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  1. Welcome to the 23rd edition of W3D Weekly!

    Let's jump right in to the latest developments!


    We've got a couple more events coming up, so buckle up and get ready!

    On Tuesday we're having another Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising Stream to close out the Red Revolution Anniversary Event. Join us on Tuesday at 8PM for all of the action live on https://www.twitch.tv/w3dhub


    We've also got an APB Game night coming up next weekend, so join us then for some good games!


    Red alert 2: Apocalypse Rising

    Last Wednesday saw the closed alpha release of Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising release to a selection of people within the community as well as some C&C influencers. This was a massive success and got many new people excited for the game!

    You can check out our stream below:

    Big hats off to @ moonsense715 who has been working his butt off all week to on the build as well! If you guys have any extra feedback on the game so far, please let us know!

    Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero

    While not as big as last week, this update is still an awesome one! @ Killing_You got his hands on a shiny new FN MAG model, and with the help of @ CMDBob , it is now ingame!


    What's extra cool is that the model came with a spade handle for use on the Humvee, as well as a traditional setup that will be used by GDI Heavy Gunners.

    Crazy CO-OP

    Gobbling Gorge is now available to play on @ Jerad2142 's crazy coop server! If you're up for some turkey hunting, join the server and have a go!


    Battle for DuneThe Battle for Dune team thought it was about time we started sharing some news once again, as we have a nasty habit of being silent. In this update, we have to show off our Windtraps!

    House Atreides


    House Harkonnen


    The Windtrap provides a base it's power. These are wind gathering Structures that use turbines and static electricity to generate power, they also collect water.
    Windtraps also govern the Shields for other Structures, these Shields act as a secondary health pool. Once the Wdintrap has been destroyed, every Structure for that House will lose it's Shields. Note: These are not the same as Holtzman Shields, and will not cause a pseudo-explosion when come into contact with a Lasgun's beam. 

    That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more W3D content!


    More Stream! :v

    [blurb]The 23rd edition of W3D Weekly is now out! Late again, but with a ton of content![/blurb]

  2. Welcome to the 22nd edition of W3D Weekly!

    We're a bit late again this time, but we've got some cool stuff to show you all regardless!


    Join us on Wednesday night at 8PM GMT for a special stream for Red Revolution (The Red Alert Anniversary).

    We'll be playing some games of Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising and answering all of your questions. If you have any questions for us regarding development, feel free to ask them here in this thread or on the stream chat!

    Red Alert: A Path BeyondThankyou to everyone who joined us for an epic game night last Sunday! We recorded the stream and put it up on YouTube, so head here if you missed it!

    Apocalypse Rising

    Aside from our planned stream on Wednesaday, @ Romanov has made a new model for the Allied Engineer! This is based on a piece of Red Alert 2 concept that is pictured to the left.



    Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero

    A major milestone has been reached! The first of @ Synaesthesia 's old buildings have been rigged up and placed in-game! That's right, we now have a proper GDI Barracks!


    Huge thanks to him, as well as @ TeamWolf for rigging it up! More to come in the near future!

    Crazy CO-OP

    @ Jerad2142 reports more turkeys are abound! Look out for more info on their addition to the Crazy Co-Op server, coming soon!


    That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more W3D content!


    Another Shameless plug :v

    [blurb]The 22nd edition of W3D Weekly is now out! We're a bit late this week, but we've got a nice dose of content! Join us for our stream on Wednesday to see Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising in action![/blurb]

  3. On 11/2/2021 at 4:24 AM, Mojoman said:

    Hey guys!

    I was just wondering if someone could tell me the story of Darth Plaguis the Wise the old APB vs Reborn feud? I was rereading forum posts from 2015 (Ahhh memories) and came across people comparing that drama to the old APB vs Reborn. Can someone fill me in on when this happened and what happened? I assume it was from the mid 2000's.

    Ahh the APB vs Reborn wars. What a storied time in in our history as a community.

    There were many goings on back then that really fuelled a big feud between the two mods. The main source of the feud if I remember correctly was plain and simple; good old fashioned competition.

