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  1. Greetings, in this way i want to announce upcoming campaign I am working on. I called it [Tiberium Resurrection] - it tells story after Nod mission Sheep's clothing (where Nod undercover as GDI mass-murdered mutants and captured Tratos), so the relationship between GDI and Mutants is really bad. It will contain 3 missions for now (maybe i will add more later), few multiplayer / skirmish maps and some changes to environment (New tiberium type, paved cliffs - thanks to Holland.) It is not complete yet, however now I can tell that map will not be very big but there will be many triggers, and so
  2. Hey guys, Back in the 90s I used to muck around with Doom 2 and Civilization 2 modding but never finished any of my projects, but in recent years I've been getting back into it (call it can early midlife crisis lol) and released a GZDoom enhanced version of my old Star Trek Doom level and also a new Quest for Glory IV - 3D Hexen mod too. Much to my surprise both got a lot of media attention with the QFG4-3D one in particular getting coverage on Rock Paper Shotgun and in PC Gamer Magazine which was awesome. The great response inspired me to also get back into my old Civilization 2 editing
  3. hi I am Brazilian. and I have difficulty with the apex controls they could send a command guide or even how do I deploy the tic tac tanks
  4. Hello there, I am currently working on a totally new set of W3D tools that will support all 3dsmax versions (yes Gmax included). So far I got some of the tools working in latest 3dsmax 2019 release and tested in Gmax as well: - W3D Flags Helper: This tool lets you select all nodes in scenes based on their flags as they were originally exported. That way, you can set all the flags in the renx tool so the model can be re-exported correctly. - Textures Browser Let you browse, any textures in selected folder including the ones in .big, .mix, .dat and .pkg file
  5. I did a thing. I finally figured out how to make sound mods for War Thunder and this is the FIRST thing I did. Its still heavily WIP but I'm slowly inching my way to fully completing it. The mod replaces some sounds with EVA voices (vehicles destroyed/lost) and cannon/rocket fire sounds from Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert. Not sure how I'll get the renegade sounds as XCC Mixer wont locate my Renegade installation but whatever, I can still use Tiberian Sun, Generals, and Red Alert 2. Anyways enjoy a small compilation of changes I've made. Anybody who is interested in downloading the pack
  6. I have a small issue in 3ds Max 8 that's making my development slow down. Screen shot below! When I want to move an object around, and I right click that object and select "Move", the directional arrows have changed to red, and I have to move the object by clicking and dragging, and it's hard to select that "sweet spot" to move things around. I'm sure I toggled a setting by accident, but before when I would select "Move", the directional arrows I think were Green, Blue & Yellow, and there were even small colored boxes in between if you wanted to move the object on 2 axis at the same time
  7. [blurb]The update everyone has been waiting to see![/blurb][thumb]thumb_apb.7.png[/thumb]Hello everyone! Welcome to the late night update! The update you've all been waiting for the past few weeks! I'm your host, Coolrock-o! I bring you an exciting new showing of what's been in the works for the past few months. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy getting this all ready for the fans that have been sticking around all these years. Be happy that Pushwall is here, otherwise none of this wouldn't be possible! I know I have a lot of you on the edge wondering what this is all about by now, so
  8. Good Evening everyone. If you're looking for something to mix your game, I think I might have the solution. In what could be considered one of the most extensive texture collections for A Path Beyond, I am attempting to transform the world into a Tron themed warzone. I am posting on here to help gain insight into any errors that occur, suggestions, checkpointing my progress in case my computer takes a shit and hopefully involve anyone who wants to get some cool textures for their game. Out of the 1,209 .dds textures I have been able to get through 484 by opening and essenti
  9. Maybe, just maybe, someone will find this useful. Just run the exe and minimize it. It will show the popup if more players joined the server since the last update, you can also click the icon to display the current status. Right click it and select close to keel it. https://w3dhub.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=27768
  10. Greetings old investigators! Your success in defusing the tensions over the July crisis have managed to reach the history books and are known to have delayed the outbreak of the war by a month. While you were still doing all kinds of administrative jobs, a follow-up crisis over Vojvodina, where the Serbian government pushed the weakened Austro-Hungarian government for the release of lands inhabited by Serbs, blew up and started a global war on the 4th of August 1914. The war would last until 1919, and in some cases, 1921. The resulting Treaties of Versailles ensured that a war like this could
  11. Uncategorized, work in progress.
  12. Howdy guys, I came across W3d from CNCNZ/ a mention from Kaskins. I'm working on creating a spiritual successor to Sole Survivor called "Project Hunter." I hope to modernize some of the elements. I'm also hoping to crowd source and test the game from within the remains of the C&C community. It's still early in the project but I'm looking to be at Alpha ~ Summer 2019. I have a youtube here documenting progress: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC753zeOauh5c1TvG6JuoFQA/videos I'm updating forum posts in the meantime to see if others want to contribute. I wont be done with netco
  13. Alright guys, I had planned to keep this little project under wraps a little longer, but in light of the current launcher issues, I have decided to let this thing out into the wild a little early. Disclaimer: This tool is in no way affiliated with W3D-Hub or its developers or staff (except for me because its mine). This tool is not intended to be a W3D-Hub launcher replacement, and by nature can not fulfill the role of a launcher because it is by design different. It is a connect tool. There is a difference. This tool is provided as-is with no warranty, express or implied. This tool is a
  14. Here is my take on Kane's pyramid, as seen in the FMV. At the point where these images were taken, I was not very pleased with how it turned out. Once I added some lights and animations, I felt is was decent. Since these images were taken, I have desaturated the brick area, and added house colour, and additive lighting. "This is a quick look at the missile launch area using a W3X viewer screen grab. Please note that you should ignore the outer pyramid areas, as it is still a work in progress. The missile silo would be partly obscured by the missile, and once the missil
  15. Hello my brothers and sisters of the C&C fandom! I have been working on a mod with some of the best modders of the Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis/Arma Cold War Assault community. Macser has done a good majority of the modeling you see here. Here's the main site for the mod: https://cncbrotherhoodrising.wordpress.com/ I need to update the downloads section with the latest version, which I just .zip'd up here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e4xpl3wtjrkbagv/%40CNCBR-beta3.zip?dl=0 I figured I'd share my love for C&C in my own way here. It's still a ma
  16. Some of you may know that I'm currently trying to make training documents. I need help. It's not hard, it just requires a bit of back and forth. If you would like to help make these with me, send me a pm. If you would like to view them and note any issues with grammar and consistency, please click on the links below. Allied TRADOC Soviet Field Manual Thank you in advance!
  17. Greetings, I've been requested to re-create the Hostile Waters map for many years now, so with Delta being released and re-introducing naval combat to the game, I suppose it's about time that I got to work on it... A brief piece of history: Hostile Waters was originally a .935 map featuring a naval and air-only gameplay. Both teams had their own little island, with in the middle a cluster of icebergs dividing them. This created some unique level gameplay where Soviet submarines could ambush Allied ships by hiding underneath the icebergs, but also putting them in a tight fighting spa
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