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Mystery Mafia: Holidays 2019


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Mystery Mafia: Holidays 2019


Who's down for a quick round of mafia over the 2019 holidays? This game uses a mechanics twist I've had on the drawing board for quite some time. There will only be Town and Mafia, no other factions. There will be mostly standard or vanilla roles; you can expect to rely more heavily on posts and player behavior than action results.

So, what's this twist? What every player can know is that there is no scum doc at the beginning of D1. This is a game where mafia will start in a weaker state than town (at least on paper) but get stronger over time if they play their cards right. There are more details to what's going on, but those are either for the mafia team only or won't be revealed until game start. The idea behind this is to put pressure on town to be active while also limiting actions and emphasizing scum hunting through content.

Ideally, we'd get at least 10 players for this game, though I can rebalance for 8 players minimum. I will need to get the game started by 01/02, but starting before then would be ideal. All I'll need for a sign-up is a post in here and then a PM with your preferred email for doc invitations.


Player Signups (8):

  • OrangeP47
  • Jeod
  • Retaliation
  • Shade939
  • Killing_You
  • Mojoman
  • NodFan
  • ChopBam


Day 1

Night 1

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7 hours ago, OrangeP47 said:

Related, but I'm actually undefeated at Defcon.

It's been forever since I've played that, very fun game though.

7 hours ago, OrangeP47 said:

But yeah I can play, assuming being a bit busy on the obvious days isn't a problem.

If we end up starting before New Year's Eve and you all want to take that day off from mafia I'd have no issues with that.

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I don't know if I'll be able to play. D:

The game starts shortly before work starts again, and I'm having trouble finding enough time to do any non-work related things during the normal working week.

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