    Renegade Alert (what APB was originally known as) at the time was released and people could play it. 9925 was fun and there were big promises of 993 adding in naval gameplay and a bunch of missing units. Renegade Alert was in a really strong position with a fairly large team and a decent direction, led by Aircraftkiller. Although anyone on the team that time and for anyone who knew him then, it was a bad idea to get on his bad side. 

    Reborn, on the other hand, had released their original, but very buggy Beta build (the one that formatted Windows 98 hard drives, or so some would claim) under the leadership of the very first Reborn team. A second team that had inherited control of the project were working on the game, but instead of releasing a follow-up build quickly, had set about a really ambitious project to re-create all of the art from scratch. This Reborn team was comprised of some of the most talented artists that the Renegade community had ever seen and they weren't shy when it came to boasting about it.

    Through one encounter or another, the two sides came to blows over which mod was better. Aircraftkiller leading the RenAlert team and Renardin leading the Reborn team in raids on each others forums. The RenAlert guys would always decry that "RebornSux" and went as far to draw mean spirited cartoon images of Renardin and the Reborn team to demean them. The Reborn team were not as tenacious and instead let their artwork do the talking, comparing RenAlert's currently sub-par artwork to that of the yet unreleased version of Reborn. Reborn won several ModDB visual design awards and even went to GamesCom during this period, much to the RenAlert teams chagrin.

    When Aircraftkiller started to move away from Renegade development and pitched for APB (as it had been renamed) to be on a newer game engine, it was unsure what the future would hold for RenAlert. Whilst Aircraftkiller was looking at other engines,@ Coolrock stepped up to the plate, saving the Renegade version of APB and passing it to Chronojam to continue leading development. This resulted in RenAlert version 9935 being released, to much fanfare.

    Around this time the Reborn team also moved into the APB team's forums. this was a result of Chronojam attempting to heal past wounds, settle differences and attain a compromise. This didn't last too long, as the two teams butted heads frequently, the scars from the previous clashes being all too fresh. After a while, the Reborn team moved back to their own site (This is when AR stepped in to join APB and form Bluehell Productions).

    During the next few years, APB would go from strength to strength, releasing the Beta version of the game which was very popular. By this time, Reborn development was running out of steam. Worn down by people having less time and the mammoth task of redoing all the artwork, the team decided to bet their success on an infantry beta. The planned release data of this beta was December 31st 2006. This date slipped to some time in 2008, much to the APB team's amusement.

    After years of hype, the infantry beta came out to a massive fanfare, but failed to capture a long term audience due to the poor quality of the balance and gameplay. This was one of the final nails in the coffin for that iteration of the Reborn team as it was. The team fractured and control of the project ultimately returned to Bluehell Productions under @ Wallywood 's leadership. From there a credible vehicle release was produced and that's roughly where Reborn is today.

    If I've got any of my facts wrong @ TeamWolf , please correct me. :p 

    On 11/2/2021 at 10:57 PM, GibbletsnBits said:

    From the little I can recall, at its core was a fight over 2 projects with only enough team to do 1. So it degenerated into which project was more worthy of time and pettiness ensued.

    There were two full teams, they just got hyper competitive over making the best mod to the point where they were actively flaming the crap out of each other.


    On 11/12/2021 at 12:35 AM, FRAYDO said:

    10 days have passed since the initial post. I was expecting a good read of drama. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    How's that @ FRAYDO ? :p 

  4. Welcome to the 21st edition of W3D Weekly!

    We're a bit late this week, but no matter. Let's jump in!


    The Red Revolution celebrations have now begun!

    The aim of this event is to celebrate the combined birthdays of game in the Red Alert franchise with a number of streams planned across the whole event, with each day celebrating a different community project.

    Check below for a list of events happening across the next three weeks!



    Red Alert: A Path Beyond is getting in on the action, with a game night planned out for tomorrow night (14th of November). Make sure to come and join us for all of the action!

    Battle for Dune

    A bit of a surprise from @ Killing_You ! He has suited up for a fun little poster, as the sinister Harkonnen Mentat, Pearce de Vries!


