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June is End Boss Month!


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I had to edit armor.ini to defeat this guy. 


Apparently one of the only useful warheads for me was flame, so I made flesh invulnerable to everything else and added a big multiplier to this warhead type.  Watching buildings go down in seconds to a flame tank was satisfying.

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XSOTAN WORMHOLE GUARDIAN, from Avorion videogame. One of my favourite bosses of all times, and I like to kill it, it contains few millions of the top resource in that game. Recently dueled him solo on Insane difficulty. Salvaged only less than two millions of Avorion, because my turrets were crap before the update.


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I picked mine from a game I still play to this date. The remaster for the Xbox 360 is awesome but I love playing it on the PC using an emulator. Keyboard and mouse support is extremely fun and much better than the Nintendo 64 controller.

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8 minutes ago, MPRA2 said:

so since we havent had a new topic in 2 months, I'm changing my image to a new boss....

A WOLFENSTEIN BOSS! OH but it isnt just any average Wolfenstein boss, its a gender swapped Wolfenstein boss....

oh yes......


Snobby Anime Class President High School Girl is indeed a fine end boss. Too bad it's August.

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