Missile SubSorry for the picture quality, but it's the best I have for this sneak peak. Hope you guys don't mind! Model by @Kane000 This one won't be ready for a while, but it'll be coming with hopefully a new Attack Sub later this year! With all that said and done, I hope you guys enjoyed this little teaser. I swear I'm forgetting something though Oh that's right! How silly of me! Cruiser Model & Texture by Omegavision | Render by @Dghelneshi IT'S HERE NEXT PATCH! GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!
  13. Hey everyone, I bet you weren't expecting an update out so soon after the last one. We said we'd try and get more content out to you all, and this is the first step towards it! Where are things going? As the title of this update suggests, we are taking the game into a new direction. We all sat down to have a good hard talk about what we are doing with the project, how long it has taken, what we want from it and what you guys want from it. After much talk we came to the obvious conclusion any self respecting Dune shooter would, throw out the whole thing and make a Sandworm Simulator instead!! So, without further ado... Emperor Worm Simulator! We proudly present to you, the Sandworm Simulator! In this high profile and very realistic Sandworm sim, you can truly live out your wildest Shai-Hulud fantasies! Glide over the vast dunes of Arrakis, lay Spice for the little two leggy things to collect and eat them along with as many vehicles as you possibly can! In this great game you can feel the most powerful you have ever felt, and more! So what are you waiting for, get out there and live like the worm!! I think the Guild are up to something... That's it from us in this update, as usual you can follow us here, Facebook, Indie and Twitter! [blurb]Hey everyone, I bet you weren't expecting an update out so soon after the last one. We said we'd try and get more content out to you all, and this is the first step towards it![/blurb]
  14. Coolrock

    Hey guys! Frank got back to me, and answered every question (even Testament's questions!). I hope you guys enjoy, and I'm waiting to hear back from him about getting in contact with Joe Kucan (Kane)! NodGuy: Out of every track you've created for Command and Conquer, which is your favourite? - I have several favorites, too many to just have one! Hell March, Prepare for Battle, Stomp, Brain Freeze, Dog Fight, Mud, Mad Rap, I could keep going. So many. Dadud: What equipment/programs did you use to create music in the early days? How long did it take to record/produce a song on average? - Ensinonq Asr10, Roland s760, roland jv990, 1080, 2080, Korg triton among others. Would take me anywhere between a day or a few days to complete a track depending on how in the zone I was. ganein14: Were there any tracks you wish could've been implemented into the games you developed them for, but were cut for various reasons? - Well, there’s a few instances where songs were cut or repurposed for later projects. For example it’s no secret there were songs left out of the original C&C but were still buried in the files of the game which people extracted and wondered why. I believe they were meant to be removed but just werent. One of which was called C&C 80s mix - which was an experimental track that probably didn’t fit but was redone as a heavier song for Renegade later. There’s another one called Die which is a cool heavy tune I wished was included but perhaps was a little too theashy. Stomp was written for Tiberian sun and was featured in an early trailer but then was cut and then also used for Renegade. A track I wrote on my own called defunkt i brought in to try for Renegade cause I thought it might fit well, but we switched producers mid way through and it got dropped - so I put it on my first solo album instead. Raap: Some of Frank's solo albums have a lot of similarities with his work on C&C titles, specifically Morphscape, Rocktronic and Infiltrator have a number of tracks that sound like they would fit perfectly in the earlier Red Alert C&C games. Were these tracks at some point intended for these games, or is it purely just a matter of your music style preference? Bonus question: Any chance W3DHub projects could get non-profit, non-direct distribution rights to the mentioned albums, for inclusion within the W3D games (the music files would be stored inside game data, and used exclusively as level background music using the built-in music playlists where authors of music get full credit)? I mirrored my studio setup I had at work at my own studio, so that I could always compose when inspired and then go back and forth. Some ideas I did at home such as defunct I would bring in to see if it worked or not. Other times I would just get ideas out and save them for later to see if I could make them better. When it came to my solo albums, morphscape was a collection of songs that built up over time that I just didn’t find a place for. Ricktronic was a more cohesive effort written in the same time period and very much in the vein of my C&C style. Beyond that I just wrote whatever I felt like at the given time. Though I will say much of what wrote for infiltrator were ideas I kicked out during the time I worked in Red Alert 3, as I hoped to have contributed more than 3 songs for it. Regarding the other question, that’s