    While he won't appear physically, you will hear his voice ingame. He will be the Harkonnen equivalent of EVA from other games, as well as providing background lines while in Harkonnen buildings.Crazy CO-OP

    Tiberian Turkeys be comin'! Keep your eyes peeled!


    That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more W3D content!


    [blurb]The 21st edition of W3D Weekly is now out! A bit late this week, but no matter! Come and take a look at what we've got this week![/blurb]

  5. Welcome to the 20th edition of W3D Weekly! We've got a fair amount to talk about today, so let's get into it!


    The Red Revolution celebrations are kicking off this month, with a whopping 20 continuous days of Red Alert content planned out, starting from the 10th of November.

    The aim of this event is to celebrate the combined birthdays of game in the Red Alert franchise with a number of streams planned across the whole event, with each day celebrating a different community project.

    Red Alert: A Path Beyond is getting in on the action, with a game night planned out for the 14th of November!


    We've also got a red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising stream coming up on the 24th where we'll be showing off the latest build and getting stuck in to some games. We'll be taking questions during the stream, so fee free to check it out! 

    Red Alert: A Path BeyondA new APB patch,, has been released. Check the changelog for details!

    This week, @ ChopBam would like to show one of the changes in the changelog.

    A couple small terrain adjustments have been made to RA_ToTheCore that should assist the Soviets with defending their base. The narrow cave that led from the cliff to the south of the Soviet base to an opening in the rock wall east of the Construction Yard has been removed entirely.

    Additionally, as can be seen in the overhead screenshot below, the base entrance access on their north side has been reduced dramatically, as the cliff shore has been brought all the way up to the base.

    * To avoid some confusion, here is a note that up is West rather than North for overhead maps.

    TTC Adjustments.png

    Join us on November the 14th for some games, but also look out for some games in Discord in the meantime!

    In other APB-related news @ Pyryle has been updating his Classic Colours mod to the latest version of APB. Here's a screenshot of the new BTR colours:


    For all of the latest info on this project head here:

    Apocalypse Rising

    @ moonsense715 has been working on getting a civilian power plant model ready for one of our new maps. This was adapted from an older model that we had and updated to be a lot nicer to traverse for infantry combat. Here's a render of the building:


    Let us know what you think in the comments below!

    Cold War Confrontation@ CMDBob reports that work on one of the maps has begun. It's an alpine canyon with a river running through it. It's in the early, rough stages of development, but here's a little teaser:


    It's cold out there...

    That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more W3D content!


    Shameless plug :v

    [blurb]The 20th edition of W3D Weekly is now out! Lets' take a look at what's happening this week![/blurb]

  6. Welcome to the 19th edition of W3D Weekly! Let's get into it!

    Community News@ OWA turned the IPB forum skin green yesterday. Apologies for that!


    We've been testing some stuff out that should hopefully make more forum skins easier to make in the future. It will require a bit of time to setup, but once it's in place, making forum skins should be easy.

    Watch this space!

    Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising@ OWA has been working on making the Guardian GI model for AR. This is nearly complete now, with the near-finished model displayed below. Let us know what you think!


    That's all!A lot of us have been busy focusing on non-W3D stuff these past couple of weeks, so unfortunately there's not much to show off this time.

    Come back next time when we'll have some more W3D content! :) 



    [blurb]Not much news this week, but there are still a couple of cool things to mention![/blurb]

  7. Welcome to the 18th edition of W3D Weekly!

    There's not much going on this week unfortunately, but keep your eyes peeled for more news in the coming weeks!
    Apocalypse Rising

    @ OWA got a new Harrier model rigged up and ready to fly this week! The texture is placeholder at the moment, but we'll have it looking more like RA2's Harrier soon!

    Elsewhere in AR land, @ moonsense715  has been hard at work improving Crazy Ivan's weapon. We've now got a proper launcher rigged up for him and it fires improved dynamite that @ Romanov  has edited slightly.

    Check out both the Harrier and Ivan Launcher below!


