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  1. Hi all! We've made a few changes to the forum. I'll list them here! Updated the forum software to the latest version with help from @IPB_Support. Cheers! Help & Support is no longer a "Questions"-style forum. We found the thread layout to be quite confusing, so we've reverted it to the classic "Discussion"-style. The server forums have been condensed a bit. Let me know what you guys think about this change, as it's trivial to put it back the way it was Topics that were in the Server Info sub-forums are now in the base level of the hierarchy. Updated the copyright message to 2019. A few internal forums have moved around. Fixed a bug where topics on the Unread Content page and in Search Results were being displayed incorrectly. Shifted a few sidebar blocks around If you have any suggestions on improving the forum, please feel free to reply! [blurb]The forum has been updated and changed a bit. Check out the changes here![/blurb][thumb]custom_thumb_ipb.png[/thumb]
  2. MPF have a lot of the old Beta assets on their site if you're interested in them: https://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/79-renegade-beta-assets/
  3. We need to take a look at that and figure out what's wrong. Hopefully we should have it back up soon!
  4. The issue has now been fixed. We use a special plugin for our fancy thread tags and it hadn't been updated recently. :p
  5. Renegade is here!Our very own W3D Hub Launcher can now be used to play Command & Conquer Renegade in all of it's glory! From APC rushes to 500 sniper wars, there's been no better time to return to Renegade and re-live the old days! Here's how you can do that! How do I play?First you'll need to install Renegade! Where do you get Renegade from? You can buy Renegade physically from second-hand stores or online as a standalone or as part of the First Decade collection. W3D Hub recommends Amazon or Ebay! You can also buy it digitally as part of the Ultimate Collection on Origin. Anything else I need to install?Once you have Renegade installed, you need to install the latest scripts package from Tiberian Technologies. The Tiberian Technologies patch consists of an extremely extended version of the custom scripts.dll that has many bug fixes, compatibility with newer Windows versions and wide support for mods! Click here to download it. Once you have downloaded the installer, run it and install the files into your Renegade directory. This is very important if you have the Origin version of the game. So what about the launcher?To get Renegade into the W3D Hub launcher, you first need to install it. You can get it from here: Once the launcher is installed, start off by clicking The Renegade icon on the launcher: You might find that the launcher has already detected your installation of Renegade (using known registry keys) which means that you will be able to play Renegade from the launcher with no more steps! If the launcher doesn't find your install of Renegade, you will see a new button that reads "Import Game". Click it and you will be taken to this screen:  You will be prompted to browse for your Renegade executable from the installation directory. Browse for it, select Game.exe and then click "Import Application". If all goes well, you should be done! So how do I play?Once Renegade has been imported to the launcher, you will be able to join servers using the Server Browser tab! Just pick one and hit the join button! We recommend RenCorner if you want a more vanilla Renegade experience and MPF UltraAOW NewMaps if you prefer something a bit different! Come and join us!Come and join us on Discord, where we discuss all of the games on the launcher, including Renegade! Meet people who share a same passion for Renegade and it's mods as well as be in the know about game nights and events in advance! Join us by clicking connect below! Cheers for reading! [blurb]Our very own W3D Hub Launcher can now be used to play Command & Conquer Renegade in all of it's glory! From APC rushes to 500 sniper wars, there's been no better time to return to Renegade and re-live the old days![/blurb][thumb]custom_thumb_ren.png[/thumb]
  6. I've decided to change mine now. xD
  7. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Korg. I'm kind of like the leader in here. I'm made of rocks, as you can see, but don't let that intimidate you. You don't need to be afraid, unless you're made of scissors! Just a little Rock, Paper, Scissors joke for you."