a separate email Catting: so early on red alert was not in the past it was still gdi and Nod , any info on that? how was ra development? has joe kucan been a influence on the music, were you a influence on him? about retaliation what happend?, is there any memories of note?, did you meet the actors? I enjoyed beatnuckle. did it or your time there inflence cnc? - We’ll to be honest, I had assumed the next C&C after the covert ops expansion would be the next sequel and I wrote Hell March with that in mind. But when I played the song for the president he explained it was to be a prequel instead but that he wanted me to expand on the style we’d already established for the first C&C - and that Hell March would be a perfect main theme for the new game. -Joe Kucans character of Kane was great, and I wrote No Mercy with his portrayal Kane in mind. Lots of memories - I remember being shocked the first time he makes his entrance after offing Seth. We played the game after hours during development because it was so fun. We knew it would be special, just didn’t know It would be as successful as it was! -Beat knuckle we’re friends of mine and I produced their album, and did a couple remixes of their tunes influenced by the stuff I was doing at the time with C&C. Testament: If you could abort anyone from the history of the earth, who would it be? Did you ever pick up any chicks from the tracks you've composed? Your band was super hardcore. Where should I get my grub on in Las Vegas that isn't a cheap, cigarette laden buffet? Would you consider composing a short, cervine/deer or (PLECOSTOMUS) related track for Expansive Civilian Warfare's loading screen? I'd pay you in COMBO snacks and rye whisky. If you could, how would you destroy contemporary country music? -Intetesting questions lol. 1. Anyone who brought about mass harm to innocent people. 2. Yep. 3. Vegas has so many great restaurants it depends what you like. 4. Seeing as this is how I pay my bills, I prefer compensation that I can use for that. 5. Hasn’t it already destroyed itself? Lol dblaney1: What projects can we expect to see from you in the future? Can we have a high quality stereo version of Act on Instinct without the lyrics. The official soundtrack only came with the lyric version if I recall correctly. - I just released my latest album “Transform”, latest game that recently launched officially after early access is “Forged Battalion.” My next album will be 100% Metal. The real deal, all live instruments, organically recorded and not edited to sound unnaturally perfect. \m/ -It’d be up to EA to release an alt version soundtrack. The one that’s avail is the same one that released when the original game released back in the day. But the reason there are extra vocal clips on it is because that’s the way they were originally written before they were taken out for the in-game versions. And that was fine because we felt it competed too much with the unit responses. des1206: Favorite C&C Game, and favorite C&C unit? -Too tough to answer. Again several I could list. Mammoth tanks, commando, mechs, conscripts, ufos, what’s not to like? Killing_You: What is your favorite non-C&C game that you've done music for? -Star Wars Empire at War. Fraydo: 1) Did you ever think joining Westwood Studios as a composer way back then would have left such a legacy on the gaming community, particularly the community surrounding the Command & Conquer series? 2) It's amazing to see that you are still creating new music to this day! Are you already working on the next album? 3) Any prominent video game composers catching your interest these days? If so, any chance of music collaboration with them? - 1. I had no idea that would be a thing. I was still in denial until Red Alert came out and the response we received from that, then it really felt like it was a lot bigger deal than I thought. 2. Yep, as answered earlier above. 3. Sure I respect quite a few other composers I’d enjoy collaborating with at some point. Would depend on circumstances I’m sure for all involved but you never know. Kicken: Do you enjoy any games yourself? If so, or despite that, have any other game soundtracks caught your ears? - Of course! Lately I’ve been ridiculously addicted to Conan Exiles. Plenty of soundtracks I’ve really enjoyed over the years, I tend to enjoy soundtracks that deviate from the norm or are just super well done and pull me in to the world, or get my adrenaline going as that is my preference as a composer in general. Kaskins : I am always curious where does the sound technology is going, we see improve graphics, better monitors with higher resolution and in-game engine with almost realistic rendering. Where would you think of the sound technology is going in the next 10 years time? Have we reach the limits of sound technology that we can hear? - Its come a long way for sure, it’s more about the budgets that are available nowadays though. The quality is largely going to be dictated by that. Whether there’s enough to hire an orchestra, or top tier actors, or sound design field recordings from scratch, time to craft, edit, and cleverly implement audio with the advanced tool sets available today - all of that goes into it. At the end of the day though none of that means anything if the game is not fun! That is always the most important thing, then it’s about how audio and graphic that best serve that experience. OWA: When I used to work with Andre Arsenault, he once told me a story about when you played him one of his voice lines from Tiberian Sun: Firestorm as he entered a room once, (something about a "cool beverage"?). My question is, what's your favourite piece of obscure dialogue from any C&C game? - “That was left-handed!” GraYaSDF: Hi there again, Frank! I of course have two new questions since our last conversation: 1) Which style did you choose for your next solo album? Does it sound like something between Static-X, Metallica, and/or Bon Jovi, or is it something completely new and incredible? 