    That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more W3D content!



    [blurb]The 17th edition of W3D Weekly is now out! We've got a nice chunk of content this week, so let's take a look![/blurb]


    [blurb]Come and check out the latest news from around the W3d-verse![/blurb]

  8. On 10/14/2021 at 11:26 AM, Mortalc13 said:

    Just out of curiosity but does anyone have a backup of the older files with the Cyborg Reaper's web ability and the Mutants in TS Snow? I'm interested in playing with the old build on LAN with my brothers, recently we've been playing some of Jerad2142's co-op missions and that's been pretty fun but would like to play some C&C mode with this mod since OG Renegade is way overplayed and kinda boring visually now. I know where the downloaded files are stored but unfortunately I don't have any files for before the last 2 major updates, earliest I have is ( If not it's cool, don't want to piss anyone off, really enjoy this mod and appreciate the community!

    Hi @ Mortalc13 . We keep a backup of all of the file on our server, so it's fairly easy to rollback and grab a specific build. We'd need some time to get the files together, but if you keep bugging us about it, we'll see what we can do. :)

  9. Welcome to the 16th edition of W3D Weekly! It's a small update this week, but let's dive straight in.

    Red Alert: A Path Beyond - 3.6 is Now Out!

    Red Alert: A Path Beyond version 3.6 is now out! What are you waiting for!? Why are you reading this!? Go and play a round or ten!

    We'll be organising a weekly play session in the calendar for those of you who like organised game times. Keep an eye out for those coming soon. These sessions won't have prizes associated with them or anything, but they will serve as a good organiser for those of you who want to play regular games moving forwards.

    Also the winners of the game night are as follows!

    1. @ forg0ten1 - 13,015 Points
    2. @ Guard55  - 12,210 Points
    3. @ SilverShark  - 11,592 Points
    4. AgentDH1 - 10,810 Points
    5. @ NodGuy  - 9,582 Points

    @ FRAYDO will be getting in touch with the winners for the prizes!

    In the meantime, head over to @ Killing_You 's thread and join in on the discussion surrounding APB's newest vehicle, the BTR!


    More info on what's next for APB will be arriving courtesy of @ ChopBam in next week's update! Until then, you have Guard Duty. :russkie:

    Engine Team

    @ CMDBob  reports that he has added new functionality that allows developers to completely remove the crosshair from the game. This is handy for anyone making anything that doesn't require crosshairs!

    In other engine news, there is currently a bug where players can reset the last-hit timer on the Service Depot if they leave and re-enter the zone quickly enough. This will be fixed in the next patch of APB, so the Service Depot will know what you did. :toughguy:

    That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more really great W3D content!



    [blurb]Red Alert: A Path Beyond 3.6? BTR discussions? Crosshair removal options for developers!? come and read the latest news from the W3D Hub frontlines right here![/blurb]


  10. Welcome to the 15th edition of W3D Weekly! It's an APB and CWC special this week!

    Red Alert: A Path Beyond - 3.6 Now Available!

    As promised in the previous weekly, we've been announcing tidbits and updates each day, resulting in today's update; the full changelog and release!

    (Nice thumbnail choice, forum! :v)


    You can now grab APB 3.6 on the W3D Hub Launcher and join the battlefield! Head here to download the launcher:


    Finally, be sure to join us for the APB 3.6 Game Night happening tomorrow! There are even some prizes for the best players!

    Cold War ConfrontationTime for an overview of the WARPAC defences. The first one is the MG nest. Very similar to the NATO MG nest, this post has a .50 caliber DShK machine gun, capable of delivering high amounts of fire power.


    The next defence is the Konkurs launcher. Located in a very similar building as the MG nest, this anti tank missile defence is perfect for demolishing vehicles. The missile will track your vehicle, so be careful, vehicles aren't cheap!


    Finally, we have the Igla nest. A bit of camo netting, a pair of anti-aircraft missiles, and a soldier whose had... some training in their operation makes for something that will swat down helicopters.


    So that's the defences for each faction!