  8. A new version of the the 3DS Max 2017 W3D export tools has been released with several bug fixes! Head over here to get the update: Here's the changelog: Add some error checking and messages that the old max plugin supported Display the total vertex count in the export log window Fix a bug that affected certain skinned meshes, hierarchies and animations Fix so that the animation frame spinners on the export dialog allow you to select any number up to the actual number of frames in the scene (previously it would only let you select up to whatever the last "maximum" value you chose was) This particularly helps with skinned meshes, as they will now export correctly without producing results like these: Big thanks to @jonwil for these fixes! [blurb]A new version of the the 3DS Max 2017 W3D export tools has been released with several bug fixes! [/blurb][thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb]
  9. If you download and install TT's Scripts 4.6 package, that should fix all of your problems. You can get it here: http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/files/scripts-4.6.exe
  10. Hi all! 2018 was a good year for us, as we grow from strength to strength! We were going to do our usual yearly roadmap post, but then realised that we had practically achieved everything that we were announcing, so consider this one big W3D Hub update I guess! We aim to make 2019 an even better year than 2018, with more updates, more patches and more content than ever before, so without further ado, let's get into some of the key things we're bringing to the table right now! New Logo & Intro Video2019 is a fresh and exciting year, so what better time than now to debut our new logo and intro video! The new logo is slightly different to our previous logo (though we've had the new logo in place for quite a while now), but the major difference comes from the fact that we've now got a fantastic new intro video to put in all of our games! Big thanks to @Kicken for making this happen but also to @Coolrock for being instrumental in bringing oldbies, like Kicken, back into the community! You'll notice that the oldbies group on Discord is pretty full these days, which is great to see! Anyway, here's the video that Kicken's made for us; paying a homage to the little known company from Las Vegas that inspired us to make all of this happen. 2018 Feature RetrospectiveLast year, we posted this thread outlining what we wanted to achieve within the year. Here's a quick rundown of what we did out of that list! We announced and released Mammoth! A brand new game editor that fully replaces the old Level Edit tool for Scripts 5.0 projects such as APB and Reborn! We announced that we were working on a new plugin for 3DS Max, which we have now completed! Renegade support was announced last year, which we have some exciting info on below! Work has begun on Single Client Packages so that we can distribute the launcher with a game already pre-installed! This will likely be completed later this year. Our Stats System is in fully working order, tracking players stats across Red Alert: A Path Beyond. It will support Tiberian Sun: Reborn when it releases as well. The APB Forum Skin was completed and continues to be maintained. More skins will come but it's currently a low priority amongst our other projects. Confluence support has been attained. Read more below! The Downloads section is back up and running, giving players the ability to upload their own mods! The Modders Group was launched! It currently doesn't have anyone in it because everyone in it got staff permissions, but we hope to get more modders on-board soon! We had our first Event with Prizes last December! The turnout wasn't quite what we expected, but we're glad that the people who took part enjoyed it! We hired new programmers, such as @Dghelneshi, @Yah-Nosh and @CMDBob, who have been instrumental in pushing our codebase forwards with new and exciting features and optimisations! Cheers guys! Big Announcements Recently, in an excellent video from [NE]Fobby[GEN] and Havoc89 of the Renegade X team, Fobby mentioned that the Renegade community is "stubborn" and "tenacious". What we are about to reveal in this update proves just how stubborn and tenacious we really are in continuing to provide support for a game that should have died out years ago if not for its uniqueness, its easiness to mod and the people like us who continue to love what Westwood gave us back in 2002. The Renegade and W3D community is the best community in the Command and Conquer franchise's umbrella and today we aim to prove why with these game-changing updates. Hold onto your butts, it's gonna be a wild ride! W3D Hub Launcher - Now Supporting Renegade! We are proud to announce that W3D Hub will now be fully supporting Renegade and its community with our services. But what does this mean exactly? Well, as of now the W3D Hub Launcher supports Renegade! It's been tested internally for the past couple of weeks, but once we switch on the support publically, players will be able to browse for a Renegade installation and have the launcher manage it. Upon clicking "C&C Renegade" on the launcher, you might find that the launcher has already detected your installation of Renegade (using known registry keys) which means that you will be able to play Renegade from the launcher with no further actions needed! If the launcher doesn't find your install of Renegade, you will see a new button that reads "Import Game". Click it and you will be taken to this screen: You will be prompted to browse for your Renegade executable from the installation directory. Browse for it, select Game.exe and then click "Import Application". If all goes well, you should be done! Please note that the launcher doesn't currently install the latest version of scripts 4, so if you wish to install that, it must be done so separately (for now). Once Renegade has been imported to the launcher, you will be able to join servers using the Server Browser tab! The launcher will also feature all currently online Renegade servers that have plugged into our infrastructure. We pull our sever listings from two GSA (Gamespy Arcade) servers currently: renlist.n00b.hk renlist.w3dhub.com If you are a Renegade server owner, we encourage you