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Found 85 results

  1. Upload any C&C related memes here, I'm bored.
  2. I’d like to use this topic to get some general feedback from the community. If these buildings were to appear in the game at some point, what would you want them to do? What would their purpose serve to gameplay? Let’s get those gears turning!
  3. Ok, Here's The Run-Down, I'm Trying To Play RA3 With Mods, I've Made A New Profile, Deleted The Skirmish.ini File, But The Mods Won't Work (Except Shock Therapy) The Custom Menu Screens Won't Show Up, Mods Like Epic War Just Crash My Game When I Try To Start A Skirmish Match, And Some Like Paradox That Let You Start A Match, But The AI Won't Do A Thing! What's Happening?! How Can I Fix This?! (Basically, I'm Not Getting These Menues In The Picture Provided, And Mods Are Crashing)
  4. Hello players! We’d first like to thank everyone for joining another amazing game night! We once again want to ask that you reply with a nomination for which players they felt were the real MVPs of the night. After 24 hours from now, we’ll tally up the names and announce the MVP and Runner Up awards! What’re you waiting for? Get to voting!
  5. Hello everyone! We've recently been having discussions among the staff about balance. With the recent high amount of game nights, it’s brought a lot of attention to certain units and maps. We’d like to ask our community to participate in giving feedback on anything you feel is off or not performing how you believe it should. This can range from damage not being high enough with a certain unit, to even prices being too high/low. Do you think a certain map has a higher advantage for one team over another? Now is the time to speak up! Let’s get to discussing
  6. APOCALYPSE RISING MAFIA II DARK NIGHT Following the Allies' surrender in the previous iteration, the Soviets have grown more confident and are preparing to mount a nuclear assault. The Allies have responded by infiltrating the missile base, but only have a limited amount of time to disable the silos and destroy the base. Rules are similar to the previous game, and you may read up on @VERTi60's APB V game with similar mechanics: The Soviets (Town) faction will win by eliminating all hostile factions, or if the nuclear missiles can launch (timed victory). The countdown wil
  7. Hello players! We’d first like to thank everyone for joining another amazing game night! We’d like everyone to reply with a nomination for which players they felt were the real MVPs of the night. After 24 hours from now, we’ll tally up the names and announce the MVP and Runner Up awards! What’re you waiting for? Get to voting!
  8. I noticed that Soviets had dogs in RA1 and then later both Soviets and Allies had dogs in RA2 Strangely after the tiberian meteor hits and tiberian dawn rolls around no dogs. Later in tiberian sun this creature emerges the tiberian fiend. I think it is possible that the large numbers of dogs became mutants? This is Lore not cannon, but I think it answers the question
  9. So, the last few days i've been trying to be more active in-game and in the W3D community (Discord, Forum) and, (maybe i'm wrong, please tell me if i am) i've noticed that, even though we have this many people interested in these games, and we have so many discussing about them, the actual playerbase is quite small. Usually, when i go and play some, i open the launcher and i see this The mods, that i'm the most interested in, and love, have 0 players, almost constantly. Maybe i'm just checking at the wrong time, and there is a playerbase to these games and i just don't notice it,
  10. Another topic we’d like to hear the community on. I’m sure there’s at least a few people who would love to see Attack Dogs get added to the game. The biggest issue I always hear is are Spies powerful enough to warrant adding them into the game? I’d like to see some brainstorming on this topic. What could make the Spy better to allow the team to add the Attack Dog?
  11. Good Evening everyone. I have a legit question I've been thinking about recently. More often then not, there seems to not be a lot of RTS Games coming out or at least any of particular interest to me. It could possibly be that I have not been looking or paying to much attention but I've also been stuck on the old school ones as well. In my theory, RTS games have come down to Twitch/Competitive Gaming type games which means the quality has been drastically decreased to the point of the story being non-existent, horrid or irrelevant. I also believe that It can be agreed that 1995-2006 was a real
  12. Thank you all for an amazing Game Night event. To determine our MVP prizes, we will be using player votes for this. Cast your vote here and we will tally up at the end of the day (10 PM CST/3 AM UTC).
  13. First off is my attempt at a Nod badged Blackbird: There are extensive topology issues, and I am not really happy with it at all. Next is my take on the C&C Rivals Drone Swarm: No Rotors yet! Here is an in game screen using EALA's Repair APC as a drone controller!: It is a bit of a nothing model, but it was interesting to complete.