    That's it for this week!Join us next time for some more incredible W3D content!


    When @ moonsense715  plays Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising



    [blurb]Red Alert: A APth Beyond version 3.6 has now been released! What are you waiting for comrades! It's time to get back into the fight![/blurb]

  11. Welcome to the 14th edition of W3D Weekly! Let's get into it!

    Community News

    There's nothing too new to talk about on the general community side of things, but something worth mentioning is that @ Coolrock  made a thread on the forums recently for people to post their old community photos. There's some good ones in there already, but if you have some moments that you want to re-share, feel free!

    You can find the thread here:

    Red Alert: A Path Beyond - Releasing 3.6 Soon!

    Today, we're going to report which levels will have new bot support. Stay tuned though, more exciting APB info below.

    The following levels are likely to be added to the lower player count rotation since they now support bot play:

    1. Canyon River
    2. Keep Off The Grass
    3. Under

    Be sure to attend our APB game night on October 1.

    That is...checks watch... next Friday! I guess we'd better release by then. Have I mentioned there will be prizes involved??

    Since we have too many updates to share and not enough weeks to stick to weeklies, we would like to share with you an APB update every day until 3.6 releases, so stay tuned for that!

    Cold War ConfrontationMore info from CWC this week! Today we're showing off the 3 basic NATO defence structures.


    This is the MG Nest. Armed with a .50 caliber M2 Browning heavy machine gun, this defensive structure will make quick work of any infantry trying to attack a NATO base.


    This is the TOW Nest. This structure is very similar to the MG nest, but is armed with a TOW missile launcher, perfect for eliminating vehicles. (Be warned, the TOW missiles WILL track you down once fired!)


    Finally we have the Stinger next, which is the anti-aircraft defensive structure. It has a pair of Stinger missile launchers mounted to a fire control system, as well as some camo netting. Going near this with a helicopter is not advisable.

    Don't worry, though. The Warsaw Pact has its own set of defences which shall be revealed all in due time.

    Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising

    No real updates from us this week, but rather a question. We've ben talking about the Battle Bunker again this week and how we should implement it. We have dug out one of our old demo videos which has an interesting implementation with key-carded doors, but we're a bit undecided on it at the moment. Check out the video in question below!

    Let us know your thoughts and ideas about how you feel this structure should be implemented!

    That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more bodacious W3D content!




    [blurb]We've got more APB, CWC and AR updates in this latest weekly update! Come and check it out![/blurb]

  12. Back before APB version 993 came out, the guy that modelled most of the vehicles (Sir_Phoenixx) used to post his work in progress models up on the forums. I kept a few of these images from across the years which you can see below:



    Also here are a couple of bonus Reborn memes for a laugh.


  13. Welcome to the 10th edition of W3D Weekly!

    Dive in for your weekly dose of news below!

    DDoS Attacks

    First off I just want to address the elephant in the room here. Over the course of the past week, we've been getting hit with what we understand to be a series of distributed denial-of-service attacks. What this basically means is that an individual (or multiple individuals) are flooding our servers with a large amount of incoming junk traffic in order to bring them down.

    We're currently investigating what we can do in order to mitigate these attacks with the resources that we have at our disposal, however we are unaware of what the attacker's motivation is at this time. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be taking some defensive measures, but as this is still fresh and we're still gathering data, we will need some time.

    I'd also like to personally extend an arm out to the attacker to come and talk to me personally about what their motivation is and whether there is any way we can solve this problem amicably. I am not aware of anything that we have personally done as a team that would warrant these attacks, but I'm willing to hear the attacker out if they have legitimate complaints. If this situation can be solved diplomatically, we're willing to consider it for the good of the games. At the end of the day, all of this effort to shut down a small community that is trying to enjoy a niche game seems a bit much, so it would be good to understand the why of the situation right now.

    To the players, you have our word that we'll work to overcome these attacks if they persist, but in the meantime I'm sorry to say that we need more time to put some more substantial defence in place. We'll keep you all informed on Discord in the meantime.