to add both master server addresses to your configuration file in order to ensure zero downtime. We invite all Renegade community server owners to join us as we aim to formalise the union of the Renegade and W3D modding communities with the inception of the Renegade Council on our own Discord server. With this we wish to create strong bridges across the Renegade community, so that we can help and support each other in ways that we cannot do alone. W3D Hub's infrastructure has grown large over the past few years, so we'd like to share the knowledge we've gained across the community and share our tech, such as the launcher, with the Renegade community so that more people can benefit from it. We hope that we can begin a road to a brighter future for Renegade by working together, so we encourage any Renegade server owners who are interested to come forward and talk to us about more cross-community collaboration. Stay tuned for an announcement when we switch it on! A W3D Engine for Modders Everywhere - W3D Kit Following on from the news that we will be supporting stock Renegade, we'd like to announce a new development toolkit that we're currently calling the W3D Kit, which is designed to provide a solid base for amateur modders wishing to make new total conversion mods. The W3D Kit is essentially a stripped down version of the W3D engine with all non-essential content removed which will enable developers to freely mod and experiment with it, as well as make full-blown mods without needing to use a pre-existing game like Renegade or APB as a base. Here's what the W3D Kit will contain: Game folder which includes the latest release build of Scripts 5.0 and a specially stripped down Always.dat (W3D's main content archive) Latest release build of Mammoth Editor The latest 3DS Max content plugins (Importer and Exporter) A whole suite of additional tools for building and editing W3D-related files (Artillery, W3DViewer, TDBEdit, SimpleGraph, etc.) A link to our documentation resource, Tacitus. Content examples for modders to refer to (e.g. rigged vehicle/character/building sample files). This step forward will hopefully encourage more people to step up and try their hand at developing mods on the W3D engine. If you are looking at starting a new hobby making small games or wanting to get into the games industry professionally, W3D is great to start on! It is a pre-built engine for first-person shooters and vehicle combat is a lot less bare-bones than more contemporary general-purpose game engines such as Unreal or Unity are. Obviously the Renegade/W3D engine is still EA's tech, so strictly no money can be made from games made on it. What we aim to do is make an accessible engine for hobbyists to use non-commercially, which we feel could be beneficial to those looking to learn how to get into game development. More info on this will be released when we launch the W3D Kit later this year. In order to support it, we've been working on some new content tools and a strong documentation resource, which is what we'd like to talk about next. New Content Pipeline - 3DS Max 2017 Tools We announced last year that we would be making a new plugin for 3DS Max that would allow W3D developers and modders to use the much more modern and feature-rich 2017 edition of the popular modelling software to make and export 3D models for Renegade, Generals, Zero Hour and the Battle for Middle Earth games. To clarify, this means no more GMax and no more 3DS Max 8. We are happy to announce that with the combined efforts of @cfehunter, @jonwil, @Sir Kane and the talented bunch over at The Assembly Armada, we have been able to produce the first working version of this plugin which we are now testing thoroughly before we release it. This new plugin should enable our content creation pipeline to be much smoother, giving us many more tools and options at our disposal when creating everything from maps, to vehicles to characters! Also bundled in with the plugin are new versions of W3D Viewer and W3D Dump! You can get hold of the plugin and additional tools right now from here! This has been one of our long term goals ever since we started W3D Hub, so seeing it complete has been a major achievement for us as a team! W3D Engine Development Documentation Network - Tacitus Last year, we announced that we were going to get a confluence community licence in order to power our new wiki. This goal has changed, so without further ado, we're proud to announce the central point of documentation and reference for all things W3D and Renegade related; Tacitus. Tacitus is driven by Atlassian's Confluence software, which is a powerful industry-standard tool for creating and managing documentation. With Tacitus we hope to host everything W3D and Renegade-related, including W3D engine documentation, game information, tutorials and even the old Renegade community wiki in its un-vandalised entirety. We hope that with Tacitus, we can create a resource that inspires players and developers alike; standing the test of time as the years continue to march on. Although it's quite bare right now, keep your eyes on it as it grows further and further. As of now, our database is looking quite bare, so if you are interested in helping with the transfer of content onto Tacitus, please get in touch with us via PM! We are looking for documentation writers and are eager to push this project forwards! For now this is more of a soft launch, but more visible links everywhere will come once we have enough content to fully launch it. More to come!As we move forward, there will be more updates for the games coming through the pipes! We're currently undertaking a pretty major overhaul of our codebase, so not much feature development can be done; but once this has been completed we should be in a good position to get the wheels turning again! Stay tuned for more information on the games in the weeks to come and thanks for all of your support. Without everyone supporting us, we wouldn't be where we are today! As ever, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to post below! Cheers! [blurb]We've got big news for Renegade players, W3D Modders and fans in our big update for 2019! Come and read more right here![/blurb][thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb]