2) Do you plan to record your voice for upcoming metal album? - The Metal album will be across between many of my influences old school Metallica, anthrax, Kings x, with a touch of disturbed, and Armored Saint, half will be instrumental with some guitar hero friends of mine shredding, and the other half will be vocals of myself and and some guest vocalists. VERTi60: Would you like to do a custom soundtrack forAPB, AR and Reborn? -Happy to be commissioned for any soundtrack Nexiuz: Do you have unfinished or unreleased tracks for C&C? Any chance we could use some for our projects here at W3D Hub? -Answered this earlier, it wouldn’t be up to me though. Coolrock: Greatest achievement in your career? Favorite cereal? - Star Wars games I worked on. I don’t eat cereal. I go straight to lunch. Pandarock: Why a music composer? What inspires you when making music? - Music is the soundtrack to our lives. It will always bring us back to memories of times, places, people were reminded of, and experiences, whether you realize it or not. I chose to be a professional drummer early in life and every new skill I attained was because of a need of some sort. Most of which was to be able to communicate ideas of songs to band mates, or communicate what I wanted recordings to sound like to engineers. I was passionate about all of it and motivated me to do it all, and that all is needed when being a composer. At first I thought it would just be fun temporary job until I hit it big with a touring band and making albums. But as it turned out, it became my main career. Thank you again for taking the time to answer! We really appreciate it! - You’re welcome! Keep rockin everyone![blurb]We asked Frank Klepacki some questions from the community. Check it out![/blurb][thumb]thumb_apb.7.png[/thumb]
  15. Hey guys! I just got an email back from Frank, and he'd like us to get a bunch of questions together for him to answer for our community. Hopefully with enough support, we could try to get him to do something more fun in the future! For those of you who might not know who Frank Klepacki is, click his name for a little more information. That's right, he's made just about all the music you love listening to while playing any of your favorite C&C games. I'd like as many people to participate as possible. I want to show him just how much we love his music and want to know more about him. Post any questions you might have, and I'll collect them to send as a Q&A. I appreciate everyone who helps!
  16. You maybe believe it, but I cannot. Roland JD-990 and JV-2080 that I bought are the dream of my arsenal of sounds. After Red Alert remakes, this is probably the best of my works. If there will be possibility to remake some of Tiberian Sun tracks... who knows! P.S.: Interesting fact, and I know it from Frank himself: some names of instruments were chosen as titles for songs for Red Alert OST. As I discovered, "Terminate" is a soundscape instrument included with standard soundbank of JV-series, from which that song starts. And so on.
  17. A collection of all the best moments in recent APB. Thanks to all and happy playing!
  18. http://download.ccassault.com/museum/articles/frank_interview_2/index.html - the full interview is below translation, photos of album are clickable and expandable. Thanks for you time, I hope you enjoy this interview ?
  19. The best orchestra and electronics mix I can offer today. I hope you enjoy it, I was composing it from scratch. I also extended it, but during the process there was some mess with rhythm, but it is okay. Also suggested this to developers of Red Sun RTS, they said it is a good soundtrack for their next videogame, Expanse RTS, and they will probably add this and other tracks from this line to their new real-time strategy game which is already on Google Play! P. S.: I've read four books of Chronicles of Dune, and almost finished fifth book.
  20. The second masterpiece I made from scratch after Barren World and before the remake of Red Alert Menu Theme. Just about perfect. Almost. If only I could make it more diverse... P. S.: Suggested for Expanse RTS devs too. They appreciate it.
  21. http://download.ccassault.com/museum/music/solomusic/Motorized.mp3 I spent few full days on it... and I finally made it recently! Never did remakes of songs from C&C Red Alert 2 OST ("Destroy" from CnC 64 Memorial does not count, it was just an experiment). Still catchy, even simplified.
  22. Another track which is inspired by Tiberian Sun. For all those listeners who love this videogame. As always, available for download. Pad which goes with industrial effects sample is directly from Tiberian Sun, by the way.