  14. So here is one familiar to APB fans, the Demo truck! I have since made the tires lighter Overall I am disappointed with how this turned out, it looks like a toy (even allowing for low quality RTS assets). I only wanted a Soviet badged version, but it is obviously trivial to have an Allied or neutral version if desired at a later date. The actual nuke warhead is an EALA asset from C&C 3.
  15. So we're all having fun in a 6v6, not that many but any players are good since the server's been pretty empty lately, then the map changed and this moron voted to skip it cause 'he didn't like the map' then he left either way, killing the server. It went from 12 players to 5 just like that(it was 5 Nod vs 1 GDI when I left because there was no point tbh). I wouldn't mind the map change if we had a higher amount of players and could afford to lose a few if others joined later on. You got more chances of people joining with higher amounts of players than with 5 since there isn't much
  16. This is a RA 2 styled Oil Derrick that I modelled and textured. Once it came time for the animations, I messed up (probably should have come here first), so the animation is off. At some future date I will redo the model rig, and have another try. There are some bland sections, but for an RTS, I feel it will do.
  17. I'M BAAACK!! I was rather pleased with this model, because I do not often get a good result when I model structures. If the proportions seem off, this is because they were adjusted so that the vehicle models that I had at the time could physically exit the factory, whilst also ensuring that the amount of space required to place the structure in a base was not too prohibitive.
  18. Welp. Its here. And where ever you are, its probably there too. Lets talk about it - calmly. I am from the United States, currently living in the Nashville Tennessee area, and we have a couple of confirmed cases here (not surprising when there are over a million people). People are panic-buying items like toilet paper (???) soap/disinfectants, cleaning supplies, bread, eggs, meat, etc... While filling up my truck with gasoline earlier (yes I was actually empty, 0.5 gallons remaining), I noticed an older gentleman next to me filling up small Diesel and Gasoline cans in the back of his truc
  19. So I almost killed this guy and he somehow became not only a Nod character while dodging and jumping but he also changed the team color like a spy does? Crates don't spawn in that particular spot, they spawn further back intbetween the bases so it couldn't have been a crate that spawned on top of him.
  20. I just want to get this cleared out, is nuking/ioning this part of the map allowed or no. Not for destroying the wall but the buildings. There's a group of people including ElySpain, limado and wheresmymedal that keep doing stuff like this or glitching beacons in certain spots where you can't disarm them to kill the buildings. Threve warned them that glitching will be punished by a 24hours ban and they didn't seem to understand this.
  21. Discuss! According to EA_Jimtern you can press a button in-game to switch between old and new graphics. The Halo remasters have this option and I love it. Go to the link below and scroll down to compare old vs new. https://www.ea.com/games/command-and-conquer/command-and-conquer-remastered
  22. Imagine that some nation has developed a tank that's near enough the same as the Mammoth Tank/Apocalypse Tank (twin fuck off guns with twin missile pods as well as it being four-tracked) with the same level of durability as well as the ability to conduct independent battlefield repairs. How would everything work out? Would the main guns have an autoloader system similar to that of WWII-era battleships as opposed to having a four-man loader (two per gun; one inserting the round and the other inserting a charge of some sort), would the pods have to be manually reloaded? More to the poin
  23. I remember old discussions years back about when RA1 took place and recently I found a transcript archive of a Q&A that took place in 06 Feb 1996 which was really early in RA1's development and had some interesting information. Well It may not be much but I always wanted a specified date of the war unless I missed some information somewhere. XD VENOM: what's the story behind RA and in what time and technology level will it be on ? WSAdam: Okay -- Here's the scoop: World War II never happened the way that we think of it. Hitler never came to power, and there was no WWII... for a w
  24. ST Bridge Crew recently removed the VR requirement making it playable for poor saps like me. It was also half off when I picked it up, but since their end-goal is a larger playerbase (I believe they had ~200 or so before removing VR), it'll undoubtedly go on sale again in the future. http://store.steampowered.com/app/527100/Star_Trek_Bridge_Crew/ The game itself plays like an updated version of Bridge Commander. There's a solo/coop campaign of five long missions and then the Kobayashi Maru challenge, and Ubisoft built in randomly generated missions which I've yet to try. Multiplayer
  25. Well, it seems you all have a lot of questions. And with these questions shall come answers! Welcome to the official Questions and Answers (Q&A) Thread for Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero! Feel free to ask any question that you have- any at all- and myself or ICE will answer it! There are no wrong questions, so long as it relates to GZ, so ask away!
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