  11. I actually love this new avatar.
  12. TeamSpeak is still pretty good even after all these years, but in terms of growing a community, Discord is leads and bounds ahead. What Discord is essentially a replacement for is IRC; it's fancy IRC with VoIP tacked onto it and it also copied Slack's UI and somehow made it worse. We started on IRC years ago, but as VoIP became a thing, it was great to hang out and chat to each other on TeamSpeak, because it was easy and it was better than IRC. People who were generally not comfortable with VoIP tended to stick to the forums or IRC (maybe on rare occasions idle in TS). Then Discord gained traction. You can cram 100's of users into Discord concurrently, just like you could with IRC, so it's great for housing a big community with lots of members that you can then engage with. The difference with Discord (compared to IRC) is that it's easily accessible and features emotes, gifs and HTML embedding that allows it to be a machine for keyboard discussion and re-posting memes that VoIP-exclusive applications like TeamSpeak never were. I personally use Discord to play games with friends since a lot of them turn their noses up at the thought of TS these days, but since nobody idles in the VoIP channels in W3D Hub, we've lost that casual chat spirit that TeamSpeak had, which is kind of sad. TeamSpeak are working on their next version, which I hope will bring the fight to Discord a bit, but we'll see.
  13. Nice work man! Tagging @Synaesthesia just in case he's lurking around somewhere.
  14. Hey guys. Please make sure that you state who you want to pose your questions to if you wish to ask a specific person. We'll have a list of people on the first post by the end of the day.
  15. The screenshot competition has been over for about a month now, so it's about time that we announce the winners! 1st Place! In first place we have @SilverShark with his epic screenshot of MiGs on Hostile Waters! 2nd Place!2nd place is @Testament with his Stryker joining a GDI rush in IA! 3rd Place! 3rd place is @URKA with this close call as he tries to defend the Soviet War Factory! Congrats!Congratulations to all of the winners! You all win a poster (that will be in the post soon!) and a copy of the C&C Ultimate Collection on Origin! It was pretty tough to choose 3; as although we didn't get many screenshots submitted, they were all quite good! Thanks for participating everyone! See you next time! [blurb]The screenshot competition has been over for about a month now, so it's about time that we announce the winners![/blurb][thumb]thumb_w3d.0.png[/thumb]
  16. Hi guys. I have a question for you. I'm trying to understand the way that the original Red Alert works and I want to know something. "On the medium speed setting of the game, how long does it take for a Mammoth Tank to kill another a Mammoth Tank in seconds?" I'm currently working on visualising the balance data from RA1 and am using the Mammoth Tank as my control group. I would like to know how long (in seconds) Mammoth Tank A takes to kill Mammoth Tank B if Mammoth Tank A force fires on Mammoth Tank B from this position: I'm want to know this because I want to know whether my own control is accurate, or whether the Medium speed setting varies from player to player. To do this, just load a skirmish game of Red Alert as Soviets with lots of starting units and get your Mammoth Tank to fire on another using the force-fire command (Ctrl+LMB). You can get Red Alert from https://cncnet.org/red-alert Cheers!
  17. Winners to be announced this weekend!
  18. I have no idea what that song is really called because it has no metadata, but here is the MP3. m_Speeder.mp3
  19. I agree. It's important that if we implement any of the following logic into the engine, they should be toggle-able, so that projects can choose to retain the feel of Renegade's gunplay if the devs want that. Ultimately what these proposals aim to do is vary the gunplay across the projects, giving each one more of a unique feel. Recoil patterns are definitely a good thing, as they should stop us from leaning on the rng cone spray mechanics so heavily, which makes weapons such as the AK47 in APB a bit more controllable. Damage drop-off is an interesting one, as it allows players to engage each other at longer ranges, something that hasn't really been tried all that much in the engine. It could also potentially fix the age of issue of "I have a rocket launcher that only damages aircraft" by setting the damage drop-off to be quite steep for anything that isn't an air unit. This allows weapons such as the RedEye to be a lot more usable outside of their niche at closer ranges, without the problems they have experienced in the past (i.e. submarine sniping). ADS is an interesting feature, but as you say, it would require quite a lot of rigging/animation overhead to implement. Also it makes things tricky with secondary fires, which was also mentioned previously. I think it's good to talk about such features though; getting them out on the discussion table is definitely worth it.
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