  23. Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update When the idea of tweaking rooftop access routes came to mind, I figured I might as well get a hell of a lot more map/building-related stuff done too so that it doesn't have to be done later and make you guys redownload all the maps even more times. So apologies for the long wait, but it should be worth it! [blurb]When the idea of tweaking rooftop access routes came to mind, I figured I might as well get a hell of a lot more map/building-related stuff done too so that it doesn't have to be done later and make you guys redownload all the maps even more times. So apologies for the long wait, but it should be worth it![/blurb] [thumb]thumb_apb.5.png[/thumb] General You no longer get a "sticky" hitmarker if you directly hit someone with a weapon that inflicts afterburn damage (fire/shock) Shrunk bullet tracers 30%. Made the radar marker for A-Bomb flares larger. Infantry The limitation against combat refilling has been expanded to prevent purchase of ALL infantry during infantry combat, not just free ones. Hiding on radar now takes 5 seconds instead of 3. Jogging speeds have been increased by 0.5m/s (so all infantry are now one "tier" faster than before when jogging, e.g. rocket soldiers jog as fast as rifles used to, rifles as fast as sergeants used to, and sergeants a little faster). Sprinting speeds are the same as before. Fast Regen Bois (and girls) These infantry now have to wait 30 seconds to start regeneration just like everyone else, but they now heal 10 HP/sec instead of their old settings (5 for Tanya/Volkov, and the "staggered" heal of the Medic) Repairmen Repair tool takes 50% more time to capture capturable buildings. Golden Wrench takes 25% less time to capture. (Don't mind its 100 ammo, this is just to aid its capture rate due to the way the capture script works; it still has 10 seconds of charge and repairs/disarms things at the same rate it did before.) Flamethrower Range down (100 -> 80m) Health down (60 -> 50) Splash radius reduced (8.5 -> 7m) Splash damage reduced (30 -> 25) Burn-over-time effect now has better DPS (1 instead of 0.75) but a shorter duration (10 -> 5 seconds). So it's a little more impactful for direct combat and flushing people out of cover, but worse at slowing down enemy regen and preventing infantry purchases. Projectile gravity effect doubled (0.25 -> 0.5) Projectile damage multiplier to infantry drastically reduced (0.5 -> 0.2). Projectile damage multiplier to base defenses and MCTless structures down (0.3 -> 0.25); is now identical to damage dealt to building exteriors. Projectile damage multiplier to MCTs up (0.35 -> 0.375), a 7.1% improvement; damage to MCTs is now on par with that of a Sergeant/Starshina. Accuracy penalties for jumping increased, now sprays even more wildly than a jumping Sniper. No longer takes reduced damage from direct flamethrower hits. Infantry armour shredding capability up (75% -> 100%). But be careful not to destroy your own armour too. Reduced strength of particle effects. Grenadier Now has armour, but health is down (80 -> 50). This improves their survivability against most things - especially the explosive splash of tanks and themselves - but weakens them against heavy machineguns and non-bullet/non-explosive based weaponry. Grenade range down (80 -> 70m) Grenade projectile velocity down (75 -> 50m/s) Price up (150 -> 200). Mechanic Move speed down to average, same as a rifle/tech (was fast, same as medic/tanya) Medic Medic Kit now acts like the Repair Tool/Golden Wrench in that you have to hold LMB or RMB constantly to heal someone, and you have to be directly targeting them. This means that it no longer applies a "fire and forget" effect that allows you to gun people down while teammates continue healing in the background (you'll still see the red crosses effect against someone you're focusing healing on though), it now only affects one person at a time, and its effectiveness is drastically reduced while bunnyhopping. Medic Kit healing rate increased; now heals 20HP/sec instead of 10. (Still, bear in mind it can only target one person and you can't heal and shoot at the same time.) Medic Kit now affects other Medics again. However, its healing rate against them is only 20% of normal (4HP/sec). Medic Kit no longer cancels burning/shocking (since it doesn't apply an afterburn-type heal effect). However in turn it is also no longer cancelled by them. Health down (90 -> 80). Armour Cache smoke is thinner and slightly more blue, so it should be harder to mistake for an A-Bomb flare and less obstructive indoors. Armour Cache, in addition to its previous explosive splash resistance, gives all friendly armoured infantry (including the medic of course) a flat 20% reduction against ALL other damage types, except AP mines/fire/electric/environment damage. This is on top of what normal armour already gives you - and like before, doesn't affect anyone who doesn't use armour (sniper/tanya/thief). Armour Cache effect radius down (30 -> 25m) Shock Trooper Health up (70 -> 80) Sniper Price down (650 -> 600) Health down (90 -> 80) ROF up (0.5 -> 0.75) Enfield now has a bolt action sound. Standing/jogging inaccuracy reduced (0.1 -> 0.05) No longer has a severe inaccuracy (0.33) if you walk while scoping (this was a bug, this inaccuracy was only supposed to be added to crouchwalking where it would become a mere 0.03 due to the crouch bonus) Crouchwalking inaccuracy removed (0.03 -> 0) Range down (300 -> 250m) Firing sound radius down (300 -> 225m) Spy Backup relay from infiltrating Radar Dome now lasts 6 minutes (was 5). Infiltrating the Refinery no longer tells you how much money the Soviet team has (that isn't very helpful anyway). Instead, the spy sabotages the refining process - the next load of resources dumped at the Refinery (whether it's from a player or AI ore truck) will be ruined, giving the enemy no credits. Like the Radar Dome ability, this has a cooldown period of 6 minutes. Unlike the other infiltration abilities, this one has a chargeup time - the spy must stick close to the refinery's MCT for 10 seconds in order to sabotage it. Can no longer "infiltrate" Ore Silos. Infiltrating the Barracks/War Factory no longer floods the chat with notifications of what vehicles/infantry the Soviet team has (as that doesn't tell the Allies much anyway). Instead, the unit report causes all of the appropriate Soviet units to become visible on global radar, marked by blue magnifying glasses (I wanted to do red chevrons or something red but that's kinda difficult since then it'd make the markers visible to the Soviets). These markers remain visible for 15 seconds. Infiltrating the Barracks will reveal all Soviet infantry who are not in a vehicle (even if they are sneaking), and infiltrating the War Factory will reveal all Soviet ground vehicles (including cloaked ones if Soviets happen to get a hold of an MGG/Phase). Aircraft cannot be marked in this way, and watercraft are marked elsewhere. Be sure to infiltrate the Soviet radar beforehand if your own radar is down! Can now infiltrate Submarine Pens. Doing so provides a similar effect to the new Barracks/War Factory infiltration, except it reveals Soviet watercraft (LSTs, submarines and stolen boats) and the markers stay visible for 1 minute. Infiltrating a Missile Silo gives a less ambiguous message for the spy: "Soviet A-Bomb preparations reset", matching up with the "A-Bomb preparations reset" the Soviets get, instead of the previous "Launch Sabotaged" (I have no idea what the Gamma APB team were thinking there since he only resets the terminal countdown and not any actual launches...) All infiltration abilities now have a small trigger zone like the War Factory one; they now require the spy to get close to the MCT, instead of just being anywhere in the building that's on the same level as the MCT. (Excluding the Missile silo which, like it did previously, still requires the spy to press E on the A-Bomb purchase terminal.) All spies now have 70 health. (Was 60 for armoured spies, 80 for unarmoured) Rifle/Shock spy now have "fake armour" - a whole 0.7 points (1% of their health) which will immediately dissipate when shot by pretty much anything (though it does protect these two spies from basic splash damage as long as it remains unbroken). This is there so that they still have an armour bar so that they look "legit" when an enemy targets them, but they still have practically the same level of durability as the techie/sniper spy, and still communicates to the spy himself that he should not be relying on his armour (which wouldn't work if he had 70 armour that just didn't protect against anything). Shock spy is no longer immune to electric splash damage. Thief Fixed bug where the 3-second stealing countdown would keep going if you left the stealing zone, which allowed you to get a quick steal as long as you managed to make it back into the stealing zone before the countdown hit 0. Now you have to stay in the stealing zone for the whole 3 seconds. Now has to be close to the Refinery MCT to steal, not anywhere on the second floor. Vehicles Ranger Is now much, MUCH harder to flip over (still possible though so don't go out of your way to do stupid stuff). Small rocks in the field are no longer its bane. Is no longer a god at climbing near-vertical cliffs. Suspension no longer stretches in stupid ways when steering. (However, now it just doesn't move at all. For those who weren't on Discord when it came up, fixing the suspension to move properly without stretching caused the Ranger to drive insanely fast in reverse.) Minelayer Overhauled pretty much all the warhead resistances for landmines. TL;DR they're more vulnerable to bullet-slinging infantry, a little less vulnerable to splash damage, and resistance to bullet-slinging vehicles and direct hits from anti-tank weapons is barely changed. Light Tank Price up (700 -> 800) Tesla Tank Can now aim 135 degrees to either side (was 90). So its blind spot is narrower, allowing it to better counter the flanky things it's intended to counter (such as phases and longbows) Its "barrel" now starts at the edge of the dome instead of the middle. This gives it one whole extra metre of range! Yay! Gunboat Depth