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[GAME OVER] Tiberian Sun: Reborn Mafia II


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THE GAMEWelcome back to another Tiberian Sun: Reborn forum mafia game!

After the first TSR Mafia was a success, I'm keen on making this a trend. I've tweaked the setup based on feedback, mostly expanding the roster. As such, the new role sheet is significantly larger.


The most obvious addition is unit types, "Infantry" and "Vehicle." Infantry are the basic unit type, vulnerable to every type of weapon. Vehicles are bulletproof during the day, with the exception of certain units with the "Vehicle Destroyer" ability. 

As always, the role sheet is not meant to be a 100% accurate reference. Not all of these roles will appear in the game, and there may be some roles that do not appear on the role sheet. Anything is possible, especially more so now that certain roles (Chameleon Spy, as an example) are not 100% guaranteed to appear.

Once again, this will revolve around a Global Defense Initiative base being infiltrated by the Brotherhood of Nod. Depending on player count, there is the possibility of Neutral or Third Party roles appearing, with their own victory requirements. Be aware that Early Hammer still exists, so use your vote wisely!

Sign-ups will close Friday, January 29th. The game will start Monday, February 1st.

SIGN UPS- 8 min

  1. @Jeod
  2. @Retaliation
  3. @ChopBam
  4. @Anon_Kat
  5. @OrangeP47
  6. @Louis
  7. @Category 5 Hurricane
  8. @Shade939
  9. @Mojoman
  10. @FRAYDO





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18 hours ago, Mojoman said:

I'm not feeling up for playing this time, but are you looking for a co-mod?

I don't need one, but if you'd like to co-mod to learn the ropes, that's fine.

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MOD ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm going to delay the game by a week anyway. Reason being I've lost internet on my computer, and I won't be able to have someone out here to fix it until Monday. As such, sign-ups will still be open for a week.

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2 minutes ago, Mojoman said:

We still on track for tomorrow?

Technically speaking, yes. Sign-ups close tomorrow, game begins Monday. We've got enough people to start, though if someone was to pop in before tomorrow (hint @FRAYDO) they'd be able to join.

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I'm likely going to be busy around normal start time, so I'm gonna start getting Role PMs ready to go out soon, and the game will begin an hour early.

In addition, please reply to your role PMs with your gmail address so that I can do doc invites properly.

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