    - @ OWA

    Tiberian Sun: RebornThankyou to everyone who joined us last Thursday for our Tiberian Sun: Reborn stream! It didn't go quite the way we anticipated, but we used the opportunity to take a closer look at TSR 2.0 form where we left it last year.

    If you would like to watch the stream again, it's has been linked below:


    Red Alert: A Path Beyond

    For the next release, we've made some adjustments to how the score sharing works when buildings are destroyed. In the current build, if a main base building is destroyed, every individual on the opposing team is given 250 points, regardless of their efforts during the match. Support structures and major defenses are 100 points per player and smaller defenses are 25 points per player.

    This has led to some complaints of unfairness when it comes to matches and game nights where individual scores matter. A player on a winning side could be AFK most of the round and earn well over 1000 points for simply being on the same team that destroyed the other team's buildings, whereas someone on the losing side who has superb amount of work to defend wouldn't earn any such advantage and may even be placed below the other team's bottom player on the roster.

    Our adjustment is this: the team's shared score pool will still earn the same amount of points as before (250/100/25 multiplied by the team's player count), but no longer are any extra points given to those individual players when buildings are destroyed. You must do the work if you want points.

    As a result, players will actually need to work to have a higher score, and not earn points sitting around. This also means game night awards will be more fair.

    Moonsense715 deserves credit for doing the coding gruntwork, and ChopBam has applied that code to the various parts of the game that need it to get this function working.

    Screenshots are included below of how the scoring works in the public (left) and internal (right) builds when one player destroys the War Factory by themself. You can see the Allies gain 1875 points in both, but the only points given to the players in the internal build are actually earned by the one player's work, and everyone else on the teams are still on equal footing with each other.

    Additionally to this, there are some points adjustments regarding the nuke flare and C4 charges:

    1. Disarming A-bomb flares will soon grant a joint 250 points to all the players who worked on it, and the other 250 points will awarded to the team's score after it's disarmed. In the current public build, 500 points went to the player who did the last bit of disarming.
    2. Disarming C4 charges will soon grant live points to all the players who work on it, rather than awarding all the points to the person who fired the final disarming shot.



    If you haven't been playing APB lately, we've been firing up a few games during the week. See what sort of shenanigans you've missed:

    Renegade X: Firestorm

    Surprise! We don't usually talk much about what other communities are doing, but the Renegade X team recently held another one of their Q&As on Renegade X Firestorm! If you've been living under a rock, this project is a very exciting and ambitious attempt at bringing a redesigned take on Tiberian Sun to the Unreal engine.

    Here's a link to the video below:


    Tiberian Sun: Rising

    Double surprise! We don't usually talk about what other non-C&C-FPS mods out there are doing, but this one deserves a special mention.

    Assassin's Tiberian Sun: Rising mod has been in development for a very long time now, but recently showcased some really exciting developments as part of the Tiberian Sun 22nd anniversary celebrations!

    A lot of you probably don't know this, but back around during 2005-2006 before the Apocalypse Rising team joined up with the A Path Beyond team, Assassin and the crew at C&C Source hosted Apocalypse Rising for us, which was a really fun time during development. You can read back through the first 20 AR dev blogs that catalogue this point in our development.

    One of the more amazing features in TS Rising however, is the Tiberium Ecosystem that evolves the state of the map as you play. Check it out below!


    We wish Assassin and the team all the best with this awesome project!

    That's it for this week!Come back next time for some more top W3D content!





    [blurb]Welcome to the 10th edition of W3D Weekly! Dive in for your weekly dose of news below![/blurb]

  14. On 8/8/2021 at 8:47 PM, MaDMaxNXC said:

    i had a problem with script.dll i was told enable TLS 1.2 THAT didnt help i found a repair in launcher which fixed it, sense this update  i dont see any games its blank  so cant repair anything. i did all that was said i still get the same problem launcher was working fine before the update. I think something in update is not allowing my pc to login to launcher cause it worked fine before the update...


    w3dhub issue.jpg

    TLS 1.2.jpg


    Any ideas @ danpaul88 ?

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