charges now damage surfaced subs and other boats, and no longer damage any ground units. Depth charge ROF increased (1 per 2 seconds instead of per 2.5 seconds) Depth charge damage decreased (140 -> 100). Their DPS is now identical to the main gun so against a surfaced sub you don't have to worry about favouring one weapon over the other, just don't use the main gun on deep subs. Depth charge range decreased (150m -> 110m, about the same as the main gun horizontally but can get more reach against things that are underwater) Cannon damage decreased (70 -> 62.5) Cannon ROF increased (1 per 1.333 seconds -> 1 per 1.25, DPS -5% due to lower damage) Gun elevation restrictions are tighter; can only fire 10 degrees up and 20 degrees down (was 22.5 up 37.5 down) Destroyer Depth charges now damage surfaced subs and other boats. Depth charge damage decreased (140 -> 100). Depth charges ROF greatly decreased (1 per 6 seconds instead of per 2.5 seconds) Attack Sub Torpedo velocity increased (62.5 -> 75m/s) Yak Now uses normal Splash warhead instead of SplashFire; base damage is adjusted (10 -> 20) so that its base damage output against armoured infantry is unchanged. So it no longer has the extremely lenient afterburn effect for so much as a single splash hit, and the Medic's Armour Cache can make an impact against its damage output. Now has a larger hitbox while in flight. Damage to Wood destructibles (like Siege's scaffolding) halved. Just like the Longbow/Hind it no longer deals extra damage to base defenses at low player counts. Damage to all buildings up (0.25 -> 0.28), a 12% increase. Damage to heavy vehicle armour up (0.4 -> 0.5), a 20% increase. Range up (110 -> 120m). Buildings Insignias on team-locked doors no longer have physical collision (this was causing the doors to be jammable, particularly with the new roof doors) Advanced Sub Pen Raised the "gate" at the front slightly. Reshaped the submarine blockers to fix the following issues: Moving a sub out of the dock no longer forces it to dive to a depth where it can't hit boats from; this made it hard for newly bought subs to fight against gunboats. If someone parks and ejects a sub in the spawn point, it will now only take about 5-10 seconds instead of a whole minute or so to "settle" into a position where it can be re-entered safely. Airfield Moved one of the rooftop antennae to block infantry from being able to run a circle around the roof door, so Allies hiding up there can't just juke hinds etc forever. Added a small length of chainlink fence around the depot. Added Raap's exterior texture overhaul. Upgraded the comms dish on the rooftop to the same one from the Radar Dome/Advanced Naval Yard, but scaled up 50%. Barracks For Allied barracks, added wooden supports to the interior so that the tarps aren't "floating". Fixed black void around Allied Armoured Corps poster. Fixed vehicle blockers at the entrances floating slightly (which may have contributed to vehicles getting stuck there) Added filler inside the walls to make it harder to see things on the other side by camera clipping. Construction Yard Added extra access routes to the different rooftop areas: a team-locked elevator in the side area that leads to the roof, and some ramps connecting the roof of the side area to the roof of the main door. Texturing on the roof of the side area is slightly less ass. Missile Silo EVA now prints notifications in chat for ready flares, taken flares and spy sabotage in addition to the voices that were there before. Added a PCT in the basement by the elevator (no spawn point down there though). Power Plant Added extra access routes to the rooftop: a pair of team-locked elevators that go up to team-locked doors connected to the middle of the roof. Added PCTs up on the catwalks between the elevator and roof door (no spawn points up there though). Radar Dome Added some additional vehicle blockers around the entrance and ramps, hopefully this should be the end of tanks getting stuck on absolutely nothing there. Sadly you can't drive rangers up the ramps anymore but sacrifices have to be made. Added filler inside the walls to prevent seeing things on the other side by camera clipping. Refinery Added an extra access route to the rooftop: a team-locked door above the MCT. Added filler inside the walls to prevent seeing things on the other side by camera clipping. Repair buildings Ground/air vehicle repair costs 50% of the vehicle's price just like naval vehicles (was 25%) Vehicles are repaired at 7.5% health/armour per second (was 10% for both SD and naval buildings) Naval repair zones now disappear when the building is destroyed. Sub Pen Added grating between the two solid walkways so it's much easier to walk in. Added an arrangement of props between the stairwell and the bridge. With this and the easier time walking into the pen, it should not be so easy for Allies to turn the stairwell into the ultimate defensive position when invading the sub pen. Relaxed the vehicle blockers a bit; vehicles can now drive into the Sub Pen, though not down the piers and obviously not down the stairs. Most importantly this allows Soviet Minelayers to cover the MCT room, but it can have its defensive downsides as well. Removed the fences on the ends of the piers to allow more room for LSTs to land, since now Allied landers actually have something to worry about on CI/Under. Tesla Coil Anti-vehicle range up (150 -> 160m) Reload time up (4.5 -> 6 seconds) Splash and direct hit logic reversed (splash damage hurts vehicles and inflicts shock effect on infantry, direct hit does instant damage to infantry). Splash radius is very small so it will be very unlikely for multiple vehicles to get hit at once; it's mostly just a nerf against massed infantry that get kicked out of a supply truck/APC and all spawn in the same spot (only one infantry dies, the rest just take the relatively weak shock effect and get brought to half health at best, giving them a chance to spread out for the next attacks), and a buff against vehicles (APC/Med can no longer take reduced damage from it by making it hit their strongpoint). War Factory Added extra access routes to the rooftop: team-locked doors on either side of the upper floor, which lead to small balconies with ladders leading to the roof. (Except Soviets on Siege, they don't get these doors.) Moved the rear ladder to the front so it's not too close to a new ladder. (Except Soviets on Siege, their WF has both the old rear ladder and the new front one.) Added catwalks around the left/right side of the upper floor. Moved the interior pipe slightly further away from the centre so it doesn't poke through the window. Moved upper floor PCTs 1 metre closer to the MCTs so it's harder to accidentally trigger the new doors. Updated exterior appearance to fit slightly more with the RA sprite; brown brick, frames for the windows, and a slightly extruded roof. Transplanted pipes and fuel tanks from the unfinished War Factory of former staff member Cuddling (getting his whole WF to work would just be pain because it doesn't fit the shape of the current WF and exterior props like the pipes/fuel tanks are really the only parts of it that were actually finished!) Due to the larger size of the new pipes, you can no longer jump over the rooftop pipes from the lower side of the roof, only the upper side. Added filler inside the walls to prevent seeing things on the other side by camera clipping. Maps Reverted the "permeable" status of water on naval maps (so you will be able to get target boxes again), as it was causing too many problems (bots/base defenses not being able to see anything through water including infantry standing in ankle-deep water, imperfect reticle targeting around water, splash damage being blocked by water, and destroyers sometimes failing to fire when aiming skyward). Water on naval maps is now as opaque as it was before last patch, since the reduced opacity was a balancing factor against the INTENDED effect of permeable water: not being able to see target boxes through water. VIS occlusion has been redone to account for all the new props that have been added since the initial release of Delta, as well as the fact that a lot of VIS setups for building interiors were broken in previous versions due to certain wall meshes being treated as see-through when they actually aren't. Performance should be a little better on most maps, but unfortunately there may be some new VIS errors (meshes that should be visible from a certain position but aren't) as I probably didn't find them all. Forest of Illusion, Fissure and RockTrap have been axed from the game for the time being, pending redesigns. Ridge Racer is also out as it's pretty much run its course for the time that it was played, but it may come back as a filler event map if I can refine the driving mechanics. RA_Bonsai Closed off the northwesternmost part of the map (the part with the campfire and the lone house atop a ledge). The nearby farm/Soviet waterfall route is still open. Returned weather to its Beta style (morning lighting, no thunder/rain). This also means most of the drips and the ankle-deep water in the wine cellar are gone. Added Raap's new bridge. RA_CanyonRiver Removed some trees. Added Raap's new bridge. RA_CoastalInfluence The "long upper" path has been mostly cleared of trees so it is much easier for vehicles to traverse. Most of the trees now sit near the edge of the ridge so it is harder for vehicles on one path to interact with the other path, or the edge of the border mountain so that they continue to shelter infantry without making vehicle access too difficult. Made a little extra room for vehicles on the island. Added a fence along the shoreline near the dead Heavy Tank on the lower land route, to make it harder for vehicles to fall in water. (Projectiles can go through this on purpose because otherwise it would impede the Barracks turret.) Fixed missing spy zone for Soviet Barracks. RA_Complex Added vehicle blockers in between the bridge supports, so that vehicles passing under the bridge don't have to worry about lagging into the inside of the supports instead of coming out of the other side of the bridge. Added Radar Domes for all your "backup for your easily destroyed WF" needs. Enabled MRJs. Time to roll out that snow MRJ camo for the first time since Beta? Added Raap's new bridge. RA_GuardDuty Removed the Allied inf-only cliff extension. Moved Soviet Ref-side Flame Tower closer to the Service Depot. Tweaked shape of the back of the Allied river hill a bit to make it even harder for artillery find spots on the hilltop where they can shoot stuff while "in cover". RA_HostileWaters Naval structures back up to 750 health (dropping them to 500 turned out to be not the best idea with the faster pace of the game compared to old HW) RA_KeepOffTheGrass Added vehicle blockers to the Allied PP route and Soviet Ref route. Both teams still have one vehicle-accessible backdoor (Soviet PP and Allied WF), the other one is just restricted to infantry. Hill route going behind the Allied WF has been sectioned off a bit; the wider path has been removed entirely, leaving just the narrow path that Mammoths/TTs cannot cross, but all other Soviet vehicles can. Soviet PP flame tower has slightly worse coverage. Replaced both the previously existing Coils with Flame Towers and added a new Coil in the middle of the base. This still doesn't have the coverage to prevent PP attacks unless vehicles get VERY close to the PP. Removed the rear Gap Generator; the front Gap has been moved about 25m closer to the WF. Gap coverage still covers almost as much of the base as it previously did; the only thing it covered previously which it doesn't anymore is the ore field. Made the Soviet PP hill less slippery on the PP end. Removed a Service Depot from each base. Halved chance of crate giving a class change (which resets your equipment). RA_PacificThreat Allied boats are now spawned facing forwards instead of left. Removed the little island near the Soviet Helipad as it was causing more grief for defending Soviet subs than for attacking Allied boats. Instead, added a pier near the house which boats have to go around before they can start hitting buildings. Removed a bunch of out-of-bounds trees. Made piers look a little less ancient by repurposing parts of Raap's new bridge for them. Fixed missing spy zone for Soviet Barracks. (Gee, can't imagine why THIS went unnoticed for so long.) RA_Pipeline Removed starting ore silo since a non-capturable source of income isn't really needed now that technicians can capture and the economy was too strong previously anyway. Oil pumps now give 2.5 credits per second (was 2). So credit income still peaks at 10 (unless you can somehow steal and hold the oil in the enemy base for 12.5... don't count on that), but now bottoms out at 2.5 if you have no field control instead of the previous 4 (oil+silo). Income across the whole map totals at 12.5 (5 oils) instead of the previous 14 (5 oils + 2 silos). So keeping control of the oil is more important. Removed some of the jersey barriers around the central oils as they were easy to get stuck on. Moved each team's initial oil pump back to the safe position that the ore silo used to be. RA_Siege Fixed lumpy terrain near the new bridge. Added Raap's new bridge. Fixed destructible scaffolding not transitioning to its "settled" state (which reduces draw calls and stops smoking) at the end of its death animation. Fixed some oddly shaped blockers around the recently-cleared Soviet-side rock pile. Removed wall between Allied WF and landing pads (what is this even doing here) Transparent water edges are less gradual. RA_ToTheCore Removed bridges. (Raap's new bridges are too large for this map's rivers) Removed some trees. RA_Under Removed a bunch of out-of-bounds trees. Pier update. Expanded the ejection zone for LSTs/subs. Subs should be able to eject at the Allied shoreline now.
  24. Using "Anarchy Road" by Carpenter Brut. It took me like 4 months because I don't have much time anymore and because I'm pretty shonky at animating but was really fun and I think looks pretty good.
  25. erickgch

    As I have mentioned before in-game, I think there are many flaws with the carcinogenic map known as RA_Siege, A.K.A "who even made this map?" or "!skip pls". I know there are some people out there who like it, but it's my impression that most players don't. I might be wrong, though. I also have the impression that players usually leave when this map comes in. Now, what's wrong with siege (note: this is my very own personal opinion): 1- It's way too big (we all know that). 2- Also due to the size, it takes a lot of time for the harvester to get the ore. 3- A lot of unused space in the castle (See first picture). Some AI "ghosts" would be good, like in the church on Stormy Valley. 4- The rainy weather makes that map depressing. This may have a psychological effect on players. Rainy weather = bad weather; rainy map = bad map. 5- This section of the Soviet base (see second picture, compare to third picture). Additional suggestion: How about a secondary path for vehicles/infantry over the lake? (See fourth picture) I think it would be good to make a community-designed map, so we could all contribute with ideas and make something great. Also, what happened to Fissure? And who designed Siege? I